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Yuvraj's all-round show helps India crush England

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December 20, 2012

22:09  Yuvraj's all-round show helps India crush England:   - Scorecard


India 158-5 (17.5 ovs) vs England 157-6

Dhoni guided India home with a composed knock of 24 from 21 balls as India hardly broke a sweat during their run chase.

Yuvraj was India's star player of the match. He took three for 19 with the ball to limit England to 157 before playing an entertaining knock of 38 from 21 balls to make the difference with the bat.

India will feel good to return to winning ways after their disappointment in the Test series.

The hosts will look to continue their winning run when they take on England in the second T20 match in Mumbai, on Saturday.
22:05  1st T20! India crush England by 5 wickets:   - Scorecard


India 158-5 (17.5 ovs) vs England 157-6

Just when it looked India were set for an early finish, they are dealt with another setback as Raina is run out for a quick 26 from 19 balls.

Dhoni hit it to mid-off and set for a quick single before sending Raina back, who was late to get back as the fielder threw the stumps down with a direct hit.

The next ball is short in length which Dhoni pulls powerfully through square leg for a boundary.

Meaker follows it up with a very slow bouncer which Dhoni mistimes to the keeper. But he gets good timing on the next ball driving it through the covers for a four before lifting it over the off-side for two runs to take India to an easy victory.
22:00  India need 10 from 3 overs for victory:  - Scorecard

India 148-4 (17 ovs) vs England 157-6

Bresnan to bowl the 17th over. Dhoni pulls a short ball to the leg side for one before Raina pulls a short ball further over the fence for a six and then takes a single.

Dhoni taps it to mid-on for one before Raina turns it behind square and comes back for a couple.

India have inched closer to a victory with 10 needed from three overs for victory.
21:56  India need 21 from 4 overs for victory:  - Scorecard

India 137-4 (16 ovs) vs England 157-6

Wright is back for a new spell. He starts with a leg side wide before Raina plays it towards point for one. Dhoni taking it easy at the moment, plays two dot balls before a single to the square leg region. Two more singles to end the over as India now need 21 from four overs for victory.
21:50  - Scorecard

India 132-4 (15 ovs) vs England 157-6

Dernbach comes into the attack as England are desperate for a wicket to bring themselves back into the hunt. India are cruising along with 32 runs needed from six overs for victory.

India are doing it sensibly as Dhoni and Raina pick singles from the first two balls before Dhoni pulls it to square leg where a misfield gives him two runs.

Dernbach bowling a whole bunch of slow bouncers which Dhoni taps on the leg side for a quick single.

He ends the over with a quick single which Raina pulls on the leg side for one.
21:47  India need 32 from 6 overs for victory:  - Scorecard

India 126-4 (14 ovs) vs England 157-6

Tredwell to bowl his fourth and final over. Raina cuts the second ball behind point for two runs before driving the next delivery through the covers for a boundary.

Dhoni also chops the fifth ball in the same region for two more runs as India continue to ease their way in the run chase.
21:46  Meaker scalps Kohli to keep England alive:   - Scorecard

India 115-4 (13 ovs) vs England 157-6

Debutant Meaker back into the attack now. He starts off with a wide before bowling Kohli from the next delivery to keep England in the hunt.

Kohli tried to pull it on the leg side but got an inside edge which came back on to his stumps to bowl him for 21.

Dhoni and Raina have a near miss moment. The Indian captain tumbles as he looks to steal a single but is sent back by Raina but Morgan at cover misses the stumps by a long way. That was a narrow escape for Dhoni.
21:35  - Scorecard

India 109-3 (12 ovs) vs England 157-6

Wright to bowl his second over. Raina gets a thick outside edge off the second ball for a single before Kohli plays the inside out chip shot for a boundary over the cover region.

Indai get nine runs from that over as the score reaches 109 for three in 12 overs, with 49 needed from eight overs for victory.
21:33  - Scorecard

India 100-3 (11 ovs) vs England 157-6

That was a much needed wicket for England as Yuvraj threatened the finish off the match early. New batsman Suresh Raina starts his innings with a single to long-on and Kohli gets one on the leg side. Four more singles before Kohli and Raina sprint across for two to bring up India's 100 after 11 overs.
21:32  Yuvraj falls for 38, India lose 3rd wicket:  - Scorecard

India 93-3 (10 ovs) vs England 157-6

Medium pacer Luke Wright comes into the attack now. Yuvraj flicks fhe fourth ball on the leg side for two runs before he pulls the next ball on the leg side for another six.

Just when it looks like India are running away with the contest, Wright gets them the wicket of Yuvraj.

The left-hander top edges the pull shot and is caught a few centimetres inside the boundary rope by Meaker, who holds on to a good catch.

Yuvraj is dismissed after a blazing innings of 38 from 21 balls, with the help of two fours and three sixes.

At the halfway stage, India are 93 for three, needing 65 from the last ten for victory.
21:28  - Scorecard

India 83-2 (9 ovs) vs England 157-6

Tredwell to bowl his second over. Yuvraj smashes it powerfully down the ground where Bresnan makes a diving stop to save a boundary and keep it down to one.

Kohli cuts the last ball behind point for a boundary to take the score to 83 for two after nine overs.
21:17  Yuvraj's attack puts India in control:  - Scorecard

India 75-2 (8 ovs) vs England 157-6

Left-arm spinner Danny Briggs comes into the bowling now as England employ spinners from both ends.

Yuvraj slogs the third ball over midwicket for a huge six. He lofts the next ball over midwicket for a four before despatching the last ball in that same region for another maximum.

Briggs's first over has gone for 18 runs as India regain the momentum.
21:15  - Scorecard

India 57-2 (7 ovs) vs England 157-6

Off-spinner James Tredwell into the attack now. Yuvraj turns the second ball on the leg side for a single and Kohli does the same two balls later.

Tredwell is bowling flat and straight as Yuvraj again turns it towards midwicket for two runs before ending the over with a single.
21:13  India falter after flying start:  - Scorecard

India 52-2 (6 ovs) vs England 157-6

Yuvraj Singh is off the mark with a streaky boundary as he looks to steer a wide delivery to thirdman but the thick outside edge flies past the first slip fielder for a four.

Eight runs from Meaker's second over who has made a good start to his T20 career, giving away 12 runs in two overs.
21:04  Bresnan's double checks India's progress:   - Scorecard

India 44-2 (5 ovs) vs England 157-6

Bresnan checks India's progress with the wicket of Gambhir, who pulls it straight down the throat of Hales at deep square leg.

Gambhir made 16 from as many balls with the help of three fours, putting on 42 runs in 4.3 overs with Rahane for the opening wicket.

Rahane (16) is dropped off the very next ball as he pulls it straight to Meaker at short fine leg, who drops a simple catch. That was one of the easiest catches he could ever get.

But Rahane does not make England pay for that lapse. Two balls later he is caught by Patel, running to his right at mid-on for 19.
20:59  - Scorecard

India 41-0 (4 ovs) vs England 157-6

Pacer Stuart Meaker into the attack now on his Twenty20 International debut. Gambhir steers the second ball to thirdman for one and Rahane gets one to short fine leg.

Two more singles as Meaker concedes just four runs in his first over.
20:55  Rahane, Gambhir give India flying start:  - Scorecard

India 37-0 (3 ovs) vs England 157-6

Dernbach continues to struggle with his line. He slips another one down the leg side which Rahane tries to turn it round the corner but it goes off the pads for four leg byes.

Rahane then smokes it over long-on for another huge six before a single to the thirdman region.

Gambhir continues to milk it through the leg side as he flicks it through the fine leg region for another boundary.
20:53  India off to a flying start:  - Scorecard

India 21-0 (2 ovs) vs England 157-6

Tim Bresnan also starts with a leg side wide. Ajinkya Rahane defends the next ball before lofting it over long-on for a six and two balls later Gambhir drives it past point for a four.

India are off to a flying start, racing to 21 after two overs.
20:52  - Scorecard

India 9-0 (1 over) vs England 157-6

Jade Dernbach to bowl the first over and facing him will be left-hander Gautam Gambhir. The England pacer starts with two wides down the leg side and Gambhir then turns it on the leg side for one.

Gambhir flicks the fourth ball fine on the leg side for the first boundary of the Indian innings.

India score nine runs from the first over as Dernbach struggled to get his line and length right.
20:29  - Scorecard

England 157-6 (20 ovs) vs India

England were running away with the game in the first half, racing to 89 for one after 10 overs before India staged a remarkable comeback through Yuvraj Singh.

The visitors managed just 68 runs in the last ten overs.

Their bowlers will also be hampered by the dew and their spinners won't find it easy.
20:25  Yuvraj, Dinda limit England to 157:  - Scorecard

England 157-6 (20 ovs) vs India

Awana to bowl the final over of the innings. Buttler takes a single from the first ball and new batsman James Tredwell does the same off the next ball.

Buttler then scoops it over the short fine leg fielder and it carries all the way for a six. What an amazing shot! He then powerfully lofts the next ball over the long-on region for another huge hit for back to back sixes.

Buttler is hit for 17 runs in that over as England finish on a healthy 157 for six in 20 overs.

Buttler finishes unbeaten on a quick 33 from 21 balls as he scored some quick runs at the end.

England scored 44 runs from the last five overs, while losing two wickets in the process.
20:17  Dinda's double leaves England in a mess:   - Scorecard

England 140-6 (19 ovs) vs India

Dinda to bowl the 19th over. He starts off with a wicket as he is caught at long-off after a steady knock of 24 from 22 balls, during which he struggled to get going.

Buttler is deceived by a slower ball and he ends up hitting the full toss on the bounce back to the bowler.

He tries the paddle sweep off the next ball but is lucky that it fell short of Yuvraj at short fine leg.

Tim Bresnan is out first ball as he is caught at long-on by Virat Kohli who dived forward to complete a superb catch.
20:13  - Scorecard

England 138-4 (18 ovs) vs India

Ashwin back into the attack. He tries the doosra but drops it short and it is pulled over midwicket for a six by Buttler.

Two balls later Patel smashes it over midwicket for another big six as England look to get their innings back on track.

15 runs from that over as Ashwin ends with one for 33 in four overs.
20:09  Yuvraj's triple strike puts India on top:  - Scorecard

England 123-4 (17 ovs) vs India

Jadeja replaces Yuvraj as England look to break free. Buttler dances down the track and looks to play a big shot but it goes on the bounce to long-on for one. It is only singles at the moment as the England batsmen tried hard to play big shots but fail to get enough connection.
20:07  - Scorecard

England 117-4 (16 ovs) vs India

India continue to string a few tight overs. This time Chawla concedes just four singles in his third over as England reach 117 for four after 16 overs.

Samit Patel is on 13 from 15 balls and Jos Buttler on five from six balls.
20:03  - Scorecard

England 113-4 (15 ovs) vs India

Yuvraj will continue as he comes on to bowl his fourth over on the trot. Samit Patel smashes the first ball through the covers for a boundary, the first after 27 balls, and then takes a single from the next ball.

Yuvraj gives seven in that over to end with wonderful figures of three for 19 in four overs.
19:59  - Scorecard

England 106-4 (14 ovs) vs India

Chawla, who was smashed for 15 runs in his first overs, comes back to bowl his second over. With England having lost a few quick wickets, they opt to play Chawla with caution and take just five singles in the over.
19:57  Yuvraj takes 3 to cripple England:   - Scorecard

England 101-4 (13 ovs) vs India

Wicketkeeper Dhoni drops a difficult catch off Yuvraj's first delivery of his third over. Morgan looked to play the cut shot but got an edge but Dhoni could not hold on to the tough chances.

But Yuvraj strikes off the very next ball as Hales misses a straight delivery and is bowled after a quick innings of 56 from 35 balls, having hit seven fours and two sixes.

Two balls later, Yuvraj cripples England further with the wicket of their captain Morgan. The left-hander attempts to play a big shot down but spoons a simple catch to Rahane at long-on to be dismissed for five.

What a superb spell from Yuvraj, three wickets for 12 runs in three overs.

England have slipped from 89 for one in the 11th over to 100 for four in the 13th over, losing three wickets for 11 runs in the space of 15 deliveries.
19:50  - Scorecard

England 98-2 (12 ovs) vs India

Jadeja, who was hit for 12 runs in his first over, comes back for a new spell. Captain Eoin Morgan is the new batsman for England, who take five singles from that over as England reach 98 for two after 12 overs.
19:47  Yuvraj strikes, Wright out for 34:  - Scorecard

England 93-2 (11 ovs) vs India

Yuvraj strikes in his second over. Wright charged down the wicket but could not get to the pitch of the ball and holed out a simple catch to the fielder at long-off.

Wright is dismissed for a quick 34 from 21 balls, having hit three fours and a six. He put on 68 runs in seven overs for the second wicket with Hales to lift the visitors.

Another good over from Yuvraj, four runs and the wicket of Wright.
19:45  Hales, Wright put England in control:  - Scorecard

England 89-1 (10 ovs) vs India

Pacer Dinda back for his second spell. He starts with a yorker which Hales digs out on the off-side for one and Wright blocks out another yorker two balls later for two runs.

Dinda then drops one short which Wright pulls through the leg side for a four and takes a single from the next ball.
19:39  - Scorecard

England 81-1 (9 ovs) vs India

Yuvraj Singh into the attack now to bowl his slow left-arm spin as India look to break the rampaging stand between Hales and Wright.

Hales picks up two singles to complete his half-century from 28 balls. What a superb knock this has been! A good steady over from Yuvraj as he concedes just five singles.

19:34  Hales, Wright punish India's bowlers:  - Scorecard

England 76-1 (8 ovs) vs India

With all the frontline bowlers going for runs, Dhoni has brought part-timer Virat Kohli into the attack to bowl his slow medium pacers.

He starts with a slower ball which Wright taps on the off-side for one. Three more singles before Wright lifts it over back over the bowler's head for another six.

England are in control at 76 for one after eight overs.
19:30  - Scorecard

England 66-1 (7 ovs) vs India

Leg-spinner Piyush Chawla into the attack now, replacing Jadeja who was hit for 12 runs in his first over.

Wright steers the first ball, a full delivery, through covers for two as Jadeja makes a good stop at sweeper cover. However, two balls later he plays the late cut for a boundary. Chawla errs with his length again as Wright rocks back and cuts it behind point for another four as England continue with their attacking start.

Chawla struggles to get it right in the first over as the last ball is again cut for four by Hales.

Chawla is hit for 15 runs in his first over.
19:26  Opener Hales gives England blazing start:  - Scorecard

England 51-1 (6 ovs) vs India

Hales continues the onslaught as he lofts Ashwin high into the stands over long-on for his second six. The next ball is a full stop and Hales helps it through the covers for a boundary to take England past the 50-run mark.

England are 51 for one after six overs, out of which Hales has smashed 42 from 21 balls with the help of six fours and two sixes.
19:21  - Scorecard

England 39-1 (5 ovs) vs India

India's latest Test player Ravindra Jadeja into the attack now. Hales backs away and tries to hit it through the off-side but hits it straight to the cover field. However, he charges down the wicket off the next ball and despatches it over long-on for a six and then sweeps the next ball past short fine leg fielder for a four.

England have raced to 39 for one after five overs.
19:18  Ashwin strikes, England lose 1st wicket:   - Scorecard

England 27-1 (4 ovs) vs India

Ashwin strikes with the first wicket for India. Lumb is trapped leg before wicket for one from 10 balls as he tried to sweep but missed. Lumb had taken a big step forward as Ashwin bowled a quicker delivery that went straight and it looks like it might have slipped down the leg side.

Luke Wright is the new batsman and he is off the mark with a single on the leg side.

Hales takes one on the leg side and Wright gets two runs to deep square leg and ends the over with another couple.

19:13  - Scorecard

England 21-0 (3 ovs) vs India

Debutant Parvinder Awana into the attack now after just one over from Dinda. Hales pulls the first ball which is cut off on the boundary ropes for two runs. Hales then charges down the wicket and lofts it over the covers for a boundary and two balls later helps a leg side delivery fine beating the short fine leg fielder for another four.

Two more singles end the over as England race to 21 for no loss after three overs.
19:09  England off to a steady start vs India:  - Scorecard

England 9-0 (2 ovs) vs India

Off-spinner R Ashwin to bowl the second over. Lumb defends the first ball but is beaten off the next as Ashwin gets it to turn and the left-hander is beaten as he looks to play the drive.

Lumb tries to cut the next ball but doesn't get it away and plays the fourth ball to point. He fails to get runs off the last two deliveries as Ashwin starts with a maiden over.
19:04  - Scorecard

England 9-0 (1 over) vs India

Ashok Dinda bowls the first over for India as Michael Lumb and Alex Hales walk out to open the batting for England.

Lumb lets the first ball go before he is struck on the pads off the next but the LBW appeal is turned down and England pick up a leg bye. Hales defends the next two balls before pulling Dinda through square leg for a four and repeats the shot off the next ball but this gets it over the fielder for back to back fours.
18:54  Check out the Subrata Roy Sahara stadium in Pune, the venue for the first T20 international between India and England.

18:40  India elect to bowl, Awana makes debut:   India have kept out Rohit Sharma, while pacer Parvinder Awana makes his international debut. Ajinkya Rahane will open the innings with Gautam Gambhir.

India: Mahendra Singh Dhoni (captain), Gautam Gambhir, Ajinkya Rahane, Virat Kohli, Yuvraj Singh, Suresh Raina, Ravindra Jadeja, Ravichandran Ashwin, Piyush Chawla, Parvinder Awana, Ashok Dinda.

Eoin Morgan (captain), Alex Hales, Michael Lumb, Luke Wright, Samit Patel, Jos Buttler, Tim Bresnan, James Tredwell, Stuart Meaker, Danny Briggs, Jade Dernbach.

18:33  India win toss, elect to bowl vs England:  India captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni wins the toss and elects to field against England in the first Twenty20 International at the Subrata Roy Sahara Stadium in Pune, on Thursday.

18:29  Use the DRS to get rid of howlers, not to strive for perfection, says Mark Nicholas in his column for ESPNCricinfo. Cricket is not a perfect science, nor is television coverage. The quest should not be for perfect decisions but to eliminate appalling ones....(read more)

Graham Onions: Captain fantastic Alastair Cook
Approachable, meticulous, but no Churchill - Graham Onions offers an insight into the methods of England's captain...(read more)
18:00  India aim for winning start in Pune T20:  India will look to put behind the humiliation of losing the Test series to England and regroup quickly when they take on the tourists in the first of two T20 Internationals in Pune on Thursday.

Under-fire after the first Test series loss to England in 28 years, and with his captaincy under the scanner, skipper Mahendra Singh Dhoni will have to put these issues on the back burner and motivate his team-mates for the shortest format of the game.

To the home team's advantage, a younger lot of players -- some of who were not part of the Test series, like flamboyant all-rounder Suresh Raina, Rohit Sharma and Ambati Rayudu - will give India the much-needed edge and enthusiasm.

England will also feature a completely different team from the one seen in the four-match Test series. Eoin Morgan will lead the England T20 team after regular captain Stuart Broad was ruled due to injury, while hard hitting batsman Kevin Pietersen is also not part of the squad.

England have included T20 specialists like Alex Hales, Jos Butler, Jade Dernbach, James Tredwell, Michael Lumb, Luke Wright and Danny Briggs - some of who have been part of the development squad which played a few matches in Navi Mumbai when the Test matches were on.

The match will begin at 1900 IST.