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LIVE WT20: Ashwin takes 4 as India crush Australia by 73 runs

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March 30, 2014

21:56  India crush Australia by 73 runs:   INDIA WIN BY 73 RUNS!!!

Aus 86 all out (16.2 ovs) vs India 159-7 | Scorecard

Ashwin comes back and he finishes off things, claiming the wicket of James Muirhead, caught behind for three.

Australia are bowled out for 86 in 16.2 overs to lose by 73 runs with 22 deliveries to spare.

A disappointing batting performance from Australia with Maxwell, top scoring with 23 and Hodge made 13 but the rest of the batsmen scored in single digit scores.

Ashwin was the star performer for India with the ball, claiming four for 11 in 3.2 overs to register the best figures by an Indian in T20s, while Mishra took two for 13.

Bhuvneshwar provided India with the perfect start, taking one for seven in three overs and Mohit claimed one for 11 in two overs.
21:49   Aus 86-9 (16 ovs) vs India 159-7 | Scorecard

The slog sweep has proved to be lethal for the Aussies today. Hodge (13) looks for the big hit against Mishra but is caught at deep midwicket, who takes another well judged catch.

Mishra continues to be among the wickets, he has taken two for 13 in three overs.
21:45   Aus 81-8 (15 ovs) vs India 159-7 | Scorecard

The wickets continue to tumble as Starc is run out for two attempting a quick single on the off-side to Raina, who is one of India's fastest fielders.

Australia slowly inching towards a huge defeat as their eighth wicket tumbles.

Just four runs from the over leaves Australia on 81 for eight in 15 overs, with 79 needed from five overs for victory.

21:41   Aus 77-7 (14 ovs) vs India 159-7 | Scorecard

Haddin tries to slog sweep Mishra but he holes out to Rahane at deep midwicket for fall for six.

The run rate keeps climbing up with every passing over and Australia continue to throw their wickets away, looking for big shots.

Mitchell Starc gets off the mark with a single and Hodge does the same off the last ball.
21:38  Aus 74-6 (13 ovs) vs India 159-7 | Scorecard

Haddin breaks the shackles as he lofts Jadeja back over his head for a four but Australia get only five runs from that over.

They are struggling to get the big hits against the Indian spinners and just looking to take the ones and twos.
21:35  Aus 69-6 (12 ovs) vs India 159-7 | Scorecard

The in-form leg-spinner Amit Mishra comes into the attack. And Australia are not taking any risks against him as veteran Hodge and Brad Haddin collect five easy singles.

They need 91 runs from eight overs for victory, with four wickets in hand.
21:32   Aus 64-6 (11 ovs) vs India 159-7 | Scorecard

Bailey gives Jadeja the charge and lofts him over long-off for a six. He tries to repeat the dose as he attempts the slog sweep but hits it straight into the hands of Kohli at deep midwicket to fall for eight.

Australia's batsmen continue to throw away their wickets as they are reduced to 64 for six in 11 overs.
21:29   Aus 56-5 (10 ovs) vs India 159-7 | Scorecard

Maxwell tries to reverse sweep Ashwin but hits it back on to his stumps to be bowled for 23, from 12 balls.

A strange shot from Maxwell but he had no other choice than to go after the bowlers.

Veteran Brad Hodge comes out to bat and he has his task cut out. Just two runs from the over as Ashwin's excellent figures now read three for 11 in three overs.

After 10 overs, Australia are 56 for five, with 104 needed from 60 balls for victory.
21:25  Aus 54-4 (9 ovs) vs India 159-7 | Scorecard

Ravindra Jadeja comes into the attack. George Bailey takes a single from the first ball before Maxwell sends another one flying over midwicket for a six, his third of the innings, to race to 22 from 10 balls.

Eight runs from the over as Australia reach 54 for four in nine overs.
21:22  Aus 46-4 (8 ovs) vs India 159-7 | Scorecard

Warner continues to struggle as he comes down the track to Ashwin but can't get his bat to it. He then looks to hit his way out of trouble as he tries the slog sweep but holes out to deep midwicket where Rohit takes a superb catch diving forward to fall for 19 from 21 balls.

Ashwin is again doing a good job with the ball, taking two for nine in two overs.
21:20  Aus 43-3 (7 ovs) vs India 159-7 | Scorecard

Dhoni brings in part-timer Suresh Raina and Maxwell decides to target him. The right-hander slog sweeps the fourth ball over deep midwicket for a six and then sweeps the next one fine for the same result.

Raina has been hit for 16 runs in his first over as Australia look to break free after a horror start.
21:18   Aus 27-3 (6 ovs) vs India 159-7 | Scorecard

Mohit comes back and he bowls Watson to leave Australia tottering at 21 for three.

Warner is lucky as he looks to drive but gets a thick outside edge which flies in the gap between point and short thirdman for a boundary.

Australia are struggling on 27 for three in six overs, with 133 needed from 14 overs for victory at 9.5 runs per over.
21:10   Aus 21-2 (5 ovs) vs India 159-7 | Scorecard

Cameron White falls in the next over as he tries to hit Bhuvneshwar over the off-side but mistimes it and is caught in the covers for a duck.

Shane Watson gets a single from the last ball. Australia in trouble at 21 for two after five overs.

Bhuvneshwar has wonderful figures of one for seven in three overs.
21:02   Aus 19-1 (4 ovs) vs India 159-7 | Scorecard

India make the first change in their bowling as R Ashwin replaces Mohit. He starts from round the wicket to Finch, who looks to slog the second ball but hits it high and Kohli takes a good catch at mid-on.

Finch walks back for six as Australia are reduced to 13 for one in the fourth over.

Warner breaks the shackles as he lofts a full delivery straight down the ground for a six for the only runs of the over.
20:58  Aus 13-0 (3 ovs) vs India 159-7 | Scorecard

India's seamers keeping it very tight, giving no room and building the pressure on the two Australian openers.

Four dot balls before Finch punches one down the ground and gets one after the mid-on fielder fumbles it.

Warner is beaten off the last ball as Bhuvneshwar concedes just one run in that over.
20:54  Aus 12-0 (2 ovs) vs India 159-7 | Scorecard

Pace from both ends for India with Mohit Sharma entrusted to share the new ball. Warner punches the first ball through the covers for a couple and gets two more from the next delivery, hitting it over point.

Warner takes a quick single to Yuvraj at mid-off before Finch collects one to square leg.

Just six runs from the second over as India make a good start with the ball with Australia getting 12 from two overs.

20:51  Aus 6-0 (1 over) vs India 159-7 | Scorecard

India will open the bowling with a pacer as Bhuvneshwar Kumar comes in for the first over. The first ball is short and wide which Aaron Finch hammers through the covers for a boundary before he gets a leg bye from the next.

David Warner is then beaten by one which moves away enough before he takes a leg bye as six come from the first over.
20:36   India 159-7 (20 ovs) vs Aus | Scorecard

Watson lifts Australia with the wicket of Yuvraj, who is caught at long-off from the first delivery of the 20th over.

The left-hander roared back to form with a splendid innings of 60 from 43 balls, hitting five fours and four sixes.

Ravindra Jadeja drives the second ball through the covers for two runs before he takes one to thirdman.

Watson oversteps and gifts India a free hit but Ashwin can get only two runs to fine leg.

Ashwin comes down the track but misses a full toss as Jadeja looks to steal a single but is run out.

India finish on 159 for seven in their 20 overs with just 12 runs coming from the last two overs.
20:30   India 152-5 (19 ovs) vs Aus | Scorecard

Australia bowling a lot of extras in the final overs as Starc bowls a wide down the leg side to Yuvraj, who then hits a full toss to deep square leg for one.

Starc then checks India's progress with the wicket of Dhoni, who is bowled after scoring 24 from 20 balls.

A good final over from Starc as he gives away just five runs in the 19th over.
20:24  India 147-4 (18 ovs) vs Aus | Scorecard

Yuvraj now taking on Watson as he pulls a short ball over fine leg for a boundary. He then despatches a full toss into the stands over deep square leg to bring up his fifty in grand style, from 37 balls. The next ball is again short and Yuvraj pulls it fine for another four before he blocks the last ball.

Watson is hit for 16 runs in that over with 45 coming from the last three overs.
20:16  India 131-4 (17 ovs) vs Aus | Scorecard

Dhoni pulls a short ball from Starc over fine leg for a six and nearly hits a photographer outside the ropes.

Starc then bowls a wide down the leg side before Dhoni takes one.

Yuvraj then hits a full toss through midwicket placing it perfectly in the gap for a four.

The left-hander makes room and lofts the last ball over the off-side for a huge six to get 19 runs from that over.
20:11  India 112-4 (16 ovs) vs Aus | Scorecard

Bollinger comes on to bowl his final over. Dhoni has a wild swing at the first ball but misses and mistimes the second ball and gets two runs courtesy of a misfield.

Dhoni flicks the fourth ball fine on the leg side for two runs before he lofts the next over mid-off for a boundary.

He gets two from the last ball to make it 10 runs from the over.
20:05  India 102-4 (15 ovs) vs Aus | Scorecard

Yuvraj looks to pull a short ball but mistimes it and gets one on the leg side. Dhoni is struggling to get his timing and picks another leg bye, he is on four from eight balls.

Watson then bowls a wide to Dhoni down the leg side before he sends another wider as the Indian batsmen pick two extra runs to fine leg.

A single from the last ball as India get eight runs to reach 102 for four in 15 overs.
19:58  India 94-4 (14 ovs) vs Aus | Scorecard

Yuvraj finally breaks the shackles as he slams the young leggie Muirhead for back to back sixes over midwicket.

The first ball is short which Yuvraj pulls over midwicket and then heaves the next over the same region for the same result to take his score to 30.

Three singles before Dhoni cuts the last ball and gets two runs to deep point to get 17 runs from the over.
19:54  India 77-4 (13 ovs) vs Aus | Scorecard

Part-timer Hodge is back.Yuvraj cracks the second delivery through midwicket for a four before he takes one from the next ball.

Dhoni is beaten as he looks to tap it on the leg side but is beaten and the LBW appeal is turned down.

India's run rate is still below the six-run mark as they reach 77 for four in 13 overs.
19:50  India 69-4 (12 ovs) vs Aus | Scorecard

Maxwell to bowl his final over. Raina looks to break the shackles but failed to get the distance and is caught at long-on for six.

Captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni is off the mark with a single as five runs come from that over.

Maxwell finishes with good figures of one for 20 in four overs.
19:48  India 64-3 (11 ovs) vs Aus | Scorecard

Raina turns Bollinger to deep midwicket for one before Yuvraj plays a confident drive through the covers for a four, the first boundary after five overs.

Yuvraj has another close shave. He looks for a quick single but is sent back and he slips as he turns back but the throw misses the stumps.

He then tries to uppercut Bollinger but is beaten as the bowler appeals but is turned down.
19:41  India 59-3 (10 ovs) vs Aus | Scorecard

Maxwell continues and he nearly picks up the wicket of Raina, who comes down and chips it to the right of the bowler, who gets a hand to it but can't hold on.

It turns out to be a tidy over from Maxwell, giving away just five singles as India reach 59 for three in 10 overs.

India have slowed down considerably after Kohli's wicket as 15 runs have come from 23 balls since his dismissal.
19:39  India lose 3rd wicket:   India 54-3 (9 ovs) vs Aus | Scorecard

Doug Bollinger cripples India further with the wicket of Rahane, who is caught behind for 19. Rahane tried to run it down to thirdman but get an outside edge as the ball slanted across him to be caught behind by Haddin.

India have slipped from 46 for one to 53 for three, losing two wickets for seven runs in the space of 12 deliveries.

India have two left-handers out in the middle as Suresh Raina walks out to the middle. He gets off the mark with a single to fine leg.

Yuvraj has struggled to get going, scoring four from 10 balls.
19:34  India 52-2 (8 ovs) vs Aus | Scorecard

Maxwell comes back as Yuvraj tries to play the sweep shot but misses as the LBW is turned down.

India nearly lose a wicket as Yuvraj initially steps out to look for a single before he sends Rahane back, who is caught midway. But luckily for India, Maxwell fails to gather the ball as Rahane makes his crease in time.

Yuvraj gets a single from the last ball as just one comes from that over.
19:32   India 51-2 (7 ovs) vs Aus | Scorecard

Leg-spinner James Muirhead comes into the attack. He strikes with the second delivery, getting the big wicket of Kohli for 23.

Kohli came down the track and tried to hit it down the ground but was caught by Watson at long-off.

The struggling Yuvraj Singh walks out to the middle. He gets off the mark with a single pulling a short ball behind square on the leg side for one.

Muirhead drops it short as Rahane plays the cut shot but Starc makes a superb save on the point boundary to save the boundary, giving away just two runs.

India are 51 for two in seven overs.
19:24  India 44-1 (6 ovs) vs Aus | Scorecard

Doug Bollinger into the attack, the fifth bowler to be used by Australia today. Three singles from four balls before Rahane pulls one through deep square leg for a boundary.

At the end of Powerplay, India are 44 for one in six overs with Rahane on 16 from 13 balls and Kohli on 21 from 20 balls.
19:20  India 37-1 (5 ovs) vs Aus | Scorecard

Rahane gives Starc the charge and slams the pacer through the cover region for his first boundary. He fails to find the gap from the next ball flicking a low full toss to midwicket and then hits one to the fielder to deep square leg.

He runs the fifth ball down to thirdman for a single and Kohli does the same off the last ball to retain strike.

India have recovered after the early wicket to reach 37 for one in five overs.
19:17  India 30-1 (4 ovs) vs Aus | Scorecard

Maxwell is also taken off after just one over as Shane Watson is introduced, to bowl the fourth over.

Rahane does his job with a single from the first ball and hands the strike to senior partner Kohli.

Two dot balls before Kohli plays a wristy flick over midwicket for a boundary followed by two runs from the last ball to get seven runs from the over.
19:12  India 23-1 (3 ovs) vs Aus | Scorecard

So we will have some pace now as Hodge is taken off despite picking up a wicket in the first over and he makes way for left-armer Mitchell Starc.

Rahane flicks the second ball through midwicket and both the youngsters rush across for three runs. Kohli then throws his bat at a wide delivery but gets a thick outside edge off the bottom for a boundary as seven come from that over.
19:09  India 16-1 (2 ovs) vs Aus | Scorecard

Spin from both ends for Australia with the new ball as Glenn Maxwell comes in to bowl the second over. Two singles before Maxwell slips a wide down the leg side and Kohli slogs the last ball over midwicket for a six. He is looking keen to get on with things right from the start. It remains to be seen if Australia will continue with their spinners against the in-form Kohli.
19:06  India 7-1 (1 over) vs Aus | Scorecard

So, India have a new opening pair as Mumbai duo Rohit Sharma and Ajinkya Rahane walk out to open the batting. Australia have taken a gamble by getting veteran part-time spinner Brad Hodge to open the bowling.

The first ball is a long hop which Rohit hits through the leg side for a boundary, but the off-spinner gets revenge three balls later.

Rohit looks to hit it through the off-side but gets a thick outside edge and is caught at point for five.

A good first over from Hodge, seven runs and the wicket of the in-form Rohit.
18:37  Australia win toss, elect to bowl vs India:  Australia captain George Bailey has won the toss and elected to bowl against India in the Group 2 match of the World T20, in Dhaka, on Sunday.

India, who have already made it to the semi-finals after winning their first three matches, made two changes for this match.

The out-of-form Shikhar Dhawan was dropped and he made way for Ajinkya Rahane, while Mohit Sharma came in for Mohammed Shami, who got a deserved rest.

Australia are out of the running for a place in the semis after losing their first two games. They made one change with Cameron White coming in for James Faulkner, who went for a lot of runs against West Indies.