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LIVE IPL! Lynn's stunning catch wins match for KKR against RCB

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April 24, 2014

23:43   Kolkata Knight Riders win by 2 runs!!!

RCB 148-5 (20 ovs) vs KKR 150-7 | Scorecard

An amazing turnaround by the Kolkata Knight Riders in the final few overs and that stunning catch by Australian Chris Lynn at deep midwicket proved to be the key in the final analysis.

Yuvraj once again struggled in a run chase, scoring 31 from 34 balls and failed to get the boundaries when it mattered. It brought back memories of his poor knock in the World T20 final against Sri Lanka when he faced a lot of criticism.

As Kohli rightly put it,"we lost the game more than KKR won it."

Kolkata's bowlers deserve a lot of praise for their superb showing led by Narine's one for 17. Vinay held his nerve in the closing stages to take two for 26, while Kallis made a good contribution to take one for 26.

RCB and KKR have both won two matches out of three in IPL 7.
23:36  Kolkata edge past Bangalore in a thriller:   Kolkata Knight Riders win by 2 runs!!!

RCB 148-5 (20 ovs) vs KKR 150-7 | Scorecard

Vinay to bowl the final over and Morne Morkel is on strike with nine needed from six balls for victory.

He drives the first ball down to long-on for a single. AB moves around his crease before he decides to sweep and gets one to deep midwicket.

Morkel is unable to make most of a full toss and skies it on the off-side for a single to sweeper cover.

AB de Villiers pulls a short ball and it looks headed for a six but Lynn comes up with an amazing acrobatic catch at deep midwicket to leave RCB stunned. That was an unbelievable catch and could be the turning point of the game.

AB walks back after scoring 11 from 12 balls to leave RCB with six to get from two balls.

Albie Morkel drives the fifth ball down to long-on for two runs and RCB now need four from the last ball for victory.

The last ball is a full toss but Morkel mistimes it to long-off for a single as KKR clinch a superb victory.

What an amazing turnaround from the KKR bowlers to take their team to victory from a position where it looked all over for them a few overs ago.

23:26  RCB 142-4 (19 ovs) vs KKR 150-7 | Scorecard

Yadav to bowl the crucial 19th over. AB hammers the first ball over mid-off for a boundary to release some of the pressure before he takes a single.

Yuvraj is then beaten as the ball moves away slightly before he top edges a high full toss which is called a no-ball for height.

The left-hander then tries a big shot over the off-side but holes out to deep point after a poor knock of 31 from 34 balls.

Morkel takes a risky single to point before AB misses the reverse sweep off the last ball.
23:21  RCB 133-3 (18 ovs) vs KKR 150-7 | Scorecard

Yuvraj has played it safe so far, scoring 24 from 27 balls and he will need to hit a few boundaries with a new batsman at the other end in de Villiers.

AB takes a single from the first ball before Yuvraj offers no shot to the bouncer and then is beaten by the slower ball as he has a wild swing at one.

The pressure is building on Yuvraj, who manages to drive an overpitched delivery through the covers for a much-needed boundary for RCB.

Two singles from the last two balls leave RCB with 18 to get from the last two overs for victory.
23:15  RCB 126-3 (17 ovs) vs KKR 150-7 | Scorecard

Kallis continues and he bowls a good tight over, giving away just three runs to finish with one for 26 in four overs.

RCB will be keen to avoid any last over dramas with 25 needed from three overs for victory.
23:09   RCB 123-3 (16 ovs) vs KKR 150-7 | Scorecard

Narine to bowl his fourth and final over. Kohli drives the second ball through the covers for a couple before he despatches a full toss through midwicket for a four.

However, the bowler gets revenge from the next delivery. The ball comes in, beating the bat and deflects off his pads on to the stumps to bowl him for 31 from 23 balls.

AB de Villiers gets off the mark with a single from the last ball as Narine finishes with one for 17 in four overs.
23:04  RCB 116-2 (15 ovs) vs KKR 150-7 | Scorecard

Yuvraj continues to find the boundaries as he flicks a full delivery from Kallis through square leg.

Kohli is content to play it steady and is happy taking the singles as RCB reach 116 for two in 15 overs, needing 35 from 30 balls for victory.
23:02   RCB 109-2 (14 ovs) vs KKR 150-7 | Scorecard

Narine to continue as Gambhir looks towards the spinner to spin some magic and bring KKR back in the contest.

However, Yuvraj and Kohli play him sensibly and collect six runs from the over.

They look in complete control of things and barring a big collapse RCB look on course for another convincing victory.
22:56  RCB 103-2 (13 ovs) vs KKR 150-7 | Scorecard

Kohli drives the first ball from Kallis through the off-side for a boundary and repeats the shot off the next delivery for another four.

Two more singles from the rest of the over as Kallis gives away 10 in that over as RCB cross the 100-run mark, in the 13th over.
22:52  RCB 93-2 (12 ovs) vs KKR 150-7 | Scorecard

Narine comes back, replacing Morkel who has finished his spell. Kohli takes a single from the first ball before Yuvraj plays with utmost caution.

He gets the fifth ball through the off-side for a couple as Narine concedes just three runs in that over.

RCB look in control of the run chase, with 58 needed from 48 balls for victory.
22:49   RCB 90-2 (11 ovs) vs KKR 150-7 | Scorecard

Pace from both ends as Umesh Yadav is called into the attack from the other end. Kohli takes a single from the second ball before Yuvraj pulls a short ball over midwicket for a six. He then makes room and chips a full delivery over the off-side but gets just one to sweeper cover.

Yadav again pitches short and this time Kohli pulls him over midwicket for a four before taking a single from the last ball to get 13 runs from the over.
22:44  RCB 77-2 (10 ovs) vs KKR 150-7 | Scorecard

Morkel comes back to bowl his final over with Yuvraj out in the middle. The tall pacer gives Yuvaj something to think about with a quick bouncer that nearly takes his head off. He tries to pull the last ball but fails to make contact and is hit on the body.

At the halfway stage, RCB are 77 for two, needing 74 runs from 60 balls for victory with eight wickets in hand.

KKR have managed to keep things under control giving away just 16 runs in the last three overs.
22:39   RCB 72-2 (9 ovs) vs KKR 150-7 | Scorecard

Vinay strikes with the first ball of his second over. Patel (21 from 19 balls) tries to turn the pacer on the leg side but gets an outside edge which is taken by Lynn on the off-side.

Two wickets in four balls as KKR make a comeback after RCB's good start.

Yuvraj Singh gets off the mark with a single on the off-side before Kohli also takes one.

Five runs from that over as RCB reach 72 for two in nine overs.
22:30  RCB 67-1 (8 ovs) vs KKR 150-7 | Scorecard

The experienced Jacques Kallis comes into the attack with KKR desperate to break this opening partnership.

Takawale gets a streaky boundary as he gets an edge which goes fine on the off-side through the vacant slip region.

However, Kallis gets his man off the next ball. Takawale, who stroked a quickfire 40 from 28 balls, walked across his stumps but missed and was trapped plumb in front of the stumps.

RCB are 67 for one in eight overs.
22:25  RCB 61-0 (7 ovs) vs KKR 150-7 | Scorecard

Vinay Kumar replaces Narine, who bowled just one over. He is greeted by a boundary by Patel as the left-hander pulls a short ball through the leg side before taking one to thirdman.

Takawale then nudges a full delivery behind square on the leg side for a couple. Vinay again drifts down the leg side and Takawale tries to flick him fine but misses and still ends up getting four leg byes.

He takes a single before Patel is beaten off the last ball as Vinay gives 12 runs in his first over.
22:21  RCB 49-0 (6 ovs) vs KKR 150-7 | Scorecard

Morkel will continue as he comes on to bowl his third over. Patel defends a short ball on the off-side for a single before Takawale mistimes one over the off-side for a couple.

However, the next ball is hit back over the bowler's head and it bounces once before going over for a four.

The next ball is short outside the off-stump as Takawale cuts it the first slip fielder for another four. This is his fifth boundary in eight balls against Morkel, who is bowling quick but also leaking a lot of runs.

The last ball is short and Takawale pulls it convincingly over midwicket for his seventh four to race to 32 from 22 balls.

RCB are placed comfortably on 49 for no loss in six overs, with 102 needed from 14 overs for victory.

Morkel, who went for a single in his first over, has been hit for 28 runs in his next two including six boundaries in 10 balls by Takawale.
22:17   RCB 34-0 (5 ovs) vs KKR 150-7 | Scorecard

KKR are desperate for a breakthrough as mystery spinner Sunil Narine is brought into the attack after two expensive overs from Yadav.

Patel tries to cut the first ball but can't beat the fielder at point and gets just a single. Takawale watchfully plays out the rest of the over as he keeps guessing which way the ball is turning and is beaten once in that over.

A good start from Narine, giving away just a single in his first over.
22:14  RCB 33-0 (4 ovs) vs KKR 150-7 | Scorecard

Takawale decides to break free as he chips Morkel over the midwicket region for a four. Two balls later he makes room but gets an edge which flies between keeper Uthappa and first slip fielder for another boundary. Infact, Uthappa, who is a part-time wicketkeeper, started to move on the leg side and missed what could have been a chance if he had stood still.

The next ball is sliding on the pads as Takawale clips it fine on the leg side for the third four of the over to take RCB to 33 for no loss in four overs.
22:09  RCB 20-0 (3 ovs) vs KKR 150-7 | Scorecard

Takawale hits Yadav to mid-on for a single before Patel slaps the third ball over point for a boundary.

Takawale ends the over with a boundary as he crashes it past mid-on to take RCB to 20 for no loss in three overs.
22:07  RCB 10-0 (2 ovs) vs KKR 150-7 | Scorecard

Morne Morkel to bowl the second over for KKR. Parthiv steers the first ball to thirdman for a single and Takawale does the same two balls later to get off the mark.

Patel then tries to pull but fails to get proper timing and is beaten by the next ball which is short but rises up and he misses the last ball too.
22:00  RCB 8-0 (1 ov) vs KKR 150-7 | Scorecard

RCB have a new opening pair in Parthiv Patel and Yogesh Takawale, who replaced Maddinson for this match.

Umesh Yadav to bowl the first over in his first IPL match for KKR. Patel miscues a pull shot over the square leg region for a couple before he smashes a short wide delivery through point for a boundary.

Eight runs from Yadav's first over.
21:40  KKR 150-7 (20 ovs) vs RCB | Scorecard

Starc to bowl the final over of the innings. He starts with a wide before Yadav tries the sweep but is beaten again and takes a leg bye and Vinay is also beaten but steals a bye.

Two balls later Yadav manages to chip it over the covers for two runs before he gets one from the next ball.

Vinay keeps out a yorker which bounces over the bowler but gets two runs down the ground.

He tries to paddle the last ball but lobs a simple catch to the fielder at short fine leg.

Kolkata finish on a modest 150 for seven in their 20 overs on a pitch which looks full of runs.
21:34   KKR 142-6 (19 ovs) vs RCB | Scorecard

Yadav plays an amazing sweep shot off Dinda for a boundary through midwicket and then takes two runs from the next delivery.

Yadav tries to sweep again but is beaten and takes a leg bye before Vinay Kumar takes a single.

Dinda goes for nine in his final over to finish with good figures of 27 runs in four overs.
21:29   KKR 133-6 (18 ovs) vs RCB | Scorecard

Aaron comes back and yet again he makes the breakthrough with the wicket of Uthappa. The right-hander targets the midwicket region but fails to get enough distance and is caught in the deep after scoring 22 from 18 balls.

Yadav also gives his wicket away off the next ball as he tries to upper cut a short delivery but is beaten. He then comes down and has a wild swing but again he misses.

He then steers a quick delivery clocked at 144kmph to thirdman region for a single.

Aaron gives away just four runs in his final over to finish with splendid figures of three for 16 in four overs.
21:24  KKR 129-5 (17 ovs) vs RCB | Scorecard

Starc is back as Yadav throws his bat to a wide one but gets a thick edge past point for a couple.

Uthappa top edges the pull shot but it carries all the way over the fine leg region for a six.

Yadav heaves the last ball over the leg side for another six as Starc goes for 16 runs in that over.
21:18   KKR 113-5 (16 ovs) vs RCB | Scorecard

Kallis finally loses his patience as he decides to go after Chahal but skies a high catch to Takawale at sweeper cover.

Kallis walks back dejected after scoring 43 from 42 balls to leave KKR in trouble at 107 for five in the 16th over.

Surya Kumar Yadav clips Chahal on the leg side for a couple and Uthappa does the same off the last ball.

Another good showing with the ball by Chahal as he finishes with one for 26 in four overs.
21:11  KKR 106-4 (15 ovs) vs RCB | Scorecard

Dinda has settled into a good rhythm. He is bowling yorkers outside the off-stump and not giving both Kallis and Uthappa anything to work with.

Another quiet over passes by as Dinda concedes just six with KKR on 106 for four in 15 overs.
21:10   KKR 100-4 (14 ovs) vs RCB | Scorecard

Chahal comes back, to bowl his third over. He continues to be miserly as KKR get four singles from that over to reach 100 for four in 14 overs.

Those two wickets in the Aaron over have stemmed the run flow with 11 runs coming from the last three overs.
21:09  KKR 96-4 (13 ovs) vs RCB | Scorecard

Dinda to continue with RCB in a good position following the double strike in Aaron's last over.

Dinda has conceded just five runs in his second over as KKR look to rally and keep wickets for the end overs.

Kallis the key man for KKR, he is batting well on 39 from 36 balls but has gone into a shell in recent overs.
21:03   KKR 91-4 (12 ovs) vs RCB | Scorecard

Aaron comes back and he breaks the partnership with the wicket of Lynn, who holes out to de Villiers at long-off.

The boundaries had dried up in the last couple of overs and Lynn tried to break the shackles but failed as he walked back after a good innings of 45 from 31 balls.

Yusuf Pathan plays a poor shot before getting his eye in. He tries to loft it over mid-off but mistimes it and is caught by Kohli on the off-side for a duck.

Robin Uthappa gets off the mark with a single from the last ball of the over.

Aaron has once again done a good job with the ball, taking two for 12 in three overs.
20:52  KKR 89-2 (11 ovs) vs RCB | Scorecard

Ashok Dinda comes into the attack. Three singles from the first three balls before Kallis inside edges a full toss to square leg and gets just one.

Dinda trying to bowl as full as possible and not give any room as both Kallis and Lynn can take just take ones and twos.

However, he tries a slower ball which goes wide down the leg side to Kallis, who drives the last ball through the covers for one.
20:48  KKR 82-2 (10 ovs) vs RCB | Scorecard

Kallis clips Chahal's first ball on the leg side for a couple before he does the same two balls later for the same result.

The last ball is short which Lynn pulls over midwicket but this his timing is not that good as Starc stops it inside the boundary for two more runs.

Chahal has been able to keep the runs down as compared to Murali, giving away 14 in two overs.

KKR have recovered after the two early wickets to reach 82 for two in 10 overs.
20:45  KKR 76-2 (9 ovs) vs RCB | Scorecard

KKR have decided to target Muralitharan with the advantage of shorter boundaries square of the wicket.

This time it is Kallis, who sweeps the fifth ball over square leg for the third six against Muralitharan in his second over.

Murali has gone for 10 runs in that over and has conceded 25 runs in his first two overs.
20:43  KKR 66-2 (8 ovs) vs RCB | Scorecard

Leg-spinner Yuzvendra Chahal comes into the attack. Lynn lofts the third ball on the leg side where Starc takes a catch just inside the boundary but touches the ropes as he completes it. That is ruled a six, the first boundary conceded by Chahal in three matches in IPL 7.

Lynn has raced to 39 from 22 balls while Kallis is on 21 having faced the same number of deliveries as KKR reach 66 for two in eight overs.
20:39  KKR 57-2 (7 ovs) vs RCB | Scorecard

Veteran Muttiah Muralitharan comes into the attack in his first match of IPL 7. Lynn welcomes the champion spinner in pretty rude fashion as he slog sweeps the first ball over midwicket for a big six which hits the big screen inside the stadium.

In that same over, the Australian right-hander repeats the shot and sweeps Murali for another six over the leg side.

Muralitharan has gone for 15 runs in his first over as KKR continue their recovery to reach 57 for two in seven overs.
20:37   KKR 42-2 (6 ovs) vs RCB | Scorecard

Aaron continues to bowl quick. The pacer has settled on a good line and length, keeping it full and Kallis and Lynn can only get four runs from that over.

KKR have reached 42 for two in six overs with Kallis on 19 from as many balls, while Lynn has made 17 from 13 balls.
20:30  KKR 38-2 (5 ovs) vs RCB | Scorecard

Morkel comes back for his second spell. Kallis takes a single from the first ball before Lynn is beaten off the next.

He then drives the fourth ball through the covers for a boundary as the fielder fails to get behind the ball and stop it. The next ball is smashed through that same region as KKR get a move along after their poor start.

Kohli suffers an injury off the last ball as it bounces off the practice pitches and strikes the RCB captain on the face. He is bleeding and looks in some pain forcing him to go off the field for some treatment.
20:22  KKR 28-2 (4 ovs) vs RCB | Scorecard

Fast bowler Varun Aaron comes into the attack after just one over from Morkel.

Kallis is beaten as he tries to play it through the off-side before he mistimes the pull shot on the leg side for a single.

Lyonn then smashes a full delivery powerfully back past the bowler to the right of mid-off for a boundary. He then tries to heave it on the leg side but misses.
20:17   KKR 22-2 (3 ovs) vs RCB | Scorecard

Starc continues as Lynn edges the first ball to thirdman for a single. Kallis then fails to find the gap for the next four deliveries before cuts the last ball behind point for a boundary.

Kallis looks in good touch right from the start, scoring 14 from 11 balls, as KKR reach 22 for two in three overs.
20:12   KKR 17-2 (2 ovs) vs RCB | Scorecard

Pandey smashes the first ball from Albie Morkel, which is short and wide, over the off-side for a boundary, the first of the innings.

But the pacer gets his revenge from the next delivery as Pandey is caught by Virat Kohli at point for five. He was walking as he plays that shot but gets a thick outside edge which pops straight to Kohli to leave KKR in trouble at 10 for two in the second over.

Chris Lynn is off the mark with a single to mid-off before Kallis punches the next ball straight down the ground for a four.

Two more singles as Morkel goes for 11 runs in that over.
20:07   KKR 6-1 (1 ov) vs RCB | Scorecard

Mitchell Starc to bowl the first over for RCB. Jacques Kallis to open the batting with captain Gautam Gambhir, who has failed to score in his previous two innings.

And Gambhir's barren continues. The left-hander has fallen for his third duck in IPL 7 as he is trapped leg before wicket by Mitchell Starc in the first over of the innings.

A full delivery which he tries to turn on the leg side but misses and is ruled out LBW for a first-ball duck. He also failed to score against Mumbai Indians and Delhi Daredevils.

Manish Pandey gets off the mark with a single to thirdman before Kallis gets a couple through midwicket and picks another couple off the last ball.
19:45  RCB win toss, elect to bowl against KKR:   Royal Challengers Bangalore captain has won the toss and elected to bowl against Kolkata Knight Riders.

The big news is that opener Chris Gayle has still not recovered from his injury and will miss out on this match.

RCB though have made two changes bringing in veteran Muttiah Muralitharan and Yogesh Takawale in place of Nic Maddinson and Sachin Rana.

Kolkata have also made two changes to their team and have benched two of their spinners. Pacer Umesh Yadav replaces leg-spinner Piyush Chawla, while Australia right-hander Chris Lynn takes the place of left-arm spinner Shakib Al Hasan.

19:44  Will Gayle return for RCB?:   It remains to be seen if Chris Gayle has recovered from his injury to bolster Royal Challengers Bangalore for their clash against Kolkata Knight Riders in the Indian Premier League, in Sharjah, on Thursday.

Gayle missed the first two matches because of a sore back but is expected to play in this match.

Bangalore won their first two matches, against Delhi Daredevils and Mumbai Indians, while KKR beat Mumbai but went down to Delhi.

The match also brings the Morkel brothers against each with Albie playing for RCB and Morne turning up for KKR.

Interestingly, their head to head record is even with the two teams winning six matches each.