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IPL: Hyderabad crush Delhi to rise to third

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May 04, 2013

23:00   - Scorecard


Hyderabad 81-4 (13.5 overs) vs Delhi 80

Yadav hits Vihari on the pads as the LBW appeal is turned and the ball goes on the boundary fine of the thirdman fielder but the umpire has given it runs.

A few balls later Vihari gets it off the middle as he smashes it through the covers for a four to take his team to an easy victory.

Hyderabad win by six wickets with 37 balls to spare to maintain their 100 percent record at home with five straight wins.

Hyderabad rise to third in the standings with seven wins from 11 games while Delhi's hopes are nearly over with just three wins from 11 games.
22:51  - Scorecard

Hyderabad 72-4 (13 overs) vs Delhi 80

Mendis is back into the attack. Two singles from the first four balls before Sammy lofts it over long-on for the first six of the innings, infact it was the first boundary hit after nearly seven overs.

Hyderabad are 72 for four after 13 overs, needing nine runs from seven overs for victory.

22:49   - Scorecard

Hyderabad 64-4 (12 overs) vs Delhi 80

Hyderabad continue to gift their wickets away. Sangakkara tries to hit it down the ground but ends up lofting a simple catch to the fielder at long-off to be dismissed for eight.

Botha then has a caught down the leg side appeal against Hanuma Vihari turned down as the umpire calls it a wide.
22:44  - Scorecard

Hyderabad 59-3 (11 overs) vs Delhi 80

Nadeem to continue. Sangakkara pulls the second ball but gets just one to fine leg before Sammy hits the fourth ball to long-off for another single.

Four runs from the over as Sunrisers reach 59 for three after 11 overs.
22:41  - Scorecard

Hyderabad 55-3 (10 overs) vs Delhi 80

Botha comes back, for his second spell. Sangakkara turns the second ball on the leg side for one before Sammy tries for a big hit but it goes on the bounce to long-on for one.

Sangakkara takes a single from the next ball as just three runs come from that over.

At the halfway stage, Hyderabad are in complete control at 55 for three, needing 26 from 60 balls for victory.
22:37  - Scorecard

Hyderabad 52-3 (9 overs) vs Delhi 80

Sammy gets a lifeline as Warner fails to hold on to a tough chance running in from long-on. Sammy tried to heave it on the leg side but failed to get it off the middle.

Sunrisers gets six from that over to reach 52 for three after nine overs, needing 29 from 11 overs for victory.
22:31  - Scorecard

Hyderabad 46-3 (8 overs) vs Delhi 80

Left-arm spinner Shahbaz Nadeem will have a bowl now. Sammy hits the second ball to long-on for one and Sangakkara takes one on the leg side.

Sammy then taps the fifth ball on the off-side as Sangakkara calls him for a quick single.

22:27   - Scorecard

Hyderabad 43-3 (7 overs) vs Delhi 80

Leg-spinner Jeevan Mendis comes into the attack now, replacing Botha, who took one for 14 in two overs.

Mendis starts with two wrong ones to Patel who then flicks the third ball on the leg side for one.

New batsman Darren Sammy pulls a short ball for a single to deep midwicket.

Mendis then beats Parthiv with the googly as he is tempted out of his crease and is stumped for 14.

Hyderabad are making life difficult for themselves as they are reduced to 43 for three in the seventh over.

Kumar Sangakkara walks out to bat with Hyderabad needing a good partnership to guide them home.

They need 38 runs from 13 overs for victory.
22:21  - Scorecard

Hyderabad 41-2 (6 overs) vs Delhi 80

Nehra comes back to replace Yadav, who bowled two for 18 runs.

Parthiv takes one from the first ball before Ashish Reddy smashes the next ball through the covers for a four to get off the mark.

But Reddy falls off the last ball of that over as he edges one slanting across him to be dismissed for five.
22:15   - Scorecard

Hyderabad 33-1 (5 overs) vs Delhi 80

Johan Botha comes into the attack now after just a solitary over from Nehra.

Parthiv flicks the first ball through midwicket for a couple before he gets one through the covers.

Botha then provides the first breakthrough for Delhi as he traps Dhawan leg before wicket for 22. The left-hander was beaten by the quicker delivery as he tried to pull but missed and was hit on the pads.

22:11  - Scorecard

Hyderabad 30-0 (4 overs) vs Delhi 80

Parthiv taps the ball on the off-side and hands the strike back to Dhawan, who steers it to thirdman for one.

Patel continues to rotate the strike with another single to thirdman.

Dhawan then hits another boundary through the off-side to take his score to 22.
22:05  - Scorecard

Hyderabad 23-0 (3 overs) vs Delhi 80

Irfan is taken off after just one over as Ashish Nehra comes into the attack. Dhawan hits the second ball to the point region for one and Parthiv gets an inside edge off the next ball for another single.

Dhawan is on fire as he chips down the track and smashes it through the covers for a four. The next ball is a quick bouncer which Dhawan tries to pull but misses.
22:01  - Scorecard

Hyderabad 17-0 (2 overs) vs Delhi 80

Umesh Yadav to bowl the second over. He starts with a short ball and Dhawan tries to pull but gets a top edge that falls between the fine leg and square leg fielder for two runs as both withdraw from the catch at the last moment. Yadav is not too happy with the effort.

Dhawan then smashes it on the up for a boundary through the covers before tapping it on the off-side for one.

Parthiv then cuts a short delivery past point for his first boundary as Hyderabad are off and running with a flurry of boundaries to reach 17 for no loss after two overs.

21:56  - Scorecard

Hyderabad 6-0 (1 over) vs Delhi 80

Irfan Pathan starts with a good delivery as he stuns Parthiv with one that bounces more than expected, hitting the shoulder of the bat for a single to the thirdman region.

Shikhar Dhawan plays two dot balls before he drives it back past the bowler for a four. The wicketkeeper is standing up but Dhawan still comes down the track but gets a single to mid-on.
21:37   - Scorecard

Delhi 80 all out (19.1 overs) vs Hyderabad

Perera bowls Ashish Nehra with the first delivery of the last over as the right-hander drags it back on to his stumps to be out for a duck.

Delhi are bowled out for a lowly 80 in 19.1 overs.

Chand top scored for Delhi with 17 from 24 balls as none of the batsmen came to terms with the pitch offering a lot of uneven bounce.
21:34   - Scorecard

Delhi 80-9 (19 overs) vs Hyderabad

Steyn to bowl the 19th over. Pathan tries to swing it across the line but gets an inside edge to be bowled for 13 from 19 balls.

Last man Umesh Yadav defends the first two balls before Steyn's yorker goes right under him and misses the stumps too. The next ball again stay a bit low and beats Yadav's defends as it passes very close to the stumps.

Yadav gets a couple from the last ball to the thirdman region.

21:29   - Scorecard

Delhi 78-8 (18 overs) vs Hyderabad

Pathan flicks the second ball from Sammy through midwicket for two runs and then takes one to thirdman.

Shahbaz Nadeem then loses his wicket courtesy of a big misunderstanding with his partner Pathan, who forces him to sacrifice his wicket.

Pathan hits the last ball to the covers for one to retain strike.
21:24   - Scorecard

Delhi 74-7 (17 overs) vs Hyderabad

Perera is back as Pathan has a big swing at the first ball but misses. He chips down the track off the next ball but can only get a single.

Botha tries to slog it on the leg side but gets a top edge and is caught by keeper Parthiv to be dismissed for one.

Delhi are reduced to 74 for seven after 17 overs.
21:23   - Scorecard

Delhi 72-6 (16 overs) vs Hyderabad

Mishra to bowl his fourth and final over. New batsman Johan Botha is watchful against Mishra as he plays four dot balls before he gets an edge off the fifth ball for one. Pathan works the last ball on the leg side for a single to retain strike.

Delhi are 72 for six in 16 overs with Pathan on seven from 11 balls and Botha on one.

Mishra finishes with impressive figures of one for 16 in four overs.
21:17  - Scorecard

Delhi 70-6 (15 overs) vs Hyderabad

Sammy comes back for his second spell. Mendis takes one from the first ball on the off-side and Pathan does the same two balls later.

Mendis then takes two runs through the covers before he loses his wicket. The Sri Lankan then lofts one straight into the hands of Ishant at long-on to be dismissed for 11.
21:10  - Scorecard

Delhi 66-5 (14 overs) vs Hyderabad

Mendis flicks the first ball from Mishra on the leg side for two runs before he takes one from the next ball. Pathan struggles to get going with three dot balls before he gets two runs from the last ball. Infact he was close to getting run out from the last ball, making his crease in the nick of time as the run out appeal was referred to the third umpire.

Delhi are 66 for five in 14 overs.
21:07   - Scorecard

Delhi 61-5 (13 overs) vs Hyderabad

Karan Sharma comes back and he strikes with a wicket too as Delhi continue to slip, losing three wickets in the space of three overs.

Jadhav lobs a simple catch back to the bowler to be dismissed for three.

Half the batting is already back in the hut as Delhi are reeling at 57 for five in the 13th over.

Irfan Pathan and Jeevan Mendis would be looking to repair the damage and add some respectability to the total.
21:01   - Scorecard

Delhi 56-4 (12 overs) vs Hyderabad

Mishra has been called into the Indian ODI team for the Champions Trophy and he proves his class yet again.

Warner fails to read the googly as he charges down the track but is beaten all ends up and Parthiv completes and easy stumping. Warner walks back after a disappointing innings of eight from 15 balls.

New batsman Kedar Jadhav is off the mark with two runs on the leg side.
20:55   - Scorecard

Delhi 50-3 (11 overs) vs Hyderabad

Steyn is back into the attack. Warner has a swing at one outside the off-stump but it keeps low and wicketkeeper Parthiv Patel also fumbles giving away a bye.

Steyn then strays on the pads as Chand nudges him fine for a boundary on the leg side, his third of the innings.

Three balls later Steyn gets revenge as Chand tries to give himself room and hit it through the off-side but misses to be bowled for 17 from 24 balls.

20:50  - Scorecard

Delhi 43-2 (10 overs) vs Hyderabad

Leg spinners from both ends as Amit Mishra comes into the attack now. Warner hits the first ball to the fielder at extra cover before he takes a single from the next ball on the leg side.

Two more singles before Warner attempts a big shot to release the pressure. He tries to hit the wrong one down the ground but ends up lobbing a high catch on the leg side which is put down by Hanuma Vihari.
20:46  - Scorecard

Delhi 38-2 (9 overs) vs Hyderabad

Leg-spinner Karan Sharma comes into the attack now. Chand is beaten off the first ball as Karan gets one to turn a bit beating the attempted cut shot. The Delhi right-hander then chips down the track and drives the third ball to sweeper cover for one and Warner cuts it behind point for two runs.

He takes a single from the last ball to retain strike.

Delhi are struggling at 38 for two after nine overs. Chand is on 11 from 19 balls and Warner on four from seven balls. They have scored just 18 runs from the last five overs.
20:41   - Scorecard

Delhi 34-2 (8 overs) vs Hyderabad

Sehwag has failed yet again with the bat as Darren Sammy strikes with his very first delivery. He struggled to score eight from 16 balls before he tried to run it down to thirdman but missed and was bowled.

Delhi in big trouble at 32 for two in the eighth over.

The in-form David Warner walks out to bat at No. 4. The left-hander defends the first two balls from Sammy before hitting it on the off-side for one and Chand gets one as he steers it to thirdman.

A good start by Sammy taking the wicket of Sehwag, while giving just two runs.
20:35  - Scorecard

Delhi 32-1 (7 overs) vs Hyderabad

Perera continues to bowl short to Sehwag, who tries to steer it to thirdman but misses. He gets the next ball to thirdman for one.

The third ball stays low outside the off-stump as Chand is beaten and the same result with the next ball.

Perera then hits the stumps in his bowling stride and it is called a no-ball as per the new rules. Chand then charges down the track and tries for a big shot but is again beaten as the ball keeps low yet again.

Perera then bowls it short and wide as Chand cuts it over point for a much needed boundary.
20:32  - Scorecard

Delhi 26-1 (6 overs) vs Hyderabad

Ishant will continue as he comes on to bowl his third over. Sehwag taps it on the leg side for one. Chand tries to release the pressure with a big shot as he tries to slog it but misses it completely. Chand then defends it on the leg side and takes a quick single and Sehwag does the same off the last ball.

Sehwag is struggling to get going to score seven from 14 balls, while Chand is on five from 10 balls.
20:30  - Scorecard

Delhi 23-1 (5 overs) vs Hyderabad

Thisara Perera comes into the attack replacing Steyn, who bowled two overs for 12 runs.

Sehwag pulls the first ball but fails to get time it properly for two runs through midwicket. The next ball is again short as he mishits the pull but it falls safely on the leg side and they run across for a risky single.

Chand plays out the last four balls as just three runs come from that over.
20:21   - Scorecard

Delhi 20-1 (4 overs) vs Hyderabad

Sehwag flicks Ishant to fine leg for a single. Jayawardene is beaten all ends up by an incoming delivery that hits him high on the pads.

Jayawarden is then dismissed leg before wicket for 11. He walked down the pitch and tried to play it on the leg side but missed and he was shocked to see umpire Asad Rauf raise the finger. Replays confirm that Jayawardene was only a long way down the track but also outside the line of the off-stump.

All Delhi players in action out in the middle. Ishant to bowl to Unmukt Chand with Sehwag at the non-striker's end.

Ishant starts with a bouncer to Chand but it goes down the leg side for three runs. The youngster crashes the last ball through the covers for a boundary to get off the mark in grand style.
20:18  - Scorecard

Delhi 12-0 (3 overs) vs Hyderabad

Jayawardene breaks the shackles as he flicks the first ball from Steyn over the leg side for a six. He gets a leg bye from the third ball as Sehwag comes on strike.

Steyn then bowls a good short ball which Sehwag fends as the Hyderabad players appeal but again the umpire turns it down. And it seem the ball hit him on his forearm and not the gloves. Another close shave for Sehwag, who takes a single from the last ball to get off the mark, from the ninth delivery he faced.
20:16  - Scorecard

Delhi 4-0 (2 overs) vs Hyderabad

Ishant Sharma to bowl the second over. Sehwag defends the first ball before he is struck on the pads off the next ball but the umpire turns down the appeal as it looks heading down the leg side.

Sehwag is watchful and plays out a maiden over.
20:06  - Scorecard

Delhi 4-0 (1 over) vs Hyderabad

Delhi will open with Mahela Jayawardene and Virender Sehwag. Dale Steyn has the new ball for Hyderabad.

Jayawardene defends the first ball before letting the second one, which is a bit wide, go through to the keeper. The Delhi captain then gives Steyn the charge but misses the ball and is lucky that it missed the stumps.

He gets an edge off the last ball but it stays low and goes in the gap between a wide first slip and the keeper for a four.

19:53   Two Sri Lankan batting greats come face to face as Sunrisers Hyderabad take on the Delhi Daredevils in the 48th match of the Indian Premier League in Hyderabad, on Saturday.

Mahela Jayawardene has won the toss and Delhi Daredevils have elected to bat against Kumar Sangakkara's Sunrisers Hyderabad.

For Delhi, Jeevan Mendis replaces Ben Rohrer, who has gone back for his wedding, while off-spinner Johan Botha replaces pace bowler Morne Morkel.

Hyderabad have made one change with Parthiv Patel replacing Akshath Reddy.