Wed, 10 April 2013
IPL updates: Hussey, Vijay lift Chennai to big win

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Chennai 139-0 (17.2 overs) vs Punjab 138

Hussey heaves Kumar over the leg side for another huge six to level the scores and then takes an easy single to give Chennai a big win.

Hussey finishes on 86 not out from 53 balls and Vijay made 50 from as many balls to give Chennai victory by a big margin of 10 wickets.

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Chennai 132-0 (17 overs) vs Punjab 138

Mahmood drops one short and Hussey pulls it through the leg side for his 11th boundary of the innings. Two balls later he steps down the track and smokes it over long-on for a huge six as Hussey looks in a rush to finish off things.

Vijay taps it on the off-side for a single to bring up his 50 from as many balls. He has been the perfect foil for Hussey today as Chennai look set for an easy win.

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Chennai 119-0 (16 overs) vs Punjab 138

Part-timer R Satish into the attack as Punjab are still looking for their first wicket.Vijay shows his intent as he tries to play a big shot down the ground but it goes on the bounce to long-on for one.

Hussey sweeps the second ball on the leg side for two before getting the next ball in the gap for a boundary.

Vijay lofts the last ball down the ground for the first six of the innings to take his score to 49 from as many balls.

Chennai are 119 for no loss after 16 overs.
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Chennai 103-0 (15 overs) vs Punjab 138

Mahmood comes back and Hussey pulls the first ball to deep midwicket for one. Vijay clips the third ball on the leg side to bring up the 100 for Chennai before three more singles to end the over.
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Chennai 96-0 (14 overs) vs Punjab 138

Hussey pulls Chawla over midwicket for one before Vijay flicks wide of the fielder at long-on for a couple followed by a single to long-off. Hussey then sweeps it powerfully through the leg side for a four and takes a single to end the over.
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Chennai 87-0 (13 overs) vs Punjab 138

Vijay gets only his second boundary from the 38th ball he faced as he flicks one on his ribs fine on the leg side. Hussey also hits a boundary as he pulls a short ball behind square on the leg side to bring up his fifty from 36 balls.

Vijay makes it three fours in the over as he wristly flicks through square leg as Chennai look to force the issue.
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Chennai 74-0 (12 overs) vs Punjab 138

Chawla giving it a lot of flight and Vijay carefully defends him before driving the next to long-on for one and Hussey hits the next to long-off for another single. Vijay then defends the next two balls before taking a single on the off-side to retain strike.

Chawla has gone for just 12 runs in his three overs.
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Chennai 71-0 (11 overs) vs Punjab 138

Harris comes back and Hussey welcomes him with a lovely boundary down the ground to take his score to 44. He takes one from the next ball before Vijay continues to bat patiently turning the fourth ball on the leg side for one. 
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Chennai 65-0 (10 overs) vs Punjab 138

Both Vijay and Hussey looking to play Chawla carefully and not throw their wickets away at this stage. They pick Chawla for six singles in his second over to take Chennai 65 for no loss at the halfway stage. They need 74 from 10 overs for victory.
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Chennai 59-0 (9 overs) vs Punjab 138

Vijay plays Awana on the leg side for one before Hussey pulls a short ball to through midwicket for a couple. The left-hander then smashes Awana for back to back boundaries between cover and point to get 13 runs from the over and take Chennai to 59 for no loss after nine overs.

Hussey is on 37 from 27 balls and Vijay playing a subdued innings of 20 from 27 balls.
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Chennai 46-0 (8 overs) vs Punjab 138

Leg-spinner Piyush Chawla comes into the attack. Vijay defends the first ball before he taps the next in the covers for one.

Hussey (25) gets another lifeline as Chawla drops a simple return catch. And Gilchrist then messes up another easy stumping chance to give Vijay a reprieve.

A good start from Chawla, giving away just three runs while he could have picked two wickets in that over.
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Chennai 43-0 (7 overs) vs Punjab 138

Michael Hussey on 22 gets a reprieve as he attempts a quick single to mid-off but Harris gets a direct hit at the non-striker's end. That looked very close, maybe Hussey's bat was on the line when the ball hit the stumps, but the third umpire rules in favour of the batsman.

Gilchrist then dives full length to his left to save four byes as Mahmood bowls a leg side wide to Vijay.

Five runs from the over as CSK reach 43 for no loss after seven overs.

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Chennai 38-0 (6 overs) vs Punjab 138

Pacer Parvinder Awana into the attack now. Hussey defends the first two deliveries before driving the third ball but Mandeep makes a brilliant diving save at extra cover to stop a certain boundary.

Hussey finds the gap off the next delivery for a wonderful boundary through the covers followed by a single to bring up 1000 career runs in the IPL.

Vijay flicks the last ball on the leg side for two runs as Chennai continue to content to score at a steady rate.
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Chennai 31-0 (5 overs) vs Punjab 138

Hussey tries to cut Harris but gets a thick under edge which beats wicketkeeper Gilchrist for a boundary followed by a single on the leg side.

Vijay plays two dot balls before a couple on the leg side and blocks the last ball.
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Chennai 24-0 (4 overs) vs Punjab 138

Medium pacer Azhar Mahmood into the attack now. Vijay defends the first ball to the cover region but gets a single from the next as Awana misfields at mid-on.

Hussey then steers it past the point fielder for a couple followed by a single on the leg side.

Vijay flicks the fifth ball through the midwicket region for a couple and slams the last ball through the covers for a boundary.

Chennai break the shackles in that over to reach 24 for no loss after four overs.
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Chennai 14-0 (3 overs) vs Punjab 138

Vijay defends the first two balls from Kumar before a single on the off-side. Hussey is forced to defend the fourth ball but he breaks the shackles crashing the next delivery through the covers for a four.

Kumar gets Hussey to edge the last ball but it goes on the bounce to second slip to his brother David.

Chennai are 14 for no loss after three overs.
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Chennai 9-0 (2 overs) vs Punjab 138

Ryan Harris to bowl the second over. Vijay gets a thick outside edge from the first ball for a  single. Hussey lets the next ball go through before he defends the next ball. The left-hander then edges the fourth ball for a single to the thirdman region and Vijay takes one from the last ball.
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Chennai 6-0 (1 over) vs Punjab 138

Praveen Kumar starts the innings with a wide down the leg side to Murali Vijay. He defends the next two balls before flicking it to deep square leg for one.

Hussey then crashes a short wide delivery through the off-side for a boundary before letting the last ball go through.
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Punjab 138 all out (19.5 overs) vs Chennai

Nannes will bowl the last over. Kumar hits the first ball to point for a single. Nannes then resorts to some short of length deliveries to Awana who tries to hit it through the off-side but misses and that continues for the next three balls.

He misses the fifth ball too but this time Kumar tries to steal a quick bye but Dhoni is quick to the task and gets a direct hit to run out the batsman.

Punjab are bowled out for 138 in 19.5 overs.

Punjab lost their way in the last few overs, losing their last six wickets for 32 runs in the space of 34 deliveries.

Bravo was the star with the ball, claiming three for 27, while also taking three catches in the deep.
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Punjab 137-9 (19 overs) vs Chennai

Punjab's collapse continues as Ryan Harris lofts it straight to Bravo at long-off to walk back for a duck.

Praveen Kumar flicks the fourth ball to midwicket for one followed by a single to Parvinder Awana. Kumar hits the last ball to long-off for a single to retain strike.
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Punjab 133-8 (18 overs) vs Chennai

Punjab keep losing wickets at the end. This time it is Satish who tries to loft Bravo on the leg side but ends up hitting straight to Morris at deep square leg to fall for eight.

Three balls later Chawla is foxed by the slower ball and he spoons a simple catch on the off-side to be dismissed for four.

Punjab have slipped 106 for four in the 15th over to 133 for eight in the 18th over, losing four wickets for 27 runs in the space of 22 deliveries.

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Punjab 131-6 (17 overs) vs Chennai

Morris comes back for his second spell. Mahmood gets a leading edge from the first ball which flies on the leg side but falls safely for a couple. However, Morris gets his man a few deliveries later as he tries to whip it through midwicket but Ashwin takes a good diving catch to dismiss him for eight.

New batsman Piyush Chawla drives the first ball through the covers to start off with a stylish boundary.
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Punjab 123-5 (16 overs) vs Chennai

Bravo is back into the attack and he starts with the wicket of Gurkeerat, who top edges the sweep shot and is caught on the leg side for 31 from 26 balls.

Mahmood plays the next delivery to the thirdman region for one. R Satish defends the first ball before he cuts the next ball fine for a boundary followed by a single to thirdman and Mahmood does the same.

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Punjab 116-4 (15 overs) vs Chennai

Ashwin gets the breakthrough for Chennai. Hussey tries to loft the carrom ball down the ground but is taken by Bravo at long-off after a good innings of 41 from 36 balls.

Hussey and Gurkeerat put on 56 runs from 7.1 overs for the fourth wicket to put the Punjab innings back on track.

New batsman Azhar Mahmood slaps the first ball through the covers for a couple and then takes one.

Gurkeerat lofts one down the ground where Bravo after sprinting to his right makes a superb effort but fails to keep it inside to give a boundary. The next ball is a full toss which the right-hander slog sweeps on the leg side but can only get two runs.
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Punjab 105-3 (14 overs) vs Chennai

Hussey continues Punjab's good progress as he rocks back and cuts Jadeja through point for a boundary followed by a single on the leg side. Gurkeerat then hits it down the ground for two and then takes one on the leg side as Punjab are 105 for three after 14 overs.
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Punjab 97-3 (13 overs) vs Chennai

Three singles from the first three balls of Ashwin's second over before Gurkeerat plays the inside out lofted shot over the covers for a boundary. Two more singles to end the over as Punjab find it easy against the Chennai spin duo. 
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Punjab 88-3 (12 overs) vs Chennai

Gurkeerat sweeps Jadeja for a couple and does the same off the next ball. He gets the third ball in the gap perfectly sweeping it for a boundary as Punjab look to up the tempo.

10 runs from the over as Punjab reach 88 for three in 12 overs.
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Punjab 78-3 (11 overs) vs Chennai

R Ashwin finally comes to have a bowl, replacing Jadeja. Hussey plays the second ball to point for one and Gurkeerat drives the fourth through the covers for two runs followed by two more leg byes and a single from the last ball.
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Punjab 72-3 (10 overs) vs Chennai

Surprisingly, Dhoni has not introduced his premier spinner R Ashwin into the attack yet.

Bravo will continue as Gurkeerat steers the first ball to fine leg for one. Three dot balls for Hussey before he pulls a short ball high into the stands at midwicket for a huge six.

At the halfway stage, Punjab are 72 for three with D Hussey on 30 from 25 balls and Gurkeerat on four.
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Punjab 64-3 (9 overs) vs Chennai

Punjab content to play it safe in the middle overs. They take four easy singles in Jadeja's second over as the strategic time out is called by the umpires.

Hussey is on 23 from 20 balls and Gurkeerat on three from seven balls.

Punjab have scored 33 runs in the last five overs, losing one wicket.
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Punjab 60-3 (8 overs) vs Chennai

Dwayne Bravo is introduced into the attack now, replacing Morris. New batsman Gurkeerat Singh hits the first ball on the leg side for one before Hussey powerfully smashes the next ball through the covers for a boundary.

Bravo concedes 10 runs in his first over as Punjab reach 60 for three after eight overs.
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Punjab 50-3 (7 overs) vs Chennai

Left-arm spinner Ravindra Jadeja comes into the attack now. Three singles from the first three balls before Vohra slog sweeps Jadeja over midwicket for a boundary.

However, he falls two balls later attempting the same shot. Vohra hits it straight into the hands of Hussey at deep midwicket to fall for 16 from 11 balls.
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Punjab 43-2 (6 overs) vs Chennai

Morris beats Hussey with the first ball as he gets one to bounce a bit extra beating the attempted cut shot. But he makes room and smashes the fourth ball through the covers for a boundary. He is dropped off the next ball as Murali Vijay fails to hold on to a difficult at mid-off.
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Punjab 38-2 (5 overs) vs Chennai

David Hussey gets two runs on the leg side before he smashes the fourth ball from Nannes through the covers for a boundary. He then clips it on the leg side for one as Punjab reach 38 for two after five overs.
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Punjab 31-2 (4 overs) vs Chennai

Debutant Chris Morris into the attack now. The first ball is a yorker which David Hussey digs out on the leg side and takes a single from the next ball to get off the mark.

New batsman Manan Vohra drives a full delivery through midwicket for his first boundary. He tries to pull the next ball but mistimes it on the leg side for a couple but gets the last ball off the middle as he chips it over midwicket for another four.

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Punjab 20-2 (3 overs) vs Chennai

Mandeep slashes the first ball over point but doesn't get proper timing for a couple and then takes one on the off-side.

Nannes then strikes with the key wicket of Gilchrist, who tries to flick it fine but is caught at short fine leg by Michael Hussey for nine.

Two balls later, he claims the wicket of Mandeep Singh, who tries to pull a short ball but ends up spooning a simple catch to Dwayne Bravo on the leg side for nine.
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Punjab 16-0 (2 overs) vs Chennai

The young Ankit Rajpoot to bowl the second over. Mandeep flicks the first ball on the leg side for one and Gilchrist takes a single from the next delivery to get off the mark to mid-off.

Gilchrist tries to steer the fourth delivery but gets a thick outside edge which runs fine for a boundary. Two balls later he plays on the up and smashes Rajpoot through the covers for another boundary.

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Punjab 5-0 (1 over) vs Chennai

Mandeep Singh gets the innings off in some style as he smashes the first ball from Dirk Nannes which is a bit short in length and wide through the covers for a boundary. He lets the next ball go through as it goes across him and does the same with the next ball.

He gets a single from the fifth ball and Adam Gilchrist plays out the last ball.

Chennai captain Dhoni believes the pitch will have some help for the pace bowlers. "The wicket has some amount of grass on it and will assist the fast bowlers," he said at the toss.

Check out the two teams:

Kings XI Punjab: Adam Gilchrist (captain), Mandeep Singh, Manan Vohra, David Hussey, Azhar Mahmood, Gurkeerat Singh, Rajagopal Sathish, Piyush Chawla, Ryan Harris, Parvinder Awana, Praveen Kumar.

Chennai Super Kings: MS Dhoni (captain), Michael Hussey, Murali Vijay, S Badrinath, Suresh Raina, Ravindra Jadeja, Dwayne Bravo, Chris Morris, Ravichandran Ashwin, Ankit Rajpoot, Dirk Nannes.

Chennai Super Kings captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni has won the toss and elected to bowl against Kings XI Punjab in Mohali, on Wednesday.

Chennai, who lost the last match to Mumbai Indians, brought in South African all-rounder Chris Morris for Australian pacer Ben Laughlin.

Kings XI Punjab retained the same team that beat Pune Warriors in their previous match.