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LIVE Cricket! India outclass Afghanistan in dead rubber

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March 05, 2014


India 160-2 (32.2 ovs) vs Afg 159 | Scorecard

India have taken the Batting Powerplay as they look to finish off things quickly. Three singles from five deliveries before Karthik lofts Shenwari over mid-on for a boundary.

Rohit finishes off things in Shenwari's next over as he drives a full delivery through the covers for a boundary.

India cruise to 160 for two in 32.2 overs to register an emphatic eight-wicket victory.

A consolation victory for India, who have already been knocked out of the final, where Sri Lanka will take on Pakistan on Saturday.
19:12  India 146-2 (30 ovs) vs Afg 159 | Scorecard

Virat Kohli is holding himself as Dinesh Karthik walks in at No. 4. While Rohit is content to play it safe, Karthik hits Ashraf for a couple of boundaries in the 28th over to liven up an otherwise dull state of affairs.

Nabi to bowl his final over of the innings. He concedes just three singles in that over to finish with good figures of one for 30 in 10 overs.

Shapoor Zadran comes into the attack. He has a huge appeal for LBW turned down against Karthik as India reach 146 for two with 14 more needed for victory.
19:05   India 125-2 (25 ovs) vs Afg 159 | Scorecard

Nabi comes back into the attack and he strikes with the wicket of Dhawan, who plays down the wrong line and is bowled for 60 from 78 balls.

Another blow for India as they are reduced to 123 for two, losing two wickets in the space of six deliveries.
18:48   India 122-1 (24 ovs) vs Afg 159 | Scorecard

Rahane pulls a short ball from leg-spinner Rahmat to square leg for a four. Three balls later, Dhawan comes down the track and lofts him down the ground for a six as 12 runs come from that over.

But Ashraf provides Afghanistan some joy with the wicket of Rahane, who looks to play across the line but misses and is trapped leg before wicket for 56.

Rohit Sharma walks in to bat at No. 3. He gets off the mark with a single to thirdman from the last ball of that over.
18:39  Rahane, Dhawan hit 50s to put India in control:  India 108-0 (22 ovs) vs Afg 159 | Scorecard

Shenwari overpitches twice as Dhawan smashes him for back to back boundaries down the ground to take India past the 100-run mark.

Dhawan hits Ashraf through the off-side for a couple to bring up his fifty from 69 balls. Two balls later, Rahane drives it down the ground to raise his half-century from 60 balls.

India are 108 for no loss in 22 overs, with 52 needed from 28 overs for victory.
18:32  India 93-0 (20 ovs) vs Afg 159 | Scorecard

Dawlat produced some genuine pace as he forced Dhawan to fend one that was rising steeply towards his helmet. India look content to take it easy and are not threatening to take the Afghan bowlers to the cleaners.

Dhawan finally breaks the shackles in Dawlat's next over as he drives a full delivery through the covers for a boundary.

In the next over, Rahane steps out to leggie Shenwari and lofts him over the cover region for a four. He then flicks the next through midwicket for the same result as he looks keen to lift the tempo.

Medium pacer Mirwais Ashraf comes into the attack. Rahane steers the second ball to thirdman for a couple and gets another two runs from the last ball to take his score to 49.

India are coasting on 93 for no loss in 20 overs with Dhawan on 39 and Rahane on 49.
18:11  India 63-0 (15 ovs) vs Afg 159 | Scorecard

Rahane cuts a short ball from Dawlat over the point region for his second four before he takes one from the next ball.

Three more singles in the over as India goes past the 50-run mark, in the 12th over.

Off-spinner Nabi continues and India are happy to milk him around for runs to keep the scoreboard moving. Dhawan punches one through midwicket for three runs before Rahane is beaten off the last ball as Nabi bowls it quick and gets it to go straight on.

Dhawan (28) gets a lifeline as Shenwari puts down a tough chance at point as the left-hander tried to cut Dawlat.

Leg-spinner Samiullah Shenwari comes into the attack in place of Nabi, who bowled seven overs for 22 runs.

Five singles from the first five balls before Dhawan is unable to make most of a full toss and hits it to the fielder at covers.

After 15 overs, India are 63 for no loss, with 97 needed from 35 overs for victory at an asking rate of 2.77.

Rahane is batting on 30 from 41 balls, while Dhawan has made 31 from 49 balls.
17:54  India 42-0 (11 ovs) vs Afg 159 | Scorecard

The match resumes after the dinner break. Medium pacer Dawlat Zadran comes into the attack in place of Shapoor Zadran. He starts with a wide before Dhawan takes a single before the two batsmen take one each to get four runs from that over.

India reach 38 for no loss in 10 overs, needing 122 from 40 overs at an asking rate of 3.05.

This is the first time in the Asia Cup that India have not lost a wicket in the first 10 overs of Powerplay.

They seem to be in no hurry at all collecting four singles from Nabi's sixth over to reach 42 for no loss in 11 overs.
17:21  India off to a slow start:  India 34-0 (9 ovs) vs Afg 159 | Scorecard

Rahane gets his first boundary as he flicks a full delivery from Zadran through midwicket, in the eighth over.

It has been a safety-first approach by the two Indian openers as they reach 34 for no loss in nine overs at the innings break.

Rahane made 16 from 26 balls, while Dhawan hit 18 from 28 balls as India scored below four runs per over before the break.

Afghanistan's opening bowlers, off-spinner Nabi and left-arm pacer Zadran, have not caused the batsmen any problems but have managed to keep the runs down in the early overs.

India will look to score more freely after the break and assert themselves over the Afghanistan bowlers.
17:17  India 15-0 (5 ovs) vs Afg 159 | Scorecard

Nabi gives away two singles in his second over before Dhawan gets the first boundary for India in Zadran's next over, through the point region. Rahane had pulled the first ball through the leg side for three runs as eight runs came from that over.

India's openers are not taking any unnecessary risks as they reach 15 for no loss in five overs.
17:15  India 3-0 (2 ovs) vs Afg 159 | Scorecard

India make a surprise change in their batting line-up as Ajinkya Rahane comes out to open the batting in place of Rohit Sharma along with Shikhar Dhawan.

Mohammad Nabi to bowl the first over. Rahane plays out the first over, taking two runs from the last ball for a couple.

Left-armer Shapoor Zadran with the second over. Dhawan gets off the mark with a single to thirdman before Rahane defends the rest of the over.
16:22   Afg 159 all out (45.2 overs) vs India | Scorecard

Shami ends Shenwari's resistance as he traps him leg before wicket as the right-hander tried to play the paddle but missed and was struck right in front of the stumps.

Shenwari held the lower order together with his good innings of 50 from 73 balls. Afghanistan managed to add some respectability to their total as the last two wickets put on 48 runs with Shenwari doing most of the scoring.

The spinners did most of the damage for India, pulling back things after Afghanistan had got off to a good start.

Jadeja produced the best bowling figures for India as he took four for 30 in 10 overs, while Ashwin claimed three for 31 and Mishra bagged one for 21.

Shami disappointed with the ball as he went for a lot of runs, claiming two for 50 in 7.2 overs.
16:14  Afg 159-9 (44 overs) vs India | Scorecard

Shami has struggled with the ball today. Shenwari hits the first ball on the leg side for a couple before steering the fourth behind point for a boundary to take Afghanistan past the 150-run mark.

Very sensibly he takes a single from the fifth ball before lastman Dawlat Zadran defends the last ball.

Bhuvneshwar comes back as the spinners get a break. He bowls a good over keeping Shenwari quiet but the right-hander lofts the last ball over the off-side for a four to take his score to 49.

He brings up his half-century in Kumar's next over with a single on the off-side, from 70 balls.

Shenwari and Zadran have added 22 runs for the last wicket to frustrate the Indian bowlers.
15:59  Afg 145-9 (40 overs) vs India | Scorecard

Ashwin's carrom ball has been quite successful in this series with him picking up five wickets from 26 balls with that delivery.

Shenwari scoring some useful runs for Afghanistan as he sweeps Ashwin behind square on the leg side for a four.

He keeps strike with a single from the last ball to take the score to 145 for nine in 40 overs. Shenwari is doing a good job, batting on 38 from 56 balls, hitting four fours and a six.
15:49  Afg 137-9 (38 overs) vs India | Scorecard

Left-hander Shapoor Zadran is looking to defend against Ashwin, who is getting the ball to turn big. He strikes off the last ball of that over, trapping Zadran leg before wicket for one for his third wicket of the innings.

Just one wicket remaining for Afghanistan. Can they atleast get 150?

15:45  Afg 137-8 (37 overs) vs India | Scorecard

Shenwari slogs Jadeja over the leg side for a six to get eight runs from his final over. The left-arm spinner finishes with splendid figures of four for 30 in 10 overs, including a maiden.

The Batting Powerplay has come into effect now. Shenwari slogs Ashwin to deep square leg but turns down the single. He then reverse sweeps the next delivery over the off-side for a boundary before taking a single from the last ball to retain strike.

Finally, some pace in the form of Shami, who comes back for his second spell. Shenwari on the charge as he smashes a full delivery from Shami back past the pacer for a boundary. He repeats the shot off the last ball punching a full delivery past mid-off to get 10 runs from the over.

Bangladesh looking to lift the tempo as 24 runs have come from the last three overs.
15:36   Afg 113-8 (34 overs) vs India | Scorecard

Kohli decides to keep Jadeja's last over on hold as he brings back Mishra. He nearly picks up his first wicket as Ashraf is beaten by one that turned big but Karthik is slow to collect the ball and effect what could have been a possible stumping chance.

But the leggie finally gets his name in the wicket column as Ashraf is caught at first slip off an inside edge for nine.

A wicket maiden for Mishra before Ashwin sends down another maiden to stifle Afghanistan further.
15:21   Afg 107-7 (30 overs) vs India | Scorecard

Ashwin comes back to replace Mishra and he gets the wicket of Shahzad. The right-hander tries to play it across the line on the leg side but is foxed by the carrom ball which went the other way and traps him plumb in front of the stumps for 22.

Mirwais Ashraf gets off the mark with two runs as he edges it past first slip.

Jadeja to continue as India look to finish off the Afghanistan innings. Shenwari picks up a single to the fine leg region for the only run in that over.

Shenwari takes a single from Ashwin's second ball to covers before Ashraf slaps a short ball through the off-side off the first ball for a couple to take Afghanistan past the 100-run mark.

Jadeja rushing through his overs as just one comes from his ninth over.

Ashraf plays a nice drive through the covers off Ashwin for a couple to take Afghanistan to 107 for seven in 30 overs.
15:09  Afg 93-6 (25 overs) vs India | Scorecard

Shahzad has suddenly changed his tactics as he watchfully defends the 23rd over bowled by Jadeja before four singles come from the next over bowled by Mishra.

Shahzad keeps things interesting as he goes back and cuts Jadeja through point for a boundary before taking a single to get five runs from the over.

Afghanistan are 93 for six in 25 overs with Shahzad on 21 and Shenwari on two.
15:02  Jadeja gets 4th wicket as Afghanistan stumble:   Afg 84-6 (22 overs) vs India | Scorecard

Jadeja continues his wicket ways. This time Mohammad Nabi is beaten by one that turns a bit, taking edge through to wicketkeeper Karthik for six.

Jadeja has taken four for 14 in five overs.

Samiullah Shenwari is all at sea against Mishra, who is getting the ball to turn big as Kohli has put a fielder at second slip. A superb over from Mishra as he is unlucky not to have picked up a wicket in that over.
14:56   Afg 81-5 (20 overs) vs India | Scorecard

Shahzad not holding back as he slogs Jadeja over midwicket for the first six of the innings. The right-hander look to counter-attack against the Indian spinners and hit Afghanistan out of trouble.

Kohli makes a smart move bringing back leg-spinner Mishra in place of Ashwin to make it difficult for Shahzad, who is keen on attacking.

Three singles from Mishra's fourth over as Afghanistan reach 81 for five in 20 overs.
14:48   Afg 70-5 (18 overs) vs India | Scorecard

Mishra drops one short and wide as Najibullah Zadran cuts it through the cover region for three runs. The leggie then gets one to spin big, beating Mohammad Nabi, who came forward to defend.

Jadeja is unlucky not to have added to his wicket tally as Kohli put down a regulation catch at first slip to give Zadran (4) a lifeline. Interestingly, since October 2012 Kohli has taken 12 catches but has also dropped 12. Is there a problem with concentration on the field for India's batting star?

Ravichandran Ashwin comes into the attack in place of Mishra, who bowled three overs in his first spell.

Afghanistan continue to throw away their wickets as Najibullah tries a big hit down the ground but holes out to mid-off to fall for five.

Mohammad Shahzad get off the mark in some style as he plays a powerful reverse sweep off Ashwin through point for a boundary.
14:34   Afg 60-4 (15 overs) vs India | Scorecard

Afghanistan are crumbling to spin and Jadeja is proving to be their wrecker-in-chief.

Asghar Stanikzai pulls a short ball straight into the hands of Mishra at mid-on to fall for five.

Afghanistan have slipped from 54 for one to 60 for four in the space of 14 deliveries with all three wickets falling to left-arm spinner Jadeja.

Jadeja's figures read three for three in two overs.
14:28   Afg 55-3 (13 overs) vs India | Scorecard

The young Rahmat gets into the act as he plays a stylish cover drive for his first boundary off Bhuvneshwar before defending confidently for the rest of the over.

Shami, who bowled an expensive first spell of one for 33 in five overs, makes way for leg-spinner Amit Mishra as India make their first bowling change.

Zadran looks to paddle sweep the first ball but missed and survives a huge appeal for LBW before the right-hander gets two runs behind point courtesy of a thick edge.

Ravindra Jadeja comes into the attack and he strikes with the very first delivery, trapping Rahmat leg before wicket for nine.

Two balls later, he gets the wicket of Noor Ali Zadran, who is beaten by the extra bounce as he gloves it to Kohli at first slip to fall for 31 from 35 balls.

Two wickets for Jadeja in his first over as Afghanistan are reduced to 55 for three in 13 overs.
14:18  Afghanistan off to a good start despite early wicket:  Afg 48-1 (10 overs) vs India | Scorecard

Shami beats Zadran with one that holds its line and bounces a bit extra, going past the edge of the bat.

Zadran punched the third ball through the covers where Rayudu made a good diving stop to save some runs. Finally, a good over from Shami where he managed to control his line, giving away just two singles.

Bhuvneshwar continues to dry up the runs as he bowls the first maiden over of the innings, to Rahmat Shah.

Zadran continues his good start as he slaps Shami through the off-side for his sixth four, to take his score to 27. He turns the next ball on the leg side for a couple as Afghanistan continue their good start.

After 10 overs, Afghanistan are looking good on 48 for one with Zadran on 29 from 27 balls and Rahmat on five.
14:03  Shami claims first wicket:   Afg 40-1 (7 overs) vs India | Scorecard

Shami provides the first breakthrough for India with the wicket of Mangal. The right-hander tried to force it through the off-side but dragged it back on to his stumps to be bowled for five, from 16 balls.

A change in the batting order for Aghanistan as Rahmat Shah, 20, comes in at No. 3. Shami delivers another wide down the leg side before Rahmat gets off the mark with one off the last ball.

Rahmat then flicks Bhuvneshwar square on the leg side for two runs before taking a single from the third ball as India's pacers continue to bowl on the pads.

Zadran then slashes at a short wide delivery only to edge it but it flies wide off the fielder at second slip for a boundary. He then takes a single to race to 22 from 17 balls with the help of five boundaries.

13:51  Afg 30-0 (5 overs) vs India | Scorecard

Kumar now slips one down the leg side which Mangal nudges fine to get off the mark with a boundary. The right-hander is then beaten by one which moves away a bit before he plays out the rest of the over.

Shami's struggles continue as he bowls another wide down the leg side. Zadran then slaps the third ball through the off-side for a boundary before he drives the fifth ball past point for another four.

Kumar concedes just a single in his third over as Afghanistan reach 30 for no loss in five overs.
13:42  Afg 16-0 (2 overs) vs India | Scorecard

Mohammed Shami to bowl the second over. He bowls a big wide down the leg side to Zadran as wicketkeeper Dinesh Karthik is also unable to get to it for five wides.

He again strays down the leg side as this time Zadran flicks it through the leg side for a boundary.

Shami is struggling to find his rhythm with the new ball as he sends down another wide down the leg side.

Zadran ends the over with a cracking boundary through the covers as Shami bowls a short wide outside the off-stump this time.

A poor start from Shami, giving away 14 runs in his first over.
13:35  Afg 2-0 (1 over) vs India | Scorecard

Bhuvneshwar Kumar to bowl the first over for India as Nawroz Mangal and Noor Ali Zadran open the innings for Afghanistan.

Zadran gets Afghanistan off the mark with a single to the thirdman region before Kumar bowls a wide down the leg side as two runs come from the first over.

Kumar getting some swing with the new ball, beating Mangal once in that over.
13:07  Gavaskar slams decision to retain same team:  Batting great Sunil Gavaskar came down hard on India's decision not to make any changes and not to give the likes of Cheteshwar Pujara and Ishwar Pandey a look-in at the international level.

He accused the team management of trying to protect their 'favourite players'.

"It is very hard to understand. If you are not going to give the reserve players an opportunity, then when will give them a chance to play."

"Are you worried that if Cheteshwar Pujara and Ishwar Pandey do well, what happens to our favourite players?," asked an angry Gavaskar.
13:06  India retain same team:   India captain Virat Kohli has won the toss and elected to bowl against Afghanistan in the ninth match of the Asia Cup, in Dhaka.

Surprisingly, India decided to retain the same team that was beaten by Pakistan in their last match.

Cheteshwar Pujara, Ishwar Pandey continue to be benched as India decided to retain some of their struggling players.

12:48  Ajinkya Rahane will also be feeling a lot of pressure, having scored just one half-century in his last nine innings since the South Africa tour in December.

Rahane's scores since December 2013: 8, 7, 36, 3, 3, 2, 73, 22 and 23.

His tally reads 177 runs in his last nine innings, while his overall ODI record is not impressive either -- 631 runs in 26 innings at an average of 24 with just four half-centuries.
12:43  Former coach Gary Kirsten's golden words on Twitter, which would apply so well on this struggling Indian team right now.

"There is nothing better than watching someone express themselves without the burden of expectation," he writes.
12:40  With India's batsmen struggling overseas, the selectors were forced to include Test specialist Cheteshwar Pujara in the ODI team keeping in mind that the World Cup next year will be held in Australia and New Zealand.

And Pujara's List A career record is certainly highly impressive, notes Mohandas Menon.

"Cheteshwar Pujara's List A career average is 54.57 only second to Michael Bevan's 57.86!," he wrote on Twitter.

Pujara, himself, is desperate to break into the ODI squad. "I am working on my game and I want to improve myself as a cricketer. I hope to play in all formats of the game," he said....(read more)
12:31  India, who have already been eliminated from the Asia Cup, will take on minnows Afghanistan in the inconsequential final group match of the tournament, in Dhaka, on Wednesday.

India were knocked out after registering just a single victory in three matches, having lost to Sri Lanka and Pakistan -- who have both made it to the final.

India would be keen to end their campaign on a high, but will also be aware that they cannot Afghanistan lightly, who have upset hosts Bangladesh earlier in the tournament.

It would be interesting to see if India decide to retain their combination or hand Cheteshwar Pujara and Ishwar Pandey their ODI debuts.

The match starts at 1330 IST.