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England win last-ball thriller to level T20 series

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December 22, 2012

23:25  England win last-ball thriller to level T20 series:   - Scorecard


England 181-4 (20 ovs) vs India 177-8

Morgan kept his composure off the final ball to finish off the match in grand style. Dinda pitched it up and Morgan calmly despatched it over the sight screen for a huge six.

England end the first leg of their tour with a victory. The two-match T20 series ends at 1-1.

Buttler finished on a quick 15 from seven balls, while Morgan led from the front with the bat to hit 49 from 26 balls, including the winning hit for a six.

The duo put on 32 from 2.1 overs to take their team to an unlikely victory. England hammered 40 runs from the last three overs as India's young pace of Awana (42 in 4 overs) and Dinda (1 for 44 in 4 overs) crumbled under the pressure.

India need to get their act right in time as they play another two-match T20 series against Pakistan, starting in Bangalore on December 25, Tuesday.

23:24  England clinch last ball victory to level T20 series 1-1:   - Scorecard


England 181-4 (20 ovs) vs India 177-8

Dinda to bowl the final over with 9 needed from six balls for victory.

The first ball is a full delivery which Morgan hits to long-on for one and Buttler drives down to long-off for one. Morgan swipes it to midwicket for another single.

6 needed from 3 balls.

Buttler looks to paddle as Dinda bowls it wide outside the off-stump but the right-hander adjusts and plays the reverse paddle for two runs to thirdman.

4 needed from 2 balls.

Buttler tries another paddle but misses it completely as they steal a quick bye to keeper Dhoni. Dinda kept his head there and bowled a good full delivery outside the off-stump.

England need 3 from 1 ball.

Captain Morgan on strike and he ends in style, smacking it high and long over the sightscreen for a huge six.
22:40  England need 9 from last over for victory:   - Scorecard

England 169-4 (19 ovs) vs India 177-8

Awana to bowl the crucial 19th over with 23 needed from 12 deliveries.

Jos Buttler takes a single from the first ball and Morgan hits it to midwicket for another single. Buttler gets the crucial boundary off the next delivery through the off-side but Awana keeps it tight with two singles off the next two balls.

But Awana errs with his length and Buttler is waiting for that delivery, right in the slot, lofting it back over the bowler's head for a six.

14 runs from that over as Awana crumbles under the pressure.

England now need 9 runs from the last over for victory.
22:26  England need 23 from 2 overs for victory:  - Scorecard

England 155-4 (18 ovs) vs India 177-8

Dinda is back now with 37 needed from 18 balls. Patel takes a single from the first ball before Morgan chops it over the point region for a four.

Morgan turns the next ball to midwicket for another couple and then takes one.

Patel (9) looks for a big hit on the leg side but spoons it towards midwicket where Gambhir somehow holds on to a high catch.

Morgan swipes the last ball of that over midwicket for a six to keep his team alive, with 23 needed from two overs for victory.
22:20  England need 37 from 3 overs for victory:  - Scorecard

England 141-3 (17 ovs) vs India 177-8

England need 44 from four overs for victory as Chawla comes on to bowl his final over. The first ball is a half volley outside the off-stump which Patel smashes through the covers for a boundary. Three singles from the rest of the over as England reach 141 for three after 17 overs.
22:14  England need 44 from 4 overs for victory:  - Scorecard

England 134-3 (16 ovs) vs India 177-8

Chawla's day keeps getting worse and he drops a catch. Samit Patel flicks it on the leg side which goes aerially towards fine leg where Piyush running to his left drops a low catch. The bowler Awana is not happy, that was his chance to redeem himself after a poor first spell.

Morgan is beaten off the next ball and he takes one to deep point.

Patel also plays a dot ball before getting one and Morgan crashes it over the covers for a boundary.

22:08  Yuvraj takes 3 to keep India in the hunt:   - Scorecard

England 127-3 (15 ovs) vs India 177-8

Yuvraj continues his wicket ways. This time Hales looks to slog it on the leg side but hits it straight down the throat of Dinda on the fine leg boundary.

Hales walks back after hitting 42 from 33 balls, having hit four fours and a six.

England need 55 from 32 balls with seven wickets in hand.

Morgan is not deterred by that wicket as he sweeps Yuvraj for a four behind square.

Yuvraj ends with wonderful figures of three for 17 in four overs.
22:04  Morgan, Hales put England in control:  - Scorecard

England 120-2 (14 ovs) vs India 177-8

Chawla continues to misfire like all the other India's leading bowlers. He slips one down the leg side which Morgan helps round the corner for a four. Two balls later, Hales helps himself to a boundary as Chawla gifts him a friendly full toss.

Chawla continues to dish out ordinary performances yet somehow manages to retain his place in the team. Today he has been hit for 24 runs in three overs.
21:56  - Scorecard

England 103-2 (12 ovs) vs India 177-8

Ashwin comes back to finish his spell. Hales picks one from the first ball and new batsman Eoin Morgan does the same from the next delivery.

Two balls later, Morgan plays the reverse sweep for a boundary to the thirdman region.

England are 103 for two in 12 overs, needing 75 from eight overs for victory.

Ashwin finishes a disappointing spell with the ball, 39 runs in four overs.
21:52  Yuvraj gets 2nd wicket, Wright out for 5:  - Scorecard

England 94-2 (11 ovs) vs India 177-8

The match is thrilling poised at the halfway of England's innings, with 88 needed from 10 overs for victory.

Wright fails to get a run from the first two balls before sneaking a leg bye from the next ball. Hales picks a single before Wright gets two to the thirdman region where Awana runs back and retrieves before making a wild throw.

Yuvraj produces another wicket in that over as Wright is trapped leg before wicket for five. The right-hander had no clue against Yuvraj's left-arm spin and once again was done in by the arm ball that hit him right in front of the stumps.
21:49  - Scorecard

England 90-1 (10 ovs) vs India 177-8

Ashwin has been disappointing with the ball, hit for 30 runs in three overs and has given way to Chawla.

He starts with a half-tracker which new batsman Luke Wright strokes to long-off for one. The next ball is a full toss outside the off-stump which Hales eases through covers for a four.

Nine runs from that over as England reach 90 for one after 10 overs.

Hales is batting on 30 from 21 balls, while Wright is on three.
21:43  Yuvraj strikes, Lumb falls for 50:   - Scorecard

England 81-1 (9 ovs) vs India 177-8

Yuvraj Singh the bowler comes to India's rescue once again. Thrown the ball at a critical stage after England had got off to a flier he claims a wicket in his very first over.

Lumb was beaten in the flight as he charged down the wicket and Dhoni completed an easy stumping. Lumb was dismissed after a good knock of 50 from 34 balls, putting on 80 runs in 8.2 overs for the opening wicket with Hales to give his team a flying start.

What a superb start from Yuvraj, two runs and the wicket of the dangerous Lumb.
21:38  Lumb blasts fifty to put England on top:  - Scorecard

England 79-0 (8 ovs) vs India 177-8

Ashwin continues as he comes on to bowl his third over. Hales despatches the first ball over long-on for a six and two balls later Lumb edges it past the keeper for a four to bring up his fifty from 30 balls.

England are in control at 79 for no loss after eight overs.
21:37  - Scorecard

England 68-0 (7 ovs) vs India 177-8

With the Powerplay no longer in effect, Dhoni brings on leg-spinner Piyush Chawla. He bowls a steady first over, giving away six runs as England progress to 68 for no loss after seven overs.
21:31  England in control after flying start:  - Scorecard

England 62-0 (6 ovs) vs India 177-8

Lumb lofts Ashwin over the mid-on for a six to take England past the 50-run mark in the sixth over. He gets a single from the next ball to race to 42 from 24 balls, having hit five fours and two sixes.

Hales also gets into the act, sweeping Ashwin over the square leg fielder for a boundary.

Two more singles from the last three balls as Ashwin concedes 13 in that over.

England are sitting pretty on 62 for no loss after six overs.
21:26  - Scorecard

England 49-0 (5 ovs) vs India 177-8

Change of ends for Awana but it hardly matters as he continues leaking runs. Lumb edges the first ball which flies past Dhoni for a boundary and two balls later he strokes it through the covers for another four.

England get nine from that over to reach 49 after five overs.
21:18  - Scorecard

England 40-0 (4 ovs) vs India 177-8

Awana, who was hit for 13 runs in his first over and then also dropped the catch, is taken off the attack and replaced by off-spinner R Ashwin.

He starts with a short ball which Hales pulls to short fine leg for a single. Lumb turns the second ball on the leg side for two runs and two balls later picks up another couple to midwicket.

Six runs from Ashwin's first over as England reach 40 after four overs.
21:15  Hales, Lumb give England flying start:  - Scorecard

England 34-0 (3 ovs) vs India 177-8

Awana then messes up on the field as he drops a simple catch on the short fine leg boundary. Hales, on 7, pulled a short delivery which went straight to Awana but he put down the simple chance and the bowler Dinda cannot believe it.

India's pacers continue to drop it short. Hales helps himself to another boundary as he pulls it over midwicket for a four. England get nine runs from that over to continue their brisk start as they reach 34 for no loss after three overs.
21:09  England off to a flying start:  - Scorecard

England 25-0 (2 ovs) vs India 177-8

Parvinder Awana to bowl the second over. Lumb gets after him straightaway as he looks to pull the second ball but gets a top edge which goes for a boundary. However, he gets the next ball off the middle as he played the hook shot perfectly for a six.

Awana seems to having a problem with his landing as the groundstaff adjust that part of the crease.

13 runs from the second over as England have raced to 25 for no loss after two overs.
21:06   - Scorecard

England 12-0 (1 over) vs India 177-8

Ashok Dinda to bowl the first over for India. Michael Lumb plays the first ball down to thirdman where the Gambhir slips and deflects the ball into the boundary ropes to give away a four.

Alex Hales also starts off with a boundary as he strokes the fourth ball past the point fielder and then takes to thirdman.

England are off to a good start with 12 runs coming from the first over.

20:45  Kohli, Dhoni help India post 177 in 2nd T20:   - Scorecard

India 177-8 (20 ovs) vs England

Dernbach to bowl the final over of the Indian innings. Ashwin tries to slog the first ball on the leg side but fails to connect and they take one single.

He keeps the second ball short outside the off-stump which Raina fails to get away and they take a quick single.

Ashwin tries to blast it over the off-side but ends up being caught at sweeper cover for one.

Dernbach then bowls a high full toss to Raina, who looks to slog it on the leg side but is caught at deep square leg as the umpire rightly calls it a no-ball.

Three more singles as Piyush Chawla is run out off the last ball of the innings for a duck as India finish on a huge 177 for eight in their 20 overs.

Raina finished unbeaten on a good knock of 35 from 24 balls, hitting three fours and a six.

India smashed 63 runs in the last five overs, losing three wickets in the process.
20:36  Dhoni out for 38, India lose 6th wicket:   - Scorecard

India 169-6 (19 ovs) vs England

England's bowlers have lost the plot in the last couple of overs. Dhoni pulls the second ball from Bresnan behind square on the leg side for a four as India continue to plunder the runs.

The next ball is a low full toss which Dhoni drives one-handedly on the leg side but the fielder at deep square leg runs around and dives on time to keep it down to two.

And Bresnan gets his revenge from the next delivery. Dhoni looks to pull a short ball but spoons a simple catch to Samit Patel at midwicket after a quick innings of 38 from 18 balls, having hit three fours and two sixes.

Ravi Ashwin gets off the mark with a single and Raina plays a dot ball to end the over.
20:30  Raina, Dhoni on the attack as England suffer:  - Scorecard

India 161-5 (18 ovs) vs England

Dernbach is back into the attack now. Dhoni slams the first ball over the leg side for a six to make his intentions clear while pinching a couple from the next ball. He does the same off the next ball too for two more runs.

Dhoni flicks the fifth ball to midwicket for two before blasting the last ball down the ground for another six.

18 runs come from the 18th over as India reach 161 for five with 38 runs coming from the last two overs.
20:24  Raina's attack lifts India in late overs:  - Scorecard

India 143-5 (17 ovs) vs England

Meaker to bowl his final over. Raina plays the inside out chip off the first ball lofting it majestically over the covers for a boundary and takes one from the next ball.

Meaker tries a short delivery which Raina looks to pull but once again gets the inside edge which flies over the keeper for a four.

The left-hander gets the next delivery off the middle of the bat, smacking over midwicket for a six. As expected Meaker shortens his length and Raina is quick to glance it fine on the leg side for a four.

India get the much needed boost as 20 runs came from that over to take the total to 143 for five in 17 overs.
20:20  - Scorecard

India 123-5 (16 ovs) vs England

Bresnan comes on to bowl his third over. Raina plays away from his body but gets an edge which goes past the keeper for one to the thirdman region.

Dhoni then smashes the next ball through the leg side for a boundary behind square.

He defends the next ball before a short ball hits him on the gloves and goes fine on the leg side where Meaker makes a good diving stop to give away two runs.

England have been superb on the field and have saved so many boundaries with last minute dives and slides.
20:13  Tredwell strikes, Rohit out for 24:   - Scorecard

India 114-5 (15 ovs) vs England

Tredwell cripples India further with the wicket of Rohit. The Mumbai right-hander looked to play the slog sweep but missed the ball completely and was bowled for 24 from 19 balls.

Captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni hits the first ball to sweeper cover for one. Raina gets a leading edge which falls short of the bowler before he flicks it to the leg side for one.

Dhoni gets a thick outside edge off the last delivery which goes past the wicketkeeper for a four.
20:09  - Scorecard

India 108-4 (14 ovs) vs England

Rohit charges to the first ball of Wright's new over and lofts it over the cover region for a four. Two balls later he strokes it through the off-side where Bresnan makes a good stop to keep the batsmen down to two runs.

Raina steers it past the point fielder for another couple as India reach 108 for four after 14 overs.
20:07  - Scorecard

India 99-4 (13 ovs) vs England

Tredwell comes on from the other end. Raina taps the second ball to the covers for one and Sharma plays it down to long-on for another one. Raina chips down the track and lofts it over the covers but the sweeper makes a desperate stop to save the boundary and give just a couple.

Two more singles as India reach 99 for four after 13 overs with just 40 coming from the last seven overs.
20:00  - Scorecard

India 93-4 (12 ovs) vs England

Meaker replaces Tredwell as he comes on to bowl his third over. Sharma plays the first ball on the leg side for one. Suresh Raina lets the next ball go through the keeper and is beaten off the next delivery.

Meaker then tries a bouncer to Raina, who plays an awkward pull shot to the leg side for one. He top edges a pull shot as he attempts another pull shot off the final delivery.
19:54  Gambhir fails again, India lose 4th wicket:   - Scorecard

India 89-4 (11 ovs) vs England

Wright to bowl his third over. Gambhir flicks the first ball on the leg side for one and Sharma picks one from the third ball.

Gambhir look to break free as he charges down the wicket but fails to get the ball away.

However, he falls off the next delivery. Gambhir tries to slog it over the leg side but gets a top edge and is caught by Bresnan for 17.

Gambhir is out after a struggling innings of 17 from 27 balls, with just one boundary.
19:49  - Scorecard

India 86-3 (10 ovs) vs England

Tredwell continues from the pavilion end, to bowl his second over. Gambhir chips down the wicket and drives the first ball to long-off for a single. Rohit Sharma takes on the off-spinner as he gives him the charge and lofts him back over his head for a six. Two more singles as India reach 86 for three after ten overs.

Gambhir is playing cautiously for 16 from 24 balls, while Rohit is on 11 from seven balls.
19:46  Yuvraj out for 4, India lose 3rd wicket:   - Scorecard

India 77-3 (9 ovs) vs England

Wright back to bowl his second over. He was smashed for four boundaries in his first over by Kohli, giving away 20 runs.

And he gets revenge by getting the wicket of Yuvraj, who holes out to Root at long-on after scoring just four.

A good comeback by Wright, giving away six runs, while taking the wicket of in-form Yuvraj to check India's progress.
19:43  - Scorecard

India 71-2 (8 ovs) vs England

Off-spinner James Tredwell into the attack now. Gambhir plays the first ball through point for one and Yuvraj plays the second ball on the off-side for another single.

Yuvraj steers the fourth ball behind point for a couple and then flicks the next on the leg side for one as Tredwell concedes five runs in that over.
19:41  Kohli out for 38, India lose 2nd wicket:  - Scorecard

India 65-2 (7 ovs) vs England

Meaker has struck in his second over with the big wicket of Kohli, who had threatened to take the game away from England with his blazing knock of 38 from just 20 balls.

Kohli tried to play across the line on the leg side but missed the incoming delivery and was trapped leg before wicket.

Just six runs from that over and the big wicket of Kohli as England look to fight their way back.
19:32  Kohli, Gambhir lift India after early wkt:  - Scorecard

India 59-1 (6 ovs) vs England

Part-time medium pacer Luke Wright comes into the attack now, with one over of Powerplay still to go.

Kohli drives the first ball through the covers for a four to start the over in the right ernest. Two balls later Wright oversteps to give a no-ball which Kohli taps on the leg side for two before despatching the free hit delivery through midwicket for a four.

The right-hander then flicks it through square leg for another four and Morgan's misfield at the covers gives India another boundary.

Wright has been hit for 20 runs in that over as India race to 59 for one after six overs.

India have smashed 35 runs from the last two overs with Kohli and Gambhir adding 50 runs for the second in a mere 25 balls.

Kohli has blasted his way to 37 from 18 balls, with the help of seven fours, while Gambhir is playing steadily for 10 from 14 balls.
19:28  - Scorecard

India 39-1 (5 ovs) vs England

Pacer Stuart Meaker into the attack now, replacing Bresnan, who bowled a tight first spell for 10 runs in two overs.

Meaker messes up right at the start as he bowls it way down the leg side for five wides. Kohli pulls the next ball through the leg side for a four before Gambhir does the same off the next ball.

15 runs from that over as India are cutting loose after a slow start.
19:26  India recover after early wicket:  - Scorecard

India 24-1 (4 ovs) vs England

Kohli has broken the shackles with back to back boundaries from the first two balls of Dernbach's second over.

He flicked the first ball through midwicket for the first boundary of the over before cutting the next through point.

India get 11 runs from that over as they try to build after that early wicket.
19:24  - Scorecard

India 13-1 (3 ovs) vs England

Gambhir turns the first ball of Bresnan's second over to the leg side for one. Virat Kohli is off the mark with a couple through the covers. Three more singles as six runs come from that over to take India's total to 13 for one after three overs.
19:23  - Scorecard

India 7-1 (2 ovs) vs England

Jade Dernbach strikes in his very first over. Rahane is dismissed for three as he tries to flay it over the off-side but the thick outside edge carries to the thirdman fielder. Joe Root takes the catch on his debut.

A good start by Dernbach, giving away two runs while picking up the first wicket for England.
19:21  - Scorecard

India 5-0 (1 over) vs England

Tim Bresnan to bowl the first over. Gambhir hits the first ball to point and the next ball is a wide down the leg side before the left-hander turns it on the leg side for one.

Rahane gets one from the fourth ball to the point region.

Five runs from the first over.
18:44  England elect to bowl, Rohit replaces Jadeja:   Here is a look at the two teams:

G Gambhir, A Rahane, V Kohli, Y Singh, S Raina, MS Dhoni (captain), R Sharma, R Ashwin, P Chawla, A Dinda, P Awana

A Hales, M Lumb, L Wright, E Morgan (captain), S Patel, J Buttler, J Root, T Bresnan, James Tredwell, S Meaker, J Dernbach
18:36  Rajneesh points out an interesting statistic with regards to toss in T20 matches in India. "Side winning the toss has won only one out of six Twenty20 Intenationals on Indian soil," he writes on Twitter.

18:35  England elect to bowl vs India in 2nd T20:   England captain Eoin Morgan has won the toss and elected to bowl against India in the second T20 International at the Wankhede stadium.

Both teams have made one change from the previous match.

For India, Rohit Sharma replaces all-rounder Ravindra Jadeja, while England bring in Joe Root in place of Danny Briggs.
18:30  India aim to sweep T20 series against England:  India will be looking to win the second Twenty20 International against England and complete a clean sweep of the two-match T20 series, in Mumbai, on Saturday.

India won the first match in Pune by five wickets to get back to winning ways after they were beaten 2-1 in the four-match Test series.