Thu, 26 September 2013
LIVE CLT20! Dhoni, Raina blast Chennai to victory over Sunrisers

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Sunrisers 190-7 (20 overs) vs Chennai 202-4

Mohit to bowl the final over with Sunrisers needing 23 for victory. Two singles from the first two balls before Steyn plays and misses. He then slogs it over the leg side for a six to make it interesting with 15 needed from three balls.

But the next ball is full as Steyn drives it down the ground for two before digging out a yorker for one to end the match.
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Sunrisers 180-7 (19 overs) vs Chennai 202-4

Sammy can barely walk out in the middle as he seems to be struggling with an injury as he takes a single from the first ball.

Holder then strikes with the next delivery as Sharma offers a simple catch to the fielder long-on after scoring 11.

Despite batting in so much pain, Sammy somehow manages to crash one down the ground for a six to bring up his fifty in some style, from 24 balls. But the bowler gets revenge from the next delivery as he bowls Sammy with a quick yorker, who is clearly handicapped by that injury and hobbles all the way to the dugout.

Sammy walks backs after a good knock after hitting 50 from 24 balls as Hyderabad's hopes also disappear.
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Sunrisers 169-5 (18 overs) vs Chennai 202-4

Some drama out in the middle as Karn Sharma is caught on the off-side but the umpires rule it a dead ball as Bravo didn't inform them before switching to round the wicket as he bowled from the next to the batsman.

Sharma then top edges a pull shot but unbelievably Raina puts down the simplest of chances at mid-off.  The left-hander then cuts a short ball over point for a four before Hussey drops another catch off the last ball to give Sharma another lifeline.

The ball seems to be slipping from the fielder's hands because of the amount of dew.

Hyderabad need 34 from two overs for victory.

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Sunrisers 156-5 (17 overs) vs Chennai 202-4

Holder comes back for his second spell. He starts with a short ball which compatriot Sammy pulls through midwicket for a four and three balls later he clips a full toss through the leg side for another four.

Sunrisers face a mammoth task with 47 needed from three overs for victory.

Can Sammy pull off a miracle? He is batting well on 41 from 20 balls.
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Sunrisers 145-4 (16 overs) vs Chennai 202-4

Bravo gets his second wicket as Ashish Reddy top edges the pull and is caught by Dhoni behind the wicket for three.

Karn Sharma throws his bat around before he finally find the gap through point for a four.
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Sunrisers 138-4 (15 overs) vs Chennai 202-4

Ravindra Jadeja comes into the attack pretty late in the innings. Sammy goes on an all-out attack as he hits Jadeja for back to back sixes straight down the ground from the second and third ball of the over.

The last ball also produces the same result as Bravo takes the catch on the boundary but fails to hold on and it goes over the ropes for a six.

Jadeja is hit for 22 runs in his opening over as his poor bowling form in the CLT20 continues.
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Sunrisers 116-4 (14 overs) vs Chennai 202-4

Bravo cripples Sunrisers further with the wicket of Perera, who is caught at long-off for 12.

Sammy carts the next ball over the cover region for a six but Bravo concedes just nine runs in that over.

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Sunrisers 107-3 (13 overs) vs Chennai 202-4

Ashwin to finish off early. Perera cuts the second ball for a couple before he slog sweeps it powerfully for his first six.

Ashwin gives away 10 runs to finish with one for 32 in four overs.
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Sunrisers 97-3 (12 overs) vs Chennai 202-4

Surprisingly, Raina is taken off after that good first over and he makes way for Dwayne Bravo. He makes a tidy start giving away just five runs as Sunrisers reach 97 for three in 12 overs.
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Sunrisers 92-3 (11 overs) vs Chennai 202-4

Ashwin then continues Chennai's wicket ways with the key wicket of Dhawan, who is caught behind by Dhoni for 48 from 34 balls, having hit seven fours and a six.

A top over from Ashwin, giving away two runs, while picking up the big wicket of Dhawan.

Chennai are on top as Sunrisers lose three wickets for five runs in the space of two overs.
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Sunrisers 90-2 (10 overs) vs Chennai 202-4

Part-timer Suresh Raina comes into the attack with Chennai desperate to break the opening stand.

And he delivers but is helped by the two batsmen. Parthiv is halfway into his run before Dhawan sends him back but Raina is quick to get to the ball on the off-side and hits the stumps with a direct hit at the bowler's end.

Parthiv walks back angry after a good knock of 38 from 28 balls, putting on 88 runs from 56 balls for the opening wicket to lay a solid foundation.

Raina then strikes with the ball as JP Duminy misses the flick and is bowled for a duck.

What a superb start from Raina, three runs and two wickets in that over!
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Sunrisers 87-0 (9 overs) vs Chennai 202-4

Holder bowls two dot balls to Dhawan who then throws his bat a wide one but gets an outside edge which flies wide past Dhoni for a four before taking a single to sweeper cover.

Holder bowls a high bouncer to Parthiv who tries to pull it but misses and it is called a wide for height. The next ball is again a high bouncer which Parthiv pulls but holes out to fine leg. The umpires check with the television umpire before confirming the no-ball as Parthiv also gets a reprieve and a single.

Dhawan then repeats his scoop over short fine leg for another four as Sunrisers continue the flow of runs to reach 87 after nine overs.
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Sunrisers 75-0 (8 overs) vs Chennai 202-4

Morkel comes back and he is unlucky not to get the big wicket of Dhawan. The left-hander chipped it on the leg side but Holder dropped an easy catch as he seems to have misjudged it. Dhawan, on 41, would love to make most of this lifeline and carry on to play a big knock.

Parthiv then lofts it back over the bowler for a four and off the fifth ball pulls it over midwicket for another four as Sunrisers get 11 runs from that over.
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Sunrisers 64-0 (7 overs) vs Chennai 202-4

West Indian pacer Jason Holder is called into the attack to replace Mohit, who bowled three overs for 30 runs.

Patel has settled into his role of giving the strike to Dhawan as he does from the second ball. Dhawan then smashes it through the covers to keep the boundaries coming before he takes one.

Patel tries two wild swings against Holder who pitches it short outside the off-stump but is beaten on both occasion.

A tidy start from Holder, giving away six runs.
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Sunrisers 58-0 (6 overs) vs Chennai 202-4

Patel hits Ashwin through midwicket for a single to raise Hyderabad's 50. He cuts the next ball behind point for two runs before stepping down and launching Ashwin down the ground for a six.

Sunrisers are off to a perfect in their huge run chase as they reach 58 for no loss in six overs.

Dhawan has raced to 36 from 21 balls, having hit five fours and a six, while Parthiv is on 20 from 15 balls.
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Sunrisers 49-0 (5 overs) vs Chennai 202-4

Mohit will continue as he comes on to bowl his third over. Dhawan steers the first ball past point for his fourth four before he crashes the fifth ball over the same fielder for another boundary. He takes two runs from the last ball as Sunrisers reach 49 for no loss after five overs.
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Sunrisers 37-0 (4 overs) vs Chennai 202-4

Chennai introduce spin early, in the form of R Ashwin. Dhawan sweeps the third ball across the line square on the leg side for a four. Parthiv ends the over with another four as he makes most of some width as Sunrisers continue their good start.
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Sunrisers 26-0 (3 overs) vs Chennai 202-4

Two singles from the first three balls of Mohit's second over before Dhawan walks across his stumps and scoops it over short fine leg for a four. He then charges down the track and slams the last ball through the covers for the second boundary of the over.
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Sunrisers 16-0 (2 overs) vs Chennai 202-4

Albie Morkel to bowl the second over. Parthiv is again to take toll of the short ball as he pulls it square for his second four and then takes a single.

Shikhar Dhawan then comes down the track to Morkel and pulls a short ball for two runs before getting one from the last ball.
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Sunrisers 8-0 (1 over) vs Chennai 202-4

Mohit Sharma to bowl the first over and surprisingly Dhoni is on the attack with two slips in place.

He starts with a wide to Parthiv Patel, before he pulls a short ball through midwicket for a four.

Patel drives the fourth ball past mid-off for a couple before he takes a single from the last ball to retain strike.
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Chennai 202-4 (20 overs) vs Sunrisers

Dhoni walks back to a standing ovation after an incredible innings of 63 from 19 balls, laced with a boundary and eight sixes.

Chennai hammered as many as 76 runs in the last five overs with Dhoni leading the way to turn the innings on its head.

Steyn was the best bowler for Sunrisers as he finished two for 23 in four overs, including the two overs at the death when he managed to even keep the rampaging Dhoni quiet.
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Chennai 202-4 (20 overs) vs Sunrisers

Dhoni hit Sammy down the ground and sprinted across for two runs to bring up his half-century from 16 balls. This is the fastest fifty in the history of the Champions League T20 breaking Kieron Pollard's record, who had got his fifty from 18 balls.

Dhoni continues his magical showing with the bat with back to back sixes over long-off. The crowd are going mad out in the stands as their beloved Mahi delivers six after six.

Finally, Sammy gets it right as Dhoni can only keep out a yorker for a single to bring up Chennai's 200 with the fourth fifty coming from just 15 balls.

Dwayne Bravo takes two runs from the final ball as Chennai finish on a mammoth 202 for four in their 20 overs.
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Chennai 183-4 (19 overs) vs Sunrisers

Steyn continues his good showing with the ball. He strikes with the key wicket of Raina, who is caught at long-on after a quickfire innings of 84 from 57 balls, with the help of nine fours and a six.

Infact, Perera did well to leap high and pluck that out of mid air when the ball look destined to carry all the way for a six over long-off.

Raina was involved in an unbelievable stand of 60 from 25 balls out of which Dhoni made 43.

Dhoni hits the last ball of that over for a four to take his score to 48 from 15 balls.
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Chennai 175-3 (18 overs) vs Sunrisers

Perera starts with a wide before Dhoni tonks the next ball into stands over long-on for a six followed by another wide.

Dhoni mistimes a full toss but Ishant misfields at midwicket to give away two runs and the bowler is not at all happy with that effort.

That lapse in the field has brought Dhoni back on strike and he promptly flicks it behind square on the leg side for his third six.

Dhoni dealing in sixes at the moment. He opens the face of the bat and flicks it square on the off-side and again it carries all the way for the third six of the over. Perera has already gone for 22 runs from four deliveries.

The fifth ball is in the slot and Dhoni carts it over long-on for another huge six to race to 37 from 12 balls.

Dhoni makes it five sixes in the over as he late cuts it over short thirdman for another maximum.

Perera has been hit for 34 runs in that over.

Dhoni has raced to 43 from 13 balls, with the help of six sixes. He went from 11 from 43 in the space of six deliveries and all was due to that misfield from Ishant.
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Chennai 141-3 (17 overs) vs Sunrisers

Steyn brings all his experience to keep the two of the most dangerous hitters in the world quiet. He concedes just five runs in that over including a wide to frustrate both Raina and Dhoni with pitched up deliveries which they can only keep out.

An excellent over under the circumstances by the South African speedster.
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Chennai 136-3 (16 overs) vs Sunrisers

Ishant comes back. Dhoni takes a single from the first ball before Raina drives a full toss through the off-side for two runs. Ishant then dishes out another full toss which Raina flicks through the leg side for a four.

Ishant seems to be having problems gripping the ball as he sends down another full toss which Raina hits through the covers for two to move into the 80s.
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Chennai 126-3 (15 overs) vs Sunrisers

Duminy strikes with the first ball of his last over. Badrinath came down the track but holed out to Steyn at long-on to fall for 13.

Three singles off the next three balls before Dhoni announces his arrival with a massive six down the ground to send his home crowd into a frenzy.

Duminy then bowls a wide down the leg side followed by a single as CSK reach 126 for three after 15 overs.

Duminy finish with good figures of two for 27 from four overs.
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Chennai 115-2 (14 overs) vs Sunrisers

Sammy bowls it short and wide as Raina slaps it over point for a four and then lifts it over midwicket for two runs.

Raina then chips it back over the bowler's head and it carries all the way for a six. 14 runs from the over as CSK continue to lift the tempo.
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Chennai 101-2 (13 overs) vs Sunrisers

Raina lofts Perera back over his head and the two batsmen sprint across for two runs. Raina then flicks it behind square on the leg side for a boundary to bring up his half-century, from 38 balls.

Perera bowls a good yorker but Raina is good enough to flick it past short fine leg for another boundary to raise CSK's 100.

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Chennai 85-2 (12 overs) vs Sunrisers

Another all-rounder comes into the attack in the form of West Indian Darren Sammy. And he keeps it tight, giving away a single each from his six deliveries as CSK reach 85 for two in 12 overs.

Raina is on 44 from 35 balls, while Badrinath is on 11 from 14 balls.
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Chennai 79-2 (11 overs) vs Sunrisers

All-rounder Thisara Perera comes into the attack. He makes a good start giving away just one in three balls before he sends a big wide down the leg side which goes away from the keeper for five wides.

Two more singles before Raina plays it fine on the leg side for two to make it 10 runs from the over.
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Chennai 69-2 (10 overs) vs Sunrisers

Mishra keeping it straight against Raina, bowling on and around the middle stump, not wanting to give him room. Raina hits the fifth ball over mid-on for a four as CSK reach 69 for two at the halfway stage.

Raina is again looking good on 38 from 30 balls and Badrinath is on six.
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Chennai 61-2 (9 overs) vs Sunrisers

Raina gives Duminy the charge and smashes the first ball through the covers for a boundary before getting two runs to midwicket.

Three more singles as CSK continue to keep the scoreboard moving.
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Chennai 52-2 (8 overs) vs Sunrisers

Leg-spinner Amit Mishra comes into the attack, replacing Ishant, who bowled an expensive first spell of three overs for 30 runs.

Dhawan showed positive intent by having a fielder at slip. Raina hits the second ball to long-off for one before Subramaniam Badrinath taps it on the off-side for another single.

Raina then takes one to long-on to raise CSK's fifty before Badrinath pulls a short ball but the fielder makes a good stop at deep square leg to keep it down to two.
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Chennai 47-2 (7 overs) vs Sunrisers

Hussey walks. A very faint outside edge off Duminy as wicketkeeper Parthiv and the bowler kept appealing but Hussey immediately walked off. The left-hander is dismissed after a good innings of 23 from 21 balls before Duminy made the important breakthrough, giving away just three runs in his second over.
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Chennai 44-1 (6 overs) vs Sunrisers

Ishant to continue as Raina flicks the first ball through midwicket for three runs. Hussey then pulls a short ball over square leg for a six and then gets a thick outside edge past the slips for a four.

15 runs from Ishant's third over as CSK reach 44 for one after six overs.
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Chennai 29-1 (5 overs) vs Sunrisers

Hyderabad introduce spin early in the form of part-timer JP Duminy. He start with two dot balls before he gets an inside edge followed by three more singles as Duminy makes a good start.
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Chennai 25-1 (4 overs) vs Sunrisers

Hussey gets his first boundary as he despatches a full delivery from Ishant through the covers. He gets a lifeline as Karan Sharma at point puts down a tough chance on the off-side as he got a hand on it but failed to hold on.

Raina then crashes one through the off-side for another four before taking two from the last ball.

11 runs from the over as CSK reach 25 for one in five overs.

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Chennai 14-1 (3 overs) vs Sunrisers

Raina hits the first ball to the covers before he steers it to thirdman for one. Hussey is cautious at the start as he defends the third ball before letting the next ball go through. Hussey then plays and misses before tapping on the leg side for one.
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Chennai 12-1 (2 overs) vs Sunrisers

Ishant Sharma to bowl the second over. Hussey lets the first ball go through before he takes a single from the next ball to get off the mark.

Raina also gets one from the fourth ball to mid-off before Hussey clips the last ball on the leg side for two runs.
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Chennai 8-1 (1 over) vs Sunrisers

Murali Vijay and Mike Hussey walk out to open the batting for Chennai and they will be up against the challenge of Dale Steyn, who is quite with the new ball.

Steyn strikes with the second ball, getting Vijay to edge one as Dhawan completes a regulation catch at first slip. Infact, Vijay himself was to blame as he went after a wide outswinger but only got an edge.

Suresh Raina gets off the mark with a boundary as he flicks a full delivery behind square on the leg side. He pushes the last ball down the ground and it speeds all the way for another four.
Sunrisers Hyderabad captain Shikhar Dhawan has won the toss and elected to bowl against Chennai Super Kings, in Ranchi, on Thursday.

Both teams, who started with a victory, are unchanged.

Sunrisers outclassed Trinidad & Tobago in their first match in a thrilling finish, while Chennai got the better of Titan in their opening game.