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IPL updates: KKR crush Delhi to rise to second

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April 16, 2018

23:29  KKR crush Delhi to rise to second:  

Delhi 129-all out (14.2 ovs) vs KKR 200-9 | Scorecard

West Indians Andre Russell and Sunil Narine starred with the bat and ball respectively to help Kolkata Knight Riders crush Delhi by 71 runs.

Spinners Narine and Kuldeep Yadav claimed three wickets each as Delhi were bowled out for a lowly 129 in 14.2 overs.

Earlier, Andre Russell blasted a 12-ball 41, while Nitish Rana stroked a quickfire half-century to propel KKR to a huge 200 for nine.

Russell in the company of Rana turned the KKR innings on it's head, as they blasted 61 runs from just 22 balls for the fifth wicket.

KKR had scored 85 runs from the first 10 overs, before they slammed 115 runs from the next 10.
23:20  KKR crush Delhi by 71 runs:  

Delhi 129-all out (14.2 ovs) vs KKR 200-9 | Scorecard

Shami goes hard after Kuldeep as the ball goes off the leading edge but it falls safely behind the bowler.

He again gets a thick outside edge off the last ball which flies over the slip fielder for a four.

Narine continues his wicket way as Shami has another wild swing but this time the high catch off the top edge is held by Russell on the leg side.

Kuldeep finishes off Delhi's innings in the next over as Trent Boult is caught and bowled for a duck.
23:13  Narine's double strike leaves Delhi in a mess:  

Delhi 118-8 (12 ovs) vs KKR 200-9 | Scorecard

Narine, who has bowled just one over so far, comes back. He makes it worse for Delhi as he bowls Chris Morris to bring up his 100 wickets in the IPL.

Two balls later, he traps Vijay Shankar leg before wicket for two, who decides to take the DRS.

Shankar went right back to defend Narine, but plays down the wrong line and the decision stays as the impact was in line with the ball going on to crash into the stumps.
23:06  Maxwell out for 47, Delhi in trouble:  

Delhi 114-6 (11 ovs) vs KKR 200-9 | Scorecard

Maxwell heaves Kuldeep over the leg side but Mavi at mid-on gets to the ball but not only does he miss the catch but also ends up flicking it over the ropes for a six.

Maxwell makes a clean connection with the next ball as it clears the boundary this time around for another six.

Kuldeep then drops short as Maxwell targets the same region but ends up holing out to Uthappa at deep midwicket to perish for a quickfire 47 from 22 balls.

So, Kuldeep strikes in back to back overs, and luckily for him both wickets have come off rank long hops.
23:00  Delhi Daredevils in trouble:  

Delhi 99-5 (10 ovs) vs KKR 200-9 | Scorecard

Leg-spinner Chawla comes into the attack. Pant plays the inside out lofted shot over the covers for a six and then cuts the next ball for a four followed by three singles to get 13 from the over.

Pacer Tom Curran is brought into the attack as he replaces Narine.

He starts with a wide half-volley which Pant drills through the covers for a four and two balls later Maxwell deposits a short ball over the fine leg fence for a six.

Left-arm chinaman spinner Kuldeep Yadav is brought into the attack. Maxwell plays the reverse sweep off the first ball for a four before he takes one.

Pant then misses out on a short ball as he pulls it straight into the hands of Chawla at deep midwicket to perish for 43.

A surprise move by Delhi as Rahul Tewatia is promoted to No. 6, who gets off the mark with a single.

Curran drops short as Maxwell helps it over the fine leg fence for a six before he takes one.

Curran then cripples Delhi further with the wicket of Tewatia, who chips it straight to Russell at short cover to perish for one.

Delhi have maintained the run rate, even though they have lost wickets regularly to reach 99 for five in 10 overs. They need another 102 runs from 60 balls for victory.

Maxwell has stroked his way to 33 from 17 balls but he will need support from the other end.

Delhi 56-3 (6 ovs) vs KKR 200-9 | Scorecard

Pant tries to reverse Russell but hits it on the bounce to the fielder in the slips before he punches the next ball straight down the ground for a four.

Pant then slashes at a wide ball, hitting it over the off-side for another four before Maxwell repeats the shot off the last ball for the same result to make it 14 runs from the over.

Mavi bowling at a good pace, in the 140s, as Pant throws his bat at a wide one but is beaten before he is struck on the body by a short ball and picks up a leg bye.

Mavi then drops it short and wide to Maxwell, who hammers it through the covers for a four.

Mystery spinner Sunil Narine comes into the attack. Singles from the first two balls before Pant hits the West Indian spinner for back to back fours.

Delhi looking to lift the tempo as they reach 56 for three in six overs.
22:19  Gambhir out for 8, Delhi in trouble:  

Delhi 24-3 (3 ovs) vs KKR 200-9 | Scorecard

Under-19 pacer Shivam Mavi comes into the attack. A single to Gambhir off the first ball before Pant plays the pull shot for two runs.

He tries the short ball again and this time Pant pulls it fine on the leg side for a four before taking one.

Mavi strikes in his first over with the wicket of Gambhir, who drags the last ball of the over back onto his stumps.
22:13  Delhi lose early wickets after KKR post 200:  

Delhi 15-2 (2 ovs) vs KKR 200-9 | Scorecard

After his smashing innings with the bat, Andre Russell gets the new ball as he is called in to bowl the second over.

Gambhir smacks the second ball through the covers for a four before he takes a single.

Shreyas Iyer also gets going with a four through point before the bowler gets revenge off the next ball.

Iyer is squared up as he tries to block but gets the edge as he tries to run it to thirdman and Nitish Rana produces a superb catch to his left.
22:05  Delhi lose early wicket after KKR post 200:  

Delhi 4-1 (1 ov) vs KKR 200-9 | Scorecard

KKR open with spin as leg-spinner Piyush Chawla bowls the first over.

Gautam Gambhir gets off the mark with a single before Jason Roy also picks one followed by another run to the former.

Chawla then gets Roy stumped as the Delhi opener charges down the wicket but the leggie slipped it down the leg side as wicketkeeper Karthik completed a sharp stumping.

21:49  Russell, Rana power KKR to 200:  

KKR 200-9 (20 ovs) vs Delhi | Scorecard

Andre Russell blasted a 12-ball 41, while Nitish Rana stroked a quickfire half-century to propel KKR to a huge 200 for nine in the IPL match in Kolkata, on Monday.

Russell in the company of Rana turned the KKR innings on it's head, as they blasted 61 runs from just 22 balls for the fifth wicket.

KKR had scored 85 runs from the first 10 overs, before they slammed 115 runs from the next 10.

Leg-spinner Rahul Tewatia was Delhi's best bowler, claiming three for 18, with all three wickets coming in the last over.

KKR 200-9 (20 ovs) vs Delhi | Scorecard

Morris to bowl the 19th as Rana continues to find the boundaries. He again makes room and slices it over point for a four before the bowler gets revenge two balls later.

Rana mishits the slower ball, skying it high on the off-side as Gambhir takes the easy catch.

A good innings from Rana, hitting 59 from 35 balls, to push KKR towards the 200-run mark.

A single each to Gill and Tom Curran before the former misses the flick but picks up four leg byes from the last ball.

Interestingly, leg-spinner Tewatia to bowl the final over. He strikes with the wicket of Gill, who hits it straight to Morris on the off-side to perish for six.

Piyush Chawla is beaten two balls in a row before he has a wild swing but only lobs it high and is caught by wicketkeeper Pant to walk back for a duck.

Tewatia makes it three wickets in the over as Curran is dismissed off the last ball.

What a fantastic final over by Tewatia as he gives away just a single while picking up three wickets to finish with three for 18 in his three overs.

KKR finish on a huge 200 for nine in their 20 overs.
21:35  Russell out for 12-ball 41; KKR eye huge total:  

KKR 188-5 (18 ovs) vs Delhi | Scorecard

Shami comes under more attack in his final over. Russell continues his attack as he slashes the pacer square on the off-side for a four.

He keeps out a yorker for a single before Rana also takes one.

Russell ends the over in perfect style with back to back sixes. He swings the fifth ball over midwicket and looks to have mishit the last ball but it still carries over the straight boundary for another six.

Shami has conceded 42 runs from his last two overs to finish with one for 53 in four overs.

Boult comes back into the attack. Rana takes a single from the first ball to race to his fifty, from just 30 balls.

Boult then brings Delhi some relief with the wicket of the dangerous Russell, who is beaten by the yorker and bowled after a swashbuckling innings of 41 from 12 balls, having hit six sixes.

Russell in the company of Rana turned the KKR innings on it's head, as they blasted 61 runs from just 22 balls for the fifth wicket.

Under-19 star batsman Shubman Gill gets off the mark in some style, as he pulls a short ball from Boult through midwicket for a four.

Two balls later, Rana makes room and steers the yorker past the fielder at short thirdman for another four as Boult goes for 11 in his final over.
21:19  Rana-Russell on the attack for KKR:  

KKR 157-4 (16 ovs) vs Delhi | Scorecard

Time for the Andre Russell show!

Shami tries a short ball as Russell slashes it fine on the off-side for a six. He tries to club the next ball over midwicket but skies it high on the leg side as Roy rushes in from long-on but fails to hold on to the catch.

Shami then pitches it up and Russell blasts it straight down the ground over long-off for a six.

The last ball is short and Russell seems to be waiting for it as he pulls it over midwicket for the third six of the over.

Shami goes for 22 runs in the over after giving away just 11 in his first two, with KKR reaching 145 for four in 15 overs.

Russell starting off with a blast, smashing 21 from five balls, at a strike rate of more than 400.

At the other end, Rana is also going strong. In the next over, he pulls a short ball from Morris over midwicket for a six.

The next ball is short and slanting across him as Rana tries the ramp shot but is beaten.

Morris tries the slower bouncer as Rana makes room and carves it over point for another four.

Rana gets an inside edge off the next ball for a single to take his score to 48 from 27 balls.

Russell looks to steer the next ball fine but can't beat the fielder at short third before he swings hard again and gets a single off the miscue.
21:11  Karthik out for 19, KKR lose 4th wicket:  

KKR 123-4 (14 ovs) vs Delhi | Scorecard

Shami nearly strikes again in his second over. A quick delivery which beats Karthik for pace and strikes him on the pads as the KKR skipper is given out leg before wicket.

But he immediately takes the DRS and rightly so as the Ultra Edge shows that Karthik had got the edge before the ball hits the pads.

He gets a leading edge off the next ball which flies through the gap on the off-side for two runs followed by singles off the next four balls.

Morris comes into the attack as Karthik whips the second ball over midwicket for a four and repeats it again off the next ball for the same result.

However, he perishes for 19 attempting a similar shot as Delhi get a fielder at that position, who takes a simple catch at deep midwicket.

The trap was perfectly set for Karthik and he fell right into it after being carried away following a couple of boundaries.

Rana slams the next ball over long-on for a six and keeps strike with one from the last ball.
20:57  Lynn perishes for 31, KKR 3 down:  

KKR 102-3 (12 ovs) vs Delhi | Scorecard

Pacer Mohammed Shami introduced quite late as he comes in to bowl the 11th over.

He strikes with the key wicket of Lynn in his first over. Lynn, who played a sedate innings of 31 from 29 balls, smashed one down the ground but Jason Roy came up with a stunning diving catch to his left.

All-rounder Vijay Shankar comes into the attack. Rana pulls the second ball through midwicket for a four before KKR captain Dinesh Karthik comes down and swings a short ball behind square for a six to take his team past the 100-run mark, in the 12th over.

KKR 85-2 (10 ovs) vs Delhi | Scorecard

Leggie Tewatia starts with three dot balls to Nitish Rana, who then slogs sweeps the fourth ball for a six and then keeps strike with one from the last ball.

Nadeem to continue as Rana cuts the first ball but Boult does well on the boundary to keep it down to two.

He gives Nadeem the charge off the next ball and launches it down the ground for a six before he sweeps the third ball fine for a four.

Rana survives a shout for leg before wicket off the last ball. The umpire turns it down before Delhi take the DRS but the impact is outside the line and Rana survives.

KKR have kept the tempo up as they reach 85 for two in 10 overs, with Lynn on 28 from 25 balls, and Rana on 21 from 12 balls.
20:37  Uthappa out for 35, KKR 2 down:  

KKR 64-2 (8 ovs) vs Delhi | Scorecard

Uthappa looking in a rush out in the middle. He slog sweeps leg-spinner Rahul Tewatia over the midwicket fence for a six.

Uthappa looks to pull the next ball but gets a leading edge which falls safely between two players behind the wicketkeeper.

Delhi persist with Nadeem despite going for runs in the previous over. The move pays off as he picks up the key wicket of Uthappa, who goes for the slog sweep but gets a top edge and is caught by the bowler himself.

Uthappa hit a quickfire 35 from 19 balls to rally KKR after the early dismissal of Narine.

A good comeback from Nadeem, picking up a wicket and giving away just four runs, after he was hit for 18 in his previous over.
20:28  Lynn, Uthappa rally KKR after early wicket:  

KKR 50-1 (6 ovs) vs Delhi | Scorecard

Left-spinner Shahbaz Nadeem comes into the attack. Uthappa picks a single before Lynn hammers the third ball through the covers for a four followed by two more singles.

Boult will continue, as he comes into bowl his third over on the trot. Uthappa lofts the third ball back over the bowler's head for a six and then takes one.

Lynn then smashes a wide delivery through the off-side for a four. He mishits the next ball as it falls just short of Morris at mid-on who fails to stop and gives away another boundary.

After conceding just five runs from his first two overs, Boult has gone for 13 in his third over.

Nadeem comes under heavy attack from Uthappa in his second over. He lofts the second ball over the leg side for a six and flicks the next square for a couple.

Uthappa then blasts back over the bowler's head for a six followed by a four through the off-side to get 18 from the over.

31 runs from the last two overs as KKR recover to 50 for one in six overs, with Uthappa hitting 26 from 14 balls and Lynn on 23 from 18 balls.
20:15  Narine out for 1, KKR lose early wicket:  

KKR 12-1 (3 ovs) vs Delhi | Scorecard

New Zealand left-arm pacer Trent Boult to open the bowling for Delhi and he will be up against the dangerous opening duo of Chris Lynn and Sunil Narine.

He makes the perfect start with a maiden over to Lynn, who plays a couple of drives in the over but is unable to breach the off-side field.

Chris Morris to bowl from the other end. Sunil Narine gets off the mark with a single on the leg side before Lynn looks to break the shackles after the previous maiden over.

He tries to heave Morris over the leg side but fails to make connection. Lynn tries the shot again but can't find the gap at midwicket before he finally makes some good connection.

He swings the length ball over midwicket as he gets off the mark with a six, from the ninth ball he faces.

Morris pitches it up further and gets the ball to move away as Lynn has another wild swing but is beaten and punches the last ball to mid-off for another dot.

Boult continues to keep things tight as after starting with a maiden, he follows it up with two dot balls to Narine.

He gets the wicket he so deserves as Narine tries to slash a short ball but gets an edge and is caught behind for one.

The ball kept rising after Narine got the edge off a short ball and wicketkeeper Rishabh Pant does well to gets his hands on it and an alert Glenn Maxwell in the slips takes the rebound.

Robin Uthappa gets off the mark with a single before Lynn blasts the last ball square on the off-side for a four.
19:44  Delhi win toss, elect to bowl vs KKR:  Check the playing XI of the two teams:

Kolkata Knight Riders: Dinesh Karthik (captain, w/k), Chris Lynn, Sunil Narine, Robin Uthappa, Nitish Rana, Andre Russell, Shubman Gill, Shivam Mavi, Tom Curran, Piyush Chawla, Kuldeep Yadav

Delhi Daredevils: Gautam Gambhir (captain), Jason Roy, Rishabh Pant(w), Glenn Maxwell, Shreyas Iyer, Vijay Shankar, Chris Morris, Rahul Tewatia, Shahbaz Nadeem, Mohammed Shami, Trent Boult
19:35  Delhi win toss, elect to bowl vs KKR:   Delhi Daredevils captain Gautam Gambhir has won the toss and elected to bowl against KKR in what he describes as 'an emotional comeback to the Eden Gardens'.

Both teams have made one change each.

KKR have replaced veteran Mitchell Johnson with England pacer Tom Curran, while Delhi brought in Chris Morris to take the place of Dan Christian.
19:02  IPL updates: Karthik faces big test as KKR takes on Gambhir-led Delhi:  Welcome to the coverage of Match 13 of the Indian Premier League between Kolkata Knight Riders and Delhi Daredevils in Kolkata on Monday.

Skipper Dinesh Karthik will face a big test when a struggling Kolkata Knight Riders lock horns with a resurgent Delhi Daredevils, led by double title winning former KKR skipper Gautam Gambhir, in a much-anticipated IPL clash.

After back-to-back defeats, Karthik-led KKR will be desperate for a revival, while Delhi will hope to continue their momentum after snapping a two-match losing streak in style against Mumbai Indians on Saturday.

On the field, it will be Gambhir who will have the upper hand despite DD's poor 8-12 head-to-head record against KKR.

Gambhir, who was associated with KKR since 2011, has better knowledge of the conditions and he will be keen to make a point against his former franchise, who did not retain him this year.

Included in the DD side at the expense of Colin Munro, Roy showed his prowess with a sizzling display as the Englishmen smashed his career best T20 score to pull off a tricky last ball victory.

As DD look to climb up the table, KKR will be keen to arrest their slide and they will have to do a lot of soul-searching first and foremost would be to get their batting organised.

Bringing in-form Sunil Narine down the order did not help their cause and he might be back at his opening slot. KKR also need to back the Under-19 World Cup winning duo of Shubman Gill and Shivam Mavi.

The youngster duo didn't get enough time in the middle to prove themselves as Gill, primarily a No 3 batsman, came only at No 7, while Mavi's raw pace and energy were left untested as he was not introduced during the Powerplay.

Karthik would also hope that his deputy Robin Uthappa, who is a KKR veteran, shoulders more responsibility with the bat as his scores of 13, 29 and 3 have been a big letdown.