Sun, 28 April 2013
IPL updates: Daredevils beat Warriors by 15 runs

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Alright Pune require 28 runs off the final over as Shahbaz Nadeem comes in to bowl. 

First up is a good yorker from the left-arm spinner -- no run. 

Another full delivery from Nadeem as Steven Smith helps himself with a boundary. 

Nadeem drops the next one short and Smith is more than happy to smash it into the crowd for a maximum. 

24 from 4 balls -- 4 sixes anyone? 

Another yorker from Nadeem as Delhi is more or less home. 

Two superb deliveries from Nadeem rounds off the over as Delhi win by 15 runs -- their second win in the tournament. 

The loss takes Pune at the bottom of the league.

Umesh Yadav for a final over as the first one is wide of off stump -- no run. 

A perfect yorker means another dot ball.

Pressure on Wright now as he is too early into the shot and gives an easy catch to Warner at long off. 

Yadav then has Yuvraj Singh walking back to the pavillion, after he mistimed a pull shot straight to Ben Rohrer in deep cover. 

At the end of 18 overs Pune were 130-4. Pune still require 35 runs from 12 balls.


With four overs to, its still anybody's game with Yuvraj in the middle and the likes of Steven Smith still waiting in the wings. 

Morne Morkel comes in for his final over and Luke Wright welcomes him with a boundary over the bowlers head. 

Wright repeats the stroke, but there is a fielder this time round -- a single nonetheless. 

Yuvraj helps himself with a single courtesy off a leg bye. Wright rotates the strike with a single towards third man. 

Good short delivery from Morkel -- no run. 

Yuvraj pulls the last ball from Morkel for a couple as Pune were 128-2 after 17 overs.

Yuvraj is on 29, while Wright is on 19.

Jayawardene brings in Morne Morkel now -- good delivery first up as Yuvraj hits one through the covers -- no run. 

Yuvraj helps himself with a couple with a clip off his pads. 

Yuvraj then plays a dab shot down the leg side to beat the keeper and fine-leg for a boundary. 

Couple of dots to end the over as Pune were 104-2. Yuvraj is on 24, while Wright is on 2.

Irfan Pathan provides the much-needed breakthrough for Delhi as Robin Uthappa departs courtesy of a brilliant catch from Unmukt Chand. 

Uthappa made 37, with the help of four boundaries. 

Finch meanwhile, swings one down the leg side for a couple of runs.

Next up, a ball down the legside -- a loud appeal from the bowler and the keeper as umpire raises the finger in affirmation. 

Pune suddenly have lost the openers in the same over. Pune were 78-2 after 11 overs. 

Irfan Pathan comes into the attack as Uthappa helps himself to a single. 

A scoop from Aaron Finch gives himself a boundary behind the stumps. Finch then hits firmly on to the ground.

Uthappa at the other ends shoots off -- Rohrer takes a shot at the stumps at the non-strikers end but no one backing up -- 4 bonus runs for Pune.

Finch then lofts it over midwicket for another boundary. Good over this for Pune as the visitors were 58-0 after 7 overs. 

Finch is on 27, while Uthappa is on 30.

Ashish Nehra runs in now for the third over of the Pune innings. A non-hearted appeal from the bowler for LBW -- nothing doing from umpire. 

Finch takes a single off the next ball. Uthappa pushes back of the length delivery for a single on the leg side. 

Finch then pushes one towards mid-on for a single. Uthappa rounds up the over with a boundary. 

Pune were 25-0 after 3 overs. 

So the final over the Delhi innings after the hosts plundered 21 runs from the Kane Williamson's over. 

Three sixes in the over -- 2 to Warner (in the process bringing his 50) and 1 to Jhadav. 

Dinda to bowl the final over as Jhadav gives himself a bit of room and slaps it -- the ball goes high in the air -- Yuvraj fails to hold on to a difficult catch.

Jhadav then pulls Dinda over midwicket for another maximum. 

Jhadav tries to repeat the stroke, but fails to get the elevation and gives an easy catch to Buvneshwar Kumar at long on. Jhadav made 25 off 18 balls. 

A good delivery from Dinda restricts Warner to a single. 

A short ball from Dinda has Irfan Pathan going in for a pull shot helping himself to a boundary as Delhi finish with 164-5. 

Dinda into the attack after the final strategic time out as Kedar Jhdav helps himself to a single. 

Warner, meanwhile, gives himself a bit of room and hits it for a boundary -- wide of long off. 

Warner then hits it straight past the bowler for another boundary. 

A change of pace from the Dinda as the ball rolls to the wicketkeeper. 

Another slower delivery keeps Warner down. Warner then crashes one through the off side to help himself with the third boundary off the over. 

At the end of 17 overs, Delhi were 124-4. Warner is on 36, while Jhadav is on 6.

Abhishek Nayar strikes to remove Ben Rohrer as Delhi continue to struggle to get some partnership in the middle. 

Rohrer looking to cut the ball got a faint edge and was smartly snapped by Robin Uthappa behind the stumps for 13. 

Delhi were 97-4 after 14 overs. Warner is on 14 and is joined in the middle by Kedar Jhadav.


Rahul Sharma now comes back for his second spell. Chand the key for Delhi now. 

And as we speak, Chand is on his way back to the pavillion after edging one to Robin Uthappa for 17. 

The leg-spinner extracted some bounce from the wicket as the Delhi batsman gets a big edge. It's two in two for Pune. 

Delhi were 70-3 after 11 overs. 

Ashok Dinda picks up his second wicket, removing the other opener Virender Sewhag for 29.

Not a great ball to get the wicket, but Pune won't complain as Sehwag gloved one to Robin Uthappa off the final ball off Dinda's second over. 

At the half way stage Delhi were 68-2. Chand is on 17, while Warner is yet to open his account.


Rahul Sharma comes in to the attack. 

Sehwag chips one over the bowlers head for a single. 

Chand then plays one from the stumps behind the keeper for his second boundary.

Chand then takes a single to ensure that the strike is kept moving. 

A couple to round off the over as Delhi were 46-1 after 7 overs.

Bhuvneshwar Kumar runs in bowl for his third over as Sehwag welcomes him with a six off the first ball. 

Kumar follows it with a bouncer -- given wide. 

Next up Sehwag slaps it past point for another boundary. Kumar looking flustered as he bowls second wide of the over. 

At the end of 6 overs Delhi were 37-1. Sehwag is on 13, while Chand is on 4. 

Ashok Dinda runs in as the first change and he STRIKES!!!!

Dinda bowls a gentle loosener as Jayawardene was done in by the pace -- giving a simple catch to Luke Wright in the covers.

Jayawardene made 12 runs. 

A boundary off the final ball of the over as Delhi were 24-1 after 5 overs.  


Kumar into his second over now as the first ball is a short of length delivery -- defended well by Jayawardene.

A swinging delivery from Kumar again as Jayawardene is quite happy to play the waiting game. 

Next up Jayawardene helps himself with a streaky boundary. Jayawardene tries to cut a ball outside offstump, gets a bottom edge as the ball runs down for a boundary.

Kumar follows it with a wide delivery down the leg side for another boundary. 

At the end of 3 overs Delhi were 17-0.

Kane Richardson comes into ball for his first ball in IPL. First over from Bhuvneshwar Kumar bowled good first over giving just 2 runs from the opening over.

First up is a widish delivery from the Australian as Jayawardene slashes hard for a boundary.

Play resumes after seven minutes delay as Richardson gets his radar right for the second ball. 

Third ball of the over is a jaffer from Richardson. Short delivery from Richardson -- bounces awkwardly for Mahela. 

Jayawardene helps himself to a single off the fifth ball. 

A dead bat defence from Sehwag means Daredevils were 8-0 after 2 overs.   
Welcome to the second match of the day between Delhi Daredevils and Pune Warriors in Raipur.

The news from the middle is Pune skipper Aaron Finch has won the toss and elected to bowl first.

 There are three changes to the Pune side with Rahul Sharma, Abhishek Nayar returning to the squad, along with Kane Richardson, who is making his IPL debut. 

Morne Morkel, Ben Rohrer and Unmukt Chand returns for Delhi. 
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Kolkata 186-4 (20 overs) vs Chennai 200-3

Hussey turned out to be Chennai's best player of the match as he smashed 95 from 59 balls before getting the crucial wicket of Bisla (92) courtesy of a run out at a crucial juncture in the match.

Chennai jump to top of the IPL standings with 14 points from nine games, while KKR continue to languish at seventh with six defeats from nine games.
- Scorecard


Kolkata 186-4 (20 overs) vs Chennai 200-3

Chris Morris to bowl the crucial final over with KKR needing 19 runs from it. The first ball is a perfect yorker and Morgan can only hit it back to the bowler.

The next ball is again full as Morgan flicks it to deep midwicket for just a single. 18 needed from 4 balls.

The third delivery is full outside the off-stump as Pathan drives it to long-off for a single. 17 needed from 3 balls.

Morris then bowls a full toss outside the off-stump which Morgan misses and the target is now out of KKR's reach. 17 needed from 2 balls.

The fifth ball is a yorker on the stumps and Morgan can only dig it out for one. And Pathan gets one from the last ball as Chennai score another victory.

- Scorecard

Kolkata 182-4 (19 overs) vs Chennai 200-3

Morgan now plays the paddle reverse sweep for a boundary fine on the off-side followed by a leg side wide from Bravo.

The next ball is full as Morgan drives it down to long-off for one.

Hussey's brilliance in the field then provides Chennai with the vital wicket of Bisla, who is run out by a direct hit from mid-off. Bisla walks back after a splendid innings of 92 from 61 balls that has brought KKR right back into the contest.

Could this wicket be the turning point of the match?

Bravo then bowls outside the off-stump to Morgan followed by a single to mid-off. Pathan hits the next ball on the leg side for one and Morgan chips it on the bounce to long-on for one.

10 runs from that over leaving KKR with 19 runs to get from the last over.

Kolkata's hopes now rest on Morgan, who is batting on 30 from 18 balls.
- Scorecard

Kolkata 172-3 (18 overs) vs Chennai 200-3

KKR have scored 25 runs from the last two overs and now need 50 from the last three for victory.

Nannes starts his new over with a short ball which Morgan pulls over midwicket for a six.

Bisla pulls the third ball over the leg side for a four as Nannes continues to drop shot. The fourth ball is again short and Bisla again pulls it but this time it carries all the way over square leg for a six. 17 runs from the first four balls of this over by Nannes.

Bisla has raced to 88 from 58 balls having hit 13 fours and two sixes so far, while Morgan is on 23 from 14 balls.

Nannes beats Bisla with the fifth ball as he bowls a full delivery outside the off-stump but he edges the next ball which beats Dhoni for another four.

21 runs from the over and KKR now need 29 from two overs for victory.
- Scorecard

Kolkata 151-3 (17 overs) vs Chennai 200-3

Bravo to continue from round the wicket. The first ball is full and wide which Bisla hits past point for a four before taking one on the leg side.

Bravo then bowls a wide delivery to Morgan on the leg side before the left-hander has to defend a yorker and then takes one from the next ball.

Bisla continues with his tactics of paddling the bowlers fine as he gets another boundary through fine leg.

13 runs from the over as KKR reach 151 for three after 17 overs, with 50 needed from three overs for victory.
- Scorecard

Kolkata 138-3 (16 overs) vs Chennai 200-3

Kolkata need to go all out now with 75 needed from five overs for victory.

Nannes comes back as Morgan tries to slog it on the leg side but fails to get it off the middle and Chennai put down another chance as Ashwin drops one at midwicket.

Nannes then bowls a good bouncer to Bisla, who makes room but misses the attempted upper cut. He then shuffles across his stumps and paddles it fine for a four.

Morgan launches the last ball over long-off for a six as 12 runs come from that over.
- Scorecard

Kolkata 126-3 (15 overs) vs Chennai 200-3

Bravo from round the wicket. Morgan takes a single from the first ball before Bisla chips down the track but hits it on the bounce to the bowler.

Bravo then bowls the slower one as Bisla makes room and lofts it over mid-off for a boundary to take his score to 62 from 48 balls.

Bravo is then hit on the eye as he dives full length on his follow through to stop a drive from Morgan. He resumes bowling with a bandaged eye brow as Morgan gets an outside edge off the last ball for a single.
- Scorecard

Kolkata 119-3 (14 overs) vs Chennai 200-3

Bisla slogs Ashwin over midwicket for a boundary to bring up his fifty in style, from 43 balls. The next ball is a full toss which Bisla hammers back past the bowler for another four.

Dhoni is not happy and lets out a loud yell of "Ashhhhhh" to express his displeasure.

Bisla reverse sweeps the next ball for a single to sweeper cover and Morgan hits on the leg side for one.

12 runs from the Ashwin over who has gone for 26 runs in three overs.

Kolkata need 82 runs in six overs for victory.
- Scorecard

Kolkata 107-3 (13 overs) vs Chennai 200-3

Dwayne Bravo strikes in his very first over. And change of pace does the trick for the West Indian as Kallis tries to play the paddle scoop but ends up spooning the slower ball straight to Nannes at short fine leg after scoring 19 from 20 balls.

Eoin Morgan is off the mark straightaway with a single to long-off. Bisla hits the fourth ball through the covers for two runs. Morgan edges the last ball which flies past Dhoni for a boundary.
- Scorecard

Kolkata 99-2 (12 overs) vs Chennai 200-3

Chennai are unlucky not to get the wicket of Bisla as the third umpire gives the benefit of doubt to the batsmen. The right-hander then chips down the track and hits it to deep midwicket for a single.

Ashwin sends down another tight over conceding just five singles as KKR each 99 for two after 12 overs.

The visitors need 102 runs from eight overs at an asking rate of 12.75.
- Scorecard

Kolkata 94-2 (11 overs) vs Chennai 200-3

Kallis then lofts Jadeja back over his head for his first six as KKR look to break free. Kallis then drives it to sweeper cover for a couple before the South African gets another lifeline. He comes down the track and tries to blast it through the off-side but is beaten and Dhoni fails to collect the ball and complete the stumping.
- Scorecard

Kolkata 85-2 (10 overs) vs Chennai 200-3

R Ashwin into the attack now. Bisla reverse sweeps the first ball for just a single. Kallis is then dropped at deep midwicket by Chennai's best fielder -- Suresh Raina, who comes in sharply but puts down an easy chance.

Bisla gets the much needed boundary as steps down the track and launches it over long-on for the first six of the innings.

That is the first boundary for KKR after 26 balls and they will need a few more of those to keep in touch with the asking rate.

At the halfway stage, KKR are 85 for two, needing 116 runs from 10 overs for victory.
- Scorecard

Kolkata 76-2 (9 overs) vs Chennai 200-3

Finally, we will have spin in the form of Ravindra Jadeja, who comes on to bowl the 9th over.

Bisla drives the first ball to long-off for one and Kallis hits the next to long-on for one. Two more singles from the rest of the over as Chennai continue to dry up the boundaries and build up the pressure.

13 runs from the last three overs as KKR reach 76 for two after nine overs. They need 125 runs from 11 overs for victory.

Bisla has slowed after his attacking start to score 36 from 33 balls and Kallis is on five from seven balls.
- Scorecard

Kolkata 72-2 (8 overs) vs Chennai 200-3

Mohit will bowl his four overs on the trot. Bisla tries to force it through the off-side and Morris at mid-off does well to stop it and give just a single. Kallis steers the next ball to the thirdman region for one and Bisla flicks the next to the square leg region for another single.

Mohit gives away just five singles in that over to end with good figures of one for 23 in four overs.
- Scorecard

Kolkata 67-2 (7 overs) vs Chennai 200-3

Nannes comes back after a poor first over when he bowled a few extras. Bisla steers the first ball down to thirdman for one and Kallis then blocks a yorker. He mishits the pull shot but it falls safely on the leg side for one.

Nannes concedes just four runs in his second over.
- Scorecard

Kolkata 63-2 (6 overs) vs Chennai 200-3

McCullum gets into the act now. He drives Mohit through the covers for a four and then takes a single. Bisla tries to make room and force it through the off-side but mistimes it the covers and gets two runs in the process.

Bisla then pulls a short ball past the short fine leg fielder for his sixth boundary.

Mohit then checks Kolkata's progress as he claims the wicket of McCullum (6) who drags it back on to his stumps trying to play it square.

- Scorecard

Kolkata 51-1 (5 overs) vs Chennai 200-3

Morris starts with a wide delivery which Bisla crashes through the covers for a boundary. The next ball is full and on the pads which Bisla lofts over the square leg region for another boundary.

Bisla targetting Morris as he lofts the third ball back over the bowler's head to make it a hat-trick of fours.

Morris switches to round the wicket and bowls a full delivery to Bisla which hits him on the pads for a leg bye.

McCullum gets off the mark with a single to mid-off.

Bisla pulls the last ball, which is short in length, through midwicket to make it four boundaries in the over.

Morris has been hit for 18 runs in that over as KKR race to 51 for one after five overs.

Bisla is on 23 from 19 balls with the help of five fours.
- Scorecard

Kolkata 33-1 (4 overs) vs Chennai 200-3

Mohit Sharma will continue. He bowls four dot balls in a row including a good bouncer to Bisla, who tries to play the upper cut but misses. The fifth ball is a yorker which Bisla digs out on the leg side for one.

McCullum defends the last ball as Mohit concedes just a single in that over.

- Scorecard

Kolkata 32-1 (3 overs) vs Chennai 200-3

Chris Morris comes into the attack after that poor first over from Nannes. Gambhir carves the first ball over the point region for a boundary. Two balls later he pulls a short ball over midwicket for the second boundary of the over.

But Morris gets his revenge as he bowls Gambhir with a full delivery who plays all over it but misses to be dismissed for 14 from seven balls.

Brendon McCullum defends the last two balls as KKR reach 32 for one after three overs.
- Scorecard

Kolkata 24-0 (2 overs) vs Chennai 200-3

Mohit Sharma to bowl the second over. Bisla defends the first ball before he is beaten off the next delivery. Bisla then comes down the track and hammers it through the covers for a four. Two more singles as KKR reach 24 for no loss after two overs.
- Scorecard

Kolkata 18-0 (1 over) vs Chennai 200-3

Dirk Nannes to bowl the first over for Chennai. He starts with a horror delivery with a big wide down the leg side which Dhoni fails to collect to give away five wides. He oversteps off the next ball for a no-ball plus a free hit. Bisla has a wild swing at the free hit ball but misses and it hits the stumps and goes for four byes. 10 runs from the first ball.

Bisla steers the third ball to thirdman for one to get off the mark and Gambhir takes one from the next ball to point.

Nannes then bowls another wide down the leg side before Gambhir slams the last ball down the ground for a four.

Kolkata are off to a good start as they get 18 runs from the first over.
- Scorecard

Chennai 200-3 (20 overs) vs Kolkata

Balaji to bowl the last over of the innings. Raina flicks the first ball on the leg side for one. The second ball is a full toss as Dhoni drives it to sweeper cover and they decide to risk the second run. Das sends in a good throw to the bowler to catch Raina short as the left-hander walks back after scoring 44 from 25 balls.

Dhoni then tries the helicopter shot but can't get the yorker away for two runs on the leg side. Balaji bowls another good yorker which Dhoni taps to the covers for one.

Ravindra Jadeja can only drive a full delivery to long-off for one.

And as expected, Dhoni ends the innings in style as he clubs a full toss over midwicket for  six to bring up Chennai's 200.

Dhoni finishes unbeaten on 18 from 12 balls as Chennai post a huge total despite losing the toss.
- Scorecard

Chennai 188-2 (19 overs) vs Kolkata

Kallis to bowl the 19th over. He starts with a slower ball which a full toss but Raina hits it to short thirdman for one. Dhoni tries to smash it through the leg side but fails to get enough power for one to long-on and Raina takes one on the leg side.

Raina hits the fifth ball through thirdman for a four beating the fielder inside the circle before taking one to retain strike.

Raina has raced to 43 from 24 balls while Dhoni is on eight from as many balls. Kallis has gone for 50 runs in his four overs.
- Scorecard

Chennai 179-2 (18 overs) vs Kolkata

Dhoni digs out a yorker from Balaji on the off-side for one and Raina the flicks it on the leg side for a couple.

Raina pulls a slower bouncer to deep midwicket for a single before Balaji bowls a wide outside the off-stump.

Dhoni pulls the short ball to deep midwicket for one before Raina drives it down to long-on for one.

Dhoni smashes the last ball straight as it speeds along the outfield for a four.
- Scorecard

Chennai 168-2 (17 overs) vs Kolkata

Kallis comes back. Raina flicks the first ball on the leg side for a four. He then plays the inside out chip shot over the cover region for a couple before taking a single to long on.

Dhoni is then beaten by the slower bouncer as he misses the pull shot as they get one bye. Raina flicks the last ball to deep midwicket for two runs.
- Scorecard

Chennai 158-2 (16 overs) vs Kolkata

Narine to bowl his fourth and final over. Two singles from the first two balls before Raina smashes a full toss back past the bowler for a four.

However, Hussey falls two balls later caught at deep midwicket for 95. The left-hander tried to pull a short ball over the leg side but was taken by Debabrata Das inside the ropes. He hit 11 fours and two sixes in his 59-ball knock and put on 55 runs in 5.4 overs for the second wicket with Raina to put Chennai on course for a huge total.

Narine has gone for runs today, taking one for 35 in four overs.
- Scorecard

Chennai 151-1 (15 overs) vs Kolkata

Pathan, who bowled the first over of the innings, comes back for his second spell.

Hussey tries to reverse sweep the first ball but gets a single to thirdman and Raina flicks it to fine leg for one.

Hussey pulls the fifth ball to deep midwicket for two runs before heaving the last ball over midwicket for a six to take his score to 94 from 57 balls.
- Scorecard

Chennai 139-1 (14 overs) vs Kolkata

Narine comes back as Raina chips down the track, makes room and plays the inside out chip over extra cover to perfection for a six, his 100th in the IPL. Chris Gayle tops the list with 165 sixes in 52 games, while Raina has 100 sixes from 90 games.

Two more singles before Brendon McCullum lets one go through his legs at long-on for a four.

Chennai are looking set for a huge total as they reach 139 for one in 14 overs.

- Scorecard

Chennai 127-1 (13 overs) vs Kolkata

Hussey seems to be struggling with the heat and humidity in Chennai. Raina looking to get his eye in as he strokes it to long-off for one. Hussey then sweeps it fine for two runs before adjusting his stroke at the last moment as he opens the face of the bat to steer it past point for a four.

Bhatia then bowls another full toss but Hussey plays a pre-meditated sweep to deep square leg for one.

The last ball is short and Hussey pulls it through square leg for a four to take his score to 83 from 50 balls, having hit 11 fours and a six so far.

Chennai maintaining their good scoring rate as they reach 127 for one in 13 overs.

- Scorecard

Chennai 114-1 (12 overs) vs Kolkata

Hussey tries to pull a short ball from Balaji but fails to beat the fielder at short fine leg for a single. Raina drives the third ball to long-off for one before Hussey pulls it past the short fine leg fielder for a four, the first boundary after 16 balls.

He takes two runs from the last ball as Chennai reach 114 for one after 12 overs.
- Scorecard

Chennai 106-1 (11 overs) vs Kolkata

KKR finally make the first breakthrough. Saha tries to loft Bhatia on the leg side but holes out to Eoin Morgan at deep midwicket. The right-hander has done his job, having made 39 from 23 balls with the help of four fours and two sixes.

A good tight over from Bhatia, giving away three singles while taking the wicket of Saha.

He put on 103 runs in 61 balls for the opening wicket with Hussey to lay a solid foundation for Chennai.
- Scorecard

Chennai 103-0 (10 overs) vs Kolkata

Narine comes back and KKR will need him to claim a couple of wickets to bring them back into the game.

Saha content to play the waiting game as he takes a single to long-on before Hussey cuts it on the off-side for two runs and hits the next ball through the covers for another couple to take Chennai past the 100-run mark in the 10th over.

Saha is beaten as he misses the slog sweep before inside edging on the next attempt for a single to deep square leg for one.

At the halfway stage, Chennai are in control at 103 for no loss. Hussey has smashed 63 from 38 balls, while Saha has made 39 from 22 balls.
- Scorecard

Chennai 96-0 (9 overs) vs Kolkata

Hussey continues his consistent run in the IPL. This is the fourth half-century in eight matches in IPL 6 for Hussey and he has also brought up 400 runs in the tournament.

Hussey cuts Bhatia through point and sprints across for two runs before taking a single off the next in the same region.

Three more singles before Hussey lofts the last ball over covers for a four.
- Scorecard

Chennai 86-0 (8 overs) vs Kolkata

Kallis continues to struggle. Another short ball as Hussey pulls it over midwicket for his first six before a single to deep square leg.

Saha then pulls a short ball over fine leg region for a four as Chennai take charge with the bat.

Hussey takes a single to bring up his fifty from 31 balls as Chennai race to 86 for no loss after eight overs. Saha is on 35 from 17 balls.

Kallis has been hit for 32 runs in his two overs.
- Scorecard

Chennai 72-0 (7 overs) vs Kolkata

Medium pacer Rajat Bhatia comes into the attack replacing Narine, who bowled just one over.

Saha drive the first ball to long-on for one and Kallis cuts it past point for another single. Three more singles from the over as Bhatia gives away just five runs in his first over.
- Scorecard

Chennai 67-0 (6 overs) vs Kolkata

Jacques Kallis comes into the attack now. Hussey chips down the track off the very first ball and flicks it through midwicket for a boundary. Hussey tries to get the next ball over point where Gambhir gets a finger on it before chasing it down for three runs.

Kallis then drops short and Saha pulls it through midwicket for a four.

Saha then blasts one off the front foot lofting it high over mid-off for his second six followed by a single to race to 26 from 11 balls with three fours and two sixes.

Kallis concedes 18 runs in that over as Chennai continue to pile on the runs.

After six overs, Chennai are sitting pretty on 67 for no loss for a run rate of more than 11 runs per over. Hussey has hit 40 from 25 balls, while Saha has made 26 from 11 balls.

- Scorecard

Chennai 49-0 (5 overs) vs Kolkata

A desperate Kolkata bring in their premier spinner Sunil Narine into the attack, hoping to make a breakthrough.

Hussey steers the second ball past the fielder at first slip for a boundary through the thirdman region. The next ball is short and Hussey is quick to rock back and pull it over square for a boundary.

He pulls the last ball too but it goes to deep midwicket for a single.
- Scorecard

Chennai 40-0 (4 overs) vs Kolkata

Saha gets his first boundary as he lofts Ahmed over mid-on and it bounces a few times before crashing into the boundary ropes.

He pulls the next ball but gets an inside edge which goes to the fine leg region as the fielder from deep square leg can't stop it for another four.

Ahmed then bowls a wide outside the off-stump before Saha lofts it over mid-off and it carries all the way for the first six of the match.

15 runs from Ahmed's second over as Chennai continue to lift the tempo. They have made 29 runs from the last two overs to race to 40 after four overs.

Hussey is on 24 from 16 balls and Saha is on 15 from eight balls.
- Scorecard

Chennai 25-0 (3 overs) vs Kolkata

Yusuf Pathan is off after just one over and he makes way for local boy Lakshmipathy Balaji.

Hussey charges down the track but gets a thick inside edge to the fine leg region for two runs. But he gets the third ball off the middle as he steps down again and crashes it over the covers for a four.

The left-hander throws his bat at the next delivery which is a touch wide but gets an edge which flies through the vacant slip region for another four.

He ends the over in style as he crashes a full toss through the covers for the third boundary of the over.

14 runs from the over as Chennai race to 25 for no loss after three overs.
- Scorecard

Chennai 11-0 (2 overs) vs Kolkata

Pacer Shami Ahmed to bowl the second over. Hussey defends the first ball before he is beaten by the next ball as he misses the pull shot, while tapping the third to point.

The fourth ball is short which Hussey pulls through the vacant fine leg region for the first boundary of the match.

Hussey again takes a single from the last ball to retain strike.

Chennai are 11 for no loss after two overs.
- Scorecard

Chennai 6-0 (1 over) vs Kolkata

Chennai have a new opening pair in Wriddhiman Saha and Mike Hussey, while Yusuf Pathan will bowl the first over for Kolkata.

Saha defends the first ball on the leg side before driving the next down to long on for one.

Hussey flicks the third ball through midwicket for two runs and repeats the shot off the next ball for another couple. He ends the over with a single.

Check out how the two teams line-up:

Chennai Super Kings: Mahendra Singh Dhoni (captain), Michael Hussey, Wriddhiman Saha, Suresh Raina, Subramaniam Badrinath, Ravindra Jadeja, Dwayne Bravo, Chris Morris, Ravichandran Ashwin, Dirk Nannes, Mohit Sharma.

Kolkata Knight Riders: Gautam Gambhir (captain), Brendon McCullum, Manvinder Bisla, Jacques Kallis, Yusuf Pathan, Eoin Morgan, Debabrata Das, Rajat Bhatia, Sunil Narine, Shami Ahmed, Lakshmipathy Balaji
Kolkata Knight Riders captain Gautam Gambhir has won the toss and elected to bowl against Chennai Super Kings.

New Zealand's Brendon McCullum replaces Sri Lankan off-spinner Sachithra Senanayake, while medium pacer Shami Ahmed came in for Sarabjit Ladda.

For Chennai, Dirk Nannes has recovered from his injury and will play in this match. He comes in place of Jason Holder, while Wriddhiman Saha gets a game with Murali Vijay forced out because of injury.
Kolkata Knight Riders will face a tough challenge against the in-form Chennai Super Kings, in the 38th match of the Indian Premier League, in Chennai on Sunday.

It is a must-win match for defending champions Kolkata, who lie a lowly seventh in the standings with six points from eight games.

On the other hand, Chennai are comfortably placed at second with 12 points from eight games.