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LIVE IPL! Jadeja takes 3rd wicket, Chennai in control

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May 02, 2014

23:58   - Kolkata 66-5 (10/17) v Chennai 148-3 | Scorecard

Jadeja continues to chip away at the wickets. This time Yadav tries to sweep the left-armer but misses and is ruled leg before wicket after scoring eight from 13 balls.

Replays show that Jadeja was struck outside the line of off-stump and was unlucky to be given out.

Yusuf Pathan gets off the mark with a single as KKR reach 66 for four in 10 overs.
23:56  - Kolkata 64-4 (9/17) v Chennai 148-3 | Scorecard

Ashwin is back and he sends down another tidy over, giving away five runs to build the pressure on KKR.

They need 85 runs from eight overs for victory at an asking rate of 10.6.
23:49  - Kolkata 59-4 (8/17) v Chennai 148-3 | Scorecard

Ishwar Pandey comes back for his second spell. Yadav plays an ugly cross batted slog but is beaten as the ball hits body and goes fine on the off-side for two leg byes.

Uthappa gets the boundary as he steers a wide delivery behind point as KKR reach 59 for four in eight overs. They need 90 runs from nine overs for victory with six wickets in hand.

Uthappa has kept KKR in touch with the asking rate despite the fall of wickets, hitting 38 from 25 balls.
23:44  - Kolkata 49-4 (7/17) v Chennai 148-3 | Scorecard

Part-timer Suresh Raina comes into the attack. Uthappa reverse sweeps the second ball through the point region for a boundary before he gets a single.

Yadav steers the fifth ball fine on the off-side for three runs before Uthappa flicks the last ball to deep midwicket for two runs.
23:42   - Kolkata 39-4 (6/17) v Chennai 148-3 | Scorecard

Ravindra Jadeja comes into the attack and he strikes with the first ball. Pandey tries to drive through the off-side but the ball seems to hold on and he offers a simple catch to McCullum at short cover.

Shakib Al Hasan gifts his wicket away as he holes out to Mohit at deep midwicket off the first delivery he faces.

Kolkata in tatters at 38 for four in the sixth over.

Uthappa plays cautiously to the hat-trick ball as he taps it on the off-side for a single. Surya Kumar Yadav defends the last three balls of the over.
23:35  - Kolkata 38-2 (5/17) v Chennai 148-3 | Scorecard

Ravichandran Ashwin comes into the attack. He is lucky to get the wicket of Kallis, who pulls a short ball straight into the hands of the fielder on the fine leg boundary.

Kallis is dismissed for four to leave KKR in trouble at 36 for two in the fifth over.

Uthappa nearly falls off the next ball as he lofts it over midwicket but it falls short of Raina at deep midwicket.

Just three runs from Ashwin's first over who also gets the wicket of Kallis.
23:30  - Kolkata 35-1 (4/17) v Chennai 148-3 | Scorecard

Mohit Sharma comes into the attack. Uthappa gives the pacer charge and smashes him through the off-side for a four. The right-hander pulls the next ball over the leg side for a six to race to 22 from 15 balls.

Kallis then makes room takes a couple of steps down and slaps the last ball through the covers for another four as Mohit goes for 15 runs in his first over.
23:27   - Kolkata 20-1 (3/17) v Chennai 148-3 | Scorecard

Gambhir has perished early, for six, courtesy of the run out. Uthappa gets an inside edge which goes through to Dhoni but Gambhir is halfway down the track and is sent back. Dhoni sends a good flat throw to Hilfenhaus who runs back and hits the stumps at the bowler's end to run out the KKR captain.

KKR are 20 for one in three overs.
23:25  - Kolkata 15-0 (2/17) v Chennai 148-3 | Scorecard

All pace for Chennai at the start as compared to KKR who had spinners bowling with the new ball.

Gambhir cuts the second ball over the point region for the first boundary of the innings. Two balls later Uthappa drives it through the covers for another four before he hits the fifth ball through the leg for the same result.

Pandey goes for 13 runs in his first over.
23:22  - Kolkata 2-0 (1/17) v Chennai 148-3 | Scorecard

The experienced Ben Hilfenhaus to open the bowling for Chennai as Kolkata have a new opening partner for Gautam Gambhir in the form of Robin Uthappa.

Uthappa is beaten off the first ball before he takes one from the third ball and Gautam gets a single from the fifth ball as just two runs come from the opening over.
23:01   - Chennai 148-3 (17/17 ovs) vs Kolkata | Scorecard

Russell to bowl the final over of the innings. Dhoni smacks the second ball over long-off for a six but Jadeja is unable to make most of a short ball as he get two runs to deep square leg.

The left-hander then clobbers a short ball back over the bowler for a four before he takes a single from the last ball.

Chennai finish on a competitive 148 for three in 17 overs with Dhoni unbeaten on 22 from 17 balls and Jadeja on 17 from 10 balls.
22:55  - Chennai 132-3 (16 ovs) vs Kolkata | Scorecard

The boundaries are still difficult to come against Narine. The West Indian gets the wicket of Jadeja, leg before wicket off the last ball but replays confirm that the spinner overstepped and it is called a no-ball.

A reprieve for Jadeja and he also gets a free hit. But the left-hander is unable to connect and gets a leg bye.

Narine goes wicketless to finish with 26 runs in four overs.
22:49   - Chennai 126-3 (15 ovs) vs Kolkata | Scorecard

Andre Russell comes into the attack, to bowl the 15th over. The first ball is overpitched as Dhoni slams it powerfully back past the bowler for a four.

He strikes two balls later with the wicket of McCullum, who hits it straight to Pathan at sweeper cover to walk back after a fine innings of 56 from 40 balls, having hit five fours and two sixes.

Ravindra Jadeja is off the mark in smashing fashion as he clubs a full delivery over midwicket for a six to get 12 runs from the over.
22:44  - Chennai 114-2 (14 ovs) vs Kolkata | Scorecard

Narine comes back, he still has two overs in hand. McCullum and Dhoni play it sensibly as they take six singles from the over to take the score to 114 for two in 14 overs.
22:43  - Chennai 108-2 (13 ovs) vs Kolkata | Scorecard

Vinay comes back as Dhoni inside edges the first ball for a single before McCullum takes one from the next.

Dhoni then slaps it past mid-off for a couple before he takes one.

McCullum is then foxed by the slower bounces as it passes over the stumps and then takes a single from the last ball.
22:34  - Chennai 102-2 (12 ovs) vs Kolkata | Scorecard

Kallis comes into the attack and he continues KKR 's trend of bowling short balls to McCullum. The Kiwi batsman pulls a short ball over midwicket for a six to raise his half-century, from 52 balls.

10 runs from the over takes CSK to 102 for two in 12 overs.
22:29   - Chennai 92-2 (11 ovs) vs Kolkata | Scorecard

Shakib comes back as Raina drives the third ball through the covers for a four. But he perishes off the next ball as he hits a full toss straight down the throat of the fielder at long-on to fall for 31 from 25 balls, hitting four fours and a six.

Shakib finishes with good figures of two for 26 in four overs.
22:25  - Chennai 85-1 (10 ovs) vs Kolkata | Scorecard

Raina gives Chawla the charge and lofts it back over the bowler's head for a six. Three balls later he crashes one through midwicket for a four as CSK race to 85for one in 10 overs.

McCullum is in the mood with 41 from 27 balls while Raina is looking dangerous too, with 27 from 22 balls.
22:23  - Chennai 72-1 (9 ovs) vs Kolkata | Scorecard

Vinay drops shot as McCullum continues to pull but gets just two runs to deep square leg before he repeats the dose off the next ball.

But he makes most of the third ball and pulls it powerfully for a four and does the same off the fourth delivery.

13 runs from the over as CSK continue to prosper to reach 72 for one in nine overs.
22:12  - Chennai 59-1 (8 ovs) vs Kolkata | Scorecard

KKR bowlers struggling with their length. This time a short ball from Chawla is pulled comfortably to deep square for a four by McCullum, who has raced to 25 from 17 balls.

Eight runs from the over as CSK reach 59 for one in eight overs.
22:11  - Chennai 51-1 (7 ovs) vs Kolkata | Scorecard

So finally we have a medium pacer as Vinay Kumar is called into the attack. Just two runs from the first five balls before Vinay drops it short and McCullum pulls it over midwicket region for a six to take Chennai past the 50-run mark, in the seventh over.
22:04  - Chennai 43-1 (6 ovs) vs Kolkata | Scorecard

So all spin at the moment for KKR as leg-spinner Piyush Chawla comes into the attack.

He starts with a googly but Raina is quick to read it and steers it past point for a four. Two balls later he repeats the shot but gets it a bit square and gets another four as Yusuf Pathan touches the boundary ropes as he slides to stop the ball. He repeats the shot and Raina picks up another easy couple to sweeper cover.

An expensive first over from Chawla as he goes for 10 runs.
22:00  - Chennai 33-1 (5 ovs) vs Kolkata | Scorecard

Shakib will continue as he comes on to bowl his third over on the trot. He does a good job giving away just four singles as Chennai reach 33 for one in five overs at the end of the Powerplay.
21:56  - Chennai 29-1 (4 ovs) vs Kolkata | Scorecard

Interestingly, Narine gets two overs on the trot with the new ball. McCullum edges the first ball as the point fielder half stops it for a couple. But the next one is short and the Kiwi right-hander pulls it over midwicket for a four.

McCullum is then beaten by one that comes is sharply and he gets two runs in the process courtesy of an overthrow.

Raina then watches one turn big across the face of the bat before he sweeps the last ball but can't beat the fielder at square leg.
21:52   - Chennai 20-1 (3 ovs) vs Kolkata | Scorecard

Some drama to begin the second over. Smith comes down the track to Shakib but is beaten as wicketkeeper completes a stumping but the umpire has not referred it to the third umpire. Instead umpire Nigel Llong has called it a dead ball as Shakib's towel fell before he was about to bowl that delivery. KKR captain Gautam Gambhir and Shakib are not happy with the call.

Two balls Smith lofts a full delivery high into the stands over long-off for a six.

But Shakib finally gets his man as Smith attempts another sweep but misses and is trapped leg before wicket for 16.

New batsman Suresh Raina plays out the last three balls watchfully as Shakib gives away six runs in that over.
21:47  - Chennai 14-0 (2 ovs) vs Kolkata | Scorecard

It's all spin to begin with for KKR. Sunil Narine to bowl the second over. Smith wasting no time as he reverse sweeps the first ball of the over through the thirdman region for his second four. He taps the fourth ball to midwicket for a single.

McCullum safely plays out the last two balls as Narine concedes just five in that over.
21:43  - Chennai 9-0 (1 ov) vs Kolkata | Scorecard

The dangerous duo -- Dwayne Smith and Brendon McCullum -- walk out to open the batting for Chennai Super Kings.

A surprise move by Kolkata as left-arm spinner Shakib Al Hasan is given the task of opening the bowling.

Smith sweeps the third ball square on the leg side for a four to get off the mark before he takes a single.

McCullum also gets off the mark with a boundary as he nudges one fine on the leg side as Shakib fires it flat and on the pads.
21:35   The umpires have decided that the match will begin at 940pm and we will have a reduced match comprising of 17 overs a side.
21:17   The latest from Ranchi is that the umpires will carry out an inspection at 9.15pm.

"The inspection will happen at 09:15 pm. Preparations have continued to improve. Covers are now coming off," confirms IPL on Twitter.
21:01   It has stopped raining nearly five minutes back and the umpires have come out in the middle to carry out an inspection of the conditions.

The covers have come off and the super soppers have been put into action which means the start of the match could be round the corner.
20:21  Rain delays start of Chennai vs Kolkata match in KKR:   The start of the IPL match between Chennai Super Kings and Kolkata Knight Riders has been delayed because of rain.

The rain is not exactly heavy but a light drizzle and we should get the match started as soon as the rain stops.

The overs will only start getting reduced from 9pm onwards so we can expect to have a full match.
19:36   Chennai Super Kings captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni has won the toss and elected to bat against Kolkata Knight Riders in Ranchi, on Friday.

Chennai have retained the same team as Dhoni says; "it is balanced and looks more complete.

On the other hand, Kolkata have made a couple of changes. Yusuf Pathan comes in for Manvinder Bisla, who is dropped after just one match. West Indies all-rounder Andre Russell replaces pacer Morne Morkel.

There is a slight rain in Ranchi but nothing serious as of now so we can expect the match to start on time.
19:20  IPL returns to India as Chennai take on KKR:  The Indian Premier League is back in India and it kicks off with a high-voltage clash between Chennai Super Kings and Kolkata Knight Riders.

Chennai were stunned in the opening match of IPL 7 by Kings XI Punjab but they bounced back to claim four wins in a row against Delhi Daredevils, Rajasthan Royals, Mumbai Indians and Sunrisers Hyderabad.

On the other hand, Kolkata have been very inconsistent in the first leg in UAE, with just two wins from five matches.