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Live Update: Dominant England lead India by 237 runs on Day 2

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August 16, 2014

23:19   Eng 385-7 (105 ovs) vs India 148 | Scorecard

It's been England's day once again as the hosts finish the day on 385-7, with an overall lead of 237 runs. 

Joe Root is standing tall with an unbeaten 92. England top order once again fired as Alastair Cook, Garry Ballance hitting half-centuries. 

Jos Butler hit a impressive 45 as England made Indians pay for some poor bowling. 

Varun Aaron was the most impressive bowler for India and he along with Ashwin and Ishant Sharma picked up two wickets apiece. 
22:49  Eng 370-7 (102 ovs) vs India 148 | Scorecard

England continue to pile on runs against tired Indian attack as the lead stretches past the 200-run mark. 

Indian bowlers have struggled to contain England's men in form and have leaked runs from both ends. 

Also, Dhoni's field placements were much left to be desired as the fielders looked to go through the motions. 

Root is going strong on 80, while Chris Jordan is on 16. England lead by India by 222 runs.   
22:11  Eng 318-7 (95 ovs) vs India 148 | Scorecard

Ishant Sharma has finally broken the partnership, with England already in drivers seat. 

Ishant had Butler walking back after he was caught at short midwicket for 45. It was an entertaining innings from the England wicket-keeper and he perished in search of some quick runs. 

Chirs Woakes too was on his way back after is clipped one to Dhoni. 

England are closing-in on the 200-run lead mark with Joe Root too looking to use the long handle.
21:49   Eng 303-5 (91 ovs) vs India 148 | Scorecard

Jos Butler Joe Root have taken control now in the middle courtesy of a half-century stand. 

Both of them have been in good form this series and are happy to milk the bowlers around. 

Indian bowlers have struggled on the day barring the post lunch session, where they picked up wickets. 

Root is going strong 38, while Butler is on 40. England lead India by 155 runs.
20:45  Eng 256-5 (77 ovs) vs India 148 | Scorecard

Jos Butler and Joe Root are looking good in the middle as England's lead crosses the 100-run mark.

It was a good post-lunch session for India as they managed to pick up four wickets in quick succession. 

Butler survived a close LBW, but since then he has put his head down to play out the session. 

England have piled on 108 runs lead and would look to push it to close to 200-run mark by the close of play. 

Root is on 17, Butler is on 14.
20:21   Eng 246-5 (73 ovs) vs India 148 | Scorecard

England, though dented by some quick wickets, still hold the upper hand in the fifth and final Test here at the Oval.

England were looking good 191-2 before, Ashwin's twin strike along with Ishant Sharma's spell turned the tide in India's favour slightly. 

Varun Aaron first removed Alastair Cook, after he was dropped twice for 79. Then Ashwin removed well-set Gary Ballance for 64. 

Ishant Sharma made the session good one for India as he induced a false stroke from Ian Bell and was caught by MS Dhoni. 

Moeen Ali hit some crisp boundaries before playing one back onto his stumps. much to the delight of the Indians.

England have a healthy 98 runs lead, with Jos Butler and Joe Root at the crease. 

20:03  Eng 234-5 (70 ovs) vs India 148 | Scorecard

R Ashwin has picked up another wicket to give India hope of wrapping up the England innings early. 

This time its Moeen Ali, who has to make the long walk back after he was castled by Ashwin for 14. 

Ali looking to leave the ball, ended up chopping one back on to the stumps as England slumped from a healthy 191-2 to 229-5.
19:31   Eng 209-4 (64 ovs) vs India 148 | Scorecard

India have finally managed to get the wickets in the second session of play with Garry Ballance and Ian Bell walking back to the pavillion in quick succession.

Ashwin first got better of well-set Ballance as the south-paw hit one straight to silly points hands for 64. 

Then Ishant Sharma got his name in the wickets coloumn as he had in-form Ian Bell walking back after he edged one to Dhoni for 7.

19:07   Eng 192-2 (60 ovs) vs India 148 | Scorecard

Varun Aaron once again turned out India's saviour as he removed Alastair Cook for 79. 

Cook who was dropped twice, was caught by Murali Vijay at first slip. Aaron invited Cook for a drive as the ball screamed past the outside edge, where Vijay took a low catch.

Cook-Ballance duo added 125 runs for the second wicket to put England on the front foot. 

Ballance is on 60, while Bell us yet to open his account. 
18:52  Eng 182-1 (56 ovs) vs India 148 | Scorecard

India's slip fielding nightmare continues as they dropped Alastrair Cook twice in space of five runs. 

Cook was first dropped by Murali Vijay at first slip off Aaron. 

Ajinkya Rahane, then dropped a difficult chance at first slip off Ashwin. 

Bowlers too are looking out of sorts, with only Varun Aaron the lone bright sport.
Cook is on 74, while Ballance is on 55 as England lead by 34 runs.
18:24  Eng 165-1 (48 ovs) vs India 148 | Scorecard

England have quickly taken the lead, largely due to some poor bowling from Indian bowlers. 

Bhuvneshwar Kumar has been faulty of bowling ball down the leg slide, while Ashwin is giving too many juicy half-volleys to the batsmen.

Gary Ballance, meanwhile completed his half-century with a boundary off Bhuvneshwar as England quickly on to 17 runs ahead of  India's total.
17:58   Eng 148-1 (45 ovs) vs India 148 | Scorecard

It's been England's morning so far as as they added 86 runs in the opening session, losing just one wicket. 

Alastair Cook and Gary Ballance have looked solid after Varun Aaron removed Sam Robson for 37.

Since then the duo have added 82 runs for the second wicket, with Ballance closing in on another half-century. 

Ballance boundary off the last ball before lunch levelled the scores with looking to dominate in the next session. 

Cook is on 56 (140), while Ballance is on 40 (66).
17:21   Eng 139-1 (42 ovs) vs India 148 | Scorecard

Alastair Cook stroked his way to another half-century with a boundary off Ashwin. Cook, who has been in good forms since Southampton Test has been hard to be dislodge. 

He is getting good support from the other end, with Gary Ballance continuing from where is left off. 

The duo have added 71 runs so far as England close in on India's total. 
16:50   Eng 118-1 (35 ovs) vs India 148 | Scorecard

Indian bowlers have not hit their mark and have struggled to dislodge Alastair Cook and Gary Ballance. 

Varun Aaron provided the initial breakthrough with Sam Robson's wicket early, but failed to maintain their line and length. 

No sign of Aswhin as MS Dhoni has mainly opted with his medium pacers. 

England trail India by 30 runs. Cook is on 44, while Ballance is on 24.
Eng 103-1 (31 ovs) vs India 148 | Scorecard

After Varun Aaron's early blow, Gary Ballance and Alastair Cook have quickly settled in. 

Ballance has been lucky to get some loose deliveries from Indian bowlers, allowing him to quickly move into double digits.

Aaron is the only bowler who is looking anywhere near dangerous, rest are seem to just going through the motions. 

Cook is on 37, while Ballance is on 21.
15:48   - Scorecard

Varun Aaron strikes early for India as he castles Sam Robson for 37. 

Beaten for pace, Aaron pitched one up front, but the balls crashed onto off stump. 

England 70-1 after 21 overs. Cook is in the middle on 24, alongwith Gary Ballance on four.