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IPL updates: Mumbai beat Rajasthan by 14 runs

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May 15, 2013

23:37  - Scorecard


Rajasthan 152-7 (20 overs) vs Mumbai 166-8

Malinga to bowl the final over. The first ball is a fast yorker on the stumps as Hodge misses it and is dismissed leg before wicket for 39 from 27 balls.

The second ball is again a yorker and Kevon Cooper is beaten as it goes through to the keeper. Cooper then smashes the next ball over long-off for a six, to make it 17 needed from three balls.

Cooper then digs out a yorker for one and Binny also gets a single from the next ball. The last ball is a dot ball as Mumbai complete a 14-run victory.
23:30   - Scorecard

Rajasthan 144-6 (19 overs) vs Mumbai 166-8

Binny takes one from Kulkarni's first delivery before Hodge is beaten by a yorker. Hodges then drives it through the covers for two runs before he slices a full toss over point for a four.

Hodge then smashes it powerfully down the ground but Harbhajan makes a good stop to keep it down to two. The last ball is a full toss and Hodge hits it straight to the fielder at short fine leg for one.

10 runs from the over and Rajasthan now need 23 runs from the final over.
23:30   - Scorecard

Rajasthan 134-6 (18 overs) vs Mumbai 166-8

Malinga comes back. Binny is beaten off the first ball with a quick yorker but gets a single from the next ball after Rayudu misfields. Hodge then drives it through the covers for a couple. Two singles before Hodge fails to get the last ball away.

A superb over under the circumstances as Malinga gives away just five runs in that over. 33 needed from two overs.
23:20   - Scorecard

Rajasthan 129-6 (17 overs) vs Mumbai 166-8

Rajasthan are back in the contest with 45 needed from 24 balls.

Rohit brings back left-arm pacer Johnson. He beats Binny with the slower ball before the next ball is flicked to midwicket for a couple. Johnson then beats Binny again with the short delivery as he misses the pull shot.

Hodge continues the flow of boundaries as he gets an inside edge off the fifth ball and it goes fine on the leg side for a four.
23:13  - Scorecard

Rajasthan 122-6 (16 overs) vs Mumbai 166-8

Hodge smashes a short wide delivery from Ojha through the covers for a four and then nudges the next ball fine for the same result.

Hodge on 15 then sweeps the fourth ball but Rayudu puts down a catch near the boundary and also gives away a boundary. Hodge then steers it through the point region for the fourth boundary of the over.

Hodge has raced to 23 from 16 balls, while Binny has hit 32 from 20 balls as Rajasthan reach 122 for six in 16 overs. They need 45 runs from four overs for victory.
23:10  - Scorecard

Rajasthan 106-6 (15 overs) vs Mumbai 166-8

Hodge crashes the first ball from Malinga through the off-side for a boundary followed by two dot balls. Malinga then bowls a wide down the leg side before taking a single to long-on. Two more singles as Rajasthan reach 106 for six in 15 overs.
23:08  - Scorecard

Rajasthan 98-6 (14 overs) vs Mumbai 166-8

Brad Hodge walks out to bat at No. 8. Binny steers Ojha to thirdman for one before Hodge plays three dot balls and then takes a single on the off-side.

Binny sweeps the last ball fine on the leg side for a four.
23:01  - Scorecard

Rajasthan 92-6 (13 overs) vs Mumbai 166-8

Yagnik cuts the first ball from Harbhajan past point for a boundary but the off-spinner gets revenge in that over. Yagnik chipped down the track trying to hit a big shot but missed and was bowled for 10.
22:58  - Scorecard

Rajasthan 82-5 (12 overs) vs Mumbai 166-8

Binny decides to target Ojha. He lofts the second ball over long-off for a six before smashing the next ball past point for a four. Yagnik tries to reverse sweep the last ball but gets only a single to get 13 runs from that over.
22:57  - Scorecard

Rajasthan 69-5 (11 overs) vs Mumbai 166-8

Harbhajan continues. Yagnik takes a single from the first ball before Binny sweeps it fine for three runs. Binny tries to reverse sweep the last ball as it flies through thirdman for a boundary.
22:52   - Scorecard

Rajasthan 60-5 (10 overs) vs Mumbai 166-8

Pragyan Ojha strikes with his first delivery of the match. Watson top edges the pull shot and is caught by Pollard running to his right from long-on. Watson walks back for 19 from 16 balls and gives Watson a big send-off.

That could be the killer blow for Rajasthan as they are reduced to 58 for five after 9.1 overs.

At the halfway stage, Rajasthan are struggling at 60 for five, with 107 needed from 10 overs for victory.
22:43  - Scorecard

Rajasthan 58-4 (9 overs) vs Mumbai 166-8

Harbhajan Singh continues. He starts with a horror delivery a big wide down the leg side to Stuart Binny which beats wicketkeeper Dinesh Karthik for five wides. Binny cuts the next ball through point for a couple and then takes a single on the leg side.

11 runs from that over as Rajasthan continue to make good progress.
22:39  - Scorecard

Rajasthan 47-4 (8 overs) vs Mumbai 166-8

Lasith Malinga comes into the attack now. Three singles from the first four balls before Watson pulls the last two balls for back to back sixes over the fine leg region.

15 runs from the Malinga over as Rajasthan look to make a comeback to reach 47 for four in eight overs.
22:38  - Scorecard

Rajasthan 32-4 (7 overs) vs Mumbai 166-8

Mumbai's two pacers have done the early damage. Johnson has taken two for 17, while Kulkarni has claimed two for 11 to put Mumbai in complete control.

Three runs from Harbhajan's first over as Rajasthan reach 32 for four in seven overs.
22:24  - Scorecard

Rajasthan 29-4 (6 overs) vs Mumbai 166-8

Kulkarni cripples Rajasthan further as he claims the wicket of Rahane. He tried to hit it down the ground but ended up holing a simple catch to Malinga at mid-on.

Rahane walks back for four as Rajasthan are reeling at 29 for four after six overs.
22:23   - Scorecard

Rajasthan 27-3 (5 overs) vs Mumbai 166-8

Samson hits Johnson over the point region for a boundary but is beaten off the next delivery. He falls two balls later, caught at mid-on as he mistimes the pull shot to be dismissed for four.

Rajasthan in tatters at 26 for three in the fifth over.

Hold on, we have some drama out in the middle. Pollard and Watson have an exchange of words forcing the umpires to intervene. The two umpires then have a chat with Mumbai captain Rohit, who passes on some instructions to Pollard.

22:16   - Scorecard

Rajasthan 22-2 (4 overs) vs Mumbai 166-8

Kulkarni leaves Rajasthan in trouble with the wicket of Faulkner, who is caught at point by Maxwell for 12.

Rajasthan are in trouble at 22 for two in the fourth over.

Youngster Sanju Samson walks in to bat as Rahane defends the last two balls of that over.
22:08  - Scorecard

Rajasthan 18-1 (3 overs) vs Mumbai 166-8

Faulkner is getting the boundaries for Rajasthan as he slams a wide delivery through the off-side and it crashes into the ropes. Seven runs from that over as Rajasthan reach 18 for one after three overs.
22:07  - Scorecard

Rajasthan 11-1 (2 overs) vs Mumbai 166-8

Dhawal Kulkarni to bowl the second over. Faulkner edges the second ball and it goes over the slip fielder for a four. He gets a single from the last ball to get six runs from that over.
22:01  - Scorecard

Rajasthan 5-1 (1 over) vs Mumbai 166-8

Mitchell Johnson to bowl the first over and he starts with a wide down the leg side to Rahul Dravid. Two dot balls before Dravid flicks another one the pads through fine leg for a boundary to get off the mark in some style.

Two balls later Johnson gets the key wicket of Dravid, who is caught behind off a bouncer for four. Dravid is not leaving the crease, he seems to be very angry and continues to stare at umpire Sudhir Asnani as he walks back. Replays confirm that the ball had indeed missed the edge. Another poor decision from an Indian umpire.

21:37  - Scorecard

Mumbai 166-8 (20 overs) vs Rajasthan

Faulkner to bowl the final over of the innings. Two singles from the first two balls before Johnson paddles the next straight into the hands of the fielder at short fine leg.

A single to Lasith Malinga off the next ball before Harbhajan is unable to get a run from the fifth ball.

Harbhajan flicks the last ball to deep square leg as Malinga comes back for a second but Harbhajan is rooted to his crease at the non-striker's end.

Mumbai finish on 166 for eight in their 20 overs and must be disappointed at having wasted their good start.

They messed up badly in the last five overs, losing five wickets for 34 runs.
21:31  - Scorecard

Mumbai 162-6 (19 overs) vs Rajasthan

Cooper to bowl the 19th over. The first ball is a slower one and Mitchell Johnson is beaten all ends up before he digs out a yorker back to the bowler.

Cooper then again foxes him with the slower ball before he edges the next to short thirdman for another dot ball.

He finally gets a run as he flicks a full toss to deep midwicket for one.

Harbhajan slices the last ball over the point region and it carries all the way for a six.
21:28  - Scorecard

Mumbai 155-6 (18 overs) vs Rajasthan

Watson to bowl the 18th over. Rayudu guides the first ball to thirdman where a misfield gives him two runs. Just two singles from the next three balls before Rayudu goes for the big hit but is caught at deep midwicket for seven.

Harbhajan slams the last ball through the off-side for a four.
21:23   - Scorecard

Mumbai 147-5 (17 overs) vs Rajasthan

Rajasthan continue to peg back Mumbai by getting regular wickets. This time Pollard walks back after being run out for 17 from 14 balls courtesy of some sharp piece of fielding from Cooper off his own bowling.

Pollard got a leading edge as the ball spooned up on the off-side but Cooper could not get to it. However, he was quick to turn back and hit the stumps at the non-striker's end to catch Pollard unaware and out of his crease.

Two big wickets of Rohit and Pollard in back to back overs have dashed Mumbai's hopes of posting a total in excess of 180.
21:15  - Scorecard

Mumbai 139-4 (16 overs) vs Rajasthan

Faulkner comes back, to bowl his third over. He keeps things tight giving away just two runs from the first three balls before Rohit slams it through the covers for a four.

Faulkner then gets revenge with the wicket of Rohit, who top edges the pull and is caught at short fine leg for 14.
21:07  - Scorecard

Mumbai 132-3 (15 overs) vs Rajasthan

Watson comes back into the attack now. Four singles from the first four balls before Pollard pulls a short ball through midwicket for a boundary and then gets a leg bye from the last ball.

With five overs to go, Mumbai are looking comfortable on 132 for two and are looking for a total in excess of 175.
21:02  - Scorecard

Mumbai 123-3 (14 overs) vs Rajasthan

Tambe to bowl his fourth and final over. Rohit Sharma steers the third ball past point for a boundary before Kieron Pollard eases one down the ground for a six.

Tambe went for 13 runs in that over to finish with one for 38 in four overs.
20:57  - Scorecard

Mumbai 110-3 (13 overs) vs Rajasthan

Tare then throws his wicket away in the next over. He tried to loft Cooper over the off-side but ended up spooning a simple catch to Watson in the covers.

Tare, playing his first match of IPL 6, played a splendid innings of 59 from 37 balls, hitting eight fours and a six.
20:55  - Scorecard

Mumbai 105-2 (12 overs) vs Rajasthan

Two singles from the first two balls before Karthik slog sweeps Tambe over the leg side for a four. He tried to repeat the shot off the next ball but this time Sanju Samson ran forward and completed a good catch at deep midwicket.

Karthik walks back after scoring 21 from as many balls, having put on 76 runs from 51 balls for the second wicket.

Tambe is unlucky not to have picked another wicket off the next delivery. Tare chipped down the track but got an outside edge that beat the wicketkeeper for a boundary.
20:47  - Scorecard

Mumbai 94-1 (11 overs) vs Rajasthan

Tare welcomes Faulkner in his new spell with a cracking boundary through the covers. Dravid then brings the fielder at long-off inside the circle and Tare then lofts it over the same fielder for back to back fours.

Tare then flicks the last ball to deep midwicket for a couple to complete his half-century from 30 balls, with the help of seven fours and a six.

13 runs from that over as Mumbai reach 94 for one after 11 overs.
20:44  - Scorecard

Mumbai 81-1 (10 overs) vs Rajasthan

Tambe will continue. Karthik gets a single from the first ball before Tare gets two runs courtesy of an overthrow and he follows it up with a single.

Karthik then sweeps the fifth ball over the fielder at short fine leg for a boundary.

Mumbai are 81 for one after 10 overs with Tare on 39 from 26 balls, while Karthik has made 15 from 17 balls.
20:41  - Scorecard

Mumbai 73-1 (9 overs) vs Rajasthan

Kevon Cooper comes into the attack now. Karthik drives the first ball to long-off for one before Tare flicks a full toss past short fine leg for a four as Mumbai continue to make good progress.

A single each to the two batsmen followed by two dot balls as seven runs come from that over.
20:35  - Scorecard

Mumbai 66-1 (8 overs) vs Rajasthan

41-year-old leg-spinner Pravin Tambe comes into the attack now. He starts with a wide delivery before Karthik takes a single on the leg side. Tare then cuts a short ball past point for two runs and then takes one on the leg side.

Two dot balls before Karthik takes one to end the over.
20:31  - Scorecard

Mumbai 60-1 (7 overs) vs Rajasthan

Stuart Binny comes into the attack now. Tare drives one past the fielder at cover for a boundary as the long-off fielder can't get to it. The right-hander, on 24, gets a lifeline as Dravid drops a straightforward chance at midwicket.

Tare then causes Binny more pain as he lofts the last ball over midwicket for a four.

20:26  - Scorecard

Mumbai 49-1 (6 overs) vs Rajasthan

Watson starts with a wide down the leg side to Karthik, who chips down the track and strokes the second ball past the fielder at mid-off for a boundary.

Tare hit one to mid-off where Cooper misfields to give away two runs. He heaves the last ball over mid-on for a six to get 14 runs from the over to take the score to 49 for one after six overs.
20:19  - Scorecard

Mumbai 35-1 (5 overs) vs Rajasthan

Tare goes after Chavan, who is bowling his third over. He sweeps the third ball uppishly over square leg before slog sweeping the next ball over midwicket for back to back fours as eight runs come in that over.
20:17   - Scorecard

Mumbai 27-1 (4 overs) vs Rajasthan

Shane Watson comes into the attack now, replacing Faulkner. And he strikes in his very first over as Maxwell is trapped leg before wicket for 23 from 17 balls. Maxwell hardly moved his feet to a full delivery that came in a bit and was hit right in front of the stumps.

A superb start from Watson, giving away two runs while getting the crucial breakthrough for his team.
20:11  - Scorecard

Mumbai 25-0 (3 overs) vs Rajasthan

Chavan starts his second over with a short ball which Maxwell pulls over midwicket for his second six. He slog sweeps the next ball but it is stopped by deep midwicket for two runs.

Maxwell has come out all guns blazing as he lofts a flighted delivery down the ground for his third six.

The Australian then chips down the track and tries another big shot but is beaten and is lucky that the inside edge took the ball away from the keeper for a single to short fine leg.

Maxwell has raced to 23 from 15 balls to take Mumbai to 25 for no loss after three overs.
20:07  - Scorecard

Mumbai 10-0 (2 overs) vs Rajasthan

Left-arm pacer James Faulkner to bowl the second over. Tare tries to drive the first ball through the covers but gets an inside edge for a single to fine leg. Maxwell tries for a big hit but is beaten off the next two deliveries before he slams it high over long-on for the first six of the match.

Maxwell gets a thick outside edge as he tries a big shot off the last ball but it falls short of the fielder at thirdman.
20:05  - Scorecard

Mumbai 2-0 (1 over) vs Rajasthan

Mumbai have a brand new opening pair in Glenn Maxwell and Aditya Tare, while Ankeet Chavan will open the bowling for Rajasthan.

Maxwell defends the first three balls before taking a single to point to get off the mark. Tare turns the next ball on the leg side for one as just two runs come from the first over.
19:54  Interestingly, Rajasthan have as many as three players originating from Mumbai in their line-up. Ajinkya Rahane and Ankeet Chavan currently play for Mumbai in domestic cricket, while 41-year-old leg-spinner Pravin Tambe was named in the Mumbai squad for the Vijay Hazare trophy but didn't play.


Mumbai Indians:
Rohit Sharma (captain), Dinesh Karthik, Aditya Tare, Kieron Pollard, Ambati Rayudu, Glenn Maxwell, Harbhajan Singh, Mitchell Johnson, Lasith Malinga, Pragyan Ojha, Dhawal Kulkarni.

Rajasthan Royals:
Rahul Dravid (captain), Ajinkya Rahane, Shane Watson, Sanju Samson, Dishant Yagnik, Brad Hodge, Stuart Binny, Kevon Cooper, James Faulkner, Ankeet Chavan, Pravin Tambe.
19:41  Rajasthan Royals captain Rahul Dravid has won the toss and elected to bowl against Mumbai Indians in the 66th match of the Indian Premier League, in Mumbai.

Veteran Sachin Tendulkar misses out because of injury and he is replaced by Aditya Tare, while Glenn Maxwell comes in for Dwayne Smith.

19:28  Scorecard:

The penultimate over by Bhuvneshwar Kumar is a super over, just four runs coming off it. He ends with impressive figures of one for 22.

Angelo Mathews to bowl the final over. A boundary off the third ball has KKR needing 12 off the last three balls. 

Rajat Bhatia (9) is run out off the fourth ball. And it's all over of Kolkata Knight Riders. They manage 163 for seven.

Pune beat them by seven runs. The defending champions are officially out.
19:17  Scorecard:

Bhuvneshwar Kumar is back after and he strikes second ball, having Manoj Tiwary (0) caught by Manish Pandey at long on.

Yusuf is now the key for KKR. He smashes Parnell for a four through covers followed by a six over square leg. The third ball is top-edged to the fence. 

Yusuf (72) is given out for obstructing the fielder in the fifth ball. His 44-ball knock was inclusive of eight boundaries and two sixes but he deliberately blocked Parnell, no two ways about that. 

KKR 171 for six after 18 overs.
19:02  Scorecard:

Luke Wright into the attack in the 12th over, replacing Murtaza (2-0-17-0). He concedes 11 runs, with Yusuf hitting a six over midwicket off the last ball.

Murtaza replaces Yuvraj (1-0-11-0) at the other end and gives away nine runs, KKR getting past the 100-run mark in the over. 

Parnell is back in the attack in the 14th over. It's an expensive over from him though, 11 runs coming off it with Yusuf helping himself to successive boundary.

Murtuza ends with expensive figures of none for 34, with Yusuf completing his fifty in his last over. Raiphi Gomez is given the ball in the 16th over and Ten Doeschate (42) is run out in the fifth ball.

Tendo's 30-ball knock was inclusive of four boundaries and a six and he helped Yusuf add 98 runs for the fourth wicket.

Kolkata 127 for four after 16 overs. Timeout.
18:38  Scorecard:

Yusuf Pathan and Ryan ten Doeschate have a lot of work to do now if Kolkata are to make a match out of this. 

Yusuf eases the pressure with a couple of boundaries off Ishwar Pandey. Ali Murtaza into the attack in the eighth over and Ten Doeschate welcomes him with a boundry wide of mid-off.

The fourth wicket stand has added a vital 50-plus partnership.

Kolkata 85 for three after 11 overs.
18:11  Scorecard:

Parnell strikes again in his second over, cleaning up Kallis (1). Ishwar Pandey replaces Kumar (2-0-11-0) in the attack in the fifth over. 

Gambhir welcomes him with the boundary to the leg side but the bowler hits back three balls later, having the Kolkata captain caught by Yuvraj Singh. 

Kolkata in a spot of bother at 30 for three after five overs. 

Gautam Gambhir and Manvinder Bisla open the batting for KKR and it will be Bhuvneshwar Kumar first up for Pune. He gives away 10 runs. 

Wayne Parnell to share the new ball. He strikes with his third ball, having Bisla (1) out leg before. Jacques Kallis joins Gambhir at the crease.

Kolkata 24 for one after three overs.
17:28  Scorecard:

Two boundaries in the 18th over by Balaji helps Pandey complete a well-deserved half century. It's an expensive over, 18 coming off it with Yuvi smashing the last ball for a six wide of long-on.

Balaji ends with miserable figures of one for 41. A boundary by Pandey off Narine helps complete the 50-run partnership for the third wicket. 

Narine concedes 11 runs in his last over to end with figures of none for 26. Kallis to bowl the final over. 

Pandey (66) is run out by the bowler in the third ball. Pandey's 47-ball knock was inclusive of eight boundaries and a six and he helped Yuvraj add 65 runs (in 40 balls) for the third wicket.

Kallis ends with expensive figures (4-0-48-1), with 16 runs coming off his last over, the lone consolation being Yuvraj(30) in caught by Ten Doeschate at long-on off the last ball.

Pune manage 170 for four in their stipulated 20 overs. KKR has a tough job at hand. 
17:13  Scorecard:

Senanayeke ends his spell with figures of one for 22. And Balaji in back to bowl, in the 13th over, replacing an expensive Bhatia (2-0-22-0). 

He strikes with his fifth ball, getting through Finch's (48) defence. The Pune captain's 32-ball knock was inclusive of two boundaries and three sixes and he put on 56 runs for the second wicket with Manish Pandey. 

Yuvraj Singh comes out to bat. Kallis' third over is expensive as well, Pandey hitting him for three successive boundaries. The visitors reach 112 at the second strategic timeout.

Yuvraj sweeps Narine for a six.

Pune 125 for two after 17 overs.
16:49  Scorecard:

Manish Pandey is the new batsman and KKR introduce Jacques Kallis in the attack immediately after the powerplay. He concedes just two runs first up.

Rajat Bhatia replaces Senanayeke (3-0-17-1) in the attack in the eight over. A couple by Finch off the final ball helps Pune get to the 50-run mark.

Another bowling change, Ryan ten Doeschate replaces Kallis the first strategic timeout and gives away seven runs. The South African is back at the other end after the breather. 

However, it is not a pleasant return, with 15 runs coming off the over, Finch helping him to successive sixes over long-on. The Pune captain continues his onslaught in Bhatia's next over as well.

His straight six helps him get past the 400-run mark. The 50-run partnership for the second wicket is attained in the next over.

Pune 94 for one after 12 overs.
16:22  Scorecard:

Uthappa smashes the second ball of Balaji's second over for a huge six over midwicket. Four balls later, Uthappa repeats the feat, the shot helping him reach 400 runs in this edition. One of the few plusses for Pune.

Senanayeke's second over is a good one, just four runs coming off it. Sunil Narine replaces an expensive Balaji (2-0-20-0) in the attack in the fifth over.

Uthappa survives a stumping appeal off the fourth ball while Finch smashes the sixth to the extra cover fence. However, Senanayeke provides a much needed breakthrough to KKR, cleaning up Uthappa (25) in his third over.

Pune 42 for one after six overs. 
16:07  Scorecard:

Aaron Finch and Robin Uthappa open the batting for Pune and it will Lakshmipathy Balaji first up for Kolkata.

Uthappa hits the third ball through covers for a four even as six runs come off the over. Sachithra Senanayeke to share the new ball. Finch hits the third ball to the fence.

Pune 16 without loss after two overs.
Kolkata Knight Riders won the toss and invited Pune Warriors to bat first in their Indian Premier League match at Ranchi.

"The wicket is not going to change much," reasoned captain Gautam Gambhir. His Pune counterpart, Aaron Finch, remain unperturbed at the toss loss. 

"We'd have batted first anyways," he says. 

While KKR is fielding the same side that beat Bangalore, Pune have as many as four changes to their playing XI.