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LIVE IPL! Mumbai ease past Hyderabad to keep hopes alive

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May 12, 2014

23:19   Mumbai win by 7 wickets!!!

Mumbai 160-3 (18.4 ovs) vs Hyderabad 157-3 | Scorecard

Karn Sharma to bowl the 19th over. Pollard plays the Dil scoop off the first ball over the keeper's head for three runs before Rohit sweeps the fourth ball over square leg for a four to take his team to victory.

Defending champions Mumbai ease to a seven-run victory to keep their hopes alive of making it to the play-offs of the tournament.

Mumbai cruise to 160 for three in 18.4 overs to win by seven wickets with eight balls to spare.

Simmons and Rayudu hit 68 each in a big 130-run partnership for the second wicket to lay the foundation for Mumbai's convincing victory.
23:14  Mumbai 151-3 (18 ovs) vs Hyderabad 157-3 | Scorecard

Steyn comes back to bowl his fourth and final over. Birthday boy Kieron Pollard is beaten off the second ball before he nearly loses his wicket attempting an impossible single run but is sent back by his partner Rohit.

Mumbai captain Rohit drives the fifth ball through the covers for a classy boundary before he flicks the next fine on the leg side for the same result.

Nine runs from the over leave Mumbai with seven needed from two overs for victory.
23:08  Mumbai 142-3 (17 ovs) vs Hyderabad 157-3 | Scorecard

Henriques operates from round the wicket and starts with a wide before Rayudu pulls a short ball through midwicket for a four. However, the pacer gets revenge from the last ball as he takes a superb catch on his follow through.

Rayudu is dismissed after a splendid innings of 68 from 46 balls, laced with seven fours and two sixes.

Mumbai are looking set for an easy victory with 16 needed from three overs for victory.
23:01  Mumbai 132-2 (16 ovs) vs Hyderabad 157-3 | Scorecard

Rayudu continues Mumbai's charge as he chips the second ball from Henriques over point for a four to get eight runs from the over.

Bhuvneshwar comes back with Mumbai in control with 33 needed from 30 balls for victory. Simmons pulls a short ball but Rahul at deep midwicket lets one go through to give away a four. But Bhuvneshwar gets revenge off the next ball as Simmons is bowled as he tries to scoop it fine on the leg side.

Simmons is dismissed after a good innings of 68 from 50 balls, having hit five fours and four sixes, after putting 130 runs from 87 balls for the second wicket with Rayudu.
22:50   Mumbai 117-1 (14 ovs) vs Hyderabad 157-3 | Scorecard

Steyn comes back as Rayudu steers the first ball fine on the off-side for a boundary. Simmons then completes his half-century from 39 balls with two runs on the leg side before he hits the fifth ball for a four. Steyn has gone for 12 runs in his third over as Mumbai reach 105 for one in 13 overs.

Mishra is back as Rayudu completes his fifty from 34 balls with a single from the first ball.

Simmons then hits the next ball for a boundary through the off-side before he gets a lifeline courtesy of a misunderstanding between the fielders at long-on and midwicket.

Rayudu then comes down the track and crashes it through the covers for a four to leave Mishra frustrated.

12 runs from the over as Mumbai reach 117 for one in 14 overs, 41 needed from six overs for victory.
22:37  Mumbai 93-1 (12 ovs) vs Hyderabad 157-3 | Scorecard

All-rounder Moises Henriques comes into the attack. Rayudu jumps down the track and looks for a big hit but gets an inside edge which goes past the keeper for a four.

Henriques makes a good start, giving away just five runs in his first over.

Pathan gets another go with the ball after a poor first over in which he went for 16 runs. The runs continue to flow against Pathan as Rayudu pulls a slower ball through midwicket for a four and then hammers the next ball over long-off for a six.

Pathan goes for 13 runs in his second over for a total of 29 runs in two overs as Mumbai reach 93 for two in 12 overs with Simmons on 48 from 38 balls and Rayudu on 44 from 31 balls.
22:29  Mumbai 75-1 (10 ovs) vs Hyderabad 157-3 | Scorecard

Simmons continue to target the bowlers as he lofts Mishra over long-on for a six. He pulls one through square leg for a couple as Mishra is hit for 11 runs in his second over for a total of 21 runs in two overs.

The West Indian then rocks back, makes room to pull a short ball from Sharma through midwicket for a four to take his score to 41.

He pulls the last ball for a six to take Mumbai to 75 for one at the halfway stage, with 83 needed from 10 balls for victory.

Simmons has smashed 47 from 35 balls with the help of two fours and four sixes, while Rayudu has made 27 from 22 balls.
22:22  Mumbai 51-1 (8 ovs) vs Hyderabad 157-3 | Scorecard

Time for spin as leggie Amit Mishra comes into the attack. Simmons hammers the first ball down the ground but Rahul at long-on is quick to get to the ball and keeps it down to one.

However, Rayudu jumps down the track to the next ball and lofts it straight down the ground for a six.

Simmons is beaten off the last ball as Mishra gets it to turn and bounce but he has gone for 10 runs in his first over.

Leg spinners from both ends now as Karn Sharma is introduced. He makes a tidy start, giving away just three singles as Mumbai reach 51 for one in eight overs.
22:19  Mumbai 38-1 (6 ovs) vs Hyderabad 157-3 | Scorecard

Left-armer Irfan Pathan comes into the attack after a good spell with the new ball from Steyn.

Simmons decides to break the shackles and goes after Pathan as he heaves the second ball over midwicket for a six. He then hammers the next delivery straight down the ground for a four before he slams the last ball for another six as 16 runs come from the over.

Bhuvneshwar continues and both Rayudu and Simmons play sensibly after the highest wicket-taker in the ongoing IPL, taking just six runs from the over.

Mumbai have recovered after the early wicket to reach 38 for one in six overs with Simmons on 24 from 22 balls and Rayudu on 13 from 11 balls.
22:06  Mumbai 16-1 (4 ovs) vs Hyderabad 157-3 | Scorecard

Steyn continues as Simmons looks to break free but is beaten as he plays and misses the outswinger. He then gets two runs from the fourth ball courtesy of an overthrow and then slogs it through midwicket for another couple followed by a single from the last ball.

Ambati Rayudu then drives it straight as it bounces over the bowler and goes all the way for a boundary. An angry Bhuvneshwar then bowls a quick bouncer which is clocked at 138kmph catching Rayudu by shock as he charged down the wicket.

Two balls later, he cuts it and the point fielder gets his fingertips to it for a couple of runs.

Mumbai are struggling on 16 for one in four overs.
22:02  Mumbai 3-1 (2 ovs) vs Hyderabad 157-3 | Scorecard

World's fastest bowler Dale Steyn will open proceedings for Sunrisers Hyderabad with the ball. CM Gautam and Lendl Simmons are the two openers for Mumbai, both young and inexperienced.

Simmons gets a single from the fourth ball before Gautam does the same off the next ball as just two runs come from the opening over.

Bhuvneshwar Kumar strikes in his first over. Gautam comes down the track but ends up hitting it straight into the hands of Dhawan at mid-off to fall for one.

The perfect start from Kumar, taking a wicket while giving just a single as Mumbai are struggling on three for one in two overs.
21:35   Hyderabad 157-3 (20 ovs) vs Mumbai | Scorecard

Pollard to bowl the final over. He beats Naman Ojha with the first ball but then bowls a wide outside the off-stump and is unhappy with that call from umpire Vineet Kulkarni.

Ojha then lofts the next ball over long-on for a six before he takes one down the ground.

Warner then top edges the pull shot but it carries over fine leg region for a couple. He then miscues the pull shot off the next ball as Tare decides to take it on the bounce but messes up it completely to give away a boundary.

That four brings up Warner's fifty from 30 balls.

Warner smashes the last ball through the covers for another boundary as 18 runs come from the final over.

Warner finishes unbeaten on a cracking innings of 55 from 31 balls, having hit six fours and two sixes, to lift Hyderabad to 157 for three in their 20 overs.

Warner provided the boost in the end as Hyderabad slammed 33 runs from the last two overs, having failed to get enough boundaries in the few overs before that.

The pitch is a bit on the slower side and Mumbai will get off to a good start and look to do well against the two Hyderabad leg spinners -- Amit Mishra and Karn Sharma.
21:26  Hyderabad 139-3 (19 ovs) vs Mumbai | Scorecard

Malinga continues to bowl the yorker but he misses one and Warner slams it over midwicket for a huge six.

But Malinga checks Hyderabad's progress with the wicket of Finch, who mistimes one to long-off to be caught for a good innings of 68 from 62 balls, having hit seven fours and two sixes.

Warner carts the last ball over long-on for the second six as Malinga goes for 15 runs in his final over to finish with two for 35 in four overs.

21:20  Hyderabad 124-2 (18 ovs) vs Mumbai | Scorecard

Malinga comes back and he bowls a tight over, firing his yorkers at a good pace as Finch and Warner can get only six from that over.

Bumrah takes a cue from his experienced partner Malinga and bowls some good yorkers to dry up the boundaries. Finch is angry himself at having missed a length delivery with Bumrah giving away just six singles in his fourth and final over to finish with 24 runs from four overs.

Hyderabad have struggled to get going in the last few overs, with the last boundary coming nearly three overs ago.
21:18  Hyderabad 112-2 (16 ovs) vs Mumbai | Scorecard

Harbhajan continues as Warner drives the first ball through the covers for a couple before he smashes the next ball back over the bowler's head for a four. He then bowls a long hop which Finch crashes through the off-side for another boundary as Harbhajan concedes 12 runs in the over with Hyderabad reachin 103 for two in 15 overs.

The inexperienced Bumrah starts with a short ball down the leg side which Warner pulls fine, beating the short fine leg fielder for a four as the two Australians continue to prosper.
21:04  Hyderabad 91-2 (14 ovs) vs Mumbai | Scorecard

Harbhajan comes back and Finch survives a couple of close calls. He tries to slog sweep the first ball but misses as the ball passes over the stumps. Two balls later he comes down the track, but gets an inside edge which beats the keeper for a single.

Warner then comes down the track and looks for a big hit down the ground but gets an inside edge. He flicks the last ball on the leg side for two runs as Harbhajan gives away just three runs in his third over.

Malinga, who has bowled just one over so far, comes back. He gifts a full toss to Warner, who slams it past point for a four. Eight runs from the over take Hyderabad to 91 for two in 14 overs.
20:53  Hyderabad 80-2 (12 ovs) vs Mumbai | Scorecard

Kieron Pollard comes into the attack. Finch immediately goes after him as he lofts him over the cover region but fails to get enough and Aditya Tare running around in the deep fails to hold on to a tough chance.

David Warner survives a close call for run out as Finch calls him for a quick single on the off-side. A good start from Pollard as he gives away just three runs in his first over.

Ojha drops short and Warner is quick to pull him over midwicket for a four followed by a single to long-off. Finch completes his fifty from 41 balls with a single off the last delivery of the over.

Ojha finishes with 32 runs from four overs.
20:46  Hyderabad 70-2 (10 ovs) vs Mumbai | Scorecard

Against the run of play, Hyderabad lose the wicket of Rahul. The right-hander, who made 10, tapped it on the off-side and set for a quick single but his partner Finch was not interested and he could not make back to his crease on time.

At the halfway stage, Hyderabad are 70 for two in 10 overs with Finch still going strong on 46 from 35 balls.
20:40  Hyderabad 68-1 (9 ovs) vs Mumbai | Scorecard

Finch continues his attack on Ojha. He plays another good drive through the covers where Bumrah slides but ends up deflecting it on to ropes for a four. Two balls later he again uses the inside out lofted shot to good effect for his second six as Hyderabad race to 60 for one in eight overs.

Rahul decides to cut loose as he plays a cracking lofted shot over mid-off for a four. He steers the fifth ball from Bumrah square on the off-side for two runs followed by a single as eight runs come from the over.

Hyderabad are well placed on 68 for one in nine overs with Finch batting well on 45 from 34 balls and Rahul on nine from as many balls.
20:32  Hyderabad 49-1 (7 ovs) vs Mumbai | Scorecard

Left-arm spinner Pragyan Ojha comes into the attack. KL Rahul gets off the mark with a single using his feet well to drive the ball to long-off.

Finch then makes room and hits the inside out lofted shot to perfection which carries all the way for the first six of the match. He hits a wonderful boundary off the last ball, driving it through the narrow gap in the covers as Ojha goes for 12 runs in his first over.

Harbhajan comes back as Finch steers the ball fine on the off-side, playing it very late for a four as short thirdman fielder has no chance. But he gets just a single as he tries the same shot two balls later. Hyderabad are looking good on 49 for one in seven overs despite the early wicket.

Finch is looking set for a big innings, having made 33 from 28 balls and Rahul is on two.
20:27  Hyderabad 31-1 (5 ovs) vs Mumbai | Scorecard

Pacer Lasith Malinga comes into the attack. Finch drives the second ball through midwicket for a couple before Dhawan is nearly done in by a quick yorker which takes the inside edge and beats short fine leg fielder for a four.

Dhawan then plays all over a full delivery only to miss it and is bowled for 11 as Hyderabad are reduced to 31 for one in five overs.
20:20  Hyderabad 24-0 (4 ovs) vs Mumbai | Scorecard

Anderson starts with a leg side wide to Dhawan, who also picks up an extra bye after the keeper fails to gather it cleanly.

Finch already looking in good touch as he punches the second ball straight back past the bowler for another delightful four.

Dhawan survives a big shout for LBW as he tries to flick it across the line on the leg side but is saved as the ball looks to be heading down.

Finch ends the over with another boundary as he lofts it comfortably over the off-side cordon.

Anderson goes for 13 runs in that over as Hyderabad reach 18 for no loss in three overs.

Spin introduced early in the form of Harbhajan Singh. Dhawan takes no time to get after the veteran spinner, coming down the track and chipping it over midwicket for a four.

A single each for the two batsmen as Harbhajan reaach 24 for no loss in four overs.
20:10  Hyderabad 5-0 (2 ovs) vs Mumbai | Scorecard

Corey Anderson, who has been used occasionally this season with the ball, will open the bowling for Mumbai Indians.

He beats Aaron Finch with the first delivery of the match, getting it to swing into the right-hander. The Hyderabad opener gets off the mark with a cracking boundary straight down the ground past mid-on as four runs come from the first over.

The young Jasprit Bumrah to bowl the second over. Dhawan takes a single from the second ball for his first run of the innings before Finch defends the rest of the over, which fetches just a single.
19:48   Welcome to the coverage of the 36th match of the Indian Premier League between Sunrisers Hyderabad and Mumbai Indians in Hyderabad, on Monday.

Hyderabad captain Shikhar Dhawan has won the toss and elected to bat. This is their first home game in IPL 7 and Dhawan believes 160-170 would be a good score on this pitch.

Mumbai have made one change with left-arm spinner Pragyan Ojha replacing pacer Praveen Kumar but Hyderabad have retained the same team that beat Delhi Daredevils in their last match.
19:48  Languishing at the bottom of the table, defending champions Mumbai Indians face the uphill task of lifting themselves back in the reckoning when they take on Hyderabad.

Having won just two games out of eight they have played so far, the Mumbai side cannot afford to lose any more matches if it has to reach the play-off stages.

Meanwhile, Hyderabad is among the top four having won four out of the eight matches it played so far.