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2nd Test updates: India 107 all out

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August 10, 2018

23:53  Anderson grabs five wickets:  

Ind 107 (35.2 ovs) vs Eng | Scorecard

India all out for 107 off 35.2 overs. 

Anderson gets five-wickets in the innings with the dismissal of Ishant.

Anderson continues and he gets his 6th five-wicket haul at Lord's, having Ishant LBW. Anderson appeals and the umpire raises the finger.

Ishant is the new man in and he gets off the strike off a leg bye.

Shami then gets a couple to the off side.

The 100 comes up for India as Shami just has a go at the ball and gets a four to third man.

Identical shot off the next ball and 11 come off the over.

Shami is the new man in as Broad continues and off the second ball of the over hits Ashwin on the pads. Umpire Erasmus says out. 

Ashwin takes the review and has to walk back as the tracker shows the ball would have hit the stumps. 

Ashwin gone for 29 off 38.

Anderson continues and after leaving all the deliveries that were around the off stump,
Anderson then bowls the inswinger and Kuldeep is rapped on the pads. Aleem Dar has no hesitation in lifting the finger. 

India have wasted a review here as the replay show the batsman was hit plumb in front of the wickets.

Broad comes back into the attack and is welcomed with a lovely boundary off the backfoot through cover-point.

After a dot ball, Broad digs it in short and Ashwin just pulls it through deep mid-wicket for a boundary.

Broad then bowls the probing line making Ashwin play. 

Another dot ball to end the over as nine runs come off the over.

Anderson continues and he bowls that teasing line that Ashwin tries to play at. 

He then plays a defensive shot before being lured into playing and missing.

Ashwin then gets a single two balls later. Kuldeep then plays a defensive shot to see off the last ball.
23:30  India lose 7th wicket:  

Ind 85-7 (31 ovs) vs Eng | Scorecard

It's now up to Ashwin and Kuldeep to stick around and get India to the 100-run mark without losing anymore wickets. 

Curran continues. Ashwin gets a single to the leg side off the 2nd ball of the over.

Kuldeep does well to leave the balls. 

Just a single off the over.

Kuldeep replaces Rahane at the crease and plays out two dot balls.

Anderson brought back into the attack as he replaces Woakes.

Rahane plays out three dot balls before becoming Anderson's third victim.

Another ball in that channel, Rahane pushes at it, gets the outside edge and is caught by Cook at first slip.

Woakes and Curran continue to trouble Ashwin but the batsmen is equal to the task and picks the singles and twos as well as finds the occassional boundary.

Curran continues and gives just 2 runs in the over.

Woakes continues and Ashwin takes a boundary off him in the over.
23:00  Woakes, Curran do the damage:  

Ind 69-6 (25 ovs) vs Eng | Scorecard

Ashwin gets off the mark with super shot through the off-side and three runs against his name.

Rahane then guides the ball down to long leg for a boundary.

Rahane then plays out two dot balls to end the over.

Karthik's off stump goes cart-wheeling and that brings R Ashwin to the crease.

Curran continues and India's slide continues. 

Curran gets his first wicket of the match, he has Karthik bowled neck and crop!  

Karthik is the new man in and gets off the mark with a single. 

2 dot balls to end the over and Woakes has figures of 2-10 off his 4 overs so far.

Woakes continues and he has Pandya in all sorts of trouble.

Woakes bowls in the channel, Pandya goes hard at the ball but Buttler drops the ball.

Woakes has his man now. Another ball in that channel and Pandya goes after it and Buttler holds on to the catch this time.

India have lost half the side with 65 on the board.

Curran continues and Hardik gets off the mark with a fortunate four dowm the leg side. 

He picks another three runs to pick 7 runs in the over. 
22:46  Kohli gone for 23:  

Ind 49-4 (22 ovs) vs Eng | Scorecard

Pandya is the new man in and plays out two dot balls as five runs and a wicket come in the over.

Woakes gets the prized wicket of Kohli with a peach of a delivery.

Kohli gone for 23.

Woakes continues and Rahane starts with a single.

Kohli is dropped as the ball runs down to the third man boundary.

Kohli gets an edge and the moving ball does him in as he is caught by Buttler at slip.

Sam Curran gets his first over of the match as he replaces Anderson.

Rahane plays a nice push through mid-off for three runs off the first ball of the over.

Kohli then gets a single to fine leg.

A rare misfield by Root at mid-off allows Rahane to take a single.

Curran beats Kohli off the last ball of the over.

Woakes continues and Kohli edges it but is lucky as the ball falls just short of the slip fielders.

Woakes getting swing off the pitch here and Kohli plays and misses.

Kohli gets another edge that falls short of the slip fielders.

Kohli then leaves the ball alone. 

Woakes doing well to get the ball to move around and asking questions off Kohli.

Last ball of the over, Kohli is again made to drive and he plays and misses.

Anderson continues and he is continues to bowl in that channel as there is still a little swing in the air. 

Kohli then plays it down to third man for a couple.

Anderson continues to bowl the probing line and Kohli leaves it alone. 

Kohli then just taps the ball in front of slips and runs for a single off the last ball of the over. 

Woakes replaces Broad and starts with a maiden. 

Anderson continues and Kohli starts the over with a couple to point.

Anderson then challenges Kohli all through the over making him play and missing the edge by very little.

22:14  Kohli, Rahane at ease:  

Ind 34-3 (16 ovs) vs Eng | Scorecard

Broad continues and Rahane plays a forward defensive shot.

Rahane is rapped high on the pads, Broad appeals, umpire Aleem Dar not interested.

Rahane then leaves the next one.

That's another maiden.

There is no help for the bowlers now as the swing has totally disappeared, this has put the batsmen at ease.

Anderson continues and he makes Kohli play. What a ball! 

Another peach that has Kohli playing at it again. The ball swung late.

Kohli lets the ball go and that is another maiden. 

Broad continues and Rahane gets a single to the off side. 

Kohli then gets a single off an edge.

Rahane then gets a single after a dot ball.

Kohli then gets the inside edge as the ball goes down to square leg and the batsmen take a quick single.

A dot to end the over as Rahane leaves the ball alone.

Anderson continues and a couple of runs come in  the over.

21:58  The sun is beaming as third session starts:  

Ind 28-3 (12 ovs) vs Eng | Scorecard

India's batsmen look a lot more assured now that the sun has come out and there is not much swing for the bowlers.

Kohli and Rahane are getting bat on ball and the singles and twos.

Broad continues and Rahane gets off the mark with a super shot through to the cover boundary.

He then gets a single to fine leg.

Kohli then takes a single off the next ball, he just taps it down and they scamper for a single.

Rahane gets lucky here, a thick edge and Pope at 4th slip doesn't reach out on time to grab it. Rahane will consider himself very fortunate. 

Anderson continues and Kohli is fortunate to not chop the ball on to his stumps off that last ball of the over. 

5 runs come off the over.

Broad continues and only a single comes off the over. 

So play finally resumes after the rain interruption.

Anderson starts with a peach of a ball to Rahane. He completes the over with a maiden and a run-out.
20:48  This is the second rain interruption of the day:  

Ind 15-3 (8.3 ovs) vs Eng | Scorecard

While the rain continues to pelt the Lord's, the umpires called tea. 

About 45 minutes back, it looked like play would resume but the rains returned sooner than it had vanished. 

Earlier, Anderson struck twice and a silly mix-up between Kohli and Pujara saw India slump to 15 for 3 in 8.3 overs as rain interrupted play for the 2nd time in the day.
18:26  India lose Pujara to silly run-out:  

Ind 15-3 (8.3 ovs) vs Eng | Scorecard

The rain gods have spoken again and its pelting down at Lord's again just after India lose their 3rd wicket.

India lose their third wicket thanks to some silly running between the wickets. Pujara plays the ball to point and runs, Kohli sets off, then he sends Pujara back and the mix-up leads to the run-out. Pope rips off the bails at the striker's end to send Pujara back.

Pujara gone for 1 off 25.

Anderson continues and just when it looked like play has been interrupted, the ground staff decide its fine to continue. 

The batsmen come back and take guard and Anderson is bowling a lovely spell.

Broad continues and Kohli comes across and gets a couple to fine leg. 

Wow! Good ball and well left by Kohli. Good all-round cricket there.

Another peach! And Kohli made to play as the ball goes through nicely to the keeper.

Kohli then plays the ball to backward square leg for a couple.

What a ball! Again Kohli made to play, slight movement. 

Well left as four runs come off the over.

Anderson continues to complete his over after the rain break and bowls a peach to Pujara to end the over. 

Just the one run off the over that saw Kohli get off the mark.
17:52  India lose 2nd wicket:  

Ind 11-2 (6.3 ovs) vs Eng | Scorecard

The rain gods continue to show no mercy and the players have taken an early lunch. 

The pitch at Lord's is still under covers. 

Earlier, James Anderon's double strike left India in a bit of a mess at 11 for 2 before rain interrupted play.
16:06  Rahul gone for 8 as Anderson gets his 2nd scalp:  

Ind 11-2 (6.3 ovs) vs Eng | Scorecard

Kohli comes to the crease and gets off the mark with a single as he taps the ball to point. 

Umpires call for the covers as rains come down at Lord's and we have our first rain-interruption for the day.

Anderson continues and he gets his man! 

Rahul gets the thinnist of edges and is caught by Bairstow behind the stumps.

What a peach of a delivery that! Rahul made to play, he comes forward and gets the dreaded nick. 

15:59   India lose Vijay early:  

Ind 10-1 (6 ov) vs Eng | Scorecard

Just the one run comes off the over -- the no ball -- as Rahul and Pujara play watchfully.

Broad continues and bowls a rare no ball.

Pujara plays watchfully even as there is an appeal for LBW but there was an inside edge. 

Another shout for LBW off the last ball of the over but the ball was going down leg.

Anderson continues and Pujara chases the wide delivery, luckily he leaves it.

Oh my gosh! What a ball! Anderson gets some late swing, angles and nearly takes Pujara's bat on the way to the keeper.

Pujara now off the mark with a single, he comes across and flicks it to square leg.

Last ball of the over, Anderson bowls too straight, Rahul goes wide and guided it to fine leg for a boundary.

Broad continues and  continues to challenge Rahul as the slip cordon is full.

Rahul gets off the mark with a classic cover drive to the boundary. A touch over pitched and Rahul takes full advantage to open India's score.

Four runs come off the over as Rahul gets bat on ball finally. 

Three overs down and India are yet to keep the scorers busy.
Anderson continues. and Pujara plays watchfully, allowing the ball go to the keeper.

Wow! Pujara beaten! Only just! What a ball. 

Broad is bowling from the other end and is getting a lot of swing -- out swing and inswing and Rahul is beaten off the last ball of the over as India are yet to get off the mark.
15:38  Anderson gets breakthrough in opening over:  

Ind 0-1 (1 ov) vs Eng | Scorecard

Pujara is the new man in at number 3 after the dismissal of Vijay and gets an edge that falls just short of the fielder at slip.

Full ball, some late swing and Vijay loses his stumps to and incoming ball! What a delivery! Vijay is gone for a duck.

Anderson starts in normal fashion, bowling in that channel and beating Vijay once in the opening over.

20-year-old Olliver Pope makes his Test debut as Anderson opens the bowling for England from the pavillion end.

Rahul opens the innings with Vijay.
15:11  Clear weather makes play possible on Day 2:  

Joe Root spins the coin, England win the toss and elect to bowl first.

India make two changes as Pujara comes in for Dhawan as KL Rahul opens with Vijay, and on the bowling front, Kuldeep Yadav replaces Umesh Yadav.

England continue to play with four pacers and one spinner in the form of Adil Rashid. 


India (Playing XI): Murali Vijay, Lokesh Rahul, Cheteshwar Pujara, Virat Kohli(c), Ajinkya Rahane, Dinesh Karthik(w), Hardik Pandya, Ravichandran Ashwin, Kuldeep Yadav, Mohammed Shami, Ishant Sharma

England (Playing XI): Alastair Cook, Keaton Jennings, Joe Root(c), Ollie Pope, Jonny Bairstow(w), Jos Buttler, Chris Woakes, Sam Curran, Adil Rashid, Stuart Broad, James Anderson
14:51  Toss to happen in a while:  

With clear skies over the Lord's at London, play is set to start anytime now and captains of the England and India teams are due to make their way out for the toss, shortly.

Frustrating the two teams, incessant rain washed out play Day 1 of the second cricket Test between India and England at Lord's, in London on Thursday.

Play was called off at 4.50 pm local time without a single ball being bowled.