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IPL updates: Punjab outclass Delhi by 5 wickets

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April 23, 2013

23:10   - Scorecard


Punjab 121-5 (17 overs) vs Delhi 120-7

Miller edges Yadav but it hardly gets off the ground beating wicketkeeper Jadhav fora  boundary. In the same over, new batsman Piyush Chawla smashes it back past the bowler for the second boundary of the over to level the scores.

Chawla then misses the pull shot but gets an inside edge for a single to take his team to victory.

Miller finishes unbeaten on 34 from 39 balls as Punjab cruise to 121 for five in 17 overs to win by five wickets.
23:07   - Scorecard

Punjab 111-5 (16 overs) vs Delhi 120-7

Nehra starts with a bouncer to Miller who lets it go before lofting the next over the covers for two runs and then gets a single in the same region.

Nehra switches to round the wicket but Hussey smokes a full delivery down the ground for a huge six. He tries to play another big shot off the next delivery but holes out to deep midwicket to be dismissed for 20.
22:57  - Scorecard

Punjab 101-4 (15 overs) vs Delhi 120-7

Punjab need 20 runs from six overs for victory and they seem to be in no hurry out in the middle.

Hussey plays out a maiden over from van der Merwe who finishes with good figures of one for 17 in four overs.
22:53  - Scorecard

Punjab 101-4 (14 overs) vs Delhi 120-7

Nehra, who was hit for three fours in his first over by Mandeep, is back for his second spell. Miller defends the first two balls before he steers the third ball to thirdman region for one. Three singles from the last three balls as Punjab cross the 100-run mark in that over.
22:49  - Scorecard

Punjab 97-4 (13 overs) vs Delhi 120-7

Yadav comes back for his second spell. Hussey takes a single to the covers from the first ball before Miller is beaten by one that slants across him. Miller mistimes the pull for a single to deep square leg before Hussey ends the over with a couple.
22:46  - Scorecard

Punjab 93-4 (12 overs) vs Delhi 120-7

Miller flicks Botha through midwicket for two runs before he chips down the track and smashes it through the leg side for a four.

Eight runs from the over as Punjab now need 28 from eight overs for victory.
22:40  - Scorecard

Punjab 85-4 (11 overs) vs Delhi 120-7

Van der Merwe comes back for his second spell. Two singles from the first two balls before Hussey cuts a short ball past point for a boundary and then takes a single. Miller takes one from the last ball to get eight runs from the over.
22:38   - Scorecard

Punjab 77-4 (10 overs) vs Delhi 120-7

Vohra lofts the first ball from Botha over mid-off for a boundary. He tries to slog sweep the next ball but gets a top edge to be caught by the bowler himself after scoring eight.

David Hussey is off the mark with a single to long-on and Miller takes one to the cover region.

Miller is beaten off the last ball as Botha bowls the arm ball that goes straight but the keeper also fails to stop it to give away four byes.

After 10 overs Punjab are 77 for four, needing 44 from 60 deliveries for victory.
22:34  - Scorecard

Punjab 66-3 (9 overs) vs Delhi 120-7

Ajit Agarkar comes into the attack, replacing van der Merwe who has bowled a superb first spell one for nine in two overs.

Miller takes a single from the first ball and Manan Vohra attempts a suicidal single from the third ball but Warner misses the direct hit.

Agarkar continues to build the pressure giving away just four runs in his first over.
22:27  - Scorecard

Punjab 62-3 (8 overs) vs Delhi 120-7

Botha comes back and he bowls a tight over, giving away just three singles as Punjab continue to dry up the runs.

Punjab have scored just 17 runs from the last four overs to reach 62 for three after eight overs.
22:22  - Scorecard

Punjab 59-3 (7 overs) vs Delhi 120-7

Miller comes down the track to van der Merwe and lofts him over midwicket but Juneja running to his left at long-on makes a good stop to keep it down to one.

Two more singles from the last two balls as just three runs come from that over.
22:19  - Scorecard

Punjab 56-3 (6 overs) vs Delhi 120-7

Umesh Yadav comes into the attack now. He beats Miller with the second ball with extra bounce as the left-hander tries to cut but misses. Miller then flicks the fourth ball through midwicket for a boundary before taking a single from the last ball.
22:16   - Scorecard

Punjab 51-3 (5 overs) vs Delhi 120-7

Spin from both ends as another South African spinner comes into the attack now in the form of Roelof van der Merwe.

Jayawardene makes a good stop off the first ball at extra cover before Mandeep gets a single from the next ball.

Pomersbach then reverse sweeps it for a boundary past point. But van der Merwe gets revenge from the very next delivery as he gets the wicket of the left-hander, who charges down the track but misses and is bowled for 18.

Mandeep loses his wicket off the next delivery as he is run out for 24 from 15 balls as Punjab slip to 50 for three. David Miller taps it on the leg side and Mandeep is already halfway down before he is sent back but Warner gets a direct hit from square leg.
22:06  - Scorecard

Punjab 45-1 (4 overs) vs Delhi 120-7

Delhi make a change as they introduce spin in the form of Johan Botha.

Mandeep defends the first two balls before getting a leading edge for a single to mid-off. Pomersbach hits it down the ground where Agarkar runs from long-off to keep it down to two. The left-hander then makes room and tries to smash it through the covers a misfield gives him another couple of runs.
22:02  - Scorecard

Punjab 40-1 (3 overs) vs Delhi 120-7

Pomersbach takes a single from the first ball before Mandeep continues his blazing start. He pulls Irfan fine on the leg side for a four before crashing the next through the covers to race to 26 from 11 balls with the help of five boundaries.

Irfan then bowls a wide down the leg side which keeper Jadhav dives to stop but fails to collect cleanly to give an extra run in the process.

Pomersbach joins the act now with two boundaries in the over in that over. He pulls a short ball behind square on the leg side before lofting the last ball over mid-off for two boundaries in a row.

Pathan has been hit for 19 runs in that over as Punjab race to 40 for one in three overs.

21:56  - Scorecard

Punjab 21-1 (2 overs) vs Delhi 120-7

Ashish Nehra to bowl the second over. Mandeep Singh welcomes the veteran to the bowling crease with a hat-trick of fours.

Nehra is a bit rusty to begin with as he starts with short wide deliveries. Mandeep lofts the first two balls over the cover region while driving the third ball between cover and point to make it three boundaries in a row.

He taps the fifth ball on the off-side for a single. Luke Pomersbach flicks the last ball on the leg side for a single to retain strike.

Nehra has been hit for 14 runs in his first over.
21:52  - Scorecard

Punjab 7-1 (1 over) vs Delhi 120-7

Pathan gets the first ball to swing and move away as Gilchrist gets an edge but it flies wide of the first slip fielder for a four. The Punjab captain tries to loft it over the off-side but fails to time it for a couple to the cover region.

Gilchrist then tries to swing it on the leg side but gets a leading edge to be caught in the covers for six. The Australian's poor run in the tournament continues as Punjab lose an early wicket.
21:32  - Scorecard

Delhi 120-7 (20 overs) vs Punjab

Kumar to bowl the final over of the innings. The pacer bowling a tight line and length as Delhi can only get five singles from the last over.

Delhi finish on a modest 120 for seven in their 20 overs. Pathan is 14 not out from 17 balls, while Agarkar made nine from as many balls.

A good performance by all Punjab bowlers led by Harmeet's three for 24, while Praveen claimed two for 29.
21:26  - Scorecard

Delhi 115-7 (19 overs) vs Punjab

Awana to bowl the 19th over. Agarkar tries to chop the first ball on the off-side but it falls of the fielder at covers for two runs before a single to long-on. Two more singles before Pathan hits the last ball for a four through thirdman.
21:22   - Scorecard

Delhi 106-7 (18 overs) vs Punjab

Praveen comes back. Warner flicks the first ball fine on the leg side beating the fielder inside the circle for a much needed boundary.

Praveen gets revenge from the next ball as he bowls Warner with a quick yorker that crashes into the off-stump. Warner walks back after scoring 40 from 36 balls, having hit four boundaries and a six.

Ajit Agarkar fails to read the slower ball and misses his shot outside the off-stump.
21:18  - Scorecard

Delhi 99-6 (17 overs) vs Punjab

Harmeet continues to bowl short as Pathan tries to pull the first ball but gets a top edge which falls safely for two runs. He flicks the next ball fine for another couple before he is beaten by a slower ball outside the off-stump.

Warner lets one go through as Harmeet bowls a slow bouncer before he takes a single on the leg side.

21:12  - Scorecard

Delhi 93-6 (16 overs) vs Punjab

New batsman Irfan Pathan struggles to get going as Hussey bowls dot balls in a row before the left-hander takes one to long-on. Warner hits the last ball fine on the leg side to get two runs.

Hussey has done a good job with the ball, conceding just 16 runs in four overs.
21:10  - Scorecard

Delhi 90-6 (15 overs) vs Punjab

And the wickets continue to tumble for Delhi. Botha charges down the track and tries to play the inside out chip shot but is caught by David Miller, who runs to his left at long-off and holds on to a good catch.

Botha falls for one as Delhi are reduced to 90 for six after 15 overs.

Warner is on 35 from 31 balls as wickets keep tumbling from the other end.
21:09  - Scorecard

Delhi 86-5 (14 overs) vs Punjab

Harmeet comes back for his second spell and he cripples Delhi with two wickets in his third over.

Juneja pulls a short ball straight to the fine leg fielder to be dismissed for 14. Kedar Jadhav tried to hit Delhi out of trouble but ended up being caught in the covers for a duck.

Delhi slip to 86 for five after 14 overs.
21:07  - Scorecard

Delhi 82-3 (13 overs) vs Punjab

Left-arm spinner Bhargav Bhatt into the attack now. Warner heaves the fourth ball of that over through deep midwicket for a four as seven runs come from that over.
21:06  - Scorecard

Delhi 75-3 (12 overs) vs Punjab

Hussey will continue. And again Delhi fail to get him away as he concedes just five singles in his third over for total figures of just 13 runs from three overs.
21:05  - Scorecard

Delhi 70-3 (11 overs) vs Punjab

Warner decides to break the shackles as he slog sweeps Chawla over midwicket for a six. Three balls later Juneja paddle sweeps him fine on the leg side for a four and Warner ends the over with another four as he pulls a short ball through midwicket.

16 runs from the over as Delhi reach 70 for three after 11 overs.
21:04  - Scorecard

Delhi 54-3 (10 overs) vs Punjab

Hussey comes up with another tight over giving away three singles as Punjab continue to build the pressure. No boundaries for the last 30 balls as Delhi struggle to 54 for three at the halfway stage.

Warner is on 13 from 17 balls and Juneja on three from nine balls.
21:03  - Scorecard

Delhi 51-3 (9 overs) vs Punjab

Spin from both ends now as leg-spinner Piyush Chawla is introduced. Warner is beaten off the first ball as he tries to play the cut shot but misses. He drives the next ball to long-off for one. Juneja fails to get a run from the last four balls as Chawla concedes just a single in his first over.
21:01  - Scorecard

Delhi 50-3 (8 overs) vs Punjab

Part-time spinner David Hussey will have a bowl now. Warner and Manprit Juneja play him carefully for just five singles in the over to bring up 50 for Delhi.
20:36  - Scorecard

Delhi 45-3 (7 overs) vs Punjab

Harmeet claims the vital wicket of Sehwag in his second over. Five runs from the first five balls before Sehwag tries to hit it through the covers where Mandeep dives forward to complete a good catch.

Sehwag walks back after a good innings of 23 from 21 balls as Delhi are struggling at 45 for three in seven overs.
20:34  - Scorecard

Delhi 40-2 (6 overs) vs Punjab

Sehwag turns Awana on the leg side for a couple before the Delhi opener is beaten off the next ball as he tries to play the cut shot. Warner pulls the last ball for a boundary through midwicket.
20:33  - Scorecard

Delhi 32-2 (5 overs) vs Punjab

Harmeet Singh into the attack now. Sehwag cuts the first ball but it is well stopped by the fielder at point before the pacer appeals for LBW off the next ball but it is turned down.

Two balls later Sehwag slams it down the ground for a boundary before he heaves it over midwicket for a six.
20:20   - Scorecard

Delhi 22-2 (4 overs) vs Punjab

Awana's disciplined bowling is rewarded as he gets the wicket of pinch hitter van der Merwe. The right-hander tries to slog it on the leg side but gets it high on the bat and spoons a simple catch on the off-side to fall for eight.

Awana starts with a bouncer to new batsman David Warner who ducks under it. He fails to get a run from the last three balls.

A wicket maiden for Awana.
20:14  - Scorecard

Delhi 22-1 (3 overs) vs Punjab

Praveen starts with a short wide delivery as Sehwag smashes it past the point region for a boundary and takes a single off the third ball.

Van der Merwe then smashes it through the cover region for the second boundary of the over before taking one.

Sehwag flicks the last ball on the leg side to get a couple as 12 runs come from that over.
20:12  - Scorecard

Delhi 10-1 (2 overs) vs Punjab

Parvinder Awana to bowl the second over. Van der Merwe flicks the first ball on the leg side for one and Sehwag guides it to thirdman for another single.

Two more singles in that over as Awana makes a tidy start with the ball.
20:11   - Scorecard

Delhi 6-1 (1 over) vs Punjab

Praveen Kumar to bowl the first over as Mahela Jayawardene and Virender Sehwag walk out to open the innings for Delhi.

The first two deliveries come in a bit as Jayawardene watchfully defends before flicking the third delivery through midwicket for a four.

Kumar then gets one to leave the right-hander as Jayawardene tries to drive the wide delivery but gets an edge and is caught at first slip for four.

Roelof van der Merwe is promoted in the batting as Delhi look to attack the bowlers in the early overs.

19:58  Kings XI Punjab captain Adam Gilchrist has won the toss and elected to field against Delhi Daredevils, in the 32dnd match of the Indian Premier League, in Delhi, on Tuesday.

In the first match of the day, Chris Gayle smashed 175 from 66 balls to help Royal Challengers Bangalore thrash Pune Warriors by 130 runs.
19:56  Scorecard:

Vinay Kumar has Marsh (25) cleaned up to take his tally of wickets in the tournament to 13. He holds on to the purple cap. 

Rampaul ends his spell, finishing with figures of two for 21. 

In the penultimate over, RP Singh has Bhuvneshwar Kumar (6) caught behind. 

Gayle to bowl the last over. And he strikes in the third ball, having Murtaza (5) stumped. 

Two balls later, he cleans up Ishwar Pandey (0).

Pune manage just 133 for nine in reply. 

Bangalore win by a massive 130 runs to move back to the top of the table. 

It is the second biggest win in terms of runs in IPL history. Kolkata's 140-run win over Bangalore in the first match of the inaugural edition remains the biggest margin though.
19:28  Scorecard:

Rampaul back into the attack in the 14th ball, and he strikes with his third ball, having Smith (41) caught by Dilshan.

Smith's 31-ball knock was inclusive of six boundaries and he put on 58 runs for the fifth wicket with compatriot Marsh. 

Pune 101 for five after 14 overs.
19:21  Scorecard:

Unadkat's second over is an expensive one though, 15 runs coming off it. 

Steven Smith hits the first ball over mid-off, and the resultant boundary helps Pune get past the 50-run mark. Three balls later Smith helps himself to another boundary, this time over midwicket. 

Marsh rounds off the over with a massive six over deep midwicket. The visitors reach 68 for four at the first strategic timeout (after nine overs).

Smith and Marsh have done well for Pune here, putting on a 50-plus partnership for the fifth wicket. 

Pune 93 for four after 12 overs.
18:55  Scorecard:

Jaidev Unadkat handed the ball in the sixth over, replacing RP Singh (2-0-10-0) and he strikes second ball, having Wright (7) caught by De Villiers at midwicket. 

Two balls later, Unadkat makes another breakthrough, having Yuvraj (16) caught by Kohli. 

Pune 43 for four after six overs. 

Ravi Rampaul bowls the third over and concedes eight runs, with Yuvraj hitting to the third man fence. 

Finch continues with his aggression, helping himself to a couple of boundaries in RP's second over. 

However, Rampaul strikes in his second over, having Finch (18) caught by Kartik. 

Pune 37 for two after five overs.

If conceding 263 wasn't worse for Pune they have begun awfully with the bat, Murali Kartik having Robin Uthappa caught by RP Singh off the second ball. 

Aaron Finch hits successive boundaries in the over. RP Singh to share the new ball. Just two runs off the over. 

Pune 11 for one after two overs.
18:15  Scorecard: 

Gayle has now surpassed Brendon McCullum's 158 not out, the highest individual score in IPL, scored for KKR against RCB in the inaugural edition.

He ends up at 175 not out, his 66-ball knock inclusive of 13 boundaries and a record 17 sixes.

The penultimate over by Marsh has De Villiers (31) hitting a boundary and two sixes before being caught by substitute Mithun Manhas.

RCB score a mammoth 263 for five in their stipulated 20 overs.

It is the highest ever total in the IPL. No need to watch the second innings folks. 

We know the result. Don't we?
18:02  Scorecard: 

The 16th over by Wright is a good one, just five runs coming off it.

RCB get past the 200-run mark in the over, courtesy a Gayle single. 

Dinda runs Virat Kohli (11) out in the next over. AB de Villiers joins Gayle at the crease and begins with a boundary and a six off Dinda.

Bangalore 234 for two after 18 overs. 
17:46  Scorecard: 

Luke Wright finally gives Pune something to cheer about, having Dilshan (33) caught by Murtaza at cover.

The Sri Lankan's 35-ball knock was inclusive of five boundaries and he helped Gayle add 167 runs for the first wicket. 

Murtaza's second over is expensive again, Gayle helping himself to 26 more runs in the over, his third six in the over helping him reach 150, off just 53 balls.

RCB 196 for one after 15 overs. Strategic timeout.
17:32  Scorecard: 

Luke Wright's first over is comparatively good over for Pune, just four runs coming off it. 

Ishwar Pandey's second over is an expensive one though, 12 runs coming off it with Dilshan getting two boundaries. 

Gayle gets back into his groove in Wright's second over with a six over .

RCB 151 for no loss after 12 overs.
17:16  Scorecard: 

Ali Murtaza replaces an expensive Marsh (1-0-28-0) in the attack in the seventh over. There's no respite though.

Gayle hits a boundary past short third man off the first ball and heaves the second over deep midwicket for his fifth six of the innings. 

The fifth ball is also hit for a six over long-on, one that gives the West Indies batsman the orange cap. It's a Gayle-storm after the drizzle in Bangalore.

The eighth over by Aaron Finch costs Pune 29 runs, Dilshan taking just one.

Gayle gers to the fastest ever T20 century, off just 30 balls, with a six off Dinda.

RCB  124 without loss after nine overs. Time for the first strategic timeout.
17:00  Scorecard: 

Mitchell Marsh to bowl the fifth over and it is an expensive one, 28 runs coming off it with Gayle hitting four sixes and a boundary. It is easily the most expensive over in this IPL.

The home team crosses the 50-run mark in the over and Gayle gets to his fifty, off just 17 balls.

RCB 62 without loss after six overs.
16:43  Scorecard:

The match resumes after a 30 minute delay. 

Gayle hits the second ball after resumption to the fence, his third boundary in this Ishwar Pandey over.

Worse it is a no ball and a free hit. Gayle gets another boundary of the ball and another off the last ball.

RCB 24 without loss after two overs.
16:08  Scorecard:

Chris Gayle and Tillekeratne Dilshan to open the batting for Bangalore and it will be Bhuvneshwar Kumar first up for Pune. Four runs off the first over.

Ishwar Pandey to share the new ball. Gayle hits him for successive boundaries off the first two balls.

It's drizzling and the umpires have called for covers. 

Bangalore 11 without loss after 1.2 overs and rain stops play.
15:36  Pune Warriors India won the toss and invited to bat first against Royal Challengers Bangalore in their Indian Premier League match at the Chinnaswamy stadium on Tuesday. 

Virat Kohli reckons 160 would be a good total first up. 

RCB is unchanged while the visitors have made quite a few changes to the line-up.