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Pollard-Krunal prop MI innings

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May 16, 2018 22:07

MI 186-8 (20 ovs) vs KXIP | Scorecard

32 runs and 2 wickets come off the last 4 overs as MI fail to catch up on the momentum given by Pollard and Krunal.

Tye was the pick of the bowlers for Punjab with four wickets against his name.

Mohit in to bowl the last over and Markande starts with a ramp shot over third man.

He follows that up with a single.

Mohit then bowls a wide.

Mohit then bowls a good slower ball as McCleneghan tries to pull it but misses.

McCleneghan goes across to his off side and goes on one knee, Mohit bowls a bouncer and that is a no-ball despite a catch taken by short third man.

The batsmen take a single as no-ball is signalled. 

Free it but Markande only manages a get a leg bye.

Fast yorker and McCleneghan can only dig it out and scamper for a single.

Last ball, Markande cannot go past Gayle at short fine and a single to end the over as  11 come off the 20th.

Markande is the new man and he gets off the mark with a single.

McCleneghan then chops the ball for a boundary square on the off side.

Two dot balls to end the over as 8 runs and a wicket come off it.

Tye comes into the attack and starts with a wide.

Hardik then plays the ball to mid-wicket for a couple.

Hardik is out next ball. He chases the slow and wide ball, gets the edge and is caught by Ashwin at short third man. He goes for 9 as MI lose their 8th wicket.

McCleneghan is the new man in. 

Batsmen had crossed and Hardik pinches a single and McCleneghan survives a run-out.

Last ball of the over, McCleneghan goes on one knee and slog-sweeps the ball for a six over deep square leg.

Ashwin continues and Hardik and Cutting happy to keep the scoreboard ticking here before Cutting chases the wide ball and hits across the line. He only manages to hand the catch to the fielder at mid-wicket.  

Tye comes back into the attack and gives only 3 runs.