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LIVE Cricket! Vijay hits half-century to rally India on Day 3

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July 19, 2014

23:12  Vijay hits half-century to rally India on Day 3:  

Ind 169-4 (63 ovs) vs Eng 319 | Scorecard

At stumps on Day 3, India finish on 169 for four in 63 overs for an overall lead of 145 runs with six wickets in hand and two more days to go.

Vijay single-handedly rescued the Indians after a few quick wickets in the post-tea session as he finished unbeaten on a patient innings of 59 from 190 balls, having hit seven fours. Dhoni struggled against the pacers but survived to score 12 from 51 balls as the duo were involved in an unbroken stand of 46 runs.

Vijay continues his good run in the series, having scored 281 runs so far but importantly has faced 737 balls so far with a century in the first match in Nottingham.

The pitch seemed to have freshened in the post tea session with the pacers getting a lot of help. Plunkett was the most outstanding bowler for England, taking two for 24 in 12 overs to follow up on the 55 not out he had made with the bat earlier in the day.

Broad (1 for 41) and Stokes (1 for 35) were the other wicket-takers to keep the match evenly poised after the third day.
23:01  Ind 169-4 (63 ovs) vs Eng 319 | Scorecard

Another change for England as Stokes replaces Plunkett as the hosts decide to continue with their seamers and not bring back off-spinner Moeen Ali.

Dhoni is beaten by Stokes outside the off-stump as the ball continues to move even so late in the day. With not much time to go for stumps, it looks like Dhoni has opted to bat for stumps and is being very cautious against the pace bowlers.

Anderson bowls a quick bouncer to Vijay who ducks under it as it beats prior for four byes.

A couple of more overs to go as Plunkett comes back. Dhoni walks across a long way and then tries to flick it on the leg side as he misses and the ball passes very close to the leg stump.

Ali to bowl what looks like the last over of the day as England look to finish nearly five overs short despite taking the extra half an hour.

India take four singles from the over to finish the day on 169 for four in 63 overs at close on the third day.
22:30  Vijay hits fifty to lift India after quick wickets:  Ind 156-4 (55 ovs) vs Eng 319 | Scorecard

Vijay takes a single to square leg before Broad resumes his battle with Dhoni. This time the pacer is bowling full and outside the off-stump to the Indian captain, who lets the first two balls go through before he defends one. He then pulls a short delivery to the fine leg fielder for a single. Vijay steers the last ball through his favourite thirdman region for a four to take his score to 42.

Plunkett causing the Indians a lot of problem. Dhoni offers no stroke to the first ball which comes back and hits him on the pads but he is well outside the line and the height saves him too. He does it again off the fifth delivery and once again Dhoni is well outside the line of the off-stump.

Broad then has another huge appeal for LBW turned down against Vijay  with the ball clearly looking to be heading down the leg side. Broad had charged all the way to the batsman without even bothering to look at the umpire believing that it was a plumb decision but it was missing leg stump comfortably.

Dhoni then punches the next delivery past mid-off for a boundary to bring some cheer to the Indian dressing room after some tight bowling in the recent overs.

Anderson comes back, replacing Broad, who bowled a good last spell. Vijay drives the third ball through the covers for a four and then flicks the next fine on the leg side for another boundary to bring up his fifty in some style, from 162 balls.
22:07  Ind 134-4 (50 ovs) vs Eng 319 | Scorecard

Broad bowls a short wide delivery which Dhoni hammers through the point region for a boundary to get off the mark.

He bowls another short ball to Dhoni, who walks across his stumps and avoids the ball easily as it slips down the leg side. The Indian captain then takes one on the elbow as he takes a short ball on his body before he bowls another bouncer which goes wide on the leg side for a bye.

Dhoni walking across his stumps as he is hit on the pads by Plunkett but the LBW appeal is turned down as the right-hander was hit outside the line of the off-stump. Wicketkeeper Prior then lets slips through his gloves to concede a couple of byes as his horror show behind the stumps continues.

India are 134 for four in 50 overs, as their lead grows to 110 runs with Vijay on a patient 37 from 148 balls and Dhoni on four.
22:00  Rahane out for 5, India in trouble:   Ind 127-4 (47 ovs) vs Eng 319 | Scorecard

Rahane steers Plunkett through the vacant thirdman region for a boundary to get off the mark before he takes a single on the leg side.

But the falls in the next over as Broad gets him caught on the leg side by a short delivery with Prior taking a diving catch on the leg side.

Rahane walks back for five shaking his head in disbelief. And replays confirm that the right-hander was struck on the arm guard as he tries to avoid the short ball and is unlucky to be given out.

India have lost three wickets in the space of three overs to find themselves in trouble at 123 for four in the 47th over.
21:39  Plunkett's double strike leaves India in trouble:   Ind 118-3 (44 ovs) vs Eng 319 | Scorecard

The boundaries are coming more regularly now as Pujara steers a wide ball through the slips for a four to take his score to 39.

Plunkett comes on for Stokes, who has taken one for 33 in 10 overs. Vijay clips the first ball through midwicket for a single before he plays out the rest of the over.

Pujara then gloves a short delivery on his body down the leg side for a four as wicetkeeper Prior stands rooted to his ground. There is a huge appeal for LBW off the very next delivery by the bowler Broad but the umpire is not interested as India reach 117 for one in 43 overs.

Plunkett makes the breakthrough with the wicket of Pujara, who pokes his bat one outside the off-stump, only to get a slim edge and is caught behind.

Once again Pujara flatters to deceive as he falls for 43 after promising a lot more. He put on 78 runs for the second wicket with Vijay to lay a solid foundation for the Indian batting line-up.

Virat Kohli perishes off the very next delivery as he offers no stroke only to see the ball come back and crash into his stumps. The right-hander walks back for a golden duck to leave India in trouble at 118 for three in the 44th over.

Ajinkya Rahane to face the hat-trick but it is wide and he offers no stroke before he defends the last ball.
21:25   Ind 107-1 (40 ovs) vs Eng 319 | Scorecard

Pujara is hit on the gloves again as Stokes gets another one to bounce more than expected injuring the Indian right-hander as the physio comes out to attend him. But the pain seems to have gone away soon as Pujara cuts a short ball behind point for a boundary.

Vijay comes out of his shell for a brief moment as he plays a lovely drive through the covers off Stokes for a boundary. The pitch start to play tricks with lot of uneven bounce affecting the batsmen as Stokes gets another to rear up from length, catching Vijay a little shocked.

He steers the last ball through his favourite thirdman region for a four as India reach 107 for one in 40 overs to stretch their lead to 83 runs.

Pujara is batting fluently for 35 from 70 balls with the help of five fours, while Vijay is starting to open out after a cautious start to score 34 from 125 balls, hitting four fours.
21:24  Vijay, Pujara build India's lead on Day 3:   Ind 88-1 (35 ovs) vs Eng 319 | Scorecard

Stokes to start with the ball after the tea break. Pujara is hit on the gloves off the first ball courtesy of some extra bounce from Stokes but it falls safe. He takes a single from the fourth ball on the leg side before Vijay does the same off the last ball to retain strike.

Anderson follows it up with a maiden over to Vijay, who does nothing but watch the six deliveries outside the off-stump sail through to the keeper.

The trend continues with two singles off Stokes followed by a maiden over from Anderson to Vijay as India reach 88 for one after 35 overs to swell their lead to 64 runs.
20:16  TEA - DAY 3

Ind 84-1 (31 ovs) vs Eng 319 | Scorecard

At tea on Day 3, India reach 84 for one in 31 overs for a lead of 60 runs.

Vijay has done well once again at the start of the innings, showing great temperament to score 21 from 89 balls, while Pujara has made 25 from 52 balls.

India lost the wicket of Dhawan in that session, who was caught at point off Stokes for 31.

Overall, India scored 73 runs in 27 overs in the post lunch session to lay a solid foundation as England's pacers once again toiled without much success.

India would now hope for another good session with the bat and build their lead before stumps on the third day.
20:13  Ind 84-1 (31 ovs) vs Eng 319 | Scorecard

Pujara turning it on now. A leg side bound delivery from Plunkett is glided fine through fine leg for a four before the right-hander plays another splendid shot through the covers for the same result to push India's total.

The long-on is back on the boundary as Vijay drives it along the ground to that fielder for a single. A single each for both batsmen as India get three easy runs off Ali's second over.

Anderson comes back for another spell with the tea time approaching and England desperate for a wicket to break this developing partnership.

Vijay carefully plays out the eighth over from English's premier fast bowler, who maintains a good line and length around the off-stump.

Ali continues as Pujara turns the fourth ball on the leg side for onebefore Vijay loses his patience and lofts the spinner over midwicket for a four.

Anderson bowling a bit straighter to Pujara, who turns it fine on the leg side for one and Vijay takes a single from the last ball to retain strike.

Vijay survives a LBW appeal against Ali as he is struck on the back pad but the umpire is not interested as the post-lunch session ends.
19:51  Ind 66-1 (25 ovs) vs Eng 319 | Scorecard

Vijay content to play patiently as he takes a single on the off-side before Pujara drives it past mid-off for three runs.

Interestingly, Pujara is on 13 from 19 balls and Vijay is on the same score, from 62 balls with India on 64 for one from 21 overs.

Plunkett wastes his second over as Pujara is only forced to defend the fifth ball while leaving the rest of the deliveries.

England introduce spin as offie Moeen Ali comes on to bowl the 23rd over of the innings. Vijay picks a single from the second ball on the leg side and Pujara cautiously blocks the rest of the over preferring to have a closer look at the spinner in his first over.

After 25 overs India are 66 for one with Vijay and Pujara both on 14 each.
19:33  Vijay, Pujara steady India after early wicket:  Ind 60-1 (20 ovs) vs Eng 319 | Scorecard

Pujara plays a perfect cover drive for his first boundary of the innings, coming forward to a full delivery from Strokes and striking it off the middle to bring up India's 50, in the 18th over.

Broads slides one down the leg side to Vijay who flicks it fine on the leg side for a boundary, his first after 57 balls.

Liam Plunkett, who hit an unbeaten half-century earlier in the day, is brought into the attack to replace Stokes, who bowled a good first spell of one for 12 in five overs.

Plunkett starts with a full delivery on the off-stump to Pujara, who blocks it with a straight bat. He opens the face of the bat and steers the next ball past the slips for a boundary through the vacant thirdman region.

India are 60 for one in 20 overs with Vijay on 12 from 58 balls and Pujara on 10 from 17 balls.
19:14  Ind 46-1 (17 ovs) vs Eng 319 | Scorecard

Broad bowls another maiden over to Vijay, who is happy to see off the new ball at the moment.

New batsman Cheteshwar Pujara gets off the mark with two runs through midwicket from the last ball of the 16th over, bowled by Stokes.

Broad tries a quick short delivery to Vijay who sways out of the way and it goes down the leg side beating keeper Prior for four byes.

The scoring rate has slowed down after Dhawan's dismissal but India would be content to just play with caution at the moment as they reach 46 for one in 17 overs.
19:04  Dhawan falls for 31, India lose first wicket:   Ind 40-1 (14 ovs) vs Eng 319 | Scorecard

Dhawan wastes another good start as he plays a powerful cut shot against Stokes but Root comes up with a good diving catch at point.

Dhawan walks back for a brisk 31 from 45 as India are reduced to 40 for one in 14 overs with Vijay battling hard on seven from 39 balls.

Dhawan has failed to learn from his opening partner and carry on to play big innings after getting off to starts. Is it time for India to give the experienced Gautam Gambhir an opportunity in the next Test match?
18:41  Ind 33-0 (10 ovs) vs Eng 319 | Scorecard

England's pacers bowling more closer to the stumps in the second innings than in the first and making the Indian batsmen play most of the deliveries.

Vijay is cautious at the start of his innings as always but Dhawan is keeping the scoreboard moving. Dhawan flicks Anderson through the leg side for a couple and turns the fifth ball fine for another couple. He then slaps the last ball through the point region for a boundary.

Ben Stokes comes into the attack and he starts with a maiden to Vijay.

India are 33 for no loss in 10 overs with Dhawan on 27 from as many balls, while Vijay is on five from 33 balls.
18:38  Openers Dhawan, Vijay give India a good start:   Ind 25-0 (7 ovs) vs Eng 319 | Scorecard

Anderson to continue after the lunch break. Dhawan turns the first ball on the leg side for a single before Vijay drives the fourth ball past mid-off for a couple to get off the mark. The right-hander edges the next ball but the ball bounces short of first slip as India reach 14 for no loss in five overs.

Dhawan edges another one past the slips for a boundary to race to 15 from as many balls. He then guides Broad fine on the leg side for a single to keep the scoreboard moving.

Dhawan plays a nice straight drive past mid-off for three runs before Vijay does the same off the last ball of Anderson's over to help India take the lead as India are off to a good start.
17:32  Bhuvneshwar takes 6 but England take slender lead:  Ind 11-0 (4 ovs) vs Eng 319 | Scorecard

Vijay looks to play Anderson across the line on the leg side but misses the full delivery and is hit on the pads. A loud appeal for LBW follows but the umpire turns it down with height being a big factor.

Vijay plays out another maiden over as Anderson ends another good over.

Dhawan has decided to adopt a positive approach. A touch short from Broad and some width too as Dhawan hammers it through the covers for a four.

At lunch on Day 3, India are 11 for no loss in four overs with Dhawan on 10 and Vijay yet to get off the mark. They need 13 more runs to avoid the first innings deficit.
17:22  Ind 6-0 (2 ovs) vs Eng 319 | Scorecard

James Anderson to open the bowling for England and facing him is right-hander Murali Vijay, who has been in good form in the series. He leaves the first two balls but is beaten off the third ball but watchfully plays out the rest of the over.

Stuart Broad to share the new ball. Dhawan gets India off the mark as he edges the third ball past the slip region for two runs. However, he steers the fifth ball through the point region for the first boundary of the Indian innings. Hawkeye shows that Dhawan had got a thick outside edge on that occasion. He then throws his bat at a wide delivery outside the off-stump but is beaten.
17:09  Eng 319-all out (105.5 ovs) vs Ind 295 | Scorecard

England are bowled out for 319 in 105.5 overs taking a slender first innings lead of 24 runs.

Plunkett is left stranded on a vital innings of 55 from 79 balls which played a key role in helping England take the lead.

For India, Bhuvneshwar was the star performer with the ball as he claimed career-best figures of six for 82 in 31 overs.

On a pitch offering a lot of help to the seamers, Jadeja claimed a couple of wickets for figures of two for 46 in 18.5 overs.

Shami struggled to find his rhythm and took one for 58 in 19 overs. Ishant went wicketless in 24 and so did Stuart Binny in 10 overs but the latter was unlucky as Dhoni failed to take a catch early in his spell on Day 2.

The part-time spin of Murali Vijay saw him take his maiden Test wicket -- one for 12 in three overs.

India would look for another good performance from their openers to wipe out the lead and lay the foundation with a big opening partnership. The middle order, especially Virat Kohli, needs to take more responsibility and steer India towards a good total in their second innings.
17:05  Bhuvneshwar takes 6, England bowled out for 319:   Eng 319-all out (105.5 ovs) vs Ind 295 | Scorecard

Left-arm spinner Ravindra Jadeja comes into the attack with India getting frustrated by the runs being scored by England's last wicket.

And the move pays off as Anderson attempts a reverse sweep but is caught at first slip for 19.
17:02  Plunkett's half-century helps England take the lead:  Eng 314-9 (105 ovs) vs Ind 295 | Scorecard

Shami is back, replacing Ishant as Dhoni continues to juggle his pacers on the third morning. Two singles from the first two deliveries helps England bring up their 300, in the 104th over.

Anderson smashes Shami for a boundary through the off-side to race to 19 from 16 balls with the help of three fours.

India have bowled too many loose deliveries this morning. One more wide half-volley is sent crashing to the cover fence by Plunkett to take his score to a career-best 45 in Tests. He then edges the next ball from Kumar and it goes between the two slips and gully for another boundary.

He taps the fourth ball on the off-side to complete his maiden half-century in Test cricket, from 75 balls.
16:52  Bhuvneshwar claims 6 but England take lead:   Eng 298-9 (103 ovs) vs Ind 295 | Scorecard

Anderson looks confident as he makes room and slashes Ishant through the covers for three runs. A short ball is tucked square on the leg side for two runs by the left-hander as England close in on India's score to reach 293 for nine in 102 overs.

Anderson looks in a rush as he has a wild swing against Kumar but is beaten. He then lofts the pacer down the ground past mid-off for a boundary to give England the lead.
16:51  Bhuvneshwar Kumar is the third Indian after Ladha Amar Singh (6-35 in 1936) and Bishan Sing Bedi (6-226 in 1974) to claim six wickets in an innings at Lord's.
16:39  Bhuvneshwar gets 6th wicket, Broad out for 4:   Eng 285-9 (100 ovs) vs Ind 295 | Scorecard

Plunkett drives Ishant through the point region for a couple before he is inside edges the next ball through the fine leg region for a four to take his score to 32.

Bhuvneshwar comes back as Shami is taken off after a short spell with Dhoni looking to rotate his pacers.

Plunkett keeps the scoreboard moving another four off Ishant as he guides a wide delivery through the vacant thirdman region.

Bhuvneshwar continues his wicket ways as he breaks through the defences of Ben Stokes, to bowl him for a duck. Bhuvneshwar completes his five-wicket haul, 5-58 in the 28th over, to etch his name on the Lord's honours board in his very first Test match at this historic venue.

Stuart Broad starts off with a boundary through the point making most of a short wide delivery. But he falls off the next ball attempting the shot as Dhawan completes a good catch at first slip.

Two wickets in the space of three deliveries for Bhuvneshwar, who now has claimed six wickets, to reduce England to 280 for nine.

No. 11 James Anderson, who hit a fifty in the first match, survives a LBW appeal off the first ball but he drives the next through the covers for a four to get off the mark in some style.

The field is well spread out for Plunkett, who is batting on 37, as he drives Ishant to sweeper cover for a single before Anderson is beaten off the last ball.
16:13  Prior dismissed for 23, England lose 7th wicket:   Eng 266-7 (95 ovs) vs Ind 295 | Scorecard

Shami once again struggles with his control. A wide half-volley is despatched through the covers for a boundary by Prior who then steals a quick single to mid-on as Ishant misses with the direct hit.

Shami then bowls one on the pads which Plunkett drives through midwicket for a four to take England past the 250-run mark.

Plunkett on fire as he hammers Ishant for back to back boundaries. The first is a cracking cover drive before he pulls a short ball over midwicket to take his score to 25.

Prior punches a full delivery from Shami down the ground past mid-on for another boundary as India's pacers continue to leak runs.

But Shami brings India relief with the wicket of Prior, who top edges the pull shot and is caught by Dhawan, who runs back from first slip and makes good ground to complete the catch.

Prior walks back after scoring as he put on a brisk partnership of 51 runs from 12.2 overs for the seventh wicket with Plunkett as England inched closer to India's first innings score.

At last, Shami gets a wicket in his 18th over and he has looked a bit more aggressive this morning and is rewarded aptly.
16:02  England off to a good start on Day 3:   Eng 243-6 (92 ovs) vs Ind 295 | Scorecard

Mohammed Shami comes into the attack after just two overs from Ishant on Day 3. The first ball is a quick bouncer which Prior looks to pull but is beaten and it goes over Dhoni for four byes. The next ball bounces a bit more than expected striking Prior on the thigh pads.

Shami then opens up Prior with a beauty as he gets an edge but the ball falls short of Dhawan at first slip. He then drifts on the pads and Prior flicks it through midwicket for a boundary.

Shami then strikes Prior on the pads with another sharp incoming delivery but an inside edge saves him as the LBW appeal is turned down. The last ball leaves the right-hander who plays inside the line and is beaten as the ball whizzes past the outside edge. A superb over from Shami as he gave Prior a lot of problems and was unlucky not have to picked up his wicket.

Plunkett rocks back and plays a superb drive through the covers off Kumar for a boundary as England continue their good start on Day 3, having scored 24 runs in six overs.
15:48  Eng 231-6 (90 ovs) vs Ind 295 | Scorecard

Ishant Sharma to resume proceedings on Day 3 and facing him will be Matt Prior with nightwatchman Liam Plunkett at the other end. Prior defends the first three balls before he gets an edge which falls short of the slips and he then picks up a single on the off-side. Plunkett is beaten off the last delivery as Ishant gets some extra bounce.

Bhuvneshwar Kumar to bowl from the other end. Prior clips the fourth delivery through midwicket for two runs before he defends the last two deliveries.

Plunkett gets his first runs of the day as he punches Ishant through the covers for three runs before Prior blocks the rest of the over.

Prior is beaten by one which moves away but he flicks the next ball through fine leg as Bhuvneshwar strays on the pads.

England have got off to a good start on Day 3 to reach 231 for six in 90 overs and now trail India by 64 runs.
15:47  India eye early wickets on Day 4 at Lord's:   Eng 219-6 (86 ovs) vs Ind 295 | Scorecard

It rained earlier in the morning but it stopped an hour and the covers have come off too with play expected to start on time on Day 3.

India would be looking to take a few early wickets and wrap up the England innings as soon as possible to grab a sizeable first innings lead.

On Day 2, England's Gary Ballance had scored his second Test century to leave the second Test against India sat evenly-poisedat Lord's on Friday.

Having dismissed the visitors for 295 on a pitch that appears to be getting easier to bat on, England reached 219 for six at the close of day two.

Liam Plunkett (4) and Matt Prior (2) will look to reach India's total on Saturday should the predicted poor weather hold off, while the tourists will be desperate to take a lead into their second innings.

Bhuvneshwar Kumar, who took four wickets, was the pick of the Indian bowlers, getting rid of captain Alastair Cook and Sam Robson before lunch and Ian Bell after the break.

The hosts also lost Joe Root before Ballance and Moeen after they put on 98 for the fifth wicket, having come together with their side in trouble at 113 for four.