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Live Cricket! India humiliate Zimbabwe to take 4-0 lead in series

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August 01, 2013

18:35   - Scorecard


India 145-1 (30.5 overs) vs Zim 144

India are 119 for one in 29 overs before they take the Batting Powerplay as Tendai Chatara is called into the attack for his second spell.

Raina takes the attack to Chatara, slamming him for two boundaries to take India to 133 for one in 30 overs.

Rohit also joins the party as he slams Vitori for a boundary through point followed by a six over long-on. Raina ends the match with a single on the leg side as India cruise to a nine-wicket victory with 19.1 overs to spare.

With another easy victory, India have taken a 4-0 lead in the series.
18:11  - Scorecard

India 116-1 (28 overs) vs Zim 144

Williams drops short as Rohit pulls him convincingly through the leg side for a boundary before taking a quick single. Rohit tries to drive through the covers but gets an inside edge on the leg side for one as both batsmen are on 49 now.

Rohit drives it to long-off for a single to bring up his half-century from 84 balls. Off the next delivery, Raina completes his fifty too, from 60 balls.
18:09  - Scorecard

India 108-1 (27 overs) vs Zim 144

Raina steers left-arm spinner Williams fine on the off-side for a couple before taking a single from the fifth ball. Rohit comes down the track to the last ball but mishits it wide of mid-off for two runs to get six runs from the over.

The game is just drifting tamely as four more runs from Utseya's ninth over takes India to 108 for one in 27 overs.
18:03  - Scorecard

India 98-1 (25 overs) vs Zim 144

Four singles from the 24th over bowled by Williams as India continue to cruise in the middle overs against a lacklustre Zimbabwe bowling attack.

Rohit then comes down the track and smashes it back down the pitch but ends up hitting the non-striker Raina, who takes a painful blow on his left arm.

Raina is in lot of pain but somehow gets up and takes a run before the physio comes out to attend him.

Four runs from Utseya's eighth over as India reach 98 for one at the halfway stage, with 47 needed from 25 overs for victory.
17:55  - Scorecard

India 90-1 (23 overs) vs Zim 144

Rohit takes a single from the first ball of Utseya's sixth over before Raina comes down and eases it over the bowler's head for a boundary.

Sean Williams comes into the attack now, replacing Chigumbura, who bowled two overs for 12 runs.

He concedes just three singles in his first over before Utseya gives away another three runs as India coast to 90 for one in 23 overs.

India are set for another easy victory, with 55 needed from 27 overs for victory.
17:46  - Scorecard

India 78-1 (20 overs) vs Zim 144

Raina comes down the track to Utseya and flicks him through square leg for a boundary followed by a single to take his score to 30. Rohit is content to play a single off the next ball followed by two dot balls to end the over.

A rare boundary from Rohit who lofts Chigumbura back over his head for a boundary as India reach 78 for one after 20 overs.

Rohit is on 32 from 61 balls, while Raina has made 31 from 35 balls to score majority of the runs in the 55-run partnership from 63 balls for the second wicket.
17:39  - Scorecard

India 65-1 (18 overs) vs Zim 144

Raina and Rohit continue to deal in singles as three runs from the 17th over bowled by Utseya.

Elton Chigumbura comes into the attack and he gives away five runs in his first over.

India are 65 for one in 18 overs with Raina and Rohit both on 25 each but the latter has played 55 balls as compared to Raina's 29 balls.
17:37  - Scorecard

India 53-1 (15 overs) vs Zim 144

Three singles from Utseya's third over as India reach 53 for one in 53 overs. Rohit is on 23 from 48 balls, while Raina is on 16 from 18 balls.
17:16  - Scorecard

India 44-1 (13 overs) vs Zim 144

Leg-spinner Prosper Utseya comes into the attack now. Rohit must heave a sigh of relief as he drives the first ball to mid-on for one before Raina hits the third ball to long-off for one.

Rohit comes down the track and flicks it to deep square for one.

Raina gets his first boundary as he slams a wide short delivery from Chatara through the point region.

In the next over, Raina jumps down the track to Utseya and lofts him down the ground for a boundary. Rohit seems to have woken up from his slumber as he comes down the track to the leggie and hits a full through the covers for another boundary.

10 runs from the over as India reach 44 for one after 13 overs, having made 21 runs from the last three overs.
17:13   - Scorecard

India 23-1 (10 overs) vs Zim 144

Rohit takes a rare single from the first ball of Vitori's fifth over and Pujara takes one from the next ball. But Rohit is unable to find the off-side gap for the next five balls. He even gave the bowler the charge off the last ball but failed to beat the fielder in the covers. He is on 10 from 33 balls.

Tendai Chatara takes over from Chinouya and he strikes in his very first over. The pressure of Rohit's slow scoring perhaps played on Pujara's mind as he went for an extravagant cover drive but got an inside edge and was bowled for 13 from 24 balls.

Two out-of-form batsmen out in the middle as Suresh Raina walks out to join Rohit in the middle.

Raina plays out the last three balls as Chatara starts with a wicket maiden.

India struggling on 23 for one after 10 overs with Rohit on 10 from 33 balls.
16:58  - Scorecard

India 21-0 (8 overs) vs Zim 144

Rohit steers the third ball of Chinouya's third over to thirdman for one before Pujara drives the fifth through the covers for two runs.

India are in no hurry at the moment as they reach 15 for no loss in six overs.

Rohit is struggling to get going even against the Zimbabwe bowlers as he plays out a maiden over from Vitori. He must be at his lowest right now in terms of confidence, having made just eight from 27 balls. He was lucky not to have edged the last ball of that over as the left-armer slanted the ball across Rohit, who threw his bat at it but still could not get the edge.

Pujara getting better with every passing over. A short wide ball from Chinouya is smashed to the point boundary with some authority and he takes a single from the fifth ball followed by another dot ball from Rohit.
16:44  - Scorecard

India 12-0 (5 overs) vs Zim 144

Rohit, who is batting on two from 15 balls, finally breaks the shackles as he crashes a full delivery from Vitori through the covers for a boundary.

He takes a single from the fifth ball while Pujara is content to play out the last ball.
16:39  - Scorecard

India 7-0 (4 overs) vs Zim 144

Rohit is playing with extra caution as he plays four more dot balls before taking a single from the fifth ball to get off the mark from the ninth ball he faced.

Vitori concedes just a single in his second over and Chinouya does the same in the next over as Rohit again takes one from the fourth ball.

India are off to a slow start as they reach seven for no loss in four overs.
16:31  - Scorecard

India 5-0 (2 overs) vs Zim 144

Michael Chinouya to bowl the second over. Pujara defends the first five balls before he crashes the last ball through the covers for a boundary, his first in One-Dayers.
16:30  - Scorecard

India 1-0 (1 over) vs Zim 144

Cheteshwar Pujara opens the batting on his debut and he walks out to bat with Rohit Sharma, who is under pressure to come up with a big score and save his place in the team.

Pujara steers the second ball from Brian Vitori to thirdman for a single to get his first runs in ODIs. Rohit is content to play out the rest of the over with caution.
15:40   - Scorecard

Zim 144 all out (42.4 overs) vs India

Chigumbura takes a single on the off-side to complete his fifty from 66 balls, a really good innings under the circumstances. Mishra then strikes with the wicket of Vitori, who is beaten by one that turns big and is bowled for eight.

Two balls later Michael Chinouya is caught at first slip for a duck as Zimbabwe are bowled out for 144.

Mishra finishes with three for 25 in 8.4 overs, while Mohit made a good start his international claiming two for 26 in 10 overs and Jadeja claimed two for 28.

Chigumbura saved the blushes for Zimbabwe with a good innings of 50 from 66 balls but the rest of the batsmen failed to support him.
15:35  - Scorecard

Zim 142-8 (42 overs) vs India

Brian Vitori gets off the mark with a couple as he cuts a wide delivery from Jadeja to thirdman. He sweeps the last ball powerfully over the leg side for a six to bring some cheer to the Zimbabwe camp.
15:31   - Scorecard

Zim 133-8 (41 overs) vs India

Tendai Chatara (1) tries to slog Mishra on the leg side but gets a top edge as Jadeja completes an easy catch on the off-side to leave Zimbabwe on 133 for eight in 41 overs.

Very poor batting by Zimbabweans right from the start except for Chigumbura, who is batting on 48.
15:27   - Scorecard

Zim 132-7 (40 overs) vs India

Jadeja replaces Shami, who was hit for 11 runs in the previous over. The left-arm spinner breezes through his eighth over giving away just two singles.

Mohit will bowl out as he comes on to bowl his 10th and final over. The youngster ends his spell in style with a maiden, his third of the innings, toe end with excellent figures of two for 26 in his debut match.

Shami comes back after just one over from Jadeja and immediately gets his first wicket of the match. Prosper Utseya, who made one from 12 balls, chips one straight to Rohit Sharma at point.

After 40 overs, Zimbabwe are struggling at 132 for seven with Chigumbura providing the lone resistance with 47 from 61 balls.
15:13   - Scorecard

Zim 127-6 (37 overs) vs India

Mohit replaces Unadkat, who has taken one for 27 in seven overs. Five runs from the first five balls before Mohit gets the wicket of Waller, who is beaten by the outswinger and the edge is taken by wicketkeeper Karthik.

Waller made 35 from 77 balls, adding 80 runs in 21.5 overs for the sixth wicket to rescue Zimbabwe after they were struggling at 47 for five at one stage.
15:10  - Scorecard

Zim 122-5 (36 overs) vs India

The Batting Powerplay comes into effect now as Shami is called on to bowl. Chigumbura drives the first ball down the ground past mid-on for a boundary. Three balls later Waller pulls a short ball over deep square leg for a six as Zimbabwe signal their intent.

11 runs from the first over of Batting Powerplay.
15:03  - Scorecard

Zim 111-5 (35 overs) vs India

Mishra gifts Waller a nice full toss which he despatches over midwicket for a boundary to take his score to 27 from 68 balls.

Chigumbura cuts Unadkat past point for three runs before Waller takes a single two balls later and his partner does the same next ball to get five runs from the over.

Zimbabwe have recovered to 111 for five in 35 overs, with Chigumbura on 35 from 50 balls and Waller on a patient 28 from 72 balls. The duo have so far put on 64 runs on 19.5 overs for the sixth wicket.
14:51  - Scorecard

Zim 101-5 (33 overs) vs India

Unadkat comes into the attack in place of Mishra. He gives away four runs in his fifth over as Waller and Chigumbura raise the 50-run partnership for the sixth wicket.

Change of ends for Mishra, who takes over from Mohit, who was bowled eight for 21 runs, while picking up a wicket.

Waller taps Unadkat on the off-side for one to bring up Zimbabwe's 100, in the 33rd over.

The left-armer tries a bounce at Chigumbura who ducks under it before taking a single from the last ball.
14:40  - Scorecard

Zim 94-5 (30 overs) vs India

Chigumbura comes down the track to Mishra and lofts him back over his head for a boundary. Waller gaining in confidence as he steers Mohit through point for a couple before hitting the fifth ball between cover and point for a four to take his score to 19 from 53 balls.

Zimbabwe are 94 for five in 30 overs, with Chigumbura on 27 from 38 balls. The duo have put on 47 runs in 14.5 overs to steady the Zimbabwe innings after they were struggling at 47 for five at one stage.
14:31  - Scorecard

Zim 84-5 (28 overs) vs India

India trying to build the pressure on Waller with a packed off-side field as Jadeja bowls four dot balls in a row. The right-hander releases some pressure as he takes full toll of a short ball and pulls it through midwicket for a much-needed boundary.

Waller flicks Mishra square on the leg side for a couple before the leg-spinner beats him with one that turns right across the face of the bat. A single from the last ball of that over to Waller.

Mohit comes back for his second spell, replacing Jadeja, who bowled an excellent first spell of seven overs, taking two for 17.

Waller pulls a short ball but mistimes it on the leg side for a single before Chigumbura takes on the off-side.
14:20  - Scorecard

Zim 74-5 (25 overs) vs India

Just a single from Jadeja's fifth over to Chigumbura, while Waller continues to struggle at the other end.

Chigumbura keeps the scoreboard ticking with one to the covers off Mishra before Waller takes a single to long-off to move to four from 23 balls.

Chigumbura nearly chops it back on to his stumps as he gets an inside edge but the ball bounces over the stumps.

Jadeja rushing through his covers. Waller can only defend the 24th over to give Jadeja first maiden of the innings. He is struggling to get a move on out in the middle.

Two singles from Mishra's third over as Zimbabwe reach 74 for five in 25 overs.
14:09  - Scorecard

Zim 69-5 (21 overs) vs India

Leg-spinner Amit Mishra comes into the attack in place of Unadkat, who took one for 16 in four overs.

Chigumbura cuts the first ball past point for two runs before taking a single from the third ball. Two more singles as Mishra concedes five runs in his first over.
14:06  - Scorecard

Zim 64-5 (20 overs) vs India

Unadkat switches to round the wicket to right-hander Chigumbura, who is content to play with caution as he picks a single from the fifth ball to get just one run from that over.

Chigumbura steers Jadeja past the first slip fielder for a boundary to take Zimbabwe past the 50-run mark before taking a single from the fifth ball.

Jadeja drops one short and is drive for a four through the covers by Chigumbura.

Zimbabwe are 64 for five after 20 overs with Chigumbura on 15 from 18 balls and Waller on two from 14 balls.
13:52   - Scorecard

Zim 48-5 (16 overs) vs India

It is going from bad to worse for Zimbabwe. Jadeja gets one through the defences of Sibanda, who is bowled after scoring 24 from 45 balls.

Three wickets in three overs leave the hosts in complete shambles at 47 for five in the 16th over.

Elton Chigumbura gets off the mark with a single before Malcolm Waller plays out the rest of the over.

Jadeja is off to a dream start, two wickets for two runs in two overs.
13:47   - Scorecard

Zim 47-4 (15 overs) vs India

Unadkat gets the wicket of Sean Williams, who is bowled for a duck as Zimbabwe are left reeling at 47 for four in the 15th over.
13:43   - Scorecard

Zim 44-3 (14 overs) vs India

Shami follows it up with another tight over, the second maiden over in a row as Zimbabwe's struggle continues.

Jaydev Unadkat comes into the attack, replacing debutant Mohit, who bowled an excellent first spell.

Sibanda drives the third ball through the covers for two runs to take his score to 15, from 37 balls. Two balls later he drives a full delivery through the covers for a boundary before taking a single to retain strike.

Another bowling chances as Ravindra Jadeja comes into the attack. And he strikes in his very first over with the wicket of Zimbabwe captain Brendan Taylor for a nine-ball duck. The right-hander tried to defend one that came in with the arm but missed and was ruled out leg before wicket to leave Zimbabwe in trouble at 44 for three.

Replays show that Jadeja was lucky to get that decision in his favour as the ball looked to be sliding down the leg side, maybe missing the leg stump too!
13:27   - Scorecard

Zim 36-2 (11 overs) vs India

Masakadza was looking before he decided to take a risk. He tapped Mohit to point and set off for a single but Jadeja rushed in from point and got a direct hit to run out Masakadza for 10.

Another maiden for Mohit, who has now taken one for 13 in six overs.
13:21  - Scorecard

Zim 35-1 (10 overs) vs India

Shami concedes five runs in his fourth over as Masakadza looks busy right from the start.

Mohit continues to keep the batsmen guessing as Sibanda edges one and it goes to thirdman where a fumble gives him two runs. The next ball is short and outside the off-stump which Sibanda hammers through the covers for a four.

Masakadza tries to break the shackles as he comes down the track and flicks it over square leg for a six.

After 10 overs Zimbabwe are 35 for one, with Sibanda on 13 from 31 balls and Masakadza on 10 from 12 balls.
13:07   - Scorecard

Zim 17-1 (7 overs) vs India

The ball has finally found the edge of the bat! And Mohit gets his first wicket in international cricket as Raza is beaten by the outswinger only to edge it as Karthik completes an easy catch.

Raza walks back after scoring seven from 17 balls as Zimbabwe lose their first wicket, in the seventh over.

Hamilton Masakadza gets off the mark with a single to the point region to end a successful over from Mohit, whose figures read one for seven in four overs.
13:00  - Scorecard

Zim 16-0 (6 overs) vs India

Sibanda is again beaten by Shami before he drives the pacer down the ground past mid-off for his first boundary. That will make him feel a lot better!

Just four runs from that over but still India unable to strike with the new ball despite getting plenty of movement with the new ball.

Zimbabwe will be happy to play out the new ball and lift the tempo in the middle overs as the ball gets a bit old.
12:56  - Scorecard

Zim 12-0 (5 overs) vs India

Sibanda finally gets a run off Mohit as he pulls a short ball to the fine leg region for one.

Raza gets the first boundary of Zimbabwe's innings as he smashes a short wide delivery through the covers.

The last ball beats Raza but yet again it misses the edge.

Zimbabwe are living on the edge, reaching 12 for no loss after five overs.
12:51  - Scorecard

Zim 7-0 (4 overs) vs India

Raza hits Shami to the point region for one to bring Sibanda on strike, who lets the next ball go through. He is yet to touch the ball and is still not off the mark after 13 deliveries.

He then throws his bat a short outswinger but is again beaten. Sibanda finally gets off the mark with a single, off the 16th ball he faced, gently tapping the ball on the pitch.

12:47  - Scorecard

Zim 5-0 (3 overs) vs India

Mohit getting the ball to move enough to create some problems for the batsmen. He gets the first ball of his second over to come in as Sibanda lets it go before Karthik also fumbles to give away two byes.

Sibanda is then beaten by a full delivery that again moves away before he offers no shot to the rest of the over.

Not much pace by the two Indian pacers but enough movement to trouble the two Zimbabwe openers.

A maiden over from Mohit, who has conceded just a run in two overs.
12:43  - Scorecard

Zim 3-0 (2 overs) vs India

Mohammad Shami to bowl the second over. Sikander Raza lets the first deliveries go through to the keeper before the next comes in and hits him on the pads but the appeal for LBW is turned down.

The next ball again hits Raza on the pads before flicks the last ball through the leg side for a couple.
12:37  - Scorecard

Zim 1-0 (1 over) vs India

Debutant Mohit Sharma, who replaced Vinay Kumar, is called into action rightaway and will bowl the first over of the match.

The first ball is a beauty and cuts Sibanda into half, going through his defences and narrowly missing the stumps. The next ball is outside the off-stump and swings away which the right-hander lets go through to the keeper.

While the next ball is a wide down leg side, Mohit then beats the Zimbabwe opener with the outswinger who plays and misses.

The fourth ball is a bit slower in pace and again goes past the outside edge and the same result with the last ball.

A good start to international cricket by Mohit, conceding just a wide while beating the batsman a few times.
12:18  Check out how the two teams line-up for today's match:

V Kohli (captain), Rohit Sharma, Cheteshwar Pujara, Dinesh Karthik, Suresh Raina, Ambati Rayudu, Ravindra Jadeja, Amit Mishra, Mohammed Shami, Mohit Sharma, Jaydev Unadkat.

Zimbabwe: Brendan Taylor (captain), Vusi Sibanda, Sikander Raza, Hamilton Masakadza, Sean Williams, Malcolm Waller, Elton Chigumbura, Brian Vitori, Prosper Utseya, Michael Chinouya, Tendai Chatara.
12:12  Despite repeated failures and being given enough opportunities to prove his worth, Rohit Sharma has failed to make an impact with the bat.

Why he still continues to enjoy the favour of the team management and the selectors is a big mystery?

Rajneesh Gupta provides a statistical outlook of his showing over the years...(click to read)
12:10   India captain Virat Kohli has won the toss and elected to bowl against Zimbabwe in the fourth One-Day International in Bulawayo, on Thursday.

Cheteshwar Pujara will make his debut, while pacer Mohit Sharma also gets his first game in international cricket.

Interestingly, Pujara comes in for Shikhar Dhawan as an opener but the out-of-form Rohit Sharma continues to retain his place.

Ajinkya Rahane will be disappointed at not getting a chance to prove his worth despite India having already sealed the series 3-0.

Parveez Rasool also continues to be benched with India preferring to continue with leg-spinner Amit Mishra.

Meanwhile, Zimbabwe retained the same team that was beaten by India in the third One-Dayer.