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LIVE IPL! Mumbai Indians outclass Bangalore by 19 runs

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May 06, 2014

23:58  RCB 168-8 (20 ovs) vs Mumbai 187-5 | Scorecard

Pollard to bowl the final over with RCB needing 27 runs from six balls for victory.

Aaron has a swing at the first ball but misses before he top edges the next ball over the keeper for a four.

Bangalore finish on 167 for eight in their 20 overs to lose by 19 runs.
23:54   RCB 161-8 (19 ovs) vs Mumbai 187-5 | Scorecard

Rossouw gives RCB some hopes as he heaves Malinga over midwicket for a huge six. But the Sri Lankan gets his revenge off the next delivery as the left-hander chips it straight to Rohit at covers after scoring 24 from 14 balls.

Seven runs from the over as Malinga finishes with two for 28 in four overs.

23:49   RCB 153-7 (18 ovs) vs Mumbai 187-5 | Scorecard

Harshal Patel makes room and lofts Bumrah over the off-side for a six. But he perishes off the next delivery as he walks across and looks to flick it fine but ends up playing it back on to his stumps.

Mumbai are inching closer to victory with RCB needing 35 runs from two overs for victory.
23:42   RCB 144-6 (17 ovs) vs Mumbai 187-5 | Scorecard

Starc slices Malinga over the point region for a four but falls two deliveries as he holes out to Pollard in the covers. Mumbai firmly in control as RCB are reduced to 139 for six in the 17th over.

Russouw holds the key for RCB. He lofts Malinga over midwicket for a four before he drives the last ball to long-off for a single to retain strike.

RCB need 44 runs from three overs for victory.
23:35  RCB 134-5 (16 ovs) vs Mumbai 187-5 | Scorecard

A gamble taken by MI captain Rohit as he brings himself into the attack, to bowl the 15th over with relatively two new batsmen out in the middle in Yuvraj Singh and Rilee Rossouw.

He bowls the perfect over under the circumstances conceding just six singles. Rossouw was dropped in that over as Rohit failed to hold on to a tough chance.

Pollard comes back as Rossouw pulls a short delivery over square leg for a six. But the tall West Indian gets the run out of Yuvraj from the next ball, as he gets to the ball quickly and kicks it right into the stumps. And he does a nice jig to celebrate the wicket and send the crowd into a wild celebration.

Pollard starts with a bouncer to Starc and he nearly lobs it to short fine leg but it falls short of Malinga.

RCB need 54 from four overs for victory with five wickets in hand.
23:22   RCB 119-4 (14 ovs) vs Mumbai 187-5 | Scorecard

Pacer Bumrah checks RCB's charge with the wicket of dangerman de Villiers, who attempts the paddle scoop but misses and is bowled for nine.

In the next over, Bangalore are dealt another big blow as Kohli is brilliantly caught at long-off by Anderson as Suyal strikes a big blow for Mumbai.

Kohli walks back after scoring 35 from 28 balls as Bangalore are reduced to 119 for four in the 14th over. They still need 69 runs from six overs for victory at an asking rate of 11.50.
23:12  RCB 116-2 (12 ovs) vs Mumbai 187-5 | Scorecard

Kohli slaps a full delivery from Pollard down the ground as the fielder is long-off is unable to cut it, for a boundary. The next ball is sliding down the leg side and Kohli helps it round the corner for another four.

Kohli and AB have a misunderstanding as the latter is caught in the middle of the wicket but the keeper Gautam fails to collect the ball cleanly. He then flicks the next ball fine for a couple as RCB reach 109 for two in 11 overs.

Malinga comes back and he is unlucky not to get the wicket of Kohli. The right-hander flicks the first ball uppishly but Bumrah at short fine leg is unable to hold on to a sharp catch to give Kohli a reprieve on 32 off the first ball of the 12th over. How costly could that drop prove for Mumbai?

De Villiers opens the face of the bat and drives a full delivery square on the off-side for a four as RCB reach 116 for two in 12 overs, needing 72 runs from 48 balls for victory.
23:00  RCB 98-2 (10 ovs) vs Mumbai 187-5 | Scorecard

Pollard comes into the attack and Kohli wastes no time in getting after him as he hoists the first ball over long-off for a six. He gives away another four runs as 10 runs come from that over.

Gayle tries to sweep Harbhajan but it misses the bat and hits the pads to go fine for four leg byes.

Kohli then chips down the track and slams the veteran off-spinner straight down the ground for a six.

Gayle tries to slog Harbhajan over midwicket but misses and is bowled after a quickfire 38 from 24 balls.

AB de Villiers, who single-handedly won the last match for RCB, starts off with in his trademark fashion, reverse sweeping the first ball past first slip for a four.
22:56  RCB 72-1 (8 ovs) vs Mumbai 187-5 | Scorecard

The young Bumrah sends down a tight over giving away just three runs before Harbhajan gives five runs in the next as Mumbai look to pull back RCB after their fiery start.

While Gayle has continue to bat freely to score 35 from 19 balls, Kohli is taking his time and is on six from 10 balls.
22:40   RCB 64-1 (6 ovs) vs Mumbai 187-5 | Scorecard

Harbhajan has struck with the first delivery of his second over. Parthiv attempts to play the slog sweep but misses the ball and is bowled after a good innings of 26 from 19 balls, having hit five fours.

Virat Kohli gets off the mark with a single on the leg side.

Gayle continues his fireworks and this time Harbhajan is on the receiving end. The tall West Indian slogs one from far outside the off-stump over midwicket for a four and then carts the next one region in the same region but this time it carries all the way for a six.

Gayle has moved to 34 from 15 balls, having hit three fours and three sixes, to take RCB to 64 for one in six overs.
22:35  RCB 53-0 (5 ovs) vs Mumbai 187-5 | Scorecard

Harbhajan Singh comes into the attack to stop the onslaught from Gayle. Parthiv joins the party as he sweeps him over the short fine leg fielder for a four and then gets two runs through midwicket for six runs from the over.

Lasith Malinga finally comes into the attack. Gayle is content to play him with caution as he defends the first ball and then takes a single from the next ball. He pulls the fourth ball to deep midwicket for two runs but is beaten off the last delivery as he tries another pull.
22:26  RCB 43-0 (3 ovs) vs Mumbai 187-5 | Scorecard

Suyal starts with two wides before Patel hits it down the ground for a boundary. Gayle gets into the act as he lofts the third ball over long-off for a six before flicking the next through midwicket for a four.

Suyal again overpitches and Gayle is happy to despatch it over long-off for another six before hitting the last ball for a four.

Suyal has gone for 28 runs in the over, the highest conceded by a bowler in this year's IPL as RCB race to 43 from just three overs with Gayle on 21 from seven balls.
22:24  RCB 15-0 (2 ovs) vs Mumbai 187-5 | Scorecard

Facing a huge target of 188, Bangalore will need their dangerman Chris Gayle to get back among the runs.

Left-arm pacer Pawan Suyal to open the bowling for Mumbai. Gayle is off the mark with a single from the first ball. Parthiv Patel gets the first boundary for Mumbai as he drives the fourth ball through the covers as six runs come from the first over.

Jasprit Bumrah to bowl the second over. He drops it short and wide as Parthiv cuts it through the off-side for a four and repeats the shot off the next delivery as RCB reach 15 for no loss in two overs.
21:56   Mumbai 187-5 (20 ovs) vs RCB | Scorecard

Starc to bowl the final over and up against him is an all-fired up Pollard. The first ball is a low full toss which is hit to midwicket for a couple followed by a single.

But Starc has the last laugh as Pollard attempts the ramp shot but misses and Rohit has come down all the way which results in the run out. The West Indian walks back after scoring 43 from 31 balls, hitting six fours, and Starc again taunts before taking off the bails at the non-striker's end but this time the West Indian decides not to react and walks back quietly to the dressing room.

Rohit ends the innings in some style hitting the last ball over the off-side for a four.

Rohit finishes unbeaten on a brilliant innings of 59 from 35 balls to power Mumbai to a huge 187 for five in their 20 overs.

The hosts went on the rampage in the death overs as they hammered as many as 68 runs in the last five overs.

The RCB bowlers conceded a total of 25 extras including 12 wides and a no-ball, which is the highest numbers of extras conceded by team in this year's IPL.
21:55   Mumbai 176-4 (19 ovs) vs RCB | Scorecard

Kohli has a word with Pollard at the end of the over but the West Indian is no mood to listen to anyone and the RCB captain then has a word with the umpires.

Dinda comes back as the packed Wankhede stadium is firmly behind their team. Rohit slams the third ball over the midwicket region for a six and Pollard crashes the last ball through the same area for a four as Dinda goes for 13 runs in that over.

Rohit has a wild swing at Aaron's first ball but gets an edge which goes over the thirdman boundary for a six. The next ball is full but it is slammed over the bowler's head for a four.

He then opens the face of the bat and hits it over the covers for another six before Rohit top edges the next ball but yet again it carries over the ropes behind the wickets for another maximum.

Rohit brings up his fifty from 31 balls as Aaron is hit for 24 runs in his final over. His partnership with Pollard, who has made 49 from 28 balls, is now 92 from 56 balls.
21:38  Mumbai 139-4 (17 ovs) vs RCB | Scorecard

Pollard looks to up the ante as he lofts a wide delivery from Patel over the off-side for a boundary. But he escapes a close chance two balls later as an outside edge falls just short of Yuvraj at point who dives to his left but is unable to get his hands under it. Rohit then plays a cracking drive through the covers for another four as Patel concedes 10 in that over.

A lot of drama in the 17th over. Pollard misses a bouncer and the bowler Starc has a few words with him and the West Indian responds to it too.

Pollard then backs out at the last moment as Starc is about to deliver the ball but the Australian pacer still continues to bowl. An angry Pollard nearly throws his bat at Starc but luckily the bat slips out of his hands.

Gayle comes over and tries to pacify his West Indian team mate while the umpires also try to resolve the situation.

Pollard then flicks the last ball of the over through square leg for a boundary to anger the pacer further, who concedes 10 runs in that over.

21:27  Mumbai 119-4 (15 ovs) vs RCB | Scorecard

Mumbai not in a rush at the moment as Patel bowls a tidy over, giving away six runs as the hosts reach 101 for four in 13 overs.

Pollard steers Chahal fine on the off-side as Dinda makes a good effort but can't prevent the boundary and ends up injuring himself as he bangs against the advertising boards outside the boundary.

Part-timer Yuvraj Singh comes into the attack. Four runs from the first four balls before Pollard smashes the fifth down the ground for a boundary and gets a couple from the last delivery courtesy of an overthrow as Mumbai reach 119 for four in 15 overs.
21:08  Mumbai 95-4 (12 ovs) vs RCB | Scorecard

Aaron continues to build the pressure with a tight over, his third, in which he gives away just three runs.

Pollard plays the paddle sweep against Chahal which goes fine as Dinda runs to his left from short thirdman but dives right over the ball to give away a boundary.

Rohit Sharma is taking to get his eye in. He is batting on eight from 12 balls, while Pollard has made six from as many balls.
20:59   Mumbai 85-4 (10 ovs) vs RCB | Scorecard

Aaron comes back and he provides RCB with another boost with the wicket of Gautam, who is caught behind after scoring 30 from 28 balls.

Corey Anderson looks in a rush as he lofts Chahal over long-on for a six but perishes two balls later attempting another big shot. He is caught by Kohli at long-on for six as Mumbai continue to slip.

Mumbai are 85 for four in 10 overs, having lost three wickets in the space of 12 deliveries to hand the initiative back to RCB.
20:47   Mumbai 71-2 (8 ovs) vs RCB | Scorecard

Leg-spinner Yuzvendra Chahal comes into the attack. Rayudu takes no time to attack the young spinner as he comes down the track and lofts him down the ground for a four as eight runs come from the over.

Dinda comes back and he starts with a quick bouncer which sails high over Gautam and even flies over the keeper for five wides. He then tries a slower ball but misses the radar as he sends down a leg side wide.

Dinda then pitches short as Gautam pulls him over midwicket for a six. But the pacer makes the breakthrough with the wicket of Rayudu off the last delivery, who misses a full delivery and is bowled for nine.
20:34   Mumbai 50-1 (6 ovs) vs RCB | Scorecard

RCB make their first bowling change as Harshal Patel comes in for Dinda, who was hit for 12 runs in his first over.

He strikes with his very first delivery as Dunk is caught at mid-off by Yuvraj Singh for 15 as he attempts a big shot down the ground but fails to get enough elevation.

Ambati Rayudu gets off the mark with a quick single before his partner Gautam gives Patel the charge and smacks him over midwicket for a six.

Varun Aaron comes into the attack. Gautam plays and misses as he attempts a wild swing before Aaron bowls two bouncers in a row, the second of which is called a no-ball.

Gautam then finally finds the middle of the bat as he flicks it over fine leg for his second six.

Rayudu content to play the singles as he taps Patel on the leg side for one. At the other end Gautam is doing all the scoring as he attempts the scoop over fine leg but fails to make proper connection. He then misses the upper cut as the ball comes in sharply and beats wicketkeeper Parthiv Patel for four byes. But he drives the last ball back down the pitch past the bowler for a four.

Mumbai have reached 50 for one in six overs with Gautam on 22 from 18 balls and Rayudu on three.
20:16  Mumbai 25-0 (3 ovs) vs RCB | Scorecard

Dunk steers the first ball from Ashok Dina to the left of the fielder at thirdman for a couple. Two balls later he plays a cracking cut shot for his first boundary and he punches the last ball through the covers as it bounces over the fielder for another four.

An expensive first over from Dinda he gives away 12 runs.

Dunk look in good touch as he flicks Starc through square leg for two runs but the left-hander survives a LBW shout off the fifth ball as six runs come from the third over.

20:05  Mumbai 7-0 (1 ov) vs RCB | Scorecard

Mitchell Starc to begin proceedings for RCB with the ball, with CM Gautam walking out to open the batting with Ben Dunk.

Gautam survives a leg before shout off the third ball but he hits a nice boundary off the last ball, straight down the ground past mid-off as seven runs come from the first over.

19:41  RCB win toss, elect to bowl against Mumbai:   Royal Challengers Bangalore captain Virat Kohli has won the toss and elected to bowl against Mumbai Indians at the Wankhede stadium.

Veteran pacer Zaheer Khan has been ruled out of rest of the tournament with a side strain. He will be replaced by Delhi's Pawan Suyal for this match.

Meanwhile, RCB, who won a thrilling encounter against Sunrisers Hyderabad retained the same team.

19:04  Back to winning ways, defending champions Mumbai Indians would look to exploit the home advantage once again to carry forward their new-found momentum but it won't easy as they face a formidable Royal Challengers Bangalore in an Indian Premier League match at the Wankhede stadium on Tuesday.

MI witnessed a terrible outing in the UAE leg of the tournament as they returned winless. But back in the familiar territory, the Rohit Sharma-led side snapped their dismal five-match losing streak with a five-wicket win over table toppers Kings XI Punjab on Saturday.

The stadium was a mini fortress for MI which could not be breached in eight attempts last year and the title holders certainly enjoyed the home advantage against the Punjab franchise when they secured their first win after five losses, in the process snapping KXIP's five-match winning streak.