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India-England match ends in a tie!

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February 27, 2011

23:23  Live scorecard


Man of the match: Andrew Strauss

England finish on 338 for eight in 50 overs in reply to India's 338 all out in 49.5 overs.

Who would have predicted such a thrilling finish after India had posted such a huge score batting first!!

Interestingly, India's total was cut short by a run after Zaheer didn't touch the crease trying for two runs, while they also were bowled out in 49.5 overs. Wondering what would have happened if they had completed that run cleanly or atleast lasted the full quota of 50 overs.

Zaheer was instrumental in leading India's fightback after England looked set for a big win at 281 for two in the 43rd over. Zaheer claimed three for 64 in his ten overs, including three wickets in three overs for 11 runs in his final spell.

India will need to have a serious re-think on their bowling, which looked completely clueless when England's batsmen were on the attack.

The Indian frontline spinners -- Harbhajan and Chawla -- conceded a total of 129 runs between them for three wickets.

The part-time spinners, supposed to be India's strength, let them down with Yuvraj and Yusuf giving away 67 runs in ten overs between them.

Strauss must be disappointed that despite hitting a career-best 158 his team could not finish off things.

This is the fourth tied match in the history of the World Cup.

A total of 676 runs were scored in the day and in the end one feels that tie was a just result.

India's next match is against Ireland on March 6, Sunday, at this same venue.
22:42  Live scorecard

14 needed from the last over, Munaf starts the final over.

Swann gets two off the first ball of the over through the covers. He edges a slower ball which is fielded by Sehwag at short thirdman for a single.

Ajmal Shahzad lofted Munaf straight down the ground for a six to make it five needed from three balls.

Shahzad misses the next ball but they run through for a quick bye, to make it four needed from two balls.

Swann gets two through midwicket region to make it two needed from the last delivery.

What a thrilling finish....

Just a single run from the final ball and the match ends in a TIE

22:27  Live scorecard

Piyush Chawla to bowl the 49th over. Swann tries a slog sweep off the first ball but misses. But he gets it off the middle off the next ball and gets a six over midwicket.

Swann tries another big swipe but it falls safely at short thirdman. Bresnan gets two runs with a slog sweep and follows that with a six over midwicket.

Chawla ends the over with a wicket as Bresnan is bowled going for a big shot.

Chawla had a disappointing outing today, taking two for 72 in ten overs.
22:23  Live scorecard

Munaf replaces Harbhajan from the Pavilion End.

Two singles from the first two balls and a wicket follows. Yardy tries the paddle sweep but hits it straight to Sehwag at short fine leg to be dismissed for 13.

Five runs come from that over and England now need 29 from the last two overs.
22:18  Live scorecard

England do it sensibly in Zaheer's last over. They looked to play it safe and avoided any big shots.

Eight runs came from that over as England now need 34 from the last three overs for victory.

The five overs of Batting Powerplay (43-47) saw England score 25 runs, but losing four wickets in the process.

Zaheer ends with good figures of three for 64 in ten overs, but he turned the match around in his final spell of three overs, where he claimed three for 11.

Live scorecard

England are losing their way here.

Matt Prior tries to loft Harbhajan, bowling from round the wicket, down the ground but lofted a simple catch to substitute Suresh Raina at mid-on.

Just like India, England are also collapsing in the final overs. The visitors lost four wickets for eight runs in the space of nearly three overs.

Yardy edges Harbhajan for a double and then charges down the wicket and hits through backward point for a four.

There is tension all round. India need the wickets to keep coming, while England are in desperate need of boundaries.

After 46 overs, England are 297 for six and they now need 42 from the last four overs.

Image: Zaheer Khan celebrates with teammate Virat Kohli after taking the wicket of Strauss. (Reuters)

22:06  Live scorecard

Just five runs have come the last three overs and suddenly England are losing their grip on the contest.

Two singles come from the first two balls of Zaheer's over before Collingwood tries a wild swipe and is bowled for one.

The entire stadium erupt yet again. India in control but don't write England off as yet! Yardy, Swann and Bresnan are capable of scoring useful runs.

Zaheer gives away just four runs from that over. England have now made nine runs from their last four overs, and still need 52 from the last five overs for victory.
21:58  Live scorecard

Chawla takes over from the other end. His first ball to Collingwood kicks a bit and turns too, while the next one stays low.

Collingwood scrambles a tight single off the next ball despite a valiant effort from Yuvraj at midwicket.

Just two runs came from that Chawla over and England now need 56 from 36 balls.
21:53  Live scorecard

England took the Batting Powerplay after 42 overs and India brought back Zaheer Khan back into the attack.

Zaheer then scripted a remarkable turnaround with two quick wickets.

The first ball goes straight to the cover fielder, while Strauss pulls the next ball for a single through the midwicket.

Bell tries to break the shackles but lofts a simple catch and is caught in the covers by Kohli.

Bell hobbles back to the pavilion after a good innings of 69 from 71 balls.

Off the very next ball, Zaheer gets dangerman Strauss leg before wicket with a fast swinging yorker. The England captain calls for a review but the decision stays as Strauss is dismissed leg before wicket after a cracking knock of 158 from 145 balls, hitting 18 fours and a six.

Zaheer concedes just a single in that over by claimed two important wickets, getting both the set batsmen out.

21:44  Live scorecard

Harbhajan trying all his variations, yet is easily picked for singles and twos, as six runs come from his ninth over.

India's fielding also cracked up under pressure. Kohli dropped an easy catch at first slip off Chawla as Bell tried to hit one through the off-side.

Bell was batting on 68 and that could have helped India inch their way back in the contest. Two balls later, he tried to play the slog sweep but hit the ball back on to his thighs and fell to the ground instantly in pain.

He bowled four dot balls in a row, before England collected singles off the last two balls.

England now need 59 from the last eight overs for victory.

Live scorecard

Even rain can't save India now! England are way ahead in the Duckworth-Lewis calculations too.

The duo bring up their 150-run partnership from 132 balls for the third wicket as England slowly take control of the contest.

Munaf Patel conceded eight runs in his eighth over with England not taking any risks and just rotating the strike.

Even Chawla is milked for singles in his next over and on the one occasion when he dropped it short, Strauss pulled him over midwicket for a four.

That saw Strauss go past the 150-run mark off 136 balls, with the help of 18 fours and a six.

England hold the edge, with 67 runs needed off the last ten overs, with eight wickets still in hand.

Images: Ian Bell hits a six off the bowling of Piyush Chawla as Dhoni watches. (Reuters)

21:25  Live scorecard

Munaf starts a good over, just a single from his first three balls. Bell cuts a short ball through point for a double and then pulls one straight back to the bowler, who gives him an angry stare.

England have reached 250 for two in 37 overs and now need 89 from 78 balls for victory.

None of the Indian bowlers have managed to make an impression so far.

Harbhajan continues to disappoint as five singles come from his eighth over.

India need a breakthrough in the next couple of overs. The crowed have gone silent, infact many of them have left the ground also in a bid to avoid the crowd at the end of the game.

21:16  Live scorecard

Strauss is not showing mercy to anyone. Harbhajan comes into the attack and bowls a good delivery outside the off-stump but Strauss rocks back and cuts it through point for a four.

The remaining deliveries are picked for easy singles as England prosper to 246 for two in 36 overs, with the Batting Powerplay in hand.

21:12  Live scorecard

There is no stopping Strauss now. The England captain is murdering the short balls today and Munaf obliges with another one, which he despatches through square leg for a four.

England get eight runs from that over as they reach 237 for two in 35 overs, scoring 41 runs from the last five overs.

Slowly but steadily, India are losing their grip on the match.
21:09  Live scorecard

Chawla is back into the attack. He is picked for a couple of easy singles, before Yuvraj produces a magnificent save at midwicket but misses with the direct hit or else would have got a run out.

Bell then plays the slog sweep to loft Chawla for a six over midwicket to complete his half-century from just 45 balls.

Strauss then ends the over in style, cutting Chawla through point for a four to get 13 runs from that over.

Importantly, England's required run rate has now dropped the seven-run mark. They now need 110 runs from 16 overs, at a rate of 6.87.

Image: Andrew Strauss celebrates after scoring a century
21:00  Live scorecard

Strauss is making the Indian part-timers suffer and this time it is Yuvraj's turn. He dances down the wicket to Yuvraj and lofts him high into the stands over long-on for his first six of the match.

Yuvraj comes back strongly by beating Strauss twice outside the off-stump.

20:56  Live scorecard

Yuvraj concedes just four runs in his sixth over as India look to keep things tight from his end.

Things are getting tight and it will be interesting to see which team cracks first...intense pressure out in the middle!

Zaheer bowls Strauss with a superb incoming delivery but England find their boundary in that over. Bell plays a lofted cover drive that goes between the mid-off and covers region for a much needed four.

England reach 207 for two in 32 overs, needing 132 from the remaining 18 overs for victory.
20:49  Live scorecard

Strauss continues to torment the Indian spinners. This time Yuvraj drops it short and Strauss is quick to rock back and thump him through covers for a four.

Eight runs come from that over as England prosper to 190 for two in 29 overs.

India bring back Zaheer to replace Yusuf, who went for 21 runs in three overs.

Zaheer starts with a beauty beating Bell with a good outswinger, while the next two deliveries are hit to the cover fielder. He finally drives to the deep cover fielder to get a single off the fourth ball of the over, while Strauss immediately picks a single off the next ball.

The final ball of the over was edged by Bell for a four through thirdman.

The match is still evenly poised with England needing 143 runs from the last 20 overs for victory.
20:40  Live scorecard

England playing it smartly in the middle overs by milking the middle overs for singles.

Five easy singles off Yuvraj's fourth over as England keeping track of the required run rate.

Strauss moves to 99 as he sweeps Yusuf fine on the leg side beating Sehwag at fine leg for a four. Two balls later, he completes his century off 99 balls with a single through the covers.

This is Strauss's first century in the World Cup and it could not have come at a better time for England.

India have gone on the defensive with just four men inside the single, no pressure on the batsmen at all.

Bell then flicks Yusuf over midwicket for a four to end the over on a high.

20:37  Live scorecard

England are keen not to let the part-timer spinners settle down. After playing a dot ball, Bell charges down the wicket to Yuvraj and plays the inside out lofted shot overs covers, but just for a single.

Bell then cuts a short delivery for a four as Yuvraj drops it short.

There was a drama off the next ball as India called for a review when umpire Taufel turn down a LBW appeal against Bell. The Indians called for a review, while the tracker showed that the ball might have hit the stumps, but since the batsman was way down the track attempting a sweep, it went back to the on-field umpire, who stuck with his original decision.

Interestingly, even Bell started to walk back on seeing the review, yet umpire Bowden was unmoved.

The crowd immediately boo the two umpires, while chants of "cheating, cheating" fill the stadium.

The Indian team are also stunned by the decision and no wonder because of such confusions, they have opted not to use the UDRS.

20:26  Live scorecard

Yuvraj conceded just two singles in his first four deliveries, before Strauss spoils that over by sweeping him for a boundary through square leg. He promptly takes a single off the final ball of that over to make it another good over for the visitors.

With England scoring at a good rate, India getting desperate for a breakthrough. Yusuf Pathan is the sixth bowler to be introduced into the attack to replace Harbhajan, who went for 28 runs in his six overs.

Strauss keeps the boundaries coming as he plays the reverse sweep against Yusuf for a four to take England past the 150-run mark, in the 24th over.

20:18  Live scorecard

Meanwhile, Siddharth Mallya has been spotted in the stands with his friend Deepika

Interestingly, Yuvraj, who was reported to be dating Deepika a few years back comes into the attack in place of Chawla.

But England continue finding the boundaries. This time Yuvraj drops it short and pulled it through midwicket by Strauss.

In the next over, Bell and Harbhajan clash with each other over a single. Strauss hits one straight and Harbhajan fails to stop the drive as he collides with Bell. The two then keep exchanging a few words through the over.

20:12  Live scorecard

Strauss had an anxious moment in the next over as he looked to have got a leading edge off Harbhajan, but the ball flew through the vacant cover region for a four.

After a quick start, England had been slowed down considerably courtesy of those two wickets.

Strauss and Bell made sure that they kept ticking the scoreboard with singles and twos. Strauss even got a four in that Chawla over as he played a fine sweep to take England to 128 for two in 19 overs.

Bell kept it simple as he right away concentrated on getting the singles.

After 20 overs, England were 132 for two.

Image: Munaf Patel (L) celebrates after catching Kevin Pietersen off his own bowling as Virender Sehwag congratulates him.

20:04  Live scorecard

The curse of the Nelson (111) seems to have struck England.

Trott was trapped leg before wicket by Chawla for 16 as he went back and tried to play across the line but missed. The young leggie the claimed a very important wicket just at the right time for the hosts.

New batsman Ian Bell survived a close shout for LBW as Chawla delivered a googly and off the next ball he was beaten all ends by a leg spinning delivery that turned sharply.
19:58  Live scorecard

Strauss kept getting freebies. This time, it was Tendulkar who misfielded at fine leg as Strauss played the sweep against Chawla to give away a boundary.

Harbhajan followed that up with a tight over, conceding just three runs.

At the first drinks break, England were sitting pretty at 110 for one in 16 overs, needing another 229 runs in 34 overs for victory.

Image: Kevin Pietersen walks off the field after being dismissal by Munaf Patel. (Reuters)

19:56  Live scorecard

Chawla was unlucky not to have picked the wicket of Strauss. The England captain charged down the wicket and was deceived by the googly, but he got lucky as the edge flew past the first slip fielder for a four.

Trott also got his first boundary, when he flicked a full delivery from Harbhajan through midwicket. In the same over, Strauss brought up his fifty off as many deliveries with a single through the covers that also took his team past the 100-run mark.
19:41  Live scorecard

India bring on Harbhajan Singh from the other end. One is sure that it is going to be all spin from this point on with India having a bagful of part-time spinners in their team.

Harbhajan started off well against Strauss, forcing the left-hander to twice employ the sweep and hit him across the line.

Strauss also completed his 4000 runs in ODIs, becoming the sixth England player to do so.

19:37  Live scorecard

Piyush Chawla is introduced into the attack to replace Zaheer, who was hit for 40 runs in his five overs.

A big test for Chawla, playing in his first ODI at home, to be bowling inside the Bowling Powerplay.

Chawla struggles to get going, first four balls bowled on the batsman's pads, which get picked off for easy singles. The next two also produce the same result as England continue ticking away.

19:32  Live scorecard

Munaf had a strong appeal for leg before wicket turned down by the umpire, and replays suggest it would have gone over the stumps. But adding to India's woes is that the ball went into the thirdman region for a four.

Munaf made the important breakthrough for India, courtesy of a stunning catch.

Pietersen hit one straight back to the bowler, who tried to evade the powerful blow. But he got lucky when the ball hit his hand and lobbed straight up, and Munaf caught the rebound easily with one hand.

Pietersen is dismissed after a quick 31 from 22 balls and out walks England's in-form batsman Jonathan Trott.

Trott gets off the mark in style as he drove Munaf through the covers for three runs, while Strauss flicked the next ball for two more runs.

The last ball of the over was a poor delivery, short and on the batsman's pads, which Strauss pulled through the vacant fine leg region.
19:26  Live scorecard

Zaheer continued to disappoint. He dropped it short outside the off-stump and Pietersen promptly cut it over the point region for a four.

A few balls later, Zaheer bowled on Pietersen's pads, who had no problems getting it past the fine leg fielder for another four.

The Indian crowd has been stunned by England's strong reply with the bat.

Another big Zaheer comes to end, he has now conceded 25 runs in his last two overs.

19:21  Live scorecard

Pietersen also decided to cut loose as he drove Zaheer twice the ground for two boundaries, in the seventh over.

Zaheer didn't do much in that over but went for 13 runs as England raced to 49 from seven overs.

The English openers are also keeping the singles coming and their running between the wickets has been exemplary.

Pietersen charges down the wicket to Munaf, who adjusts well, keeping the batsman down to a single.

Munaf then beats Strauss with an outswinger to end a fine over.
19:12  Live scorecard

Strauss is keen to keep the boundaries coming. He is quick to go on the backfoot and pull a short ball from Munaf for a four through midwicket.

A few deliveries later, Strauss (14) danced down the wicket and chipped it through the midwicket as iHarbhajan at mid-on failed to hold on to a difficult chance.

While Strauss has raced to 27 from 26 balls, Pietersen is playing second fiddle with seven from nine balls.

19:08  Live scorecard

India manage to pull back England after their flurry of boundaries in the first two overs.

Zaheer has settled down into a good rhythm, while Munaf is as consistent as ever with his line and length.

After five overs, England are 28 for no loss, with just nine coming from the last three overs.

Meanwhile, umpire Billy Bowden is having a debate with India captain over the placement of the second catcher. He feels Zaheer at short fine leg is a tad too deep.
18:57  Live scorecard

Zaheer Khan makes a good comeback, getting it full and just outside the off-stump to Strauss. On one occasion, he managed to get the edge but it fell short of the fielder at first slip.

Strauss flicks one to the midwicket region, but Tendulkar at square leg makes good ground to keep the batsmen down to two.

Chawla also produces a good tumbling save at short fine leg to prevent a certain boundary, while Strauss is beaten as charges down the wicket off the final delivery of that over.
18:52  Live Scorecard

Andrew Strauss gives his team the perfect start with two boundaries in the opening over by Zaheer.

He flicked the first ball of the innings through square leg for a four and then cut a short delivery through point for the same result.

Kevin Pietersen also didn't take time to get going. In the second ball of Munaf's over he glanced a full delivery through fine leg for his first four.

In that same over, Strauss got another boundary as he smashed Munaf through point.

Live scorecard

Electing to bat first, India finished on a mammoth 338, the highest score at this venue.

India lost the plot in the final few overs, asseven wickets fell for 33 runs in the space of four overs.

At one stage, they were cruising at 305 for three in 45.5, but Bresnan triggered a lower order collapse as he took three wickets in his final over to end with splendid figures of five for 48 in ten overs.

Tendulkar starred with a cracking innings of 120 from 115 balls, while Yuvraj Singh (58) and Gautam Gambhir (51) stroked half-centuries to give India a solid platform.

India's late collapse saw England fight back and keep the hosts under the 350-mark. But one is sure that India has posted a big enough target;England will not find it easy to chase it down.

Image: Virat Kohli is bowled by Tim Bresnan. (Reuters)

18:23  Live scorecard

Piyush Chawla, playing his first ODI at home, looked to play the singles. Zaheer was the one looking for the big hits, but Anderson kept it full and straight not allowing the tailenders room for a big hit.

Anderson's terrible showing continued as he bowled a chest high full toss to Chawla, that even Prior missed to give away five extra runs.

But Chawla was run out off the very next ball as he hit one straight to the bowler, but sacrificed his wicket to give the strike to Zaheer.

India's innings ended off the next delivery when Zaheer was run out for five, attempting an impossible second run.

18:15  Live scorecard

Bresnan, the best bowler for England so far, took three wickets in his final over for wonderful figures of five for 48 in ten overs.

He also helped England's cause by conceding just two runs in that over, the 49th over of the innings.

Yusuf was beaten by a slower delivery to be caught in the covers for 14, while Kohli perished off the next delivery as he bowled by a full delivery from Bresnan for eight.

Two deliveries later, Harbhajan was trapped leg before wicket for a duck with a full incoming delivery.

18:07  Live scorecard

Anderson bowls a slow bouncer first up and Yusuf is quick to adjust and pull on the leg side for a single. Kohli has to dig out a yorker off the next ball that gets him a single at long-on.

He beats Yusuf off the next ball with a slow leg cutter, but the next ball is sent crashing for a huge six down the ground.

Swann doesn't help his team's cause any bit as he lets the ball go through his legs at fine leg to gift India a boundary.

India took 13 runs from that over to reach 327 for five in 48 overs.

Anderson has now registered the worst figures at Bangalore, conceding 82 runs in his nine overs.
18:02  Live scorecard

Bresnan comes in for a new spell and immediately gets the wicket of Dhoni. The Indian captain tried to loft Bresnan over midwicket but ended getting caught on the boundary, for 31 from 25 balls.

India still have some batting left, with Virat Kohli walking out next.

India have lost two quick wickets, with Dhoni and Yuvraj falling off successive deliveries.

Yusuf Pathan gets his first boundary with a powerful pull shot as the deep square leg fielder makes a valiant attempt to take the catch, but misses and also concedes the boundary.
17:56  Live scorecard

Dhoni nearly decapitated umpire Billy Bowden with a powerful shot down the ground, but the Kiwi was quick to duck in time.

Once again, Dhoni wanted take two runs and get back on strike, but Yuvraj refused his call to annoy his skipper.

On the rare occasion that Yardy got his length, Dhoni was quick to rock back and pull him over midwicket for a six, to take India past the 300-run mark.

Yuvraj then sweeps for a four through square leg but perishes off the next ball. He lofted one straight into the arms of the fielder on the square leg boundary after a fluent knock of 58 from 50 balls, having hit nine fours.

Out walks Yusuf Pathan, and once again the crowd erupt!
17:51  Live scorecard

Shahzad continues to suffer. This time Yuvraj thrashes a full delivery through midwicket for a four and then flicks him through fine leg for another four.

That second four also brought up his fifty, from 46 balls, with the help of eight fours.

He missed the final ball of that over as he attempts another big shot.

India have scored 45 from the last five overs.

India 292-3 (45 ovs)
17:46  Live scorecard

Yardy continues to be miserly as ever, as he gives away just four runs in his ninth over.

The two Indian batsmen can only play him down the ground for singles in that over. But they seem to be content in playing him out and attacking from the other end.

India 281-3 in 44 overs.

17:42  Live scorecard

Shahzad comes into the attack and continues England's ploy of peppering Yuvraj with short balls.

But Yuvraj finally gets it off the middle to send the ball screaming past the square leg fielder for a four.

Even Dhoni finds Shahzad's pace (around 130kmph) easy to handle as he also pulls the bouncer through square leg for another four in that over.

Shahzad tries to redeem himself by correcting his length, but Dhoni again has no problems in driving a full ball through covers for the third boundary of the over.

A near run out chance arises as Yuvraj sends Dhoni back, but the Indian captain safely makes his ground.

17:37  Live scorecard

Yardy is bowling like a medium pacer. He is firing it in at a good pace and Indians are struggling to get the boundaries against him.

But Dhoni and Yuvraj play him sensibly by taking singles and twos in his eighth over before Yuvraj guides one through the thirdman region for a four, to get 11 runs from that over.

Yardy has now gone for 47 in his eight overs, but the best bowler for England so far has been Bresnan, with one for 37 in eight overs.
17:31  Live scorecard

Bresnan resorts to the slow bouncers to make life difficult for the two Indian batsmen.

Both Dhoni and Yuvraj not getting their timing right with the pull shots as just four runs came from the Bresnan over.

The Batting Powerplay didn't exactly go to plan for India as they scored just 32 runs for the loss of one wicket.
17:28  Live scorecard

"Helicopter...Helicopter" chant the crowd as Dhoni bats out in the middle!

Yardy drops it short and Dhoni promptly cuts it through point for his first four. But Yardy keeps it tight to end the over by conceding just five runs.

India are 247-3 after 40 overs.
17:23  Live scorecard

Tendulkar walked across his stumps to Anderson and flicked him through fine leg for a four and move to 120, to post his highest score at this venue.

But he fell off the very next delivery, caught in the covers off a leading edge.

The master batsman walks back to a standing ovation from the crowd. He made 120 from 115 balls, hitting ten overs and five sixes.

Yuvraj also nearly perished when he was surprised by a short delivery from Anderson, got a leading edge but it fell safe.

But in the last ball of that over, he took on a short delivery pulling it on the leg side for a four.
17:17  Live scorecard

Yardy is bowling an intelligent over. He is bowling it full and quite fast, not giving the batsman any flight or time to work the deliveries around.

Just three runs came from that over with Yuvraj struggling to get the big hits away.

Image: Sachin Tendulkar celebrates after completing his century.

17:12  Live scorecard

India take the Batting Powerplay and the crowd get ready for a party time!

Yuvraj Singh starts off the Powerplay overs in some style as he pulls a short delivery from Bresnan through midwicket for a four.

Tendulkar also helps himself to another four guiding a short ball from Bresnan through the vacant fine leg region.

The first over of the Powerplay fetches nine runs and I am sure there is plenty more to come with Yardy called back into the attack.
17:06  Live scorecard

Yuvraj flicks Swann for a boundary through midwicket off the first ball of the 36th over. He then takes a single to give the strike to Tendulkar.

And the master batsman is at his demolition job again!

Tendulkar slog sweeps Swann for another six, his third against the England off-spinner as 13 runs come from that over.

Swann has failed to live upto expectations, giving away 59 runs in his nine overs.

India posted 370-4 in their previous match and they look good to match that score again!
17:03  Live scorecard

Bresnan comes on to replace Yardy and Tendulkar gets his hundred off the first ball of that over.

He glanced Bresnan fine on the leg side for a four to bring up his century from 103 balls.

This was the veteran's fifty century in World Cups and now he holds the record for most century in World Cups, going past Ricky Ponting, Sourav Ganguly and Mark Waugh, who have hit four centuries each.

With 51 Test centuries to his credit, his tally of centuries in international cricket now stands at 98.

Both Tendulkar and Yuvraj take a single each in that over as India reach 206 for two in 35 overs.
16:57  Live scorecard

Tendulkar inches closer to his century as he hits Yardy fine through the leg side for a boundary to move to 94 from as many balls.

Two more singles in that over take Tendulkar to 96 and just a boundary away from the three-figure mark.

In the next over from Swann, he gets another single through fine leg as the crowd cheer his every run.

Yuvraj is also content to play the singles, perhaps waiting for the Batting Powerplay, which should happen anytime after the 35th over.

Meanwhile, Tendulkar tries to guide it past the short thirdman fielder but fails to beat the man, while the next ball is hit straight back to the bowler. He takes a single off the last ball of that Swann over to move to 98 and take India past 200.
16:48  Live scorecard

England resorted to bowling short of length balls to Tendulkar, who was content to open the face and score singles in the thirdman region.

In that over, Yuvraj got his first boundary when he flicked a full toss from Anderson through midwicket.

Swann seemed to have got a lot of confidence from that wicket. He followed it up with a maiden over to Yuvraj.

Tendulkar is now ten short of a deserved century, which will see break the record for most centuries in World Cups. The current highest is four centuries scored by Tendulkar, Mark Waugh, Ricky Ponting and Sourav Ganguly.
16:40  Live scorecard

A desperate England keep shuffling their bowlers.

Swann changes ends and comes into the attack from the North End, hoping for a change in fortune.

Swann chooses to bowl round the wicket, and starts off well by giving away just a single off his first three balls to Tendulkar.

He then provided England the much needed breakthrough with the wicket of Gambhir. Swann got one to turn a long way beating Gambhir's intended drive on the off-side to bowl him for a good innings of 51 from 61 balls.

Gambhir and Tendulkar have provided India with a good platform, adding 134 runs in 21.5 overs for the second wicket.

India promote Yuvraj ahead of Virat Kohli, hoping to keep the left-hand/right-hand combo going.

Yuvraj gets off the mark with a confident drive the ground against Swann that gets him a single.
Live scorecard

Tendulkar has cut loose here and the crowd is going mad.

Now he unleashes the upper cut or Upar cut against a short ball from Shahzad for a boundary between covers and point. He then flicks Shahzad through midwicket for a double, but is denied a four off the next ball as Collingwood at backward point comes up with a fine save.

Shahzad ends the over on a high as he manages to beat the master batsman outside the off-stump.

England are desperate for a wicket at this stage. They bring on Anderson to replace Swann, who was smashed for two sixes in his previous over.

But there is no stopping Tendulkar as he makes Anderson suffer too. He smashed a full delivery through covers and when Anderson adjusted his length he was quick to go back and cut him through point for another four.

Gambhir gets the third four of that over in streakish fashion. He looked to attack a full delivery from Anderson but got an inside edge that just missed the stumps for a four.

That saw Gambhir brought up his fifty from 59 balls, while Tendulkar was on 87 from 88 balls at the other end.

16:25  Live scorecard

Gambhir and Tendulkar now have a little argument over running between the wickets. Gambhir guided Shahzad to the thirdman region and wanted a double, but Tendulkar refused the call.

India not feeling the pressure despite lack of boundaries in the last few overs. Gambhir and Tendulkar have rotated the strike well and kept the scoreboard moving at a good rate.

Meanwhile, Swann, who went for 26 runs in his four overs came in to replace Yardy.

Tendulkar straightaway went on the attack against Swanne. The master batsman lofted him over midwicket for a six and off the next ball slog swept him for another six through that area.

The duo also brought up their 100-run partnership in that over as India looked in sight of a huge score.

The Swann over fetched 15 runs to give more headaches to England captain Strauss.

Image: Tendulkar raises his bat after completing his fifty. (Reuters)

16:17  Live scorecard

Tendulkar plays a cute little paddle sweep to pick up 2 runs from the fine leg region. Yardy has not been able to make any sort of impression as the Indians have picked up singles and two at will against his left-arm spin.

Seven runs came from that over and Yardy has now given 22 runs in four overs.

At the halfway stage, India are 140 for one with Tendulkar on 57 and Gambhir on 43.
16:12  Live scorecard

Tendulkar and Gambhir are batting beautifully, but the only problem is their running between the wickets.

Meanwhile, Yardy is getting some turn and bounce here. He has settled down into a nice rhythm and the two Indian batsmen just looking to deal in singles and twos.

As expected Collingwood is taken off after three overs and Shahzad comes back into the attack.

The youngster bowled a good first over, keeping Gambhir in check, to concede just two runs in that over.
16:03  Live scorecard

Tendulkar and Gambhir have a huge misunderstanding, but luckily for India the throw came at the wrong end.

Tendulkar played Yardy through the point region and wanted a double, but Gambhir sent him back.

In the next over, Tendulkar again looks to attack Collingwood as he tries a big shot over midwicket but gets only a single.

A few balls later, he gets the desired result. Tendulkar charges down the wicket and lofts Collingwood over midwicket for his second six. That also brought his fifty from 66 balls with the help of three four and two sixes.

Collingwood has gone for 20 in his three overs and England would definitely need to re-think their strategy

15:56  Live scorecard

Collingwood makes a good comeback in his next over. He keeps Tendulkar in check with three good deliveries before a single off the next ball, while Gambhir also manages just a single in that over.

India reach 111-1 after 20 overs with Tendulkar on 43 from 62 balls and Gambhir on 30 from 32 balls.

15:54  Live scorecard

Paul Collingwood comes into the attack. He bowled well in the ODI series in Australia and that helped him retain his place in the ODI side despite his failure with the bat.

He places Bresnan, who bowled a brilliant first spell of one for 18 in five overs, including a maiden over to Tendulkar.

But his gentle medium pacers are too easy to handle for Tendulkar. The master batsman lifted him down the ground for the first six of the match, in the 18th over.

India will not let the England part-time bowlers have it easy in the middle overs.
15:42  Live scorecard

Good fielding by Bresnan on the boundary. Gambhir got a short ball from Swann past the point fielder, but Bresnan ran across from the cover boundary to keep the batsman to a single.

Tendulkar has had enough to playing safe. He charges down the wicket to Swann and lifts him over the umpire's head for a four, which also brought up the
50-run partnership from 53 balls between the two.

India have made a good start in the match so far and they will be hoping that Tendulkar and Gambhir carry on for another 15 overs atleast.

Time for a drinks break!
15:38  Live scorecard

Tendulkar still struggling to break the shackles against Bresnan. He finally loses patience as he plays an aerial cut shot to the thirdman region, but gets only a double.

With the Bowling Powerplay overs completed, India will look to change tactics and look build a partnership in the middle overs.

15:37  Live scorecard

Telugu superstar Venkatesh is spotted in the stands. A friend from Hyderabad says its not a good omen for Team India since whichever match he attends, India end up on the losing side!

Meanwhile, Gambhir keeps attacking Swann. This time he gives himself room as he dances down the wicket before lofting Swann overs the covers for another cracking boundary.

After 15 overs, India well placed on 84 for one.

Image: Bresnan is congratulated by his teammates after taking the wicket of Virender Sehwag. (Reuters)

15:29  Live scorecard

Ind 77-1 (14 ovs)

Swann has emerged as one of the best spinners in the world in the last two seasons, so it will be interesting to see how India deal with him.

Gambhir continues to use his feet against Swann. This time he lofts Swann over mid-on for his third four.

A big moment of the match as Gambhir (14) gets a lifeline.

He tried to do the same thing off the very next delivery but this time Swann was up for it. He beat Gambhir in the flight, but luckily for the left-hander he got an inside edge that managed to take the ball away from wicketkeeper Prior.

Bresnan follows that up with a good testing over to Tendulkar. The veteran is content to play the ball on it's merit, giving a maiden over.

Bresnan in the middle of a good spell, taking one for 12 in three overs.
15:21  Live scorecard

Ind 66-1 (12 ovs)

Good first over by Swann, gives away just two single runs. Gambhir is a good player of spin, he charged down the wicket to Swann for a single through covers.

In the next over, Gambhir charges down the wicket to Bresnan before cutting the short ball over the point fielder for a four. India will keep attacking from one end, while Tendulkar holds forte from the other.

Tendulkar is showing the bowlers a lot of respect and dealing mainly in singles.
15:12  Live scorecard

Tendulkar is now looking to cut loose. He flicked a full delivery from Anderson through square leg for a four and then played a similar shot to get another boundary through that region.

He looks determined to play a big innings in that match after being run out cheaply. The pitch has looked perfect so far for batting and India would be definitely be looking to post a score in excess of 300.

In the next over, Bresnan beats Gambhir yet again with the outswinger. A misfield on the fine leg boundary by Shahzad gets Gambhir a double.

After 10 overs, India are 58-1, as England introduce Graeme Swann.

15:04  Live scorecard

Ind 46-1 (8 ovs)

England make a bowling change. Tim Bresnan comes into the attack in place of Shahzad, who gave away 16 runs in three overs in his opening spell.

And the move works as Bresnan gets the big wicket of Sehwag.

Infact, the right-hander played a reckless shot to give his wicket away. He tried to guide one through the vacant slips region, but was caught behind by wicketkeeper Prior diving to his right for a quick 35 from 26 balls.

New batsman Gautam Gambhir is beaten outside the off-stump by a lovely outswinger from Bresnan.
14:59  Live scorecard

Ind 44-0 ( 7 ovs)

Sehwag is gifted another four as his flick off Anderson is fumbled by Shahzad on the square leg boundary.

Sehwag gets his second boundary of the over. The right hander pulled a short ball from Anderson over the mid-on fielder for his seventh four of the innings.

He has raced to 33 from 21 balls, while Tendulkar has made 10 from the same number of deliveries.

Live scorecard

Ind 33-0 (6 ovs)

Jonathan Trott makes a brilliant stop at midwicket keeping Sehwag down to a single instead of a four as the opener went after Shahzad.

Tendulkar then flicked one fine but Pietersen sprinted across from deep square leg to concede only two runs. The veteran is then beaten as he tries to play the upper cut, but he gets a double off the next ball as he gets one past the point fielder.

14:51  Live scorecard

Ind 28-0 (5 ovs)

Sehwag plays his favourite Upar cut against Anderson for a single through the thirdman region.

Tendulkar is beaten all ends up by an outswinger from Anderson. The veteran batsman then tried to flick a full delivery on the leg side, but the ball fell just short of the short midwicket fielder.

Sehwag then opens the face of the bat to get a boundary through the point region.

Images: Indian fans at the Chinnaswamy stadium. (Reuters)

14:47  Live scorecard

Ind 21-0 (4 ovs)

England have employed an interesting field setting here. They have a deep square leg for Sehwag. It turns out to be a good move as Sehwag hits an aerial shot in that same region, but gets only a single.

A few deliveries later, Tendulkar gets one past the short fine leg fielder for a double.

India and England have played three matches at this stadium, with the visitors holding a 2-1 advantage.

The venue has hosted 12 day-night matches before this. Six matches have been won by team batting first, while team batting second have won five and one ended in no-result.
14:42  Live scorecard

India 18-0 (3 ovs)

Sachin Tendulkar off the mark in some style. A delightful cover drive off Anderson fetches him a couple. The veteran will be looking to get his eye in and compliment Sehwag, who is keen on attacking.

He is beaten outside the off-stump as the ball keeps a bit low. Sehwag wanted to take a quick single as the wicektkeeper fumbled, but Tendulkar has nothing of it. If you remember, Tendulkar was run out in Dhaka and he does not want to take chances here!

Good over by Anderson...
14:37  Live scorecard

India 16-0 (2 ovs)

Sehwag welcomes youngster Ajmal Shahzad to the bowling crease with a cracking boundary through the covers.

Sehwag is beaten as he tries to hit Shahzad through the off-side, but the next ball, which is a bit short in length is despatched for a boundary through the point region, his third of the innings.

14:31  Live scorecard

India 8-0 (1 over)

What a cracking start to the game!

Virender Sehwag, who hit 175 in the opening match against Bangladesh, went after a wide delivery from James Anderson. But luckily for him, the edge flew wide off Graeme Swann at second slip fora four.

Two deliveries, he got a leading edge as he tried to play one on the leg side and once again it fell between two fielders in the covers. A couple of balls later he once again got a leading edge but this time it flew over the bowler's head.

Good first over by Anderson, he deserved a wicket. Meanwhile, Sehwag is looking to attack right from the word go.
14:25  The national anthems are over and in a few minutes we will have both the teams walking it out to the middle to begin the 11th match of the 2011 World Cup.

India, as expected, start as the heavy favourites, while England will be hoping to stun the hosts in front of their home fans.

The stadium is nearly full and already the fans have created an electric atmosphere inside the venue.

Meanwhile, Virender Sehwag and Sachin Tendulkar walk out to the open the Indians innings as the crowd erupt.
14:10  India captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni has won the toss and has elected to bat against England.

It went perfectly to plan for Dhoni as he had included an extra spinner in Piyush Chawla, who bowled well in the warm-up match against Australia at this venue.

Leg-spinner Chalwa replaced pacer S Sreesanth.

Meanwhile, England pacer Stuart Broad missed the match because of illness and was replaced by Ajmal Shahzad, while all-rounder Michael Yardy came in for Ravi Bopara.


India: Mahendra Singh Dhoni (captain), Virender Sehwag, Sachin Tendulkar, Gautam Gambhir, Virat Kohli, Yuvraj Singh, Yusuf Pathan, Piyush Chawla, Harbhajan Singh, Zaheer Khan, Munaf Patel.

England: Andrew Strauss (captain), Kevin Pietersen, Jonathan Trott, Ian Bell, Paul Collingwood, Matt Prior, Michael Yardy, Graeme Swann, Tim Bresnan, James Anderson, Ajmal Shahzad.
13:54  It looks like India may include an extra spinner in Piyush Chawla in place of pacer S Sreesanth for the World Cup Group B match against England.

The pitch at the M Chinnaswamy stadium is expected to offer some assistance to the spinners, which was also seen in the India-Australia warm-up match.

Chawa had a brief discussion with former India spin legend Anil Kumble, who seemed to be given the youngster a few tips on leg spin.

The toss is expected to take place shortly.
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12:50  England's star batsman Kevin Pietersen, who played for the Royal Challengers Bangalore in the IPL, gets a huge cheer from the fans at the M Chinnaswamy stadium in Bangalore.

Former India captain and current president of the Karnataka State Cricket Association Anil Kumble on what India must do to beat England.

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12:42  Welcome to's coverage of the high-voltage clash between India and England at the M Chinnaswamy in Bangalore, on Sunday.

It is a bright sunny day in the city and the crowed have already started to pour in. Infact, they started to enter the stadium as early as 1030am and nearly half of the stadium is full now, with nearly two hours to go before the start of the match.

A few England players have already made it to the middle and started their warm-ups.

England, who laboured to a hard-earned six wicket victory over the Netherlands are hoping to improve on their showing and look to spoil the Indian party.

India, on the other hand, are looking to continue their dominant showing, following their 87-run victory over Bangladesh in the previous match.