Tue, 14 May 2013
IPL: Chennai thrash Delhi to regain top spot

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Delhi 135-9 (20 overs) vs Chennai 168-4

Bravo to bowl the last over with 39 needed from six balls. Yadav plays and misses the first ball before he takes one from the next delivery.

Kaul is then beaten by the slower ball off successive deliveries before he edges the fifth ball for two runs behind the wicket. He hits the last ball down to long-on for two runs as Delhi lose another match.

Chennai register an easy 33-run victory to jump to the top of IPL standings. They have 11 victories from 15 matches, while Delhi lost their 11 match out of 14.
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Delhi 130-9 (19 overs) vs Chennai 168-4

Mohit comes back to bowl his final over. Yadav takes a single from the first ball and Siddarth Kaul takes one to get off the mark.

Three more runs in the over as Mohit finishes with 2 for 22.
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Delhi 125-9 (18 overs) vs Chennai 168-4

Bravo comes back and he cripples Delhi with two wickets off successive deliveries.

Irfan Pathan gives himself room but fails to keep out a yorker to be bowled for four. Ashish Nehra is foxed by the slower delivery as he tries to slog it but ends up holing out to Dhoni behind the stumps.
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Delhi 122-7 (17 overs) vs Chennai 168-4

Morkel comes back to bowl his fourth and final over. Warner again tries the switch as he hits a full toss to deep midwicket for his right-handed stance for three runs.

The left-hander falls in the same over as he tries to heave it over the leg side but is caught at deep square leg. He walks back after a steady innings of 44 from 37 balls as Delhi's hopes also seem to have finished.

Umesh Yadav is off the mark in some style with a huge six down the ground.

Morkel finishes with three for 32 in his four overs.
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Delhi 110-6 (16 overs) vs Chennai 168-4

Bravo to bowl his second over. Warner switches his stance and plays right-handed to the first delivery but can only defend it on the leg side for one and Irfan Pathan takes one from the next ball.

Warner then drives it down the ground for a couple before Delhi three more singles from the last three balls.
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Delhi 103-6 (15 overs) vs Chennai 168-4

Ashwin to bowl his fourth and final over. With the boundaries having dried and the asking run rate creeping up all the time, van der Merwe decides to hit a big shot on the leg side but holes out to Raina on the leg side to be dismissed for 14.

Ashwin finishes with good figures of two for 19 in four overs.
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Delhi 97-5 (14 overs) vs Chennai 168-4

Holder comes back as Warner hits a full toss down to long-off for two runs before taking a single from the third ball.

Van der Merwe ends the over with a lofted boundary over the covers.

Delhi are steadily heading towards another defeat with 72 needed from six overs for victory.
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Delhi 90-5 (13 overs) vs Chennai 168-4

Ashwin comes back after just one over from Bravo. Three singles from the first three balls before van der Merwe slogs it on the leg side where Raina running in from deep midwicket nearly pulls off a spectacular catch as he dives forward but fails to hold on.

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Delhi 83-5 (12 overs) vs Chennai 168-4

Warner brings some cheer to the Delhi dressing room as he sweeps Morkel over the leg side for a six. 10 runs from the over as Delhi reach 83 for five after 12 overs.
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Delhi 73-5 (11 overs) vs Chennai 168-4

Dwayne Bravo is brought into the attack now. Warner takes a single from the second ball before he gets four leg byes as Bravo slips one down the pads. Warner hits the last ball to long-on for a couple as eight runs come from Bravo's first over.
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Delhi 65-5 (10 overs) vs Chennai 168-4

And Morkel gets another wicket, in his second over. Ben Rohrer (4) tried to flick it uppishly on the leg side but ends up hitting it straight into the hands of Ashwin at square leg.

Delhi's batting has disappointed yet again as they are left reeling at 63 for five in the 10th over.

Roelof van der Merwe is off the mark with two runs to thirdman as Delhi reach 65 for five at the halfway stage. They need 104 runs from the last 10 overs for victory.
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Delhi 60-4 (9 overs) vs Chennai 168-4

Ashwin continues and he bowls another tidy over with Delhi looking to rebuild after those two quick dismissals.

Just four runs from his second over as Delhi are struggling at 60 for four in nine overs.
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Delhi 56-4 (8 overs) vs Chennai 168-4

Albie Morkel is brought into the attack. And even he strikes in his first over as Delhi continue to slip.

Five singles from the first five balls before Kedar Jadhav tries to pull it fine but ends up gloving it behind the wickets to be caught by wicketkeeper Dhoni for two.
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Delhi 51-3 (7 overs) vs Chennai 168-4

R Ashwin comes into the attack. Botha tries to sweep but ends up holing out to Holder at deep square leg to be dismissed for 23 from 20 balls.

A good start for Ashwin, starting off with a wicket while giving away just two runs.
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Delhi 49-2 (6 overs) vs Chennai 168-4

Botha plays an amazing shot as he sweeps fast bowler Holder fine on the leg side for a boundary. Warner then inside edges a full delivery which goes close to the stumps for another boundary.

He gets the last ball of the middle as he lofts it over mid-off for the third boundary of the over.
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Delhi 34-2 (5 overs) vs Chennai 168-4

Chand continues to attack the bowlers as he lofts the first ball of Mohit's third over over mid-on for a six.

But the pacer gets revenge soon after as Chand is foxed by the slower ball from Mohit. He tries to slog it on the leg side but gets a top edge and is caught on the leg side for 16.
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Delhi 28-1 (4 overs) vs Chennai 168-4

Chand tries to pull Holder but fails to make proper connection for a single to short fine leg. Botha then heaves one over midwicket for a six before lofting the last ball over mid-off for a boundary get 11 runs from the over.
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Delhi 17-1 (3 overs) vs Chennai 168-4

Chand lofts Mohit over mid-on for a four before he tries to upper cut the next ball but misses. He steers the fourth ball to thirdman for one before Botha is beaten off the last ball.

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Delhi 12-1 (2 overs) vs Chennai 168-4

The young West Indies pacer Jason Holder to bowl the second over. Botha defends the first three balls before he gets two runs to thirdman and ends the over with a four as he pulls a short delivery through square leg.
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Delhi 6-1 (1 over) vs Chennai 168-4

Virender Sehwag has failed again. He tries to cut a wide delivery from Mohit Sharma but ends up edging it behind to wicketkeeper Dhoni to fall for a duck.

Johan Botha is promoted to No. 3 and he gets Delhi off the mark with a single.

Unmukt Chand cuts the last ball for a boundary past point.

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Chennai 168-4 (20 overs) vs Delhi

Yadav to bowl the final over. Two singles from the first two balls before Dhoni pulls one on the leg side but Botha makes a good stop to keep it down to three runs.

Yadav keeps it tight in the final over giving away just eight runs to finish with good figures of two for 26 in four overs.

Chennai finish on 168 for four in their 20 overs. Dhoni finishes unbeaten on a smashing innings of 58 from 35 balls, with the help of two fours and four sixes, while Bravo made 12 from eight balls.
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Chennai 159-4 (19 overs) vs Delhi

Dhoni has changed gears now. Nehra gifts him a full toss which the Chennai captain despatches over long-on for his fourth six of the innings to take his score to 47 from 29 balls.

The next ball is again a full toss which Dhoni hits over the point fielder for a four to bring up his fifty from 30 balls.

Bravo then steers the fourth ball through the vacant thirdman region for another boundary as Nehra continues to leak runs.

17 runs from Nehra's final over as Chennai reach 159 for four after 19 overs.
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Chennai 142-4 (18 overs) vs Delhi

Kaul comes on to bowl his fourth and final over. Two singles from the first three balls before Dhoni hits a massive six from the fourth ball. He pulls the fifth delivery but gets only a single to deep midwicket.

Bravo ends the over with two runs on the off-side.
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Chennai 131-4 (17 overs) vs Delhi

Pacer Yadav comes back now. Jadeja steers the first ball past point for a couple before he takes one on the leg side.

Three more singles before Yadav ends the over with the wicket of Jadeja. The left-hander, who made 24 from 17 balls, had a wild swing but missed it completely and was bowled.
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Chennai 125-3 (16 overs) vs Delhi

The experienced Nehra is back but he errs with his length as Dhoni slams a full delivery over long-on for a six. He guides the next ball behind point beating the short thirdman fielder for a boundary.

He digs out a yorker on the leg side for two runs before getting another couple from the last delivery.

Chennai are 125 for three after 16 overs.
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Chennai 109-3 (15 overs) vs Delhi

Van der Merwe continues. He starts with a leg side wide to Jadeja, who sweeps the next ball fine on the leg side for a four. Four singles from the rest of the over as Chennai continue to make steady progress.

Dhoni is on 17 from 18 balls, while Jadeja has made 19 from 12 balls.
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Chennai 100-3 (14 overs) vs Delhi

Kaul comes back and he starts with a slower ball to Dhoni, who misses the pull shot. The pacer then drops Dhoni (14) on his follow through as the Chennai captain is yet again foxed by the slower ball.

Jadeja then slaps it back over the bowler's head for a four before taking a single to bring up Chennai's 100.
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Chennai 92-3 (13 overs) vs Delhi

Jadeja takes a single from the first ball of van der Merwe's second over. Dhoni defends the next two balls before taking one to deep midwicket followed by two more singles as CSK reach 92 for three after 13 overs.
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Chennai 88-3 (12 overs) vs Delhi

Ravindra Jadeja hits Pathan through the off-side for a couple before three singles from the next three deliveries. Dhoni then breaks the shackles as he lofts a full delivery over long-on for a six. 
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Chennai 77-3 (11 overs) vs Delhi

Left-arm spinner Roelof van der Merwe is introduced into the attack. And he strikes in his very first over with the wicket of Suresh Raina, who is caught in the covers courtesy of a good effort from David Warner.

Raina is dismissed for seven as Chennai are reduced to 77 for three after 11 overs.
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Chennai 71-2 (10 overs) vs Delhi

Yadav is brought back as Delhi continue to rotate their bowlers. He gets the key wicket of the in-form Hussey, who top edges the pull shot and is caught on the leg side by Virender Sehwag for 26 from as many balls.

Raina and Mahendra Singh Dhoni take a single each in that over as Chennai reach 71 for two after 10 overs.
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Chennai 69-1 (9 overs) vs Delhi

Botha is back into the attack now. He bowls a tidy over giving away just six runs as Chennai reach 69 for one after nine overs.
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Chennai 63-1 (8 overs) vs Delhi

Nehra back for his second spell with both Chennai openers looking in splendid touch.

Against the run of play, Chennai lose the wicket of Vijay, who is run out for 31 from 23 balls. Ben Rohrer with the direct hit from point as the two batsmen try to steal a quick leg bye. In the end, Vijay seemed to take it a bit too easy, maybe a dive could have saved him.

Nehra beats new batsman Suresh Raina outside the off-stump before the left-hander gets off the mark with two runs on the leg side.

A good over from Nehra, conceding just two runs.
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Chennai 61-0 (7 overs) vs Delhi

Siddarth Kaul comes back for his second spell after just one over in his first. The third ball is a wide down the leg side and wicketkeeper Jadhav lets the ball go through with a lazy effort to give away five wides.

Vijay then gets two runs on the leg side as wicketkeeper Jadhav fails to take off the bails with the right-hander having lost his bat while running and his feet in the air. Jadhav is having a shocker with the gloves.

Vijay then slams the next delivery down the ground for a boundary before taking two runs from the last ball.

Chennai continue to prosper to reach 61 after seven overs with Vijay on 31 from 23 balls and Hussey on 23 from 19 balls.
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Chennai 47-0 (6 overs) vs Delhi

Off-spinner Johan Botha is brought into the attack now. Hussey targets him rightaway as he lofts the third ball over the off-side for a four. Vijay repeats the shot off the fifth delivery for another boundary before slamming the last ball down the ground for a six.

Both has gone for 17 runs in his first over as Chennai race to 47 after six overs.
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Chennai 30-0 (5 overs) vs Delhi

Umesh Yadav will have a bowl now. Vijay hits the first ball on the leg side for two runs and repeats the shot off the third ball. A single each for the two batsmen before Vijay flicks the last ball fine, beating the short fine leg fielder for a four.

10 runs from Yadav's first over as Chennai reach 30 for no loss after five overs.
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Chennai 20-0 (4 overs) vs Delhi

Change of ends for Pathan. Vijay tries to hit it on the leg side but misses and the same result off the next ball but this time he gets a leg bye.

Two dot balls for Hussey who finally breaks the shackles with two back to back boundaries. He lofts the fifth delivery over the covers for a four before smashing the last ball down the ground.
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Chennai 11-0 (3 overs) vs Delhi

Ashish Nehra to bowl the third over as Pathan is taken off after just one over. The veteran makes a good start bowling three dot balls in a row to Hussey, who finally gets one on the leg side.

Vijay (2) gets a lifeline as wicketkeeper drops a tough chance to his right and Nehra is not impressed with that effort.

Chennai are struggling to get going as just 11 runs have come from three overs.
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Chennai 9-0 (2 overs) vs Delhi

Siddarth Kaul to bowl the second over. He starts with two dot balls to Vijay, who then takes a single to the cover region. Hussey then mistimes the pull shot on the leg side for two runs before a single on the leg side.
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Chennai 5-0 (1 over) vs Delhi

Irfan Pathan to bowl the first over. Mike Hussey gets off the mark with three runs behind square on the leg side before Murali Vijay takes a single from the fifth delivery.

Chennai have made one change to their team as Dhoni confirmed. They are resting pacer Chris Morris and bring in all-rounder Albie Morkel in his place.

Delhi, who are being led by David Warner, have opted to make a few changes. Johan Botha came in for Mahela Jayawardene, while Roelof van der Merwe replaced Morne Morkel. Veteran Ashish Nehra was included in place of Shahbaz Nadeem.
Chennai captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni has won the toss and elected to bat against Delhi Daredevils at the MA Chidambaram stadium in Chennai.

The hosts have already made it to the play-offs following Punjab's upset victory over Royal Challengers Bangalore. Mumbai Indians and Rajasthan Royals have also progressed to the next stage.

Delhi Daredevils are already out of the running with just three wins out of 13 games.
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Adam Gilchrist led from the front with the bat to help Kings XI stun Royal Challengers Bangalore by seven wickets. 

Chasing a challenging 175 for victory, the Australian finally found his batting form as he smashed an unbeaten 85 from 54 balls, hitting 10 fours and three sixes.

Punjab's victory has ensured that Mumbai Indians, Chennai Super Kings and Rajasthan Royals have made it to the play-offs.

Meanwhile, Bangalore along with Sunrisers Hyderabad and Kings XI Punjab are in contention for the fourth spot.
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Unadkat returns for his final over as Mahmood collects a couple with a hit through extra cover. 

Unadkat finally gets his man as he hits one straight to AB de Villiers at long off. Mahmmod made a brilliant 41-ball 61 to put Kings XI in command of the chase. 

The visitors were 142-2 after 15.2 overs.  
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A brilliant 41-ball half-century from skipper Adam Gilchirst has kept Kings XI's hope in the chase. 

He is ably supported by Azhar Mahmood, who is getting the odd boundary in the middle. 

Gilly reached the landmark with a huge six off Zaheer Khan. 

The duo, so far has added 100-runs for the second wicket as Kings XI were 123-1 after 14 overs. Kings XI need 52 from 36 balls. 

Mahmood too reached his half-century with a maximum with six off Murali.
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Vinay Kumar continues for his second over now as Mahmood backs away and gets a single. 

Vinay round the wicket for Gilly as the Kings XI skipper mis-hits one -- luckily no one there to catch it. 

Gilly chips down the track and tries to smash it through off side -- misses.

Mahmood at the other end gets a single to round off a good over from Vinay. At the end of 10 overs, Kings XI were 79-1. The visitors still need 96 runs from 60 balls. 

Gilly is on 37, while Mahmood is on 28. 
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Muralitharan now into the attack now. 

First up is a delivery turning in as Mahmood collects a single. 

Gilly opens the face of the bat for a single through off side. 

Mahmood fails to take advantage of a short delivery. Mahmood takes a single off the next ball. 

A pitched up delivery from Murali -- a loud appeal -- Gilly lucky to survive a close call. 

After 7 overs Kings XI were 51-1. Gilchirst is on 21, while Mahmood is on 18. 
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Zaheer Khan has struck for Royal Challengers Bangalore as he castles Shaun Marsh for 8. 

Marsh who had hit Zaheer for a boundary the previous ball was undone by a delivery that moved in a bit much to the delight of the bowler.

Kings XI were 24-1 in 2.3 overs.
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Mosies Henriques to start the second over of Kings XI innings as he starts off with a short and wide delivery -- Gilchrist punches it through covers for a couple. 

Gilly then slashes at one -- gets an outside edge -- flies over Gayle in slips for a boundary. 

Gilly flicks one through midwicket for a single. 

Shaun Marsh gets off the mark with a delightful boundary past the bowler. A single to end the over as Kings XI were 19-0 after 2 overs.    

Azhar Mahmood to bowl the final over as Kohli clips one off his pads for a couple.

Mahmood has his man as he had Kohli caught right in front of the stumps. A loud appeal as umpire raises the finger in affirmation. 

Rahul comes in and creams one through point for a boundary. Rahul then takes advantage of a slower one and hits an inside out shot for second boundary off the over.

Rahul pulls a short delivery from Mahmood but hits it straight to Mandeep Singh at square leg.

So at the end of 20 overs RCB were 175-5. Parvinder Awana was the most successful bowler for Kings XI with figures of 3-39. 

Last five overs have produced 64 runs.  

Sandeep Sharma to start off the 18th over and start off with a no-ball.

Last few overs have been forgettable one for Kings XI. Gayle facing the Free Hit as he mis-times one high in the air -- falls short of Piyush Chawla at long-on. 

Gayle then gives himself at hit of room and strikes it for a boundary through extra cover. 

The big West Indian then  smokes one out of the park. 

Kohli meanwhile, flicks one off his pads to get a boundary through square leg. Another big over this for RCB. 20 runs came from Sandeep's over. 

At the end of 150-1. Kohli is on 55, while Gayle is on 71. 

Parvinder Awana returns with five overs to go. Gayle has suddenly blasted on Kings XI, by smoking three sixes off Gony in the last over. 

And as we speak, its the turn of RCB skipper Virat Kohli to smash one into the crowd as he flicks Awana through midwicket. 

Kohli then hits one straight past the bowler for a boundary -- 100 runs stand between the two off 68 balls. 

Another good hit through midwicket by Mandeep Singh dive restricts it to a couple. 

At the end of 16 overs 126-1. Gayle is on 57, while Kohli is on 47.


Chawla for his final over as Kohli smartly dabs one to third man for a boundary. 

A ferocious cut gives Kohli single towards point. 

Gayle lofts one over the bowlers head for a boundary. The West Indian then gets a single as RCB batsmen have opened their shoulders with seven overs to go. 

At the end of 14 overs RCB were 89-1. Kohli is on 34, while Gayle is on 34.

MS Gony to continue with his medium pacers. First up is a good length delivery from Gony, inducing an outside edge from Kohli as the balls run down to third man for a boundary. 

A firm push to mid on has Kohli irritated. A hit through extra cover gives Kohli a single. 

Gayle is subdued and is dealing in singles. Another dot finishes another good over from MS Gony. 

RCB at the end of 11 overs were 58-1.

Chawla for his second over -- its been a slow start by RCB. 

Kohli chips down the track -- all along the ground for a single. Gayle ensures there are no dot balls and collects a single. 

A googly has Kohli getting an inside edge for a single towards square leg. 

A dot to end the over as RCB were 52-1 after 10 overs. Kohli is on 16, while Gayle is on 17.

Spin introduced now by Adam Gilchirst as Piyush Chawla comes in. 

First up is a full length delivery -- defended well by KOhli. 

Kohli punches then one for a single towards long on. A googly has Gayle fishing at a delivery outside off-stump. 

Gayle gets a single with a thickish outside edge to third man. 

A single to round off the over as RCB were 40-1 after 7 overs.  

Parvinder Awana into the attack now and he strikes!!!

First up is a short and wide delivery from the Kings XI bowler as Cheteshwar Pujara hits it straight to David Miller at point.

RCB 22-1 after 4.1 overs.

Sandeep Sharma to start the second over the innings after Azhar Mahmood gave 7 runs from the opening over. 

First up is a good inswinger but Pujara is equal to the task by smashing it for a boundary through midwicket. 

Sandeep corrects his line as Pujara punches one to mid-on -- no run. 

Pujara dabs one to third man for a single. 

Sandeep then lets one swing across Gayle -- lucky to miss the face of the bat as RCB were 12-0 after 2 overs.
Welcome to the live updates of the crucial first game of the day between Royal Challengers Bangalore and Kings XI Punjab at the Chinnaswamy Stadium.

Its a must-win game for both the teams, especially for RCB, who are facing stiff challenge from Sunrisers Hyderabad for the fourth spot.

The news from the middle is that Kings XI have won the toss and have elected to bowl first. 

The big news is that Zaheer Khan is fit and ready and will be playing his first game of the season for RCB. Besides that Muralitharan, KL Rahul and Arun Karthik also make their way back into the side.

For Kings XI Praveen Kumar is out with a slight niggle.