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LIVE WT20: Steyn's last over heroics lift SA to victory vs NZ

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March 24, 2014


NZ 168-8 (20 ovs) vs SA 170-6 | Scorecard

Steyn to bowl the last over, with seven needed from six balls for victory. The first ball is full and wide as Ronchi throws his bat at it but gets an edge and is caught behind for five.

7 needed from 5 balls. Can Steyn script an unlikely victory for SA?

The second ball is full and outside the off-stump as Nathan McCullum plays and misses.

He tries to swipe the third ball on the leg side but misses as 7 are needed from 3 balls. SA have the upperhand now.

But McCullum smacks the fourth ball over the cover region for a much-needed boundary. 3 needed from 2 balls.

Steyn grabs the wicket of McCullum with the fifth ball as he attempts a similar shot but is caught in the covers. 3 needed from last ball.

The last ball is full but Taylor can't get it away, it goes back to the bowler Steyn, who runs Taylor out.

Taylor falls for a cracking innings of 62 from 37 balls, having hit four fours and three sixes, but still ended up on the losing side. New Zealand's lower order showed little common sense as Taylor was kept off strike for the first five deliveries of that over.

Finally, South Africa clinched victory from an unlikely position to keep their hopes alive in the tournament.
18:19  NZ 164-5 (19 ovs) vs SA 170-6 | Scorecard

Morne Morkel, who was hit for three sixes in a row by Taylor, comes back to bowl the crucial 19th over.

Luke Ronchi lofts the first ball down the ground for a four before Taylor cuts it past point for the same result as nine come from the first three balls. He then bowls a big wide outside the off-stump followed by a yorker which Taylor can't get away.

The last ball is a full toss which Taylor cracks through the point region for a boundary to get 14 runs from the over.

A poor day with the ball for Morkel, who has been hit for 50 runs in three overs.
18:13   NZ 150-5 (18 ovs) vs SA 170-6 | Scorecard

Steyn to bowl the 18th over, he still has two overs in hand. Anderson clips the first ball on the leg side for a couple before he edges the next which goes past the keeper for a four.

But he is foxed by a slower delivery from Steyn as he holes out to long-on to be dismissed for seven.

Two dot balls in a row before Taylor picks a couple from the last ball.

New Zealand need 21 from two overs for victory.
18:05  NZ 142-4 (17 ovs) vs SA 170-6 | Scorecard

Tahir to bowl his final over. Munro tries the switch hit again but fails to connect before he holes out to deep midwicket off the third ball to fall for seven.

Just two singles from the over as South Africa keep themselves in the hunt with NZ needing 29 from three overs for victory. Tahir bowled an excellent spell, taking two for 27 in four overs.
17:59  NZ 140-3 (16 ovs) vs SA 170-6 | Scorecard

Duminy comes back, to bowl his third over. Taylor picks a couple from the first ball to long-on before he does the same two balls later. The fourth ball is short which Taylor cuts past point for a boundary and Colin Munro switch hits the last ball for another four to get 13 runs from that over.

Tsotsobe is back, to bowl his final over. Taylor picks a single from the third ball to complete his half-century from just 26 balls. The left-arm pacer keeps it full and on the stumps giving away just seven runs in that over.

New Zealand need 31 runs from 24 balls for victory, with seven wickets in hand.
17:52   NZ 120-3 (14 ovs) vs SA 170-6 | Scorecard

Tahir nearly cleans up Taylor with a googly which comes in but it bounces just over the stumps. Seven runs from that over raises the 50-run partnership for the third wicket between the two batsmen from just 27 balls.

Steyn comes back and he makes the breakthrough with the wicket of Williamson, who is caught by AB at deep midwicket for 51. That was a stunning catch from de Villiers as he came charging in from the deep and took a low catch inches from the turf.

Just four runs from that Steyn over, who has taken one for five in two overs.
17:40  NZ 109-2 (12 ovs) vs SA 170-6 | Scorecard

Tahir gifts Williamson a full toss which is hit over the leg side for a six as the Kiwis try to get the momentum back with 12 runs scored from that over. They need 82 from 54 balls  with eight wickets in hand.

Morne Morkel comes back and immediately is taken to the cleaners by Taylor. The second ball is lofted over long-on for a six before Taylor top edges the hoick but it carries all the way behind the keeper for a six. He then shuffles across and flicks it over square leg for a flat six, the third in a row to smash 20 runs from that over.

Williamson completed his half-century from 32 balls with a single from the first delivery of that over.

The required run rate has taken a huge dip in that over and the Kiwis now need 62 from eight overs at 7.75 per over.
17:31  NZ 77-2 (10 ovs) vs SA 170-6 | Scorecard

The boundaries have dried up for New Zealand after a good start and they will need to kick start their innings again.

A good over from Albie Morkel is ruined by a boundary from the last ball as Ross Taylor crashes it through midwicket to take NZ to 77 for two in 10 overs.  They need 94 from 60 balls for victory.
17:23   NZ 68-2 (9 ovs) vs SA 170-6 | Scorecard

Duminy comes back as South Africa are desperate for a wicket at this stage. Williamson makes room and smashes the last ball through the off-side for a boundary to get 10 runs and continue NZ's fine start.

Albie Morkel is introduced and he strikes with his very first delivery. Guptill, who made 22 from 25 balls, gets a top edge trying to hit it on the leg side and is caught by keeper Quinton de Kock on the off-side.

A good first over from Morkel, just four singles plus the wicket of opener Guptill to give SA the breakthrough.

Leg-spinner Imran Tahir comes into the attack. And he cripples the Kiwis further with the key wicket of captain Brendon McCullum. He dropped a tough return of Williamson but got the big scalp of McCullum, who came down the track way too early, and was beaten all ends up to give de Kock a simple stumping chance.

McCullum walks back for 4 as NZ slip to 66 for two in the ninth over.
17:11  NZ 47-0 (6 ovs) vs SA 170-6 | Scorecard

Morne Morkel comes in to replace Steyn, who gets just a single over in his first spell.

Williamson lofts the first ball over the off-side for a four and repeats the shot off the fifth ball. He flicks the last ball fine on the leg side and it carries all the way for a six as NZ finally get going, picking 16 runs from Morkel's first over.

Tsotsobe will continue and he comes under some punishment, at the hands of Guptill. He lofts the third ball over mid-off for a four before pulling the next through midwicket for another boundary.

The last ball also suffers the same fate as NZ cut loose after a slow start to race to 47 for no loss in six overs. Williamson has slammed 27 from 15 balls, while Guptill is on 19 from 21 balls.
17:06  NZ 19-0 (4 ovs) vs SA 170-6 | Scorecard

Part-time spinner Duminy to bowl the first over ahead of Dale Steyn as Kane Williamson and Martin Guptill open the batting for the Kiwis. Three singles from five balls before Williamson hits a full toss on the leg side for a boundary to get seven from the over.

Steyn has been held back as Lonwabo Tsotsobe comes on to bowl the second over. He makes a good start giving away just five runs.

Just a single over from Duminy before Steyn is introduced and he bowls an excellent over conceding just a single as NZ reach 13 for no loss in three overs.

Williamson breaks the shackles as he flicks Tsotsobe fine on the leg side for a four but NZ are off to a slow start on 19 for no loss in four overs.
16:31   SA 170-6 (20 ovs) vs NZ | Scorecard

South Africa exploded towards the end as 70 runs came from the last five overs. Southee suffered as he went for 30 runs in his final two overs as Duminy single-handedly destroyed the Kiwis bowlers in the death overs.

Nathan McCullum was the best bowler for the Kiwis, taking one for 24 in four overs.

Duminy single-handedly changed the script with his magical knock of 86 from 43 balls as he lifted SA after a slow start.

16:28  SA 170-6 (20 ovs) vs NZ | Scorecard

Mills to bowl his fourth and final over. Three singles from the first three balls before Duminy spoils his figures with three boundaries in a row. He smashes the fourth ball down the ground for a four before he sweeps the next for the same result.

The last ball is carted over long-on for a six as Duminy races to 76 from 40 balls. 17 runs came from that over as Mills finished with one for 29 in four overs and South Africa are 157 for five in 19 overs.

Southee to bowl the final over. He check SA's charge as bowls Morkel with the second delivery for 13 but there is no stopping Duminy who hammers two successive fours before taking two from the last ball.

Duminy finishes unbeaten on a blazing innings of 86 from 43 balls at a strike rate of 200, hitting 10 fours and three sixes.
16:18   SA 140-5 (18 ovs) vs NZ | Scorecard

Anderson checks SA's progress with the wicket of Miller, who is caught and bowled for six.

Albie Morkel gets off the mark with two runs on the leg side before he hits a full delivery over the off-side for a huge six.
16:11   SA 130-4 (17 ovs) vs NZ | Scorecard

Mills is back for his second spell. Three dot balls in that over as SA pick just three singles to reach 100 for four in 15 overs.

New Zealand take a gamble as they bring on part-time spinner Kane Williamson to bowl the 16th over.

Duminy immediately gives him the charge and chips the first ball over the cover region for a boundary. The left-hander reverse sweeps the fifth ball as 13 runs come from that over to give SA the much-needed push.

Duminy pulls a short ball from Southee through square leg for a boundary to race to his half-century from 31 balls. The left-hander is on the charge as he smashes the third ball through the off-side for a four and then slog sweeps the next for the same result to make it a hat-trick of fours.

Miller cuts the last ball over point for a boundary to get 17 runs from the over. 
15:58  SA 97-4 (14 ovs) vs NZ | Scorecard

Duminy breaks the shackles as he plays the scoop over the keeper, fine on the off-side, adjusting his shot at the last minute. He then despatches the next delivery through square leg for a six to break the shackles.

Amla then smashes one back powerfully but hits Duminy's bat at the other end and the balls lobs in the air which Anderson catches easily. Amla walks back after a sedate innings of 41 from 40 balls.
15:55  SA 83-3 (13 ovs) vs NZ | Scorecard

McClenaghan comes back as Duminy tries the ramp shot over the keeper but fails to connect and then misses the heave on the leg side off the next ball.

After a few mistimed shots, Duminy finally gets one off the middle as he carts the left-arm pacer over midwicket for a six to get 10 runs from the over.

McCullum will finish off his spell as he comes on to bowl his fourth over on the trot. He finishes with another good over, giving away just six, to register superb figures of one for 24 in four overs.

Amla is struggling to force a move, scoring 38 from 37 balls as all his attempts at lofting it high and wide are not coming off.
15:47  SA 61-3 (10 ovs) vs NZ | Scorecard

Amla is looking to be busy with ones and twos and keep the scoreboard moving. JP Duminy and Amla get just six runs from Southee's second over as New Zealand continue to squeeze the pressure with some disciplined bowling.

Two singles from first three balls of Nathan McCullum's second over before Amla drives at a wide delivery but gets a thick edge which beats short thirdman for a boundary as eight come from that over.

Corey Anderson is brought into the attack. He makes a tidy start conceding just four singles as SA reach 61 for three in 10 overs.

Amla has made 32 from 29 balls, while Duminy is on seven from nine balls.
15:32   SA 43-3 (7 ovs) vs NZ | Scorecard

Amla is not getting the big shots away and is looking to use his wrists as he steers McClenaghan to thirdman for a couple before taking one on the off-side.

McClenaghan drops short and AB de Villiers hameers it through the covers for a boundary to get off the mark in confident fashion. After six overs, South Africa are 39 for two with Amla on 18 from 16 balls.

New Zealand introduce spin in the form of off-spinner Nathan McCullum. He strikes in his very first over with the big wicket of de Villiers, who is bowled for five.

He gave himself a lot of room trying to hit it through the off-side but missed and was bowled. A good start from McCullum, giving away just four runs to leave South Africa in tatters at 43 for three in seven overs.
15:31   SA 32-2 (5 ovs) vs NZ | Scorecard

Captain Faf du Plessis walks out to bat at No. 3. Amla continues his tactics of playing it across the line on the leg side and gets a couple before taking one to thirdman. Du Plessis gives McClenaghan the charge and hits him through the covers for three runs before he is beaten off the last ball trying to force it through the off-side.

Tim Southee replaces Mills, who bowled a superb first spell of one for nine in two overs.

Du Plessis comes down the track again and tries a wild shot but misses. He lofts the next ball over midwicket but the timing is not that good for a couple in the deep. He then shuffles across and plays a delightful flick over the fine leg fielder for a boundary.

Du Plessis is on the charge as he comes down and lofts Southee over mid-off for another four.

But Southee gets his revenge as du Plessis chips the last ball straight to the fielder in the covers to be dismissed for 13.
15:14  SA 16-1 (3 ovs) vs NZ | Scorecard

Amla shuffles across and flicks Mills through the leg side for a couple. He tries the shot off the next delivery as the fielder at short midwicket puts down a tough chance to give Amla (9) a lifeline.

De Kock gives Mills the charge and tries to slam it on the leg side but gets an edge and is caught behind by wicketkeeper Luke Ronchi for four.
15:10  SA 10-0 (2 ovs) vs NZ | Scorecard

The young Quinton de Kock walks out to open the batting with the experienced Hashim Amla. Veteran Kyle Mills to bowl the first over.

De Kock gets off the mark with a single to midwicket before Amla takes one of the off-side. De Kock throws his bat at a wide delivery but gets only a single off the last ball as three come from the first over.

Left-armer Mitchell McClenaghan to bowl the second over. De Kock gets a single to mid-on before Amla gets a thick edge which beats the first slip fielder and he gets two runs to thirdman. The right-hander then pounces on a short delivery, pulling it through square leg for the first boundary of the innings. He defends the last two deliveries as SA reach 10 for no loss after two overs.

14:49  WT20: NZ elect to bowl vs SA:   New Zealand captain Brendon McCullum has won the toss and elected to bowl against South Africa, in the Group 1 match, in Chittagong on Monday.

For South Africa, captain Faf du Plessis is back to lead the team after having recovered from his injury. He replaces Farhaad Behardien, while New Zealand opt to retain the same team that beat England in the rain-hit match.

South Africa, who were beaten by Sri Lanka by five runs in their opening match, will be looking to return to winning ways.