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India lose Vijay early

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August 10, 2018 15:59

Ind 10-1 (6 ov) vs Eng | Scorecard

Just the one run comes off the over -- the no ball -- as Rahul and Pujara play watchfully.

Broad continues and bowls a rare no ball.

Pujara plays watchfully even as there is an appeal for LBW but there was an inside edge. 

Another shout for LBW off the last ball of the over but the ball was going down leg.

Anderson continues and Pujara chases the wide delivery, luckily he leaves it.

Oh my gosh! What a ball! Anderson gets some late swing, angles and nearly takes Pujara's bat on the way to the keeper.

Pujara now off the mark with a single, he comes across and flicks it to square leg.

Last ball of the over, Anderson bowls too straight, Rahul goes wide and guided it to fine leg for a boundary.

Broad continues and  continues to challenge Rahul as the slip cordon is full.

Rahul gets off the mark with a classic cover drive to the boundary. A touch over pitched and Rahul takes full advantage to open India's score.

Four runs come off the over as Rahul gets bat on ball finally. 

Three overs down and India are yet to keep the scorers busy.
Anderson continues. and Pujara plays watchfully, allowing the ball go to the keeper.

Wow! Pujara beaten! Only just! What a ball. 

Broad is bowling from the other end and is getting a lot of swing -- out swing and inswing and Rahul is beaten off the last ball of the over as India are yet to get off the mark.