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LIVE IPL! Bhuvneshwar guides Hyderabad to victory over Royals

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May 08, 2014

23:30  Hyderabad win by 32 runs!!!

Rajasthan 102 all out (19.5 ovs) vs Hyderabad 134-9 | Scorecard

In the end, Hyderabad canter to a convincing 32-run victory on a pitch which was not exactly which was not very easy for batting.

After being put into bat, Hyderabad finished on 134 for nine, which many felt was around 15-20 runs short.

But their bowlers led the fightback in great style and kept chipping away at the wickets. Bhuvneshwar struck in the first over of the innings with the wicket of Rahane and took three wickets in his final over to finish with splendid figures four for 14 in four overs, while Steyn claimed two for 31.
23:27   Rajasthan 102 all out (19.5 ovs) vs Hyderabad 134-9 | Scorecard

Steyn comes back as Hyderabad look to finish off the Rajasthan innings quickly with just one wicket to fall.

The first ball is a yorker which Tambe blocks before he drives the next past point for one.

Kulkarni throws his bat at a wide delivery, getting it over the point fielder for a four. Two wides followed by two singles help Rajasthan bring up their 100 in the 19th over.

Pathan to bowl the final over with 35 needed for victory. Kulkarni blocks the first ball as Hyderabad camp is all smiles with the target beyond goes beyond Rajasthan's reach now.

23:18   Rajasthan 91-9 (18 ovs) vs Hyderabad 134-9 | Scorecard

Rajasthan need a few boundaries but they are able to get only singles at the moment as leggie Sharma bowls gives five runs in his final over to finish with one for 20 in four overs.

Bhunveshwar comes back with 46 needed from three overs for Royals. He starts with a slower ball as Faulkner decides to go big but only manages to hole out to Finch at long-on after scoring four.

He strikes again off the very next delivery. Bhatia also falls to the change of pace as he tries to clear midwicket but is caught in the deep by Warner for four.

Kane Richardson avoids the hat-trick with a single to sweeper cover.

Bhuvneshwar gets the third wicket of the over and it is the slower ball which does the trick again.

Richardson goes for a big hit down the ground but can't get it far enough as the bowler runs behind to complete an easy catch.
23:08   Rajasthan 84-6 (16 ovs) vs Hyderabad 134-9 | Scorecard

Mishra completes his spell with a superb final over, giving away just two singles to finish with 13 runs from four overs.

Rajasthan are 81 for five in 15 overs, with 54 needed from 30 balls for victory.

Steyn, who has two overs in hand, comes back for his second spell. Rajat Bhatia flashes his bat at one outside the off-stump but is beaten and then picks a leg bye as he misses the flick.

Smith plays and misses before he has a wild swing at the next ball but holes out on the off-side as Pathan does well to complete a high swirling catch.

Smith walks back for 22 from 33 balls to leave Rajasthan tottering on 82 for six in the 16th over.

Just three runs and a wicket from the Steyn over, leaving Rajasthan to get 51 from 24 balls for victory.
22:58  Rajasthan 79-5 (14 ovs) vs Hyderabad 134-9 | Scorecard

Irfan Pathan comes into the attack. Rajasthan are dealt another blow as Binny is run out for 12 as he attempts a tight second run but is caught short courtesy of a direct hit from Warner at deep midwicket.

Rajasthan are 79 for five in 14 overs, needing 56 from six overs for victory with five wickets in hand.
22:52  Rajasthan 73-4 (13 ovs) vs Hyderabad 134-9 | Scorecard

Rajasthan ensuring they do not lose any further wickets as both Smith and Binny are content to keep the scoreboard moving with ones and twos.

Mishra is unlucky not to have got the wicket of Binny, who looks to play the cut shot but gets an edge to be caught behind by wicketkeeper Ojha. To Mishra's shock umpire Nigel Llong has turned down the appeal as replays show that there is a sound as the ball passes the edge of the bat.

Mishra is unhappy with the decision and has a few words with Binny.

Rajasthan have scored just 29 runs from the last five overs to reach 73 for four in 13 overs, needing 62 runs from seven overs for victory.

Smith is batting on 16 from 22 balls, while Binny has made 11 from 18 balls and one of them will need to hit out in the next couple of overs to catch up with the asking rate.
22:39  Rajasthan 60-4 (10 ovs) vs Hyderabad 134-9 | Scorecard

Spin from both ends as Amit Mishra comes into the attack. Hyderabad look to dry up the runs using their spinners and force the batsmen into a mistake as Mishra gives away four runs in his first over.

Smith, on 7, gets a lifeline as he is tempted out of his crease by a flighted delivery from Sharma but is beaten and wicketkeeper Ojha fails to gather the ball which goes away for four byes.

Smith flicks the fifth ball to midwicket for a couple and takes a single from the last ball to get 11 runs from the over.

At the halfway mark, Rajasthan are 60 for four in 10 overs, needing 75 runs from 60 balls for victory.
22:30   Rajasthan 45-4 (8 ovs) vs Hyderabad 134-9 | Scorecard

Moises Henriques comes into the attack and he cripples Rajasthan further with the key wicket of Watson, who is caught behind for 11.

Rajasthan in trouble at 41 for four in the sixth over. But they still have some batting left with Steven Smith walking out to bat at No. 6. He gets off the mark with a single to fine leg while Stuart Binny defends the last ball.

Leg-spinner Karn Sharma comes into the attack. He gives away just three runs as Rajasthan reach 45 for four in eight overs before the strategic break is taken.
22:22  Rajasthan 37-3 (6 ovs) vs Hyderabad 134-9 | Scorecard

Leg-spinner Karn Sharma comes into the bowl the sixth over. And he strikes n his very first over with the wicket of Samson, who is beaten in the flight and bowled through the gate after scoring 16.

A slight ray of hope for Sunrisers as Rajasthan are reduced to 37 for three in the sixth over.
22:13  Rajasthan 27-2 (4 ovs) vs Hyderabad 134-9 | Scorecard

Dale Steyn to bowl the second over. Samson is beaten by one that move away and he gets a leading edge off the next trying to turn it on the leg side and it goes over mid-off for a four. He then edges the next ball to thirdman for a single before Nair nudges the last ball fine for another four.

Samson goes after Steyn in his next over, lofting him over long-off for a six. Nair then drives the fifth ball through the covers for a four but Steyn claims his wicket off the next delivery, having him caught behind for 12.
21:57   Rajasthan 2-1 (1 ov) vs Hyderabad 134-9 | Scorecard

Bhuvneshwar Kumar gives Hyderabad the perfect start with the ball as he claims the wicket of Rajasthan opener Ajinkya Rahane in the first over of the innings.

Rahane falls for a duck as he tries to drive a wide delivery away from his body but slices straight into the hands of Warner at point.

Karun Nair survives a close shout for LBW off the last ball as two runs come from the first over.
21:49  Hyderabad 134-9 (20 ovs) vs Rajasthan | Scorecard

Another listless performance from the Hyderabad batsmen as they struggled to get going throughout their innings.

Dhawan sparkled at the start, hitting 33 from 20 balls but the rest of the batsmen caved in to the pressure from a disciplined bowling performance by the Rajasthan bowlers, especially in the middle overs.

Bhatia claimed three wickets (3 for 23), while Tambe took one for 21 as the two veterans never Sunrisers off the hook, bowling eight overs in tandem.

Watson was rewarded with a hat-trick, which was spread over two overs, the second by a Rajasthan bowler in the space of two matches. Pathan added some respectability to the total, hitting 21 not out from as many balls.

Hyderabad hit a total of 15 fours in their 20 overs, but failed to hit even a single six.
21:38  Hyderabad 134-9 (20 ovs) vs Rajasthan | Scorecard

Forget boundaries, Hyderabad's batsmen Steyn and Pathan are even struggling to get the singles. They pick just four singles from the 18th over bowled by Faulkner, who has given just 13 runs in three overs.

Steyn brings some cheer to the SH camp as he cuts Richardson over point for a four. He picks a single from the fourth ball before Pathan is beaten as he tries a big shot but hits the next ball to long-on for one as seven come from that over.

Pathan lifts Faulkner over the off-side but fails to time it well and picks two runs. He is beaten off the next ball before he plays and misses at a wide delivery and the two batsmen decide to steal a bye. But wicketkeeper Samson is alert to the task and hits the stumps with a direct hit to run out Steyn for nine.

Faulkner then bowls an inswinging yorker to Amit Mishra, who misses the ball and it beats the keeper too for four byes.

Mishra is beaten off the next ball too and he tries to steal bye but his partner Pathan is not interested. Samson has a go at the stumps but misses and Faulkner has another go from the return and he fails to hit the stumps before Samson collects it and hits the stumps on the third attempt. And all this while, Mishra is looking back in anger at his partner Pathan, who turned down the single.

Bhuvneshwar Kumar is beaten off the fifth ball and this time they take a bye.

Pathan finally manages to get the bat on the ball off the final delivery as he clobbers it over the bowler's head for a four.

Pathan finishes on 21 from as many balls as Hyderabad finish on 134 for nine in their 20 overs. They lost their way in the end, losing four wickets for 32 runs in the final five overs.
21:21   Hyderabad 111-7 (17 ovs) vs Rajasthan | Scorecard

Watson to bowl the 17th over. Henriques (9) decides to target the straight boundary but holes out to Rahane at long-off who completes another good catch.

Watson on a hat-trick, having taken a wicket with the last ball of his previous over, the fourth of the innings.

And Watson completes the hat-trick with the wicket of Karn Sharma, who edges one and is caught by Samson behind the wickets.

That is the second successive hat-trick for Rajasthan Royals in their adopted home ground at Ahmedabad. Tambe had also claimed a hat-trick against Kolkata Knight Riders in their last match.
21:06   Hyderabad 95-5 (14 ovs) vs Rajasthan | Scorecard

Bhatia continues his wicket ways as Ojha also falls by the way side. The slower ball moves away enough to beat Ojha's bat and bowl him for 17 as Hyderabad are left reeling at 89 for five in the 13th over.

Bhatia finishes with wonderful figures of three for 23 in four overs to leave Hyderabad in tatters in the middle overs.

Tambe gives away just four runs in his final over to finish with impressive figures of one for 21 in four overs.

The Bhatia-Tambe combo bowled eight overs in tandem, claiming four for 44 in eight overs.
20:55   Hyderabad 86-4 (12 ovs) vs Rajasthan | Scorecard

Bhatia and Tambe continue to rush through their overs without giving away too much. Bhatia concedes five singles in his third over as his figures read two for 18 in three.

Naman Ojha breaks the shackles as he steps out and lofts Tambe back over his head for a four, the first after nearly five overs.

Warner also looks to come down the track but is done in by the googly which beats him completely and wicketkeeper Sanju Samson finishes off an easy stumping.

Warner walks back for six as Hyderabad slip to 85 for five in the 12th over.
20:48  Hyderabad 74-3 (10 ovs) vs Rajasthan | Scorecard

The pressure finally pays off for Rajasthan. Rahul attempts a sweep against the slow medium pace of Bhatia but fails to make connection and is bowled for 18 from as many balls.

Tambe continues the good work by Rajasthan bowlers in the recent few overs. David Warner tries to break the shackles as he looks to slog sweep Tambe but miscues it on the leg side where it falls safely.

Hyderabad are 74 for two in 10 overs. They have slowed down considerably in the last five overs, scoring just 28 runs and losing two wickets in the process.
20:46   Hyderabad 61-2 (8 ovs) vs Rajasthan | Scorecard

Finch looks to break free as he hits new bowler Rajat Bhatia over the leg side for a boundary. But he falls off the next ball attempting a similar shot, this time Ajinkya Rahane takes a stunning catch at deep midwicket diving forward.

Finch walks back for nine as Hyderabad are reduced to 55 for two in the seventh over.

Veteran leg spinner Pravin Tambe is brought into the attack. He makes a tidy start giving away just four singles as Rajasthan look to build up the pressure with some tight overs.
20:31  Hyderabad 50-1 (6 ovs) vs Rajasthan | Scorecard

Kulkarni comes back and new batsman KL Rahul gets off the mark with a straight boundary past mid-on from the first delivery he faces. Two balls later, he plays another delightful shot through the covers for another four as nine runs come from the over.

James Faulkner comes into the attack. Finch misses a freebie as he fails to make connection to a ball pitched on his pads with the fine leg fielder inside the circle. He fails again with the glance off the fifth ball as Faulkner gives away just four runs in his first over.

Hyderabad are 50 for one in six overs.
20:27  Hyderabad 37-1 (4 ovs) vs Rajasthan | Scorecard

Watson comes in to bowl the fourth over and Dhawan continues his good start, hitting the pacer for two boundaries in four balls.

But Watson gets revenge with the wicket of Dhawan, who is bowled after a quick innings of 33 from 20 balls, having hit seven fours.
20:26  Hyderabad 19-0 (2 ovs) vs Rajasthan | Scorecard

Dhawal Kulkarni to bowl the second over. Dhawan punches the second ball through the covers for a boundary and then finds the gap behind point off the fifth ball for the same result as ten runs come from the second over.

20:08  Hyderabad 9-0 (1 ov) vs Rajasthan | Scorecard

Interestingly, seven out of the 22 players in today's match are from Australia.

All the four overseas players from Rajasthan's playing eleven are from Australia, while there are three Aussies in the Hyderabad team.

Kane Richardson opens the bowling for Rajasthan. Shikhar Dhawan inside edges the first ball but it goes past the stumps for a four but three balls later he hits it off the middle of the bat for another boundary as nine runs come from the first over.
19:38  Rajasthan elect to bowl against Hyderabad:   Welcome to the coverage of the 30th match of the Indian Premier League between Rajasthan Royals and Sunrisers in Ahmedabad, on Thursday.

Rajasthan captain Shane Watson has won the toss and has no hesitation in electing to bowl with dew expected to play a part in the second half of the game at the Sardar Patel stadium in Motera.

"We would have won done the same. We were here last night and there was dew which could play a role in the game," says Sunrisers captain Shikhar Dhawan.

The visitors have made two changes with Moises Henriques coming in for Darren Sammy and leg-spinner Amit Mishra replacing Ishant Sharma.

Rajasthan have also made two changes to their team. Kane Richardson comes back in place of Tim Southee, while Dhawal Kulkarni takes the place of leg-spinner Rahul Tewatia.