Tue, 22 April 2014
LIVE IPL! Maxwell, Balaji help Kings XI Punjab destroy Hyderabad

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23:28   Kings XI Punjab crush Hyderabad
Kings XI Punjab win by 72 runs!!!

- Sunrisers 121 all out (19.2 ovs) vs Punjab 193-6 | Scorecard

Dhawan finishes off things in the final over as Bhuvneshwar is caught on the leg side for one.

Sunrisers Hyderabad fold for a paltry 121 in 19.2 overs to lose by a huge margin of 72 runs, their second successive loss in the tournament.

Kings XI Punjab jump to the top of IPL standings with three big victories in a row.

Their victory was set up two key contributions -- a blazing 95 from 43 balls by Maxwell followed by Balaji's superb spell as he claimed four for 13 in four overs.

- Sunrisers 120-9 (19 ovs) vs Punjab 193-6 | Scorecard

Balaji strikes in his final over with the wicket of Steyn who is foxed by the slower delivery and is bowled for 12.

That is Balaji's fourth wicket of the innings and his sixth in the IPL to lead the Purple Cap standings.

Bhuvneshwar Kumar gets off the mark with a single from the fifth ball, while Amit Mishra takes one from the last ball.

Balaji finishes with splendid figures of four for 13 in four overs including 13 dot balls, the best bowling figures in this year's IPL.
- Sunrisers 116-8 (18 ovs) vs Punjab 193-6 | Scorecard

Steyn throws his bat at the first ball of Johnson's final over but skies it high on the leg side but wicketkeeper Saha drops it. However, two balls later he gets the wicket of Karn Sharma, who is caught at mid-off for 10.

Three runs from Johnson's last over as he bounces back with good figures of two for 26 in four overs after struggling in the first two games.
- Sunrisers 113-7 (17 ovs) vs Punjab 193-6 | Scorecard

Sandeep Sharma comes back to bowl his fourth and final over. And he finishes his spell with another tidy over which sees him ends his bowling with respectable figures of one for 26 in four overs on his debut.
- Sunrisers 108-7 (16 ovs) vs Punjab 193-6 | Scorecard

Johnson comes back for a new spell. The second ball is a beauty as it bounces a bit extra and Dale Steyn is beaten as he tries to defend it. He then gets a thick outside as he has a wild swing at one but a misunderstanding between Dhawan and Maxwell on the off-side sees the chance go to ground.

Karn Sharma brings some cheer to the SH fans as he pulls a short ball and sends it out of the ground for a six.
- Sunrisers 99-7 (15 ovs) vs Punjab 193-6 | Scorecard

The wickets continue to tumble for Hyderabad. This time Rahul (27) tries to hit Patel down the ground but fails to get enough distance and is caught by Miller at long-off.

Patel gives away four runs in that over to finish with good figures of two for 20 in four overs.

Hyderabad are out of the contest with 95 needed from five overs at an asking rate of 19 runs per over.
- Sunrisers 95-6 (14 ovs) vs Punjab 193-6 | Scorecard

Balaji continues his wicket ways as Sammy (15) tries a big hit down the ground but is caught by Patel at mid-off who completes a good catch.

Another splendid over from Balaji as he gives away just three runs while taking his third wicket in the process. He has taken three for nine in three overs.
- Sunrisers 92-5 (13 ovs) vs Punjab 193-6 | Scorecard

Sammy breaks the shackles as he lofts Patel down the ground for a huge six which lands on the roof. That six has gone 99 metres and is the biggest hit of the tournament so far.

Rahul struggles to get Sammy back on strike as he picks just one from the last ball following two dot balls before that.

The match continues to slip from Hyderabad with 102 needed from seven overs for victory.
- Sunrisers 84-5 (12 ovs) vs Punjab 193-6 | Scorecard

Balaji comes back after a superb first over in which he took two for two.

Sammy chips the second ball over the covers for a couple but can get only a single from the next. Rahul hands the strike back to Sammy with a single as Balaji manages to bowl another tight over.

Just four runs from the over as SH reach 84 for five in 12 overs.
- Sunrisers 79-5 (11 ovs) vs Punjab 193-6 | Scorecard

Hyderabad continue to slip as Pathan also departs cheaply. The left-hander made five before he tries to play the slog sweep but misses and is bowled.

Darren Sammy will need to get going rightaway and hit a few big sixes to bring his team back into the contest.

They need 115 runs from nine overs for victory at an asking rate of 12.77.
- Sunrisers 74-4 (10 ovs) vs Punjab 193-6 | Scorecard

Part-timer Maxwell comes into the attack. He gives away five singles from the first five balls before Rahul lofts him over the leg side for a six to get 10 runs from the over and keep the scoreboard ticking along.

Rahul is looking settled, having hit 23 from 16 balls as SH reach 74 for four in 10 overs, needing 120 from 60 balls for victory.
- Sunrisers 64-4 (9 ovs) vs Punjab 193-6 | Scorecard

Rahul breaks the shackles as he makes room and crashes Dhawan through the covers for a boundary before he takes one on the leg side.

Dhawan bowls a wide down the leg side to Pathan before he drives it through the covers for a single.

Rahul takes a single from the last ball to retain strike as SH reach 64 for four in nine overs.
- Sunrisers 54-4 (8 ovs) vs Punjab 193-6 | Scorecard

Strange decision from Sunrisers as Irfan Pathan walks in ahead of Darren Sammy to bat at No. 6.

Left-arm spinner Akshar Patel comes into the attack. Rahul and Pathan are content to play it safe as five runs come from that over.
- Sunrisers 49-4 (7 ovs) vs Punjab 193-6 | Scorecard

The young Sandeep Sharma comes back. He cripples Hyderabad further with the wicket of Rao for 11, who looks to slog it on the leg side but misses and is bowled.

Hyderabad slip to 49 for four in seven overs, needing 145 from 13 overs at an asking rate of 11.
- Sunrisers 45-3 (6 ovs) vs Punjab 193-6 | Scorecard

Medium pacer Rishi Dhawan comes into the attack. KL Rahul pulls a short ball over midwicket for a couple to get off the mark and then takes one to thirdman.

Venugopal Rao gets off the mark with a boundary over point and then heaves the next over midwicket for the same result.

SH gets 12 runs from the over to reach 45 for three in six overs at the end of the Powerplay.
- Sunrisers 33-3 (5 ovs) vs Punjab 193-6 | Scorecard

Lakshmipathy Balaji comes into the attack and he beats Finch with the first ball as the right-hander plays from his crease without any footwork.

But two balls later he crashes through Finch's defence with the incoming delivery to bowl him for 19.

Two balls later Warner is beaten by the extra bounce and offers a simple catch to Maxwell at point to be dismissed for eight.

Two wickets and two runs from Balaji's opening over to leave Hyderabad in tatters on 33 for three in five overs.
- Sunrisers 31-1 (4 ovs) vs Punjab 193-6 | Scorecard

Johnson oversteps to gift a free ball but Finch is unable to make most of it and gets just a single.

Two balls he again does the same but Warner also is unable to do anything with the free hit as he is foxed by the slower ball and gets one on the leg side.

Finch looks in fine nick as he crashes a short wide through the covers for another boundary.

Nine runs from the Johnson over despite the two no-balls as SH reach 31 for one in four overs.
- Sunrisers 22-1 (3 ovs) vs Punjab 193-6 | Scorecard

Warner goes for a drive outside the off-stump but gets an inside edge as wicketkeeper Saha makes a good diving stop to his right. Two balls later, he turns Sharma on the leg side for a couple before he nudges the last ball fine for a boundary as SH reach 22 for one in three overs.
- Sunrisers 16-1 (2 ovs) vs Punjab 193-6 | Scorecard

Mitchell Johnson strikes in his first over with the wicket of Dhawan, who is caught behind for one.

The left-armer starts with a quick boundary to fellow Australian David Warner, who has a go but misses.

He then gets off the mark with a single before Finch crashes the last ball through the covers for a boundary.
- Sunrisers 11-0 (1 ov) vs Punjab 193-6 | Scorecard

Aaron Finch will open the innings with Shikhar Dhawan with Sunrisers needing a flurry of boundaries in the first six overs of Powerplay.

Debutant Sandeep Sharma to bowl the first over. Finch defends the first two balls before lofting the third back over the bowler's had for a straight six. He flicks the fourth ball through midwicket for two runs followed by a single.

Sharma then bowls a wide to Dhawan before he gets one from the last ball courtesy of an overthrow as Hyderabad get 11 from the first over.

- Punjab 193-6 (20 ovs) vs Sunrisers | Scorecard

Sunrisers have managed to pull back things slightly in the death over, conceding just 41 runs in the last five overs losing four wickets in the process.

Maxwell continued his red-hot form with the ball with another unbelievable innings, smashing 95 from just 43 balls. He was dropped on 11 and then was caught off a no-ball on 62 off Sammy's bowling.

The openers also deserve some of the credit for the good foundation they laid at the start with a 51-run opening stand. Sehwag looked close to his best, hitting three sixes and two fours in his 22-ball 30, while Pujara went on the attack after a slow start to hit 35 from 32 balls.

Bhuvneshwar was brilliant with the ball, claiming three for 19 in four overs including 15 dot balls. Steyn also kept things tight for 26 runs in four overs and bowled 12 dot balls in his spell.

The spinners went for plenty with Mishra taking two for 56 in four overs, while Sharma gave away 37 runs in his four-over spell.

Sunrisers having the firepower in their batting line-up to chase down this huge target with the likes of Aaron Finch, Shikhar Dhawan and David Warner slated to bat in the first three slots.
21:37   Maxwell's quickfire 95 powers Punjab to 193
- Punjab 193-6 (20 ovs) vs Sunrisers | Scorecard

Bhuvneshwar to bowl the final over of the innings. Bailey tries to heave the first ball, a full toss, over the leg side but gets a leading edge which flies over thirdman for a four.

However, Bhuvneshwar gets his man off the next delivery as Warner completes a straightforward catch at long-on to send back Bailey for 10.

Mitchell Johnson perishes off the last ball as Punjab finish on a huge 193 for six in their 20 overs, having scored just 14 runs from the last two overs.
- Punjab 185-4 (19 ovs) vs Sunrisers | Scorecard

Steyn bowls a tight over to continue Hyderabad's good showing in the recent few overs. He goes for six runs in his final over to finish with 26 runs in four overs.

Both Bailey and Johnson are unable to get the big hits away as Steyn keeps it full and outside the off-stump.
- Punjab 179-4 (18 ovs) vs Sunrisers | Scorecard

Mishra bowls a flighted delivery and Maxwell is happy to launch it over long-on for his eighth six of the innings.

He drives the fourth ball through the off-side and picks up two to the sweeper.

Maxwell then hits Mishra for a huge six straight down the ground to take his score to 95 but perishes off the next ball attempting another huge hit.

He comes down the track and tries to hit it over the off-side but holes out to Sammy at long-off.

Maxwell walks back to a standing ovation after an entertaining innings, which was laced with nine sixes and five fours in 43 deliveries.
- Punjab 162-3 (17 ovs) vs Sunrisers | Scorecard

Pacer Steyn comes back into the attack and he would no doubt be keen to get the prized wicket of Maxwell.

He starts with two dot balls to Maxwell before he edges a full delivery outside the off-stump fine for a boundary. He tries to flick the next but gets a single and Bailey gets one to the covers from the fifth ball.

The last ball is a yorker which Maxwell blocks on the off-side for a single to retain strike.

Sunrisers have made a slight comeback conceding just 10 runs in the last two overs.
- Punjab 155-3 (16 ovs) vs Sunrisers | Scorecard

Bhuvneshwar comes back and he provides with the vital breakthrough. Miller tries to hit a big shot down the ground but holes out to Warner at long-on, who is still upset at dropping Maxwell earlier and doesn't celebrate this catch.

Miller walks back for 10 from as many balls, having been involved in a rampaging partnership of 68 runs from 27 balls for the third wicket with Maxwell.

Bhuvneshwar then does the unbelievable, bowling dot balls in a row to Maxwell. The fourth ball is a yorker which the right-hander keeps out while driving the next back to the bowler.

The last ball is flicked to deep square leg for one as Bhuvneshwar concedes just three runs in that over to bring his team some relief.
- Punjab 152-2 (15 ovs) vs Sunrisers | Scorecard

Lady Luck seems to be smiling on Maxwell, who is caught at deep midwicket off Sammy. He has started walking back with his score on 62 from 26 balls, but the umpires check the replays which show that Sammy had overstepped the bowling crease.

It is ruled a no-ball which means Maxwell gets another lifeline and also a free hit for Punjab. If you remember, the Australian was dropped on 11 in the 11th over by Warner at long-off and he has hurt Sunrisers big time already.

Sammy looks to be bowling a tight over before Maxwell thwarts his plans by flicking the fifth ball square on the leg side for a six. The last ball is smashed back over the bowler's head for a boundary as he raced to 72 from 29 balls, having hit seven sixes and four fours.

Punjab have scored 66 runs from the last four overs to reach 152 for two in 15 overs.
- Punjab 139-2 (14 ovs) vs Sunrisers | Scorecard

Maxwell makes room and plays the inside out chip shot against Sharma for a six over the covers to race to his fifty, from 21 balls which includes six sixes and a boundary.

He tries to heave the next ball on the leg side but mistimes it but falls safely on the leg side.

No stopping Maxwell as dances down the track and chips Sharma through midwicket for a four and hits another boundary off the last ball to continue the carnage.

Maxwell is running away with the game helping Punjab smash as many as 53 runs in the last three overs to reach 139 for two in 14 overs.
- Punjab 123-2 (13 ovs) vs Sunrisers | Scorecard

Maxwell decides to target Mishra as he slog sweeps the first ball over midwicket for a six. He repeats the shot off the next ball for the same result.

It is raining sixes in Sharjah as Maxwell makes it a hat-trick of sixes over midwicket off the third ball.

Miller also joins in the party as he comes down the track and hits the fifth ball over midwicket for the fourth six of the over.

Mishra has gone for 25 runs in his third over as Punjab have started to turn it on to reach 123 for two in 13 overs.
- Punjab 98-2 (12 ovs) vs Sunrisers | Scorecard

Pathan comes back for a new spell and up against him are the two most dangerous in-form batsmen in IPL 7 -- Maxwell and David Miller.

Miller takes a single from the second ball before Maxwell pulls a slower bouncer over the leg side for his second six. The next ball is full but slipping down the leg side which Maxwell flicks over short fine leg for a four.

Another costly over from Pathan going for 12 runs for expensive figures of 28 runs in two overs.
20:46   Pujara out for 35, Punjab lose 2nd wicket
- Punjab 86-2 (11 ovs) vs Sunrisers | Scorecard

Medium pacer Darren Sammy comes into the attack. He reverse sweeps the first ball but it goes to the fielder at point before he crashes it down the ground for a couple.

Pujara then lofts it over the covers for two runs before he steers a full delivery through the vacant thirdman region for a four.

He tries to heave the last ball on the leg side but Venugopal Rao completes a good catch at deep midwicket just inches inside the ropes.

Pujara walks back after a good innings of 35 from 32 balls, having managed to hit a few boundaries after a slow start and lay a solid foundation for Punjab.
- Punjab 77-1 (10 ovs) vs Sunrisers | Scorecard

After a couple of quiet overs, Maxwell warms up in some style as he slog sweeps Sharma for a six over midwicket.

Maxwell, on 11, tries to loft the next ball down the ground but mistimes it as Warner running from in long-off drops an easy catch.

Pujara gets a lifeline off the last ball as he chips it straight but Sammy misjudges the catch at long-on and gives away a boundary.

Punjab are looking on course for a big score, having reached 77 for one in 10 overs.
- Punjab 62-1 (9 ovs) vs Sunrisers | Scorecard

The spinners will continue as Sunrisers look to the slow bowlers to see if they can snap up the dangerous Maxwell early before he gets his eye in.

Mishra continues to dry up the boundaries as he also concedes five runs in his second over.

The strategic time out is taken as Punjab reach 62 for one in nine overs.
- Punjab 57-1 (8 ovs) vs Sunrisers | Scorecard

Glenn Maxwell walks in to bat at No. 3. Pujara tries to sweep the first ball but misses and the muted appeal for LBW is turned down. He then bowls a wide down the leg side but concedes only five runs in the over as Sunrisers look to pull back things after Punjab's fiery start.
- Punjab 52-1 (7 ovs) vs Sunrisers | Scorecard

Leg-spin from both ends as Amit Mishra comes into the attack. Sehwag slams the third ball down the ground and it carries all the way over the ropes for a six.

He tries to repeat the shot off the next delivery but this time holes out to Darren Sammy at long-on.

A good outing from Sehwag as he made 30 from 22 balls, hitting two fours and three sixes.
- Punjab 43-0 (6 ovs) vs Sunrisers | Scorecard

Leg-spinner Karn Sharma comes into the attack as Sunrisers introduce spin early.

Sehwag looks to sweep the third ball but misses and picks up a leg bye but Pujara connects with his sweep shot and finds a boundary behind square on the leg side.

Pujara easing off the pressure on Sehwag as he also is finding the boundaries at regular intervals.

The Powerplay has gone to plans for Punjab, who are looking comfortable on 43 for no loss in six overs. Sehwag looks close to his best on 23 from 19 balls, while Pujara has cut loose after a slow start to score 19 from 17 balls.
20:22   Sehwag, Pujara give Punjab good start
- Punjab 38-0 (5 ovs) vs Sunrisers | Scorecard

Steyn comes back as Sunrisers look to break this partnership, especially the wicket of Sehwag, who is threatening to take on the bowlers.

But Pujara goes after the South African pacer as he picks the slower ball and chips the first ball over midwicket for a boundary. Two balls later, he repeats the shot for the same result and flicks the next delivery over short fine leg region to make it three fours in the over.

Punjab are to a flier as they race to 38 for no loss in five overs.
- Punjab 26-0 (4 ovs) vs Sunrisers | Scorecard

Pujara content to give Sehwag the strike as he takes a single from the first ball off Kumar's second over.

Sehwag is content to bide his time and wait for the right delivery. The last ball of the over is a bit short and Sehwag lofts it over the leg side for his second six of the match.
- Punjab 20-0 (3 ovs) vs Sunrisers | Scorecard

Steyn is taken off after just one over and he makes way for Irfan Pathan. Two singles from the first two balls before Sehwag slams a short ball over the leg side for a six. The next ball is also hit in the same area but this time it falls short and goes for a boundary.

The last ball is in the slot and Sehwag lofts it down the ground for a boundary to get 16 runs from the over.

Sehwag has raced to 17 from 11 balls as Punjab reach 19 for no loss after three overs.
- Punjab 3-0 (2 ovs) vs Sunrisers | Scorecard

Bhuvneshwar Kumar to bowl the second over and he will be looking to get some movement with the new ball and try to get an early wicket.

Sehwag takes a single to thirdman from the first delivery before Pujara is beaten two balls in a row. He is unable to get a run from the next deliveries as Punjab struggle to three for no loss in three overs.

- Punjab 2-0 (1 ov) vs Sunrisers | Scorecard

Virender Sehwag and Cheteshwar Pujara to open the batting for Punjab, while pacer Dale Steyn will bowl the first over for Sunrisers.

Pujara gets SH off the mark as he guides the first delivery to thirdman region for a single. Sehwag is beaten off the next two deliveries and then defends two balls in a row before he takes a single from the last ball to retain strike.
19:43   Sunrisers win toss, elect to bowl vs Punjab
Sunrisers Hyderabad captain Shikhar Dhawan has won the toss and elected to bowl against Kings XI Punjab.

Dhawan must have surely taken into account Punjab's two big run chases in their last two matches and had no hesitation in opting to bat second. They made one change to their team bringing in all-rounder Irfan Pathan in place of pacer Ishant Sharma.

Punjab have made two changes to their team with pacers Rishi Dhawan and debutant Sandeep Sharma coming into the team in place of Parvinder Awana and Murali Kartik.
19:17   Confident Kings XI Punjab take on Sunrisers
A confident Kings XI Punjab would be looking to continue their winning run when they take on against Sunrisers Hyderabad, in the ninth match of the Indian Premier League, in Sharjah, on Tuesday.

Sunrisers would be keen to bounce back after losing their first match to Rajasthan Royals. They would be relying on their pace battery to stop the rampaging batting line-up of Kings XI, who have chased down two big totals in the first two games.

The duo of Glenn Maxwell and David Miller have proved to be unstoppable so far in IPL 7 but they would face a stiff challenge against Sunrisers, who have the likes of Dale Steyn, Ishant Sharma, Bhuvneshwar Kumar and Amit Mishra in their bowling line-up.