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IPL3 Statistical Almanac 1

By Srinivas Bhogle, Purnendu Maji
Last updated on: April 27, 2010 19:31 IST
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Who were IPL3's 50 best players? Who were the 20 most disappointing players? Who were the 20 best batsmen? And the 20 best bowlers?

Here are all the lists.

IPL3's 50 best players

We list the fifty players with the highest values of the most valuable player index (MVPI). MVPI is the sum of a player's batting, bowling and fielding points.

The batting points are based on total runs scored and the strike rate. The bowling points are based on wickets taken (20 points per wicket) and the economy rate. The fielding points are based on catches taken (5 points per catch), stumpings carried out and participation in run out dismissals.

Table 1

IPL3's 20 most disappointing players

We look at prices with prices of at least $250,000, who have played five or more matches, but had the lowest MVPI.

Table 2

IPL3's 20 best batsmen

This is a list of players with the highest batting points. We consider a strike rate of 133 (i.e. 8 runs per over) to be par. To obtain a player's batting points we add bonus points to the batsman's total runs if he scores at a strike rate above 133, and subtract points from the total runs if the strike rate is below 133

Table 3


IPL3's 20 best bowlers

This list features players with the highest bowling points. Bowlers get 20 points for every wicket and get bonus points if they concede less than 8 runs per over; they however lose points if they give away more than 8 runs per over.

Table 4

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Srinivas Bhogle, Purnendu Maji
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