Thu, 06 April 2017
IPL updates: Sensational Smith steers Pune to victory

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23:42   Sensational Smith steers Pune to victory

Pune 187-3 (19.5 ovs) vs Mumbai 184-7 | Scorecard

What a finish!!! Smith was simply sensational as he did a Dhoni, finishing off the match with two sixes off Kieron Pollard.

With the match looking tense at 10 needed from four balls, Smith kept his cool in a pressure situation before he finished off things in grand style with two sixes over the leg side to lift this team to a seven-wicket victory with a ball to spare.

Smith finishes unbeaten on a splendid innings of 84 from 54 balls, having hit seven fours and three sixes, while Dhoni was 12 not out.
23:38   Captain Smith guides Pune to victory against Mumbai

Pune 187-3 (19.5 ovs) vs Mumbai 184-7 | Scorecard

Dhoni on strike as Pollard is handed the ball to bowl the all-important final over. He starts with a slower ball which Dhoni smashes straight back on to the stumps at the non-striker's end for just a single.

Smith shuffles across and whips Pollard behind square on the leg side for another single and Dhoni swings hard but can pick only one run.... 10 from 3 balls.

Pollard is a bit too predictable for Smith as he waits for the slower ball and launches it over long-on for a six. 4 from 3 balls

He flicks the next ball over midwicket for another six to guide his team to victory.

23:34   Pune need 13 runs from last over for victory

Pune 172-3 (19 ovs) vs Mumbai 184-7 | Scorecard

McClenaghan bowls a tight final over till Smith spoils it by pulling the last ball for a four to get seven runs from the over. He moves around his stumps and swings a length ball over the leg side to get a much-needed four.

Pune now need 20 runs from the last two overs for victory and possibly with two of the best batsmen in limited overs cricket out in the middle.

Bumrah to finish off as he comes on to bowl the 19th over. Dhoni sensibly takes a single to long-off to bring Smith back on strike. Smith again hits it through midwicket but this time there is a fielder at deep midwicket to keep it down to one.

Dhoni struggling to get bat on ball as he swings it across the line but misses and the same with the next ball as Bumrah bowls two successive dot balls.

He finally makes connection as he pulls it behind square on the leg side for a four.

The last ball is a full toss which Dhoni hits straight to deep midwicket but Southee drops a simple catch and gives away a single.

All set for a thrilling finish with Pune needing 13 from the last over for victory.
23:24   Pune need 27 runs from 3 overs for victory

Pune 158-3 (17 ovs) vs Mumbai 184-7 | Scorecard

Hardik comes back as Stokes swings it over the leg side for a four as the struggling Pollard makes a valiant effort running to his left at long-on but can't stop the ball from crossing over.

The left-hander swings again but this time he holes out to Southee at deep midwicket to fall for 21.

That wicket sees the Pune crowd break into a loud cheer as Mahendra Singh Dhoni walks out to the middle, who gets off the mark with a single.

Smith slaps Hardik for a couple as Dhoni responds to his quick call for the second run.

Smith keeps the runs coming as he hits Bumrah through the leg side for two runs and then steers one through point for another couple. The last ball is short and wide as Smith plays the late cut for a four to take Pune to 158 for three in 17 overs, needing 27 from three overs for victory.
23:10   Captain Smith hits fifty to put Pune in control

Pune 139-2 (15 ovs) vs Mumbai 184-7 | Scorecard

Interestingly, Pune have sent in Stokes ahead of Dhoni, whom they are keeping for the end overs to close out the match if its get tight.

Stokes gets his first boundary in the IPL as he pulls a short ball from Bumrah over midwicket for a four as Pune pick eight runs from the 12th over.

Smith taking over the mantle of getting the boundaries after Rahane's departure. The Pune captain goes after McClenaghan whom he pulls for a four and then glances it fine for the same result. He is dropped off the last ball of the over as Rana puts down a difficult running catch on the square leg fence.

Smith makes Mumbai feel the pain of that dropped catch as he pulls new bowler Kieron Pollard for a four past short fine leg. Three balls later, Smith heaves Pollard over the leg side for a six and then takes one to take his score to 49.

A disappointing first over from Pollard who gives away 15 runs as Pune take control of the run chase.

Stokes joins in the act as he smashes a full delivery from Southee powerfully through the covers for a four followed by a single.

Smith then drives Southee down the ground for two runs to complete his half-century from 37 balls, to make a great start to his captaincy stint at Pune.

Pune are looking in control on 139 for two in 15 overs, needing 46 runs from 30 balls for victory.

22:52   Rahane dismissed for 60, Pune lose 2nd wicket

Pune 97-2 (11 ovs) vs Mumbai 184-7 | Scorecard

Rahane comes down the track and plays a controlled chip shot against Krunal but the timing is so good that it carries over Pollard at long-on who leaps high but can't stop it from going over the ropes for a six.

He then takes a single before Smith swipes it across the line on the leg side for two runs followed by two more singles as Pune reach 93 for one in 10 overs at the halfway stage.

Southee comes back into the attack and he strikes with the key wicket of Rahane with the first delivery of his new spell. He pulls it on the leg side as Rana does well to dive forward and take a difficult low catch.

Rahane walks back after a superb knock of 60 from just 34 balls, having hit six fours and three sixes, to lay a solid foundation for his team.

Southee manages to break the 58-run second wicket partnership between Rahane and Smith to keep Mumbai's hopes alive as the hosts were threatening to run away with the game.

Ben Stokes drives Southee through the covers for two runs to get off the mark in IPL and then takes one off the last ball to keep strike.
22:41   Rahane blasts 27-ball fifty to give Pune a flying start

Pune 82-1 (9 ovs) vs Mumbai 184-7 | Scorecard

Just one over with the new ball for Bumrah, whose overs will be reserved for the end when he will be looking to fire in his yorkers.

Hardik comes back for his second spell and does well as he concedes just four singles in his second over.

His brother Krunal, a left-arm spinner, comes on from the other end. Smith slaps the first ball through the covers for a couple before he slashes the third ball through that same region for a four.

Smith then drives the fourth ball through the leg side for two runs before he picks and Rahane takes one from the last ball to get 10 runs from the over.

In the next over, Rahane hits Hardik through the covers for two runs before he pulls a short ball for a four to race to his fifty from just 27 balls, his fastest in the IPL.

Pune are looking in control on 82 for one in nine overs, with another 103 needed from 11 overs for victory at an asking rate of just over nine.
22:30   Rahane gives Pune a flying start after Mumbai post 184

Pune 59-1 (6 ovs) vs Mumbai 184-7 | Scorecard

Jasprit Bumrah comes into the attack to bowl the fifth over. He makes a good start as he gives away just four singles in his first over.

Smith walks across the stumps to McClenaghan and plays his trademark flick through square leg for a four.

Two balls later, Rahane slashes a wide delivery from the left-arm pacer over thirdman for a six. He opens the face of the bat and steers the next delivery fine on the off-side for a four as Pune race to 59 for one in six overs with Rahane on 41 from 22 balls and Smith on 10.
22:19   Pune lose first wicket, Mayank dismissed for six

Pune 39-1 (4 ovs) vs Mumbai 184-7 | Scorecard

Left-arm pacer Mitchell McClenaghan comes into the attack in place of Pandya, who bowled just one over with the new ball in which he was hit for 14 runs.

McClenaghan strikes with his very first delivery in IPL10 with the wicket of Mayank, who chops it straight to the fielder at mid-off to be dismissed for six.

Australian batting sensation and Pune captain Steve Smith walks out to a huge roar from his home fans. Smith gets off the mark with a single to thirdman and Rahane picks one before the Australian pulls a short ball for two runs to deep midwicket.
22:13   Rahane gives Pune a flying start after Mumbai post 184

Pune 35-0 (3 ovs) vs Mumbai 184-7 | Scorecard

Ajinkya Rahane to open the batting with Mayank Agarwal as Pune look for a good start to lay a foundation for the middle order.

New Zealand's Tim Southee to open the bowling for Mumbai Indians, who will be aiming for a few early wickets.

Rahane gets off the mark with a single from the first ball. Agarwal edges the next delivery but it goes in the gap between the wicketkeeper and the wide slip and goes for a four. He then bowls a wide followed by two more singles as eight runs come from the first over.

Hardik Pandya to bowl the second over. Rahane slaps the first ball through the covers for his first boundary before he gets an edge and this time it goes wide of the slip fielder who is standing at the conventional first slip position.

Rahane looking to be aggressive at the start as he plays an excellent lofted shot over the covers for the third four of the over as Pune race to 23 for no loss in two overs.

Southee attempts a bouncer which Rahane pulls but doesn't get hold of it as the fielder at square leg manages to stop it. The second ball is again short and this time Rahane pulls it high and handsome, over the fine leg fence for a six. He punches the next ball uppishly past the bowler and gets good timing on it for a four to take Pune to 35 for no loss in three overs.
21:47   Pandya's late assault lifts Mumbai to 184

Mumbai 184-7 (20 ovs) vs Pune | Scorecard

Tahir comes back into the attack. Pollard takes no time to warm up as he smashes the first ball of the over back over the bowler's head for a four. He looks to defend the first ball but is foxed by the quicker delivery and is very lucky to get away with the leg before wicket appeal. The impact was in line and the ball was going on to hit the stumps and umpire S Ravi errs again after he had given Buttler out LBW off an inside edge.

Mumbai need a few big overs if they are get close to atleast the 175-run mark, they are currently struggling on 120 for five in 15 overs.

Pollard targets Zampa this time and he smashes the first ball of the over straight back past the bowler for a four.

Zampa gets his first wicket two balls later as Rana has a big swing over the leg side but is caught at deep midwicket for 34.

Mumbai are losing steam in the second half of the innings as wickets keep tumbling at regular intervals.

Pollard looks to lift the tempo as he smashes Tahir powerfully for a six over long-off. The tall West Indian is struck on the elbow by a throw from Tahir as he looks for a quick single on the leg side but the bowler does well on his follow through and his throw hits the batsman.

Tahir goes for 10 in his final over as he finishes with good figures of three for 28 in four overs.

Pollard seems to be in a lot of pain following that blow on the elbow by the throw from Tahir and is finding it difficult while he swings his bat.

Pollard, on 22, gets a lifeline as he edges a wide yorker from Dinda but wicketkeeper Dhoni puts down the low catch on his right.

The experience Dinda doing well to bowl wide yorkers as he concedes just four runs from the first five balls. Pollard throws his bat at the last ball but gets a thick outside edge which goes fine on the off-side for a four.

Stokes to bowl the 19th over. Mumbai suffer a huge blow as Pollard is dismissed courtesy of a brilliant diving catch from Mayank Agarwal at long-on. Pollard (27 from 17 balls) was struggling with the injury as he failed to get enough power on it but Agarwal did well to charge in from the boundary and dive forward to take a magnificent catch.

That is the first wicket for Stokes in the IPL. He concedes just three runs from the first five balls before Tim Southee spoils the over as he carts the last ball for a six over long-off.

Hardik Pandya takes Dinda to the cleaners in the next over, hitting him for three back to back sixes. The first ball is wide as Pandya slices it over point before hitting the next two deliveries over long-off and long-on respectively.

Dinda bowls a wide delivery as Hardik Pandya throws his bat but gets a thick outside edge which flies past Dhoni for a four.

Dinda bowls another poor delivery as he drops short and Pandya pulls it over long-on for the fourth six of the over.

It is a never ending over as Dinda bowls a wide but Southee has already reached the other and Pune get a run out. The television umpire takes a while to decide to which batsman is run out with the both of them stranded at the striker's end.

Ultimately it is Southee who is given run out for seven. Dinda finally gets it right off the last ball as Hardik has another go but misses and steals a quick bye.

Pandya finishes unbeaten on a splendid knock of 35 from 15 balls, hitting 30 runs from the last over alone from Dinda.

Mumbai stage a late recovery to post a healthy 184 for eight in their 20 overs.
21:08   Mumbai lose 5th wicket, Pune on top

Mumbai 111-5 (14 ovs) vs Pune | Scorecard

Stokes comes back as he attempts a short ball which Rana pulls over square leg for his second six as Stokes goes for 11 runs. Not a good outing with the ball for Stokes, who has so far gone for 27 runs in three overs.

Bhatia continues Pune's wicket ways as he dismisses Krunal Pandya who looks to heave it across the line but gets a top edge and is caught by Dhoni for three.

Bhatia has been so good with the ball, on this good wicket he has used his variations to good effect to claim two for 14 in three overs.
20:58   Rayudu dismissed for 10 as Mumbai continue to slip

Mumbai 95-4 (12 ovs) vs Pune | Scorecard

Left-hander Rana turns Zampa on the leg side for a couple before he sweeps the next ball past short fine leg for a four. While Tahir has bowled a superb first spell, Zampa has struggled with his control and has gone for 19 runs in two overs.

Bhatia strikes in his second over with the wicket of Rayudu, who is foxed by the slower ball and ends up chipping it straight back to the bowler to be dismissed for 10.

Surprisingly, Mumbai are holding Kieron Pollard back as left-hander Krunal Pandya walks in at No. 6. Bhatia nearly gets another wicket off the last ball but the ball falls just short as Rana hits it straight back.
20:50   Tahir's three-wicket burst leaves Mumbai in trouble

Mumbai 82-3 (10 ovs) vs Pune | Scorecard

Mumbai nearly lose another wicket as Ambati Rayudu attempts a suicidal single, taking on Smith at mid-off who misses the direct hit with the batsman struggling to make his crease.

Just three singles from the over as Stokes makes a good comeback after going for 13 in his first over.

Tahir is taken off after a good first spell of three wickets for nine runs in two overs as he makes way for another leg-spinner Adam Zampa. Left-hander Nitish Rana blasts a short ball over midwicket for a six while they pick four more singles to make it 10 runs from the over.

Stokes after a two-over spell first spell makes way for veteran medium pacer Rajat Bhatia. He makes a tidy start with his variety of slower balls, giving away six runs as Mumbai reach 82 for three in 10 overs with Rana on 12 and Rayudu on nine.
20:36   Tahir claims 3rd wicket, Mumbai in trouble

Mumbai 63-3 (7 ovs) vs Pune | Scorecard

With a wicket gone, Smith tries to sneak in a quick over from youngster Chahar. But the move backfires as Buttler goes after the fast bowler. He comes down the track and drives a full delivery through the covers for a four.

Buttler again chips down the track as Chahar drops it short but the England right-hander somehow manages to slash it over the covers for his third six of the innings. He then turns the last ball square on the leg side for a couple to get 13 runs from the over.

Tahir strikes again in his second over with the big wicket of Mumbai captain Rohit Sharma, who plays all over the faster delivery and is bowled for three.

Two balls later, he cripples Mumbai further with the key wicket of Buttler. The right-hander looks to turn it on the leg side but misses and is struck on the pads. But hold on, he has got a big inside edge on it and is visibly disappointed as he makes his way back after a quickfire 38 from 19 balls, laced with three fours and three sixes.

Tahir has superb figures of three for nine in two overs as Mumbai are reduced to 63 for three in seven overs.
20:25   Parthiv out for 19, Mumbai lose first wicket

Mumbai 48-1 (5 ovs) vs Pune | Scorecard

The whole of England will be watching with interest as debutant Ben Stokes comes up to bowl against his fellow countryman Buttler.

Buttler takes two balls to study Stokes before he launches him straight back over his head for a six over long-on. The next ball is short as Buttler walks across his stumps and scoops it over the keeper's head for another six.

Stokes makes a good comeback as he beats the right-hander with a quick incoming delivery as he looks for a big shot through the off-side.

Leg-spinner Imran Tahir comes into the attack on his debut for Pune. Parthiv immediately targets him as he sweeps the first ball behind square on the leg side for a four. He tries to repeat the shot off the next ball but misses it and is bowled from behind his legs.

Captain Rohit Sharma gets off the mark with a single on the leg side and Buttler picks before the former gets another run from the last ball.

A good start from Tahir, making the breakthrough while giving away just seven runs in his first over as Mumbai are reduced to 48 for one in five overs.
20:16   Mumbai off to a good start against Pune

Mumbai 28-0 (3 ovs) vs Pune | Scorecard

Pacer Ashok Dinda to open the bowling for Pune as Mumbai open with the dangerous Jos Buttler along with left-hander Parthiv Patel.

Dinda starts with a wide to Parthiv before he takes a single on the leg side to get off the mark. Buttler gets five runs from the first ball courtesy of overthrows as the fielder at midwicket looks for a direct but misses and gives away some easy runs.

The next ball is on the pads as Parthiv clips it fine for a four to get 11 from the first over.

Fast bowler Deepak Chahar comes in from the other end. He starts with a short ball as Buttler pulls it for a four through midwicket. Two balls later, the right hander walks across his stumps and flicks it through square leg for another boundary.

Dinda starts his second over with a short ball which Parthiv pulls over midwicket for a four before he drives the fifth ball straight down the ground past mid-off for the second four of the over.

Patel slashes the last ball as he hits it straight to Rajat Bhatia on the thirdman fence who puts down a straightforward chance.

Mumbai are off to a good start as they race to 28 for no loss in three overs.
19:44   Stokes debuts as Pune elect to bowl vs Mumbai
Rising Pune Supergiant captain Steve Smith has won the toss and elected to bowl against Mumbai Indians.

Pune all-rounder Ben Stokes, the costliest foreign player in the history of IPL, will make his debut in the T20 tournament.

Interestingly, Pune have included two leg-spinners in their playing eleven in Imran Tahir and Adam Zampa.

Meanwhile, Mumbai have a battery of four fast bowlers in Mitchell McClenaghan, Tim Southee, Hardik Pandya and Jasprit Bumrah.

Surprisingly, Harbhajan Singh has been left out with left-arm Krunal Pandya making the cut ahead of the veteran off-spinner.

19:29   Smith-led Pune face tough opener vs Mumbai Indians
Welcome to the coverage of the second match of the Indian Premier League between Mumbai Indians and Rising Pune Supergiant in Pune on Thursday.

With a new captain in place, Rising Pune Supergiants would look to make amends for a poor last season but have a tough opening battle at hand against two-time former champions Mumbai Indians.

Pune decided to replace Mahendra Singh Dhoni with Steve Smith in the leadership role for the tenth edition of the Indian Premier League.

Under Dhoni, who has only played as skipper in the previous nine editions of the IPL, Pune could win just five matches in their debut season last year.

While Dhoni would be desperate to prove a point with his blazing blade -- a fitting reply for being stripped off captaincy, Smith will look to forget Australia's 1-2 loss against India in a draining Test series recently.

Dhoni might have led the now-defunct team Chennai Super Kings exceedingly well in the past but proving his worth as a player with the new franchise is a challenge that the former India captain will be more than keen to conquer.

However, all eyes would be on Ben Stokes, who was bought for a whopping Rs 14.5 crore, and his performance with both the bat and ball will be equated with his hefty pay package.

Smith and Faf du Plessis both got injured the last time but they would like to make amends in this edition of the cash-rich tournament.

The Supergiants will be banking on Ajinkya Rahane, who scored 480 runs at 43.63 with six fifties in the last edition, to come good with the bat again.