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LIVE IPL! Anderson's heroics powers Mumbai into play-offs

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May 25, 2014

23:24  Mumbai Indians will take on Chennai Super Kings in the Eliminator match to be played at the Brabourne stadium in Mumbai on May 28th.

Kings XI Punjab will play Kolkata Knight Riders in the Qualifier 1 match in Kolkata on May 27th, with the winner advancing to the IPL final.

The loser of the Qualifier 1 match and the winner of the Eliminator match will play in Qualifier 2 to be played at the Wankhede stadium on May 30th.
23:16  Anderson's heroics powers Mumbai into play-offs:   Mumbai win by 5 wickets, qualify for play-offs!

Mumbai 195-5 (14.4 ovs) vs Rajasthan 189-4 | Scorecard

Faulkner to bowl the 15th over. Anderson edges the first ball to thirdman for a single. Mumbai need 8 from 2 balls to progress to play-offs.

Rayudu heaves the next ball, a full toss, over fine leg region for a six to put Mumbai two runs away from a spot in the play-offs.

Rayudu gets only a single to the covers and is run out attempting a second after a superb innings of 30 from 10 balls.

Mumbai now need a boundary from the next ball to qualify for the play-offs.

Faulker bowls another full toss which new batsman Aditya Tare lofts over square leg for a six to take Mumbai to victory and a place in the play-offs.

Mumbai win a thriller by five wickets with 32 balls to spare.

What a turnaround from Mumbai's batsmen after they were set a huge 190 for victory in 18.3 overs.

And if you remember, Mumbai had lost the first five of the tournament in the first leg of the IPL which was played in the UAE.
23:05  Mumbai 181-4 (14 ovs) vs Rajasthan 189-4 | Scorecard

Tambe to bowl the 14th over. Anderson misses the first ball, a low full toss, but hammers the next ball back over the bowler's head for a four. The fifth ball is slammed over midwicket for another four as Anderson races to 93 from 42 balls.

Mumbai now need nine runs from three balls for victory.
23:00  Mumbai need 20 runs from 9 balls to advance to play-offs:  Mumbai 170-4 (13 ovs) vs Rajasthan 189-4 | Scorecard

Mumbai back in the reckoning with 33 needed from 15 balls for victory.

No stopping Anderson as he hammers the first ball from Cooper down the ground past mid-off for a four and gets two runs from the next ball courtesy of a misfield from Faulkner at long-on.

Rayudu drives the last ball for a four to get 13 runs from the over. Mumbai now need 20 runs from nine balls to make it to play-offs.
22:54  Anderson's attack gives Mumbai play-off hopes:  Mumbai 157-4 (12 ovs) vs Rajasthan 189-4 | Scorecard

Faulkner comes back as Anderson continues his attacking approach. He crashes the first ball down the ground for a four before lofting the fifth back over the bowler's head for a six. He edges the last ball which goes past the keeper for a four.

Anderson is playing a blinder, having smashed 70 from 31 balls with the help of five fours and six sixes so far.

Rayudu goes after Watson, hitting him three boundaries in a row to bring Mumbai back into the contest with 39 needed from 18 balls for victory.

Anderson edges the last ball past the keeper for the fourth boundary of the over.

Watson goes for 18 runs in that over as Mumbai now need 33 from 15 balls to progress to play-offs.
22:43  Rohit out for 16, Rajasthan in control:   Mumbai 120-4 (10 ovs) vs Rajasthan 189-4 | Scorecard

Leg-spinner Pravin Tambe comes into the attack. Anderson immediately attacks the veteran spinner sweeping him for a four and a six off successive deliveries.

Mumbai are 89 for three in eight overs, with 101 needed from 39 balls for victory.

Anderson smashes Cooper for a boundary through covers before he slams the fourth ball over long-on for a six to take Mumbai past the 100-run mark in the ninth over.

Kulkarni comes back despite two expensive overs at the start. Rohit inside edges the first ball for a boundary on the leg side but falls off the very next delivery. He makes room and looks to slice it over the off-side but is caught at thirdman after scoring 16 from 11 balls.

Anderson hits Kulkarni over long-off for a six to race to his fifty from 25 balls.

Rayudu crashes the last ball straight for a four as Mumbai reach 120 for four in 10 overs, needing 70 from 27 balls for victory.
22:23  Mumbai 75-3 (7 ovs) vs Rajasthan 189-4 | Scorecard

Rohit Sharma gets off the mark with a single before he smashes Faulkner high over the fence on the off-side for a huge six to take Mumbai to 71 for three in six overs. They need to score 119 runs from 8.2 overs to progress to the play-offs.

After two wickets in his first over, Cooper builds the pressure further giving away four runs in his second over. Anderson throwing his bat at everything but is unable to get going.
22:13  Pollard falls for 6, Mumbai in trouble:   Mumbai 61-3 (5 ovs) vs Rajasthan 189-4 | Scorecard

Kevon Cooper is introduced into the attack as Rajasthan shuffle their bowlers around. The young West Indian strike with his very first delivery with the wicket of Hussey, who is bowled after scoring 22 from 11 balls.

Kieron Pollard walks in at No. 4 ahead of captain Rohit Sharma. He takes a single from the first ball before he lofts the next into the stands over midwicket for a six.

However, Pollard falls off the next ball as he miscues a slower ball on the leg side and is caught for seven.

Mumbai in trouble at 61 for three in five overs.
22:08  Hussey, Anderson give Mumbai a flying start:  Mumbai 53-1 (4 ovs) vs Rajasthan 189-4 | Scorecard

Shane Watson comes into the attack. Corey Anderson is promoted to No. 3. He goes on the attack from the first ball he faces, driving Watson through the covers for a four before he pulls the next over midwicket for a six.

Anderson top edges the pull shot but it falls safely on the leg side before Hussey edges a wide delivery which goes for a four through thirdman.

Anderson crashes the first ball from Kulkarni straight back over his head for a huge six. Hussey then jumps down the track and flicks a full delivery behind square on the leg side for another maximum as Mumbai race to 53 for one in four overs.
21:55  Simmons out for 12, Mumbai lose early wicket:   Mumbai 19-1 (2 ovs) vs Rajasthan 189-4 | Scorecard

James Faulkner to bowl the first over for Rajasthan Royals and up against him are Mumbai's openers Lendl Simmons and Mike Hussey, both of whom, who would be looking to attack the bowlers from the word go.

Simmons hits the second ball through the covers for a four before he glances the fourth ball fine for the same result. He pulls the last ball over the leg side for the same result to get 12 runs from the first over.

Hussey welcomes Dhawal Kulkarni into the attack in rude fashion as he pulls a short ball over square leg for a six.

Kulkarni makes the first breakthrough with the wicket of Simmons, who is foxed by the slower ball and offers a simple catch to Faulkner at mid-on to fall for 12.
21:35  Rajasthan 189-4 (20 ovs) vs Mumbai | Scorecard

Mumbai need to chase down the target of 190 in 14.3 overs or less to advance to the play-offs. Rajasthan just need to win the match to advance!
21:34  Samson, Nair hit 50s to power Rajasthan to 189:  Rajasthan 189-4 (20 ovs) vs Mumbai | Scorecard

Hodge pulls Pollard for a six straight down the ground but Faulkner falls two balls later as he pulls one straight into the hands of Anderson at deep midwicket after a good innings of 23 from 12 balls.

Hodge ends the innings in style as he flicks the last ball for a four behind square on the leg side to power Rajasthan to a huge 189 for four in their 20 overs, having scored 55 runs in the last five overs.

Hodge finishes unbeaten on a sizzling innings of 29 from 16 balls, having hit two fours and a six.

The visitors were 59 for one in the first 10 overs before they cut loose to hammer 130 in the next ten overs.
21:30  Samson, Nair hit 50s to power Rajasthan to 189:  Rajasthan 161-3 (18 ovs) vs Mumbai | Scorecard

Bumrah starts well, with three yorkers in a row as Rajasthan gets three singles from the first three balls. He then gives away a wide followed by two singles before Faulkner despatches a full toss over midwicket for a six to end the over in style.

Pollard to bowl the final over of the innings. Hodge drives the first ball straight down the ground for a couple. He heaves the next over midwicket where Anderson pulls off a stunning save inside the ropes to keep it down to two.

Pollard then drops short and Hodge pulls him straight down the ground for a big six before taking one to long-on.

Faulkner then pulls a short ball straight into the hands of Anderson at deep midwicket to fall for a quickfire 23 from 12 balls.

Hodge slams the last ball for a four to finish on 29 from 15 balls and power Rajasthan to a huge 189 for four in their 20 overs.
21:19  Rajasthan 161-3 (18 ovs) vs Mumbai | Scorecard

Ojha ends his spell with a tight over, giving away two, to finish with 31 runs from four overs.

James Faulkner goes after veteran Harbhajan, sweeping him for back to back sixes over square leg region.

Brad Hodge then rocks back and cuts a short delivery past point for a four as Harbhajan leaks 18 runs in that over.

The experienced off-spinner has had a poor outing with the ball, giving away 43 runs in his four overs, while taking one wicket.
21:12  Samson out for 74, Rajasthan lose 3rd wicket:  Rajasthan 141-3 (16 ovs) vs Mumbai | Scorecard

Gopal lifts his team further with the key wicket of Samson, who gets a thick outside edge and is caught by Harbhajan running back from point.

Samson walks back after a splendid knock of 74 from 47 balls, having hit seven fours and three sixes.

Two wickets in the space of four balls reduce Rajasthan to 141 for three after 16 overs.
21:06  Nair out for 50 but Rajasthan on top:  Rajasthan 134-2 (15 ovs) vs Mumbai | Scorecard

Samson races to his fifty from 36 balls with a single on the leg side from the first ball of Ojha's third over.

Nair continues his attack as he pulls a short ball from Ojha over midwicket for a six and then cuts the next ball past point for a four as Mumbai's bowlers continue to leak runs.

Nair then reverse sweeps the last ball for a four as 16 runs come from the over.

Nair then paddle sweeps Harbhajan over short fine leg for a four before he takes a single to race to his fifty from 26 balls.

Samson then launches the fifth ball over the square leg fence for a huge six to get 15 runs from the over.

Rajasthan have hammered 68 runs from the last five overs to reach 121 for one in 14 overs.

Bumrah is back into the attack. Samson steers the first ball very late and find on the off-side for a four before he gets another boundary three balls later, hitting a full toss over point.

He brings up the 100-run partnership from 56 balls with a single on the leg side. Nair has contributed 50 runs from 26 balls, while Samson has hit 49 from 30 balls as the young duo have left the Mumbai attack stunned.

Bumrah brings his team some joy with the wicket of Nair, who is caught at midwicket after a cracking knock of 50 from 27 balls.
20:55  Samson races to fifty to put Rajasthan on top:   Rajasthan 90-1 (12 ovs) vs Mumbai | Scorecard

Nair goes after Karnataka team mate Gopal, in his second over. He slogs the second ball over midwicket for a six before he pulls the next one in that same region for a four.

He then tries the reverse sweep but gets a bottom edge which flies past the keeper for a four and hits the ball through the leg side for the same result as Gopal is hit for 19 runs in that over.

Nair continues to target the Mumbai bowlers as he lofts Pollard over the off-side for a four before Samson flicks the last ball over short fine leg for another four.

Rajasthan have lifted the tempo in the last few overs to reach 90 for one in 12 overs.
20:45  Samson, Nair steady Rajasthan after early wicket:  Rajasthan 59-1 (10 ovs) vs Mumbai | Scorecard

With the dismissal of Watson, Rajasthan have slowed down considerably as Ojha gives away three runs in his second over, the seventh of the innings.

Harbhajan continues to keep the runs down as he concedes just five runs in the next.

Leg-spinner Shreyas Gopal comes into the attack. Samson breaks the shackles as he slams the fifth ball over midwicket for a six to get 10 runs from the over.

Medium pacer Kieron Pollard comes into the attack. Karun Nair top edges the first delivery which goes over Bumrah over short fine leg, who runs back but is unable to get to the ball.

Six runs from the over as Rajasthan reach 49 for on in 10 overs with Samson on 41 from 31 balls and Nair on seven from 11 balls.
20:32  Watson out for 8, Mumbai lose early wicket:  Rajasthan 35-1 (6 ovs) vs Mumbai | Scorecard

Mumbai introduce spin early, bringing in left-armer Pragyan Ojha into the attack to bowl the fifth over. Samson continues to find the boundaries as he sweeps Ojha for a six over square leg to get 10 runs from the over.

Spin from both ends as offie Harbhajan Singh is called to have a bowl. Watson sweeps the first ball past short fine leg for a four but he falls two balls later. Pollard came up with an excellent catch, running in from deep midwicket and diving forward to take a low catch to send back Watson for eight.

Rajasthan are 35 for one in six overs, with Samson on 25 from 18 balls.
20:17  Rajasthan off to a steady start against Mumbai:  Rajasthan 20-0 (4 ovs) vs Mumbai | Scorecard

Samson gets a thick edge as he tries to drive Anderson but it goes past the short thirdman fielder for a four. However, the right-hander drives the next ball off the middle past point for another boundary as 10 runs come from the over.

Bumrah continues to tie down Watson, who plays three dot balls in a row to make it nine dot balls in a row. He finally gets a single to thirdman before Samson drives the last ball through the covers for a four to take the score to 20 for no loss in four overs.
20:12  Rajasthan 5-0 (2 ovs) vs Mumbai | Scorecard

Left-arm pacer Corey Anderson to open the bowling for Mumbai. Rajasthan have a brand new opening pair in Shane Watson and young Sanju Samson, who is opening the batting for the first time for Royals.

Watson gets off the mark with a single before Samson drives the third ball past mid-on for a four as five runs come from the first over.

Jasprit Bumrah follows up with a splendid over to Watson, bowling over the 140kmph mark to send down a maiden.
19:36  Mumbai win toss, elect to field vs Rajasthan:   Mumbai Indians captain Rohit Sharma has won the toss and elected to field against Rajasthan Royals in the 56th match of the Indian Premier League.

Mumbai, who need to win by a big margin, have brought in all-rounder Corey Anderson in place of Marchant de Lange.

Rajasthan Royals have made three changes, bringing in Abhishek Nayar, Dhawal Kulkarni and Ankit Sharma in place of Vikram Malik, Ankit Sharma and Rahul Tewatia.
19:23  Mumbai Indians take on Rajasthan in must-win game:  Mumbai Indians would be looking for a big win when they take on former champions Rajasthan Royals at the Wankhede stadium on Sunday in what would be a virtual knockout game to make the play-offs of the Indian Premier League.

Defending champions Mumbai would need to win by a big margin to go through to the next stage, while Rajasthan need only a victory to pgoress.

Rajasthan are fourth with 14 points from 13 games with a net run rate of +0.25, while Mumbai are fifth with 12 points from 13 matches with a run rate of -0.09.

In the first match of the day, Kings XI Punjab thrashed Delhi Daredevils by seven wickets to finish top of the standings with 11 wins from 14 games.
18:52  - Scorecard

Clinical Kings XI thrashed Delhi Daredevils by 7 wickets to maintain their Numero Uno place. 

Delhi were skittled for 115, didn't do much with the ball either as Manan Vohra and David Miller's 96 runs stand killed the contest. 

Delhi did pick up couple of wickets in the form of Virender Sehwag and Maxwell up front, but the counterpunch rocked Delhi. 

Vohra was dismissed for 47, with Kings XI through. 
18:37   - Scorecard

Manan Vohra and David Miller are counter punching Delhi bowlers as Kings XI look to up the ante. 

Vohra took on Jimmy Neesham smashing him for a humongous six and twin boundaries.

Miller attacked Mohammad Shami, smashing him for six and a boundary. 

Vohra then jumped down the track and hit JP Duminy over long-off for a boundary. 

At the the end of 6 overs, Kings XI were 60-2. Vohra is on 25, while Miller is on 14
18:04  - Scorecard

After Mohammad Shami, it's Jaydev Unadkat's turn to strike as he removes dangerous Glenn Maxwell for nought. 

Maxwell, tried to hit one over the park, but couldn't clear mid-off and was caught by Kevin Pietersen. 

Kings XI were 16-2 after 3.2 overs.
18:02  - Scorecard

Mohammad Shami has struck for Delhi Daredevils as he removes Sehwag. 

Sehwag, who hit two crisp boundaries, tried to play one on the rise, only to edge it to Dinesh Karthik behind the stumps for 9.

Kings XI at the end of 3 overs were 16-1.
17:38   -Scorecard

Kings XI have dismissed Delhi Daredevils for 115. After being put into bat first, Delhi continued to make the same mistakes as none of their batsmen got going. 

Save Kevin Pietersen, who hit a fighting half-century, which gave Delhi some respectability to the score. 

Kings XI were delighted to pick up wickets at regular intervals to ensure that there are no partnership developing for Delhi. 

Parvinder Awana was the pick of the bowlers with figures of 2-15 from his three overs. 

17:32  -Scorecard

Wickets continue to tumble for Delhi as Karanveer Singh in his last over accounts for Jimmy Neesham's wicket. 

Neesham looked to cut a short one from Karanveer, but ended up hitting straight to George Bailey at point.

Akshar Patel castled Mohammad Shami off the first ball to leave Delhi further in trouble.

At the end of 18 overs, Delhi were 115-9.
17:12  -Scorecard

Karanveer Singh now strikes for Kings XI as he removes in form JP Duminy for 8.

16:59  -Scorecard

Delhi Daredevils sink further as Manoj Tiwary succumbs to a run out. 

Tiwary drops one on the off side and takes off. But an indecision from Pietersen and Tiwary costs his wicket, with the latter deciding to sacrifice his wicket. 

Kevin Pietersen meanwhile, completed his first half-century of the IPL. 

The skipper achieved the landmark in just 35 balls with nine hits to the fence. 

At the end of 11 overs, Delhi were 82-4. KP is on 55, while Duminy is on 2
16:35   -Scorecard

Delhi has been rocked once again as Parvinder Awana now removes Dinesh Karthik for 13. 

Kartik looking to flick one through midwicket, got a leading edge and was caught at point by Akshar Patel. 

He then had Kedar Jhadav walking back to the pavillion after he hit one straight down Mannan Vohra's throat for nought. 

Jhadav looking to clear mid-on couldn't clear Vohra and was easily snapped. 

Two wickes in an over as Delhi are reeling once again now at 44-3 in 6 overs.
16:17  -Scorecard

Mitchell Johnson strikes early for Kings XI Punjab as he removes Mayank Agarwal for 2. 

Johnson, pitched one up as Agarwal went in for a drive, without any feet movement and was snapped by Sehwag in widish slip. 

Delhi were 21-1 after 3 overs.
15:36  Welcome to the updates of the first game of the day between table toppers and bottomers. 

Delhi Daredevils are taking on No. 1 Kings XI Punjab in dead rubber. 

The news from the middle is that Kings XI have won the toss and have elected to bowl first in the Mohali heat. 

Both teams have made changes to their side.

For Delhi Jimmy Neesham, Mohammad Shami comes back, while Kings XI have brought back Mitchell Johnson, Glenn Maxwell and Parvinder Awana