Fri, 27 April 2018
IPL updates: Delhi Daredevils crush KKR by 55 runs

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23:34   Delhi Daredevils crush KKR by 55 runs

KKR 164-9 (20 ovs) vs Delhi 219-4 | Scorecard

New captain Shreyas Iyer starred with the bat to bring Delhi Daredevils back to winning ways as they crushed Kolkata Knight Riders by 55 runs.

Iyer led from the front with a brilliant innings of 93 from 40 balls after Prithvi Shaw had smashed 44-ball 62 to power Delhi to a huge 219 for four in their 20 overs.

In reply, KKR kept losing wickets at regular intervals as they finished on a disappointing 164 for nine in their 20 overs.

Trent Boult claimed a couple of early wickets to claim two for 44, while Maxwell, Avesh and Mishra also bagged two wickets apiece.
23:31   Delhi Daredevils crush KKR by 55 runs

KKR 164-9 (20 ovs) vs Delhi 219-4 | Scorecard

Part-timer Maxwell, who dismissed Lynn in his first over, comes back to have another go with the ball.

And he picks up another wicket. Chawla slog sweeps the off-spinner but Colin Munro comes up with a superb catch at deep square leg as KKR lose their ninth wicket.

Lastman Kuldeep Yadav sweeps Maxwell fine for a boundary but the match is out of KKR's grasp with 67 needed from the last over for a win.

Boult to bowl the final over and he can't stop smiling. A couple of singles and a wide before Johnson makes room and cracks Boult through the covers for a four and swings the next ball over midwicket for another boundary.
23:22   Russell out for 44, Delhi set for big win

KKR 145-8 (18 ovs) vs Delhi 219-4 | Scorecard

Plunkett comes back into the attack as he starts with a full toss which Russell gently drives to deep midwicket for a single.

Piyush Chawla is beaten before he takes one. Russell then turns down the single and is unable to get a run off the last two balls.

Brilliant over from Plunkett as he concedes just two runs from the 17th over, having bowled four deliveries to the dangerous Russell.

Avesh also troubles Russell with his mix pace of length, who continues to play dot balls, having scored just one run from 12 balls.

Avesh ends Russell's misery with the perfect which crashes into the stumps as the West Indian is dismissed for 44 from 30 balls.
23:12   KKR 7 down, Delhi in control

KKR 141-7 (16 ovs) vs Delhi 219-4 | Scorecard

Mishra comes back as Gill this time comes down the track and lofts the leggie over midwicket for a four.

Mishra bowls it wide as Russell has another big swing but gets a bottom edge for two runs behind the keeper.

Gill steers the fifth ball past point for two runs and then takes one to get 11 from the over.

Leg-spinners from both ends as Rahul Tewatia comes in from the other end.

Russell plays the inside out lofted shot over the covers for a six and then hits the next one back over the bowler's head for a four.

Tewatia makes a good comeback, beating Russell three balls in a row with flighted deliveries well wide of the off-stump.

Mishra produces a beauty to beat Russell as wicketkeeper Pant whips off the bails but the stumping appeal is turned down.

But Delhi strike off the very next delivery as Gill is run out off after a handy innings of 37 from 29 balls.

The match is slipping away from KKR's reach, with 79 needed from 27 balls at an asking rate of over 17.

Mishra ends his spell with a wicket as Shivam Mavi has a wild swing but is beaten by the googly to be bowled for a duck.

A good outing with the ball for veteran as he finishes with two for 23 in four overs, including a wicket maiden.

Russell will need to produce something special with KKR needing 79 from four overs for victory.
22:57   Russell's attack revives KKR's hopes

KKR 118-5 (13 ovs) vs Delhi 219-4 | Scorecard

KKR's last remaining hope is the dangerous Andre Russell, who is capable of turning the match on it's head from any situation.

He makes his intentions clear by pulling Plunkett for a four through midwicket but the England pacer does well to concede just six runs from his third over.

Russell has warmed up nicely as he swings Avesh for two sixes over midwicket to take KKR past the 100-run mark, in the 12th over.

Delhi's main bowler Boult comes back as they look for the wicket of the dangerous Russell, who is threatening to cut loose.

But no stopping Russell as the West Indian smokes a full delivery back over the bowler's head for a straight six. The next ball is short as Russell chops it over point for a four followed by a single.

14 from the over, makes it 35 from the last three, as KKR reach 118 for five in 13 overs, needing another 102 runs from seven overs for victory.

Russell has blasted his way to 30 from 13 balls, while Gill has made 28 from 23 balls.
22:43   Karthik out for 18 as KKR slip further

KKR 83-5 (10 ovs) vs Delhi 219-4 | Scorecard

Except for that one over of spin from part-timer Maxwell, Delhi content to continue with their pacers.

Plunkett continues as Karthik pulls a short ball over fine leg for a six. They pick another four singles to get 10 runs from the over.

Leg-spinner Amit Mishra comes into the attack. He makes a tidy start, conceding just five runs from his first over.

Medium pacer Vijay Shankar is called into the attack. A single to Karthik before Gill lofts the next ball straight down the ground for a six  to get 10 from the over.

With the asking rate constantly going up, Karthik decides to attack Mishra. He looks to target the straight boundary but gets a thick outside edge to be caught at short thirdman for 18.

Gill pulls the fifth ball for a four followed by a single to retain strike.

At the halfway stage, KKR are reeling on 83 for five in 10 overs, needing another 137 runs from the remaining 60 deliveries for victory with just five wickets in hand.
22:22   Rana falls for 8, KKR 4 down

KKR 51-4 (6 ovs) vs Delhi 219-4 | Scorecard

Medium pacer Avesh Khan comes into the attack. Three singles from five balls before he slashes a wide delivery past point for a boundary off the last ball.

Another change as Liam Plunkett comes into the attack, replacing Boult, who bowled a superb first spell of two for 19 in two overs.

Dinesh Karthik clips the first ball through the leg side for two runs followed by four singles to get six from the over.

Avesh strikes in his second over as Rana miscues the pull shot on the leg side to be caught for eight.

Young Shubman Gill starts with three dot balls before lofting Avesh over mid-off for a four followed by a single.

KKR in big trouble on 51 for four in six overs.
22:08   KKR in trouble after early wickets

KKR 33-3 (3 ovs) vs Delhi 219-4 | Scorecard

Boult's extra pace on the short ball produces another big wicket for Delhi.

Uthappa attempts the pull shot but gets it high on the bat only to slice a simple catch to Shaw on the leg side to perish for one.

Nitish Rana picks a single before Narine hammers the next ball over the mid-off for a six.

He repeats the shot off the next ball, lofting it back over the bowler's head, for the same result as KKR look to counter-attack after the two quick wickets.

But Bolt has the last laugh. And once again the short ball does the trick as Narine tries to loft it over the off-side but only ends up lobbing a simple catch to Iyer on the off-side.

Narine walks back after a quickfire cameo of 26 from nine balls as KKR slip for three for three in three overs.
21:59   KKR lose early wicket after Delhi post 219

KKR 20-1 (2 ovs) vs Delhi 219-4 | Scorecard

Chasing a huge 220 for victory, who better than Sunil Narine and Chris Lynn to open the batting for KKR?

Lynn makes a good start as he pulls Trent Boult's second ball through the leg side for a four to get off the mark in style.

Two singles from the last two balls make it six from the first over.

Part-time off-spinner Glenn Maxwell to bowl the second over. Narine launches the first ball straight down the ground for a six before he gets two off the next ball.

Narine then smashes the third ball through the covers for a four before he takes one.

Maxwell then makes the breakthrough with the wicket of Lynn, who is bowled off an inside edge for five.

Robin Uthappa takes a single off the last ball as Maxwell goes for 14 in his first over but makes the breakthrough.
21:38   Captain Iyer blasts 40-ball 93 to power Delhi to 219

Delhi 219-4 (20 ovs) vs KKR | Scorecard

Youngsters Prithvi Shaw and Shreyas Iyer blasted half-centuries to power Delhi Daredevils to a huge 219 for four against Kolkata Knight Riders.

Replacing Gautam Gambhir as the captain, Iyer led from the front with the bat. The right-hander stroked a entertaining 93 not out from just 40 balls after Shaw had given the hosts a flying start with his cracking innings of 62 from 44 balls.

Earlier, Gambhir, who stepped down as the captain, was dropped as he made way for Vijay Shankar, while Colin Munro came in for Dan Christian.

Kolkata Knight Riders captain Dinesh Karthik and elected to bowl at the Feroz Shah Kotla ground in New Delhi.
21:36   Captain Iyer blasts 40-ball 93 to power Delhi to 219

Delhi 219-4 (20 ovs) vs KKR | Scorecard

Maxwell on the charge now. A short ball from Johnson is pulled over the fine leg fence for a six by Maxwell, who tries to reverse the next ball but is beaten.

Maxwell going hard but Johnson mixing his pace well to beat him three times in a row.

But Maxwell gets hold of the last ball, slamming it back over the bowler's head for a four.

The young Mavi to bowl the final over. The first ball is wide and full as Iyer hammers it over the covers for a six.

He switches to round the wicket but bowls a leg stump half-volley which Iyer deposits over the square leg fence for another six take Delhi past the 200-run mark, in the final over.

Mavi beats Iyer with a slower ball as Maxwell is more than halfway down the pitch and is sent back but can't make his crease.

Maxwell walks back after scoring 27 from 18 balls.

Mavi continues to suffer as this time Iyer pulls a short ball over midwicket for the third six of the over.

Mavi bowls a wide before Iyer lofts the fifth ball down the ground for a boundary to continue his assault.

Iyer ends the innings in great fashion, smashing the last ball for another six, to get 29 from the over.

Delhi have hammered 76 runs from the last four overs to post a huge 219 for four in their 20 overs.
21:25   Captain Iyer blasts half-century to boost Delhi

Delhi 179-3 (18 ovs) vs KKR | Scorecard

Chawla bowls an excellent final over of his spell, giving away just three runs, to finish one for 33 in four overs.

A dream captaincy debut for Iyer as he hits Mavi for a six over long-on as Robin Uthappa makes a good effort but is unable to take the catch close to the ropes.

Iyer races to his fifty from just 29 balls before he hammers Mavi for another six through the off-side.

Mavi then oversteps to give away a no-ball but Maxwell can only get a single off the free hit delivery as the over goes for 18 runs.

In the next over, Iyer lofts Narine down the ground but Nitish Rana at long-on ends up spilling the catch over the ropes for a six.

Maxwell struggling with his touch before he smokes the last ball for a huge six over the leg side as Narine also goes for 18.
21:09   Shaw and Pant depart; Delhi 3 down

Delhi 140-3 (15 ovs) vs KKR | Scorecard

Russell strikes in the very next over. New batsman Rishabh Pant is caught unawares by a quick short ball from the West Indian pacer as he looks to duck but the ball hasn't stayed a bit low. It strikes the gloves and goes straight through to wicketkeeper Karthik as Pant walks back in disbelief for a golden duck.

Glenn Maxwell takes a single before Iyer cuts a short ball over point for a four before carving the last ball over the covers for a six.

Despite the wicket, Russell goes for 13 runs in his third over.
21:03   Shaw out for 44-ball 62, Delhi 2 down

Delhi 127-2 (14 ovs) vs KKR | Scorecard

Shaw is the joint youngest to score an IPL fifty along with Sanju Samson.

Left-arm chinaman spinner Kuldeep comes back after a one-over spell with the new ball.

DD captain Iyer wasting no time in going after the spinner as he slog sweeps the first ball over midwicket for a six.

He cuts the next ball but can't find the gap before he comes down and flicks the spinner for one on the leg side and Shaw collects an easy run on the off-side.

Iyer clips Kuldeep on the leg side with soft hands which gives him enough time to come back for the second.

He repeats the shot off the last ball for another couple to get 12 from the over.

Iyer tries to play the ramp shot off Johnson but misses twice before he finally connects for a four fine on the off-side.

Shaw pulls the last ball over midwicket for a six as 12 come from the over.

Johnson has struggled at the hands of the young Delhi batsmen, especially Shaw, going for 31 in his three overs.

Back for his second spell, Chawla is welcomed to the crease by a huge straight six by Iyer.

The next ball is flat and quick as Iyer misses the flick before he turns the next to deep midwicket for two runs.

Iyer then plays a powerful cut shot as Russell fumbles to give away a single.

Chawla makes the breakthrough with the key wicket of Shaw, who looks to pull it over midwicket but the ball stays low and crashes into the stumps.

Shaw walks back after a cracking knock of 62 from 44 balls, having hit seven fours and two sixes.
20:50   Shaw hits 38-ball fifty, Delhi on top

Delhi 94-1 (11 ovs) vs KKR | Scorecard

Narine comes back into the attack as Russell bowls just one over in his first spell.

Singles from the first four balls before Shaw clips Narine to deep midwicket for two runs followed by one to keep strike as DD reach 84 for one in 10 overs.

Russell comes back as Shaw pulls the third ball over midwicket for a four followed by a single to bring up his maiden IPL half-century from just 38 balls.

In just his second match, India's U-19 captain Shaw is making heads turn with his brilliant batting.

The last ball is overpitched as Shaw drives it straight down the ground for another four as DD reach 94 for one in 11 overs.
20:41   Shaw's attack lifts Delhi

Delhi 77-1 (9 ovs) vs KKR | Scorecard

Andre Russell was struggling with a hamstring injury recently but seems to have recovered enough to do some bowling in this match.

He makes a tidy start, conceding just five runs in his first over.

17-year-old Shaw showing scant respect to veteran 36-year-old pacer Johnson.

A single each to Shaw and Shreyas Iyer before the former clips Johnson on the leg side for a four.

Shaw then does a Dhoni as he plays the helicopter shot, using his wrists to good effect to flick Johnson over midwicket for a six.

The last ball is a quick bouncer as Shaw fends it on the leg side for one.

Delhi are looking good on 77 for one in nine overs with Shaw on 40 from 30 balls and Iyer on four.

20:32   Munro out for 33, Delhi lose 1st wicket

Delhi 59-1 (7 ovs) vs KKR | Scorecard

Left-arm pacer Mitchell Johnson comes into the attack. Shaw looks to flick the next ball on the leg side but gets leading edge which falls just short of the fielder in the covers.

Johnson then gets a thick outside edge off the next ball as Shaw again tries to play it through the leg side but it falls short of short thirdman.

Johnson then bowls a quick bouncer as Shaw tries to pull but is beaten by the pace.

But Shaw makes a strong statement as he slashes a wide delivery from Johnson over the off-side for a four before he takes one to take DD to 57 for no loss in six overs.

Mavi comes back after just one over from Narine. With the field spread out, Mavi bowls a tight over, giving away just two singles before the pressure pays off.

Mavi strikes with the wicket of Munro, who is bowled for a quickfire 33 from 18 balls. The left-hander makes room and tries to blast it through the off-side but gets a little inside edge to drag it back on to the stumps.

Munro and Shaw have given Delhi a good start, putting on 59 runs for the opening wicket from 42 balls.
20:19   Shaw, Munro give Delhi a good start

Delhi 51-0 (5 ovs) vs KKR | Scorecard

Fast bowler Shivan Mavi comes into the attack. He beats Shaw with the first ball which bounces more than expected before the right-hander punches the next one through the covers for a four.

The next ball is again short as Shaw plays the square cut but can't beat the fielder at point.

Shaw picks a single before Munro advances down the track and hammers the young fast bowler back over his head past mid-on for a four.

Delhi have raced to 40 for no loss in four overs before KKR introduce their strike bowler Sunil Narine into the attack.

Shaw turns the first ball on the leg side for one and Munro slaps the third ball through the covers for a four.

Munro then slog sweeps Narine high over the midwicket fence for a six to bring up Delhi's 50, in the fifth over.

Delhi have raced to 51 for no loss in five overs, with Munro on 31 from 14 balls, and Shaw on 20 from 16 balls.
20:12   Shaw, Munro give Delhi a good start

Delhi 31-0 (3 ovs) vs KKR | Scorecard

The young Prithvi Shaw to open the batting for Delhi with the dangerous Kiwi left-hander Colin Munro.

KKR opt for spin straightaway as leg-spinner Piyush Chawla opens the bowling.

Shaw defends the first two balls before he flicks the third ball through midwicket for a couple to get off the mark. He tries to turn the next ball on the leg side but misses and is struck on the pads before he cuts a short ball but can't beat point.

Shaw slog sweeps the last ball but gets a single to deep midwicket as three come from the first over.

Wrist Spin from both ends as Kuldeep Yadav shares the new ball with Chawla.

Shaw drives the first ball down to long-on for a single and Munro does the same next ball for a single to get off the mark.

Shaw slog sweeps the third ball and again for just a single to the fielder in the deep.

Kuldeep drops short as Munro pulls it straight down the ground for a six before he slaps the next ball through the covers for a single off the last ball.

That six seems to have boosted Munro's confidence. In the next over, he drives a full delivery straight down the ground past mid-off for a four and then carves the next over the thirdman region for the same result.

Shaw also joins in the party as he plays the inside out lofted shot against Chawla for a boundary and then pulls the next ball for the fourth boundary of the over.

A single off the last ball makes it 18 from Chawla's second over as Delhi race to 31 for no loss in three overs.

19:34   KKR elect to bowl; Delhi drop Gambhir
Kolkata Knight Riders captain Dinesh Karthik has won the toss and elected to bowl against Delhi.

The big news from the Delhi camp is that former captain Gambhir has been dropped. The left-hander had stepped down as the captain on Wednesday and now he is out of playing XI as all-rounder Vijay Shankar comes in his place.

Meanwhile, Colin Munro comes in for Dan Christian.

KKR have made one change as Mitchell Johnson replaces Tom Curran.
19:28   Daredevils seek revival under new captain
Welcome to the coverage of the 26th match of the Indian Premier League between Delhi Daredevils and Kolkata Knight Riders in Delhi on Friday.

Struck by the crisis emanating from Gautam Gambhir's resignation as captain, a beleaguered Delhi Daredevils face a herculean task to revive their IPL campaign when they clash against Kolkata Knight Riders under new captain Shreyas Iyer..

Gambhir leaveing captaincy midway into the tournament does not guarantee resurrection of the side but the left-hander's decision has given the team management a chance to infuse new life into the franchise with new ideas.

Gambhir's rough patch, along with poor form of other batsmen, has resulted in over-reliance on young Rishabh Pant. The team has lost five of its six matches and is languishing at the bottom of the points table.

Gambhir the batsman would still be critical if a turnaround has to happen for the Daredevils but it remains to be seen if he remains in the playing XI.

The hosts are now in an unenvious position where they need to win seven of the remaining eight matches to be in Play-offs contention.

The 23-year-old Iyer is faced with the enormous task of turning it around for the team as a leader.

The young batsman showed that he has the heart for a fight when he took it upon himself to steer the side against Kings XI Punjab.

He almost pulled it off but fell short by one big shot. However, it was a performance which indicated that he is not averse to taking responsibility, which is the need of the hour for the Daredevils.

The Daredevils have not been particularly lucky on the fitness front either with Jason Roy (side strain) and Chris Morris (back problem) recovering.

The only game Daredevils have won so far was shaped by Roy's unbeaten whirlwind knock of 91 on debut.

A big player not to have clicked for them is Australian all-rounder Glenn Maxwell.

Maxwell has scores of 17, 13, 47, 4 and 12 so far and it is absolutely imperative for the Daredevils that he regains his form.

On the other hand, KKR are also struggling a bit with their bowling. But what has worked reasonably well for them is their batting. Their willow-wielders have been contributing consistently, twice taking the side past the 200-mark but bowlers have struggled to defend even big totals.

KKR have won three matches and lost as many to sit fourth in the table.

The last time the two sides clashed, it was KKR which dominated by putting 200 runs on the board to win by a comprehensive 71-run margin.