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LIVE IPL! Hyderabad hand Mumbai fifth straight defeat

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April 30, 2014

23:52  Hyderabad hand Mumbai fifth straight defeat:   Hyderabad win by 15 runs!!!

Mumbai 157-7 (20 ovs) vs Hyderabad 172-5 | Scorecard

Pathan given the huge responsibility of bowling the last over of the innings with Pollard on strike.

He is bowling from round the wicket and he starts with a full incoming delivery which Pollard drags back on to his stumps and is bowled. What a huge wicket for Hyderabad!!

Pollard walks back after a superb innings of 78 from 48 balls, having three fours and six sixes.

Zaheer Khan takes a single from the next ball before Gautam is beaten by a wide yorker. He then misses out on a yorker and picks a leg bye.

Two byes from the last two deliveries as Mumbai finish on 157 for seven to lose by 15 runs for their fifth straight defeat in IPL 7.

Pathan has been excellent under pressure to finish with good figures of two for 10 in two overs. The pacers were superb for Sunrisers in this match with Steyn taking two for 20 and Bhuvneshwar claiming two for 17 in their four overs respectively.

23:37  Mumbai 153-5 (19 ovs) vs Hyderabad 172-5 | Scorecard

Bhuvneshwar to bowl the 19th over. Harbhajan drives the first ball down to long-off for one before Kumar switches to round the wicket as Pollard slams a full toss down the ground but Steyn makes good ground to keep it down to one.

The pacer is unlucky that umpire Dharmasena rules a close call as wide as Harbhajan was beaten. He plays and misses the next ball before hitting it straight to Dhawan at covers to fall for one.

New batsman CM Gautam makes room and drills a full delivery through the covers for a boundary.

The fine leg is called into the circle as Gautam tries the paddle but can't beat the short fine leg fielder.

Mumbai need 20 from the final over for victory.
23:30  Mumbai 146-5 (18 ovs) vs Hyderabad 172-5 | Scorecard

A desperate Dhawan is forced to bring back his premier strike bowler in Steyn to check Pollard's charge.

Steyn makes the breakthrough but he gets the wicket of Tare, who looks to hit it over the off-side, but holes out a high catch to the wicketkeeper for seven.

Pollard is beaten by a quick yorker outside the off-stump before he offers no stroke to a short ball to end the over.

Just four from the Steyn over, who finishes with two for 20 in four overs.

Mumbai need 27 runs from 12 balls for victory.
23:25  Mumbai 142-4 (17 ovs) vs Hyderabad 172-5 | Scorecard

Hyderabad take the gamble by bringing Mishra back with Pollard still at the crease.

And Pollard needs no second invitation as he lofts the first ball, a full toss, for a huge six over long-off and does the same off the next ball.

Mishra shortens his length a bit but Pollard still lofts it over the ropes for the third six in a row.

He then smashes the next down the ground for a boundary before taking two runs from the next ball to midwicket. Pollard paddle sweeps the last ball for another couple as 27 runs come from that Mishra over.

Pollard is single-handedly taking on the bowlers, he is batting on 76 from 43 balls, having hit three fours and six sixes.

Mumbai back in the hunt with 31 needed from three overs for victory.

A nightmore outing for Mishra, as he is hit for 54 runs in four overs.
23:18   Mumbai 115-4 (16 ovs) vs Hyderabad 172-5 | Scorecard

With Pollard attacking the spinners, Dhawan brings in left-arm pacer Irfan Pathan. And he makes the crucial breakthrough with the wicket of Rayudu, who tries a cross batted slog but holes out to Warner at deep midwicket.

Rayudu made 35 from 27 balls, putting on 77 runs from 57 balls for the fourth wicket to lead Mumbai's fightback.

Pathan bowls a quick yorker to Pollard, who digs it out on the leg side and gets two runs in the process. He then drives a full ball to long-on for a single to bring up his fifty from 37 balls.

New batsman Aditya Tare pulls the last ball through square leg for a four.

Mumbai are 115 for four in 16 overs, needing 58 runs from four overs for victory at an asking rate of 14.50.
23:11  Mumbai 106-3 (15 ovs) vs Hyderabad 172-5 | Scorecard

Bhuvneshwar comes back for a new spell. He was excellent with the new ball, taking one wicket for three runs in two overs in his first spell.

Rayudu smashes the second ball through the covers for a four but manages to keep it tight for the rest, giving away just seven runs.

Mumbai are 106 for three in 15 overs, needing 67 runs from 30 balls for victory.
23:05  Mumbai 99-3 (14 ovs) vs Hyderabad 172-5 | Scorecard

Pollard is taking on the spinners as this time he comes down to Sharma and hits him for a huge six over midwicket. He has hit three sixes in his last six balls to race to 44 from 31 balls.

Rayudu joins the party as he also chips down the track and lofts it back over the bowler's head for a four.

23:02  Mumbai 86-3 (13 ovs) vs Hyderabad 172-5 | Scorecard

Pollard has decided to target Mishra. The first ball is short which Mishra pulls through midwicket for a four and comes down the track to the next ball to loft it over long-off for a six.

Mishra then bowls another flighted delivery as Pollard tries another big shot but is beaten by the turn.

Pollard then gives Mishra the charge again and sends it sailing over the midwicket fence for the second six of the over.

Two singles from the last two balls as Mishra goes for 19 in that over to give Mumbai a huge lift courtesy of Pollard's big hits. They need 87 runs from 42 balls for victory at an asking rate of 12.42.
22:57  Mumbai 67-3 (12 ovs) vs Hyderabad 172-5 | Scorecard

Both the leg spinners in tandem as Karn Sharma comes on from the other end. Pollard eyes the big shot as he comes down the track but is forced to defend and then nearly chops one back on to his stumps as he plays back.

Four runs from the over as Mumbai reach 67 for three in 12 overs, needing 106 runs from eight overs for victory.
22:56  Mumbai 63-3 (11 ovs) vs Hyderabad 172-5 | Scorecard

Mishra beats Pollard all ends up with one that turns big as Mumbai struggle to get the scoreboard moving against the leg-spinner.

Mishra gives three runs in his second over for a total of eight runs in two overs as the asking rate continues to grow.
22:54  Mumbai 60-3 (10 ovs) vs Hyderabad 172-5 | Scorecard

Rayudu breaks the shackles as he slogs Sammy over midwicket for a four but fails to take advantage of a full toss next ball and gets just a single from it.

Pollard pulls the last delivery over the square leg region for another four as Mumbai reach 60 for three in 10 overs. They need 113 from 60 balls for victory.
22:52  Mumbai 48-3 (9 ovs) vs Hyderabad 172-5 | Scorecard

Amit Mishra comes into the attack. Pollard and Rayudu plays out his first over with caution collecting five easy singles from it.
22:40  Mumbai 43-3 (8 ovs) vs Hyderabad 172-5 | Scorecard

Sharma beats Pollard with one that turns big before he gets three from the next courtesy of an overthrow.

Sharma keeping it full and on the stumps and Rayudu and Pollard can get only five from that over as Mumbai reach 43 for three in eight overs.
22:37  Mumbai 38-3 (7 ovs) vs Hyderabad 172-5 | Scorecard

With Pollard out in the middle, Hyderabad bring back their pace ace Steyn to bounce out the West Indian.

Pollard defends the first two balls before he takes one from the third. Rayudu survives as he edges one but it is put down by Sammy at first slip diving to his right. He is then beaten off the last ball trying to play another wild shot on the leg side.
22:32   Mumbai 32-3 (6 ovs) vs Hyderabad 172-5 | Scorecard

Dunk continues to find the boundaries as he smashes Darren Sammy's second ball through the covers for a four.

But the bowler gets revenge three balls later as Dunk plays over one and is bowled for 20 from 17 balls.

New batsman Kieron Pollard gets off the mark with a single from the last ball.
22:28  Mumbai 24-2 (5 ovs) vs Hyderabad 172-5 | Scorecard

Leg-spinner Karn Sharma comes into the attack. Dunk releases some pressure as he lofts the second ball over mid-off for a four. The left-hander edges the fifth ball as it beats short thirdman for another boundary as 11 runs come from that over.
22:27  Mumbai 13-2 (4 ov) vs Hyderabad 172-5 | Scorecard

Bhuvneshwar continues and he starts with a leg side wide to Dunk. But he manages to keep the left-hander glued to one end for the rest of the over as he concedes just a single in that over.

Mumbai are in a spot of bother at 13 for two in four overs.
22:26   Mumbai 12-2 (3 ov) vs Hyderabad 172-5 | Scorecard

Steyn beats Anderson with one that moves away beating the left-hander as the loud appeal for caught behind is turned down.

He then tries to play the ramp shot but gets it on the gloves to lobs a high catch behind the stumps to wicketkeper Naman Ojha to dismiss him for one.

Steyn bowls a quick delivery to new batsman Ambati Rayudu, which bounces more than expected. The last ball is again on the shorter side but slides down the leg side as Rayudu looks to pull but gets an edge down the leg side for a boundary.
22:11   Mumbai 8-1 (2 ov) vs Hyderabad 172-5 | Scorecard

Bhuvneshwar strikes early with the big wicket of Rohit Sharma. The Mumbai captain is beaten all ends up as the incoming delivery goes through the big gap between the bat and his pads to bowl him for one.

Rohit's poor run in the IPL continues with just one fifty from five innings in the UAE leg.

Corey Anderson walks out to bat at No. 3 and he gets off the mark with a single from the last ball of the over.
22:08  Mumbai 6-0 (1 ov) vs Hyderabad 172-5 | Scorecard

Debutant Ben Dunk to face the fiery pace of Dale Steyn first up. He gets off the mark with a single from the second ball to fine leg before Rohit does the same three balls later with a single in the covers.

Dunk ends the over with a boundary as he cuts a short ball over the point region to get six from the first over.
21:46  Hyderabad 172-5 (20 ovs) vs Mumbai | Scorecard

Malinga to bowl the final over of the innings. Rahul tries to paddle the second ball but gets a top edge to lob a simple catch to wicketkeeper CM Gautam and is dismissed for a good innings of 46 from 40 balls.

Irfan Pathan survives a close shout for run out as he makes his crease just in time beating the direct hit from Anderson in the covers.

Naman Ojha ends the innings in grand style, hitting the last two balls for two boundaries through the covers.

Malinga goes for 11 runs in his final over as Hyderabad finish on a respectable 172 for five in their 20 overs.
21:39   Hyderabad 161-4 (19 ovs) vs Mumbai | Scorecard

The clean shaven Corey Anderson called into bowl his first over and it is the 19th of the innings.

Warner heaves the first ball over midwicket for a six but the Kiwi pacer gets his revenge from the next delivery.

Warner tries the switch hit again but gets an edge and is caught behind after a good innings of 65 from 51 balls, after putting on 111 runs from 80 balls for the third wicket with Rahul.

Darren Sammy takes no time to warm up. The first ball he faces is smoked over long-on for a six and two balls later he edges it over short thirdman for a four.

He tries another big hit down the ground but holes out to long-on where Pollard takes a good catch diving forward.

Anderson's only over has been expensive, going for 18 runs, even though he managed to pick up two wickets.
21:30  Hyderabad 143-2 (18 ovs) vs Mumbai | Scorecard

Zaheer is back. Rahul takes a single from the first ball to bring up the 100-run partnership for the third wicket from 73 balls.

Zaheer brings all his experience into play, bowling it full and on the stumps and Hyderabad can manage only six singles in that over.
21:25  Hyderabad 137-2 (17 ovs) vs Mumbai | Scorecard

Warner switches his stance and grip completely and turns into a right-hander before cutting a short ball from Malinga, which nearly beats Ojha at short thirdman but gets a hand for a couple.

A good over from Malinga in the circumstances giving away just seven runs, in his third.
21:19  Hyderabad 130-2 (16 ovs) vs Mumbai | Scorecard

Pollard bowls a high full toss to Warner who slams it straight back but hits umpire Kumara Dharmasena on the shoulder.

Warner then heaves Pollard's third ball over midwicket for a six before he takes two runs from the next delivery to complete his half-century, from 41 balls.

Rahul continues to keep the scoreboard moving a quick two to deep midwicket followed by a single to fine leg region.

Hyderabad have lifted the tempo, scoring 41 runs from the last three overs to reach 130 for two in 16 overs.
21:16  Hyderabad 117-2 (15 ovs) vs Mumbai | Scorecard

Ojha's poor outing with the ball continues. He starts his new spell with a leg side wide which beats the wicketkeeper for five wides.

A few deliveries later he slogs one into the stands over midwicket for a six before Rahul crashes the last ball down the ground for a couple as Ojha gives away 18 runs in that over.

Hyderabad look set for a total around the 160-run mark as they reach 117 for two in 15 overs.

Warner has raced to 42 from 37 balls and Rahul has given him good support for 38 from 32 balls.
21:08  Hyderabad 99-2 (14 ovs) vs Mumbai | Scorecard

Pollard will continue. Rahul flicks the first ball but Rayudu makes a good stop at midwicket to save a run or two. The youngster then steers the next delivery past point, placing it perfectly in the gap, for a boundary and then takes a single to fine leg.

A few words exchanged Warner and Pollard before the former slams the next ball angrily down the ground for a four.

Pollard goes for 10 runs in that over as Hyderabad look to break free.

21:01  Hyderabad 89-2 (13 ovs) vs Mumbai | Scorecard

Harbhajan will finish off early. Rahul reverses the second ball fine for a couple before he hits it to deep midwicket for one.

Warner struggling against Harbhajan as he makes room but the ball follows him and he can't get it away. He then turns the next on the leg side for one.

Harbhajan concedes six runs in his final over to finish with good figures of 16 runs in four overs.
20:59  Hyderabad 83-2 (12 ovs) vs Mumbai | Scorecard

It's been a while since Hyderabad last hit a boundary. And Pollard continues the sequence as he tries to build the pressure by giving away seven runs in his second over.

Hyderabad last hit a boundary 27 balls ago and they would be desperate to break the shackles and get some quick runs in the remaining overs.
20:54  Hyderabad 76-2 (11 ovs) vs Mumbai | Scorecard

Warner is finding it hard to get going against Harbhajan. He looks to break the off-spinner's rhythm as he plays the reverse sweep but miscues it over the short thirdman fielder for a couple.

Harbhajan gives away just five runs in his third over as Hyderabad reach 76 for two in 11 overs.
20:50  Hyderabad 71-2 (10 ovs) vs Mumbai | Scorecard

Medium pacer Kieron Pollard comes into the attack. Rahul is content to play the singles and hand the strike back to Warner, who looks keen to attack but has not got enough opportunities yet.

Three singles from the first four balls before Warner opens the face of the bat and runs it past point for a couple.

He drives the last ball to sweeper cover for a single as Hyderabad reach 71 for two in 10 overs.

Rahul is batting on 24 from 21 balls, while Warner has made 16 from 18 balls.
20:45  Hyderabad 65-2 (9 ovs) vs Mumbai | Scorecard

Harbhajan has been doing a good job with the ball for Mumbai in recent games. Once again Sunrisers find it hard to get runs off him and Warner takes one from the third ball to midwicket before Rahul flicks the fifth ball to square leg for a single.

Just two from that over as Harbhajan keeps the runs down with just six runs coming from his first two overs.
20:42  Hyderabad 63-2 (8 ovs) vs Mumbai | Scorecard

Ojha, who went for runs in his first over, comes back for his second spell. He continues to struggle as he bowls a big wide down the leg side which goes for a four for five extra runs.

Warner slog sweeps the next delivery over midwicket for a six as Ojha goes for 15 runs in that over for a total of 25 in two overs.
20:41  Hyderabad 48-2 (7 ovs) vs Mumbai | Scorecard

Harbhajan Singh comes into the attack. Warner immediately comes down the track but gets an outside edge which goes on the off-side before he takes a single.

A good start from the veteran off-spinner as he gives away four runs in his first over.
20:32  Hyderabad 44-2 (6 ovs) vs Mumbai | Scorecard

Malinga comes back. Rahul taps the first ball on the leg side for a single before David Warner picks one from the third ball to get off the mark.

Rahul then turns Malinga square on the leg side for a couple before he gets two more runs from the last ball.

Hyderabad are 44 for two in six overs.
20:27  Hyderabad 38-2 (5 ovs) vs Mumbai | Scorecard

Double breakthrough for Zaheer as he gets the wicket of Finch, in his third over. The right-hander tried to slam it over the off-side but was caught in the covers after scoring 16 from 15 balls.

Earlier in the over Rahul tried to steer it to thirdman but got an edge which bounced in front of Harbhajan at first slip and went for a four.

Hyderabad in a spot of bother at 38 for two in five overs.
20:21  Hyderabad 31-1 (4 ovs) vs Mumbai | Scorecard

Pragyan Ojha comes into the attack after just a single over from Malinga. Finch chips the second ball over the cover region for a boundary before Rahul comes down the track and hits the ball through the same area for yet another four.

Rahul retains strike with a single from the last ball to long-off as Ojha goes for 10 runs in his first over.
20:18   Hyderabad 21-1 (3 ovs) vs Mumbai | Scorecard

Zaheer bowls a short wide delivery and Dhawan smashes it through the covers for his first boundary.

But Zaheer gets revenge from the next ball as Dhawan again tries to drive the next one which is closer to the off-stump but gets an edge and is caught by Harbhajan at first slip for for six.

Hyderabad have sent in KL Rahul ahead of David Warner at No. 3. The young Rahul defends the last two deliveries as Hyderabad reach 21 for one in three overs.
20:13  Hyderabad 15-0 (2 ovs) vs Mumbai | Scorecard

Lasith Malinga comes in to bowl the second over as he starts his spell by kissing the ball before he runs in to bowl.

Dhawan gets another leg bye before Finch hits it on the off-side for a couple and then takes one to thirdman.

Dhawan picks a single on the leg side to get off the mark as SH reach 15 for no loss in two overs.
20:06  Hyderabad 10-0 (1 ov) vs Mumbai | Scorecard

The dangerous opening duo of Aaron Finch and Shikhar Dhawan walk out to open the innings. Veteran Zheer Khan will open the bowling for Mumbai.

Finch defends the first ball on the off-side for a single before Dhawan gets a leg bye off the next.

Finch then flicks a full delivery through square leg for a four and then nudges the next ball fine on the leg side for another boundary.

Zaheer then beats Finch with one that moves away before the last ball is stopped in the covers.

Sunrisers are off the blocks quickly, scoring 10 runs from the first over.
20:01   Check out the playing eleven of the two teams:

Mumbai Indians:
Rohit Sharma (captain), Ben Dunk, Aditya Tare, Corey Anderson, Ambati Rayudu, Kieron Pollard, CM Gautam (w/k), Harbhajan Singh, Zaheer Khan, Lasith Malinga, Pragyan Ojha.

Sunrisers Hyderabad: Shikhar Dhawan (captain), Aaron Finch, David Warner, Lokesh Rahul, Naman Ojha (w/k), Darren Sammy, Irfan Pathan, Karan Sharma, Amit Mishra, Dale Steyn, Bhuvneshwar Kumar.
19:39  Mumbai Indians win toss, elect to bowl vs Hyderabad:   Mumbai Indians captain Rohit Sharma has won the toss and elected to bat against Sunrisers Hyderabad in the 20th and the final match of the IPL first leg in the United Arab Emirates.

Mumbai have made one change bringing in Australian Ben Dunk in place of veteran Mike Hussey, who has struggled in IPL 7.

Dunk, who was bought by Mumbai Indians for Rs 20 lakh, was the player of the Australian Big Bash League as he top scored with 348 runs in the tournament for the Hobart Hurricanes.

Sunrisers Hyderabad also made their change as they bring in Irfan Pathan and Naman Ojha.
00:18   Rajasthan win via Super Over on boundary countback!!!

Kolkata 152-8 (20 ovs) vs Rajasthan 152-5 | Scorecard

SUPER OVER: Rajasthan 11-0 (1 ov) vs KKR 11-2

Rajasthan need 12 runs to win the Super Over but even if they score 11 they can still win as if the Super Over finishes tied the team which has hit the most number of boundaries in the regulation 20 overs will be declared winners.

As expected Sunil Narine will bowl the Super Over for KKR. Shane Watson will open the batting with Steven Smith with Stuart Binny slated to come in at No. 3.

Watson hits the first ball to long-off for a single. 1-0 (0.1)

Smith flicks the second ball on the leg side for two runs. 3-0 (0.2)

Smith then attempts the reverse sweep but gets just a single on the off-side. 4-0 (0.3)

Narine drops short as Watson pulls it over deep midwicket where Pandey has come in a long way and the ball sails over him for a four. 8-0 (0.4)

Watson then drives it to long-off for a single as RR need three runs from the last ball for victory. 9-0 (0.5)

Smith taps the last ball on the off-side and they sprint back for two runs. Smart batting from the two Aussies. 11-0 (0.6)

The two teams finish level on scores in the Super Over but Rajasthan are declared winners as they hit more boundaries (18 fours and a six), while Kolkata hit 14 fours and a six in the normal time.

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