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LIVE IPL! Jadeja's all-round show takes Chennai to victory

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23:38   Jadeja's all-round show takes Chennai to victory
Chennai win by 7 runs!!!

- Rajasthan 133 all out (19.5 ovs) vs Chennai 140-6 | Scorecard

Ashwin to bowl the final over and Dhoni has a fielder at first slip with 24 needed from six balls for victory.

Tambe takes a single from the first ball before Kulkarni slogs the second ball over midwicket for a six to give his team some hope.

The next ball is full and wide which Kulkarni chips over the off-side for a couple.

Ashwin switches to round the wicket and bowls a flighted delivery on the pads which Kulkarni slog sweeps over deep square leg for another six to take his score to 27 from 18 balls.

The fifth ball is a low full toss which Kulkarni flicks through midwicket but Tambe refuses to take the second run before he decides to change his mind and is run out for two.

Rajasthan are bowled out for 133 in 19.5 overs to lose by seven runs.

Kulkarni provided them a glimmer of hope, hitting a couple of sixes against Ashwin in the final over but he was left with too much to do in the end.

Jadeja was the star player for Chennai as he did the trick with both bat and ball. He rescued Chennai with a steady innings of 36 from 33 balls, while he claimed four for 33 in four overs to destroy the Rajasthan top order.

- Rajasthan 117-9 (19 ovs) vs Chennai 140-6 | Scorecard

Hilfenhaus to bowl the 19th over with Rajasthan needing 29 runs from two overs for victory.

Bhatia tries a wild swing off the third delivery but gets a top edge and is caught on the off-side after scoring 23 from 20 balls.

Five runs from the over as Hilfenhaus ends with one for 32 in four overs.
- Rajasthan 112-8 (18 ovs) vs Chennai 140-6 | Scorecard

Ashwin to bowl his third over. Kulkarni takes a single from the second ball before Bhatia does the same from the next.

Kulkarni then tries the slog sweep but gets an inside edge to deep square for a single before Bhatia comes down but is forced to defend.

The last ball is short but Bhatia can't make most of it and gets two runs to deep midwicket.
- Rajasthan 107-8 (17 ovs) vs Chennai 140-6 | Scorecard

Kulkarni steers the first ball of Jadeja's final over through thirdman for two runs before takes one from the next ball.

Bhatia then gives Jadeja the charge and lofts him back over his head for a six followed by a single on the leg side.

Kulkarni drives the fifth ball down to long-on for a single to bring Bhatia back on strike, who pulls the last ball through midwicket for a four.

Jadeja has gone for 15 runs in his final over to finish with four for 33 in four overs.

Rajasthan now need 34 from three overs for victory.
- Rajasthan 92-8 (16 ovs) vs Chennai 140-6 | Scorecard

Ashwin comes back as Dhoni looks to finish off things quickly. Kulkarni and Bhatia play it safe taking five singles in that over as the match continues to slip away from Royals.

They need 49 runs from four overs for victory with just two wickets in hand.
- Rajasthan 87-8 (15 ovs) vs Chennai 140-6 | Scorecard

Southee can't make most of the reprieve as he is bowled by Jadeja for four. He goes back to hit it through the off-side but misses the ball completely and is bowled.

Rajasthan set for a huge defeat as they are reduced to 87 for eight in 15 overs, with 54 needed from five overs for victory.

Jadeja has run through the Rajasthan batting line-up, claiming four for 18 in three overs.
- Rajasthan 84-7 (14 ovs) vs Chennai 140-6 | Scorecard

James Faulkner flicks Pandey fine through the leg side for a boundary as Mohit misfields to let it through it legs.

But Pandey gets revenge from the next ball as Faulkner drives away from his body but is caught behind for four.

The wickets continue to tumble as CSK are reduced to 80 for seven in the 14th over.

Tim Southee gets off the mark with a four as he pulls a short ball through midwicket. He gets a lifeline off the next delivery as du Plessis puts down a sharp catch at first slip, failing to hold on after a full length dive to his right.
- Rajasthan 75-6 (13 ovs) vs Chennai 140-6 | Scorecard

Jadeja comes back and nearly picks up another wicket. Smith comes down and mistimes the big hit down the ground as Mohit makes a valiant diving effort at long-off but fails to hold on.

Smith then charges the next ball and drives a full toss through the covers for a boundary.

However, Jadeja gets his man off the final delivery of that over. Smith goes for the big hit through the off-side but holes out to du Plessis in the deep to fall for 19 as Royals slip to 75 for six in 13 overs.
- Rajasthan 66-5 (12 ovs) vs Chennai 140-6 | Scorecard

Ishwar Pandey comes back for a new spell. He continues to move the ball as Bhatia is squared up and must consider himself lucky not to have edged it.

Just three runs from Pandey's third over as the asking rate continues to climb, with 75 needed from eight overs for victory.
- Rajasthan 63-5 (11 ovs) vs Chennai 140-6 | Scorecard

Smith pulls a short ball from Mohit on the leg side for a couple before he takes one from the next.

Binny then edges a wide delivery to get two runs wide of the fielder at thirdman before he lofts the fourth ball over the covers for two more runs.

But he falls off the next ball for eight attempting another big shot but holing out to du Plessis at long-off.

Rajasthan in big trouble at 63 for five in 11 overs, needing 78 runs from 54 deliveries for victory.
- Rajasthan 56-4 (10 ovs) vs Chennai 140-6 | Scorecard

Raina to continue and he is unlucky not to have picked up a wicket in that over. Smith (5) gets a lifeline as he comes down the track to Raina but is beaten and Dhoni messes up an easy stumping with the batsman initially giving up hope.

Raina bowls another tidy over giving away just three runs as Rajasthan reach 56 for four in 10 overs, needing 85 from 10 overs for victory.
- Rajasthan 53-4 (9 ovs) vs Chennai 140-6 | Scorecard

Pacer Mohit Sharma comes into the attack. Binny takes a single from the first ball before Smith drives it through the off-side for a couple. He turns the fifth ball past the short fine leg fielder for another couple before he takes a single from the last ball.
- Rajasthan 47-4 (8 ovs) vs Chennai 140-6 | Scorecard

With the spinners getting some purchase, part-timer Suresh Raina is called in to have a bowl.

Stuart Binny takes a single from the third ball before Steven Smith takes one from the next ball to get off the mark.

Just three singles from Raina's first over as CSK look to build the pressure with some tight overs.
- Rajasthan 44-4 (7 ovs) vs Chennai 140-6 | Scorecard

Ravindra Jadeja comes into the attack and he takes two wickets in his first over to bring his team back into the contest.

Watson was beaten by the first ball from Jadeja which turned a lot and went past the edge of the bat. Two balls later, he came down the track and hit him down the ground for a six but fell off the next delivery attempting another the same shot.

Watson only managed to miscue it down the ground where Hilfenhaus took a good catch at long-on to send back Watson for seven.

Samson fell off the very next delivery as he tried to play it on the leg side but got a leading edge and is caught by the bowler after scoring 16.
- Rajasthan 38-2 (6 ovs) vs Chennai 140-6 | Scorecard

R Ashwin comes into the attack as Chennai look to break this partnership and he does exactly that.

Against the run of play, Rajasthan lose the wicket of Rahane, who gifts his wicket away with a reckless shot. Rahane, who made 15 from 12 balls, went for the slog sweep but holed out to Manhas at deep midwicket.

A good start from Ashwin, taking one for one in his first over to check Rajasthan's good progress.
- Rajasthan 37-1 (5 ovs) vs Chennai 140-6 | Scorecard

Samson decided to cut loose as he despatches a slower ball from Hilfenhaus over long-on for the first six of the innings.

Three balls later, the youngster repeats the shot for another maximum as Rajasthan continue their recovery after a poor shot.

24 runs from the last two overs take Royals to 37 for one in five overs.
- Rajasthan 23-1 (4 ovs) vs Chennai 140-6 | Scorecard

Rahane releases some pressure as he crashes a short wide delivery from Pandey square on the off-side for a boundary.

The next ball is flicked through the leg side for three runs as Royals get some momentum in their batting.

Samson takes two from the fifth ball before taking a single from the last ball to make it 10 runs from the over.
- Rajasthan 13-1 (3 ovs) vs Chennai 140-6 | Scorecard

Dhoni opts for an extra catcher at second slip as CSK look for another early wicket with the new ball. Rahane flicks the second ball from Hilfenhaus through midwicket for a couple but is beaten off the next ball.

He takes a single from the fifth ball as three runs come from that over.
- Rajasthan 10-1 (2 ovs) vs Chennai 140-6 | Scorecard

Ishwar Pandey to bowl the second over. The first ball comes in to Nayar, who is beaten all ends up before he defends the next one.

Nayar then loses his wicket courtesy of a run out as McCullum is quick to get to the ball and runs all the way to break the stumps at the striker's end. There was a huge appeal for LBW as Nayar attempted to take a single but his partner Rahane was not interested.

Sanju Samson plays out the last three balls as Pandey starts with a maiden.
- Rajasthan 10-0 (1 ov) vs Chennai 140-6 | Scorecard

Australia's veteran pacer Ben Hilfenhaus to bowl the first over for CSK. The third ball is a wide down the leg side to left-hander Abhishek Nayar before he flicks the next square for a boundary.

Two balls later Ajinkya Rahane edges it past the first slip fielder for another boundary as 10 runs come from the first over.
- Chennai 140-6 (20 ovs) vs Rajasthan | Scorecard

Southee to bowl the final over of the innings. Jadeja gets two runs from the first ball courtesy of an overthrow before the left-hander offers no stroke to one outside the off-stump expecting a wide but the umpire is unmoved.

A single each for the two batsmen before Jadeja gets two runs down the ground and does the same off the last ball.

Chennai finish on 140 for six in their 20 overs, scoring 39 runs from the last five overs.

Jadeja played a good hand with the bat, scoring an unbeaten 36 from 33 balls, hitting just two fours, while Ashwin struggled for nine from 13 balls.

Tambe and Bhatia were successful in building the pressure in the middle overs, claiming one for 27 and two for 13 respectively in their four overs.

Chennai, despite a blazing 28-ball 50 from Smith, were unable to adjust their gameplan on a slow pitch and kept giving their wickets away.

Steve Smith's amazing catch to dismiss McCullum was one of the high points of Rajasthan in the field and also gave them a big lift.
- Chennai 131-6 (19 ovs) vs Rajasthan | Scorecard

Faulkner, who has been expensive with the ball, comes in to bowl the 19th over. Ashwin edges the second delivery as he shuffles across his stumps and it goes past the keeper for a boundary.

Jadeja drives the fifth ball through the covers for a couple before he keeps strike with a single from the last ball.

Faulkner goes for 11 runs in the final over to finish with one for 38 in three overs.
- Chennai 119-6 (18 ovs) vs Rajasthan | Scorecard

Southee to bowl the 18th over. Jadeja takes a single from the first ball before Ashwin goes after a wide delivery but is beaten.

He then walks across his stumps a long way and tries to nudge it fine on the leg side but is foxed by the slower ball.

Ashwin then throws his bat at a wide full delivery but again he plays and misses before pulling a slower bouncer on the leg side for one.

Jadeja picks a single to retain his strike and take his score to 25 from as many balls.

What a superb over from Southee, conceding just two runs in the 18th over.
- Chennai 117-6 (17 ovs) vs Rajasthan | Scorecard

Kulkarni, who bowled an excellent first spell, comes back. Jadeja tucks the second ball on the leg side for a couple before he pulls the fourth ball over midwicket for a four.

Kulkarni is struggling with his control as he bowls three wides in a row to Ashwin outside the off-stump.

Kulkarni has gone for 11 runs in that over including four wides as CSK reach 117 for six in 17 overs.
- Chennai 106-6 (16 ovs) vs Rajasthan | Scorecard

Rajasthan captain Shane Watson comes into the attack. He also looks to keep the batsmen guessing with change of pace and concedes just five singles in his first over.

Chennai need a few boundaries to break free with their last four coming 17 balls ago.
- Chennai 101-6 (15 ovs) vs Rajasthan | Scorecard

Bhatia criples Chennai further with the wicket of Manhas, who plays back and tries to play the cut shot but is caught at point for 10.

Chennai continue to slip as they are reduced to 101 for six in the 15th over.

An excellent performance with the ball by veteran Bhatia, who finishes with superb figures of two for 13 in four overs.
- Chennai 98-5 (14 ovs) vs Rajasthan | Scorecard

Manhas decides to break the shackles as he makes room and lofts Tambe over the covers for a boundary.

Jadeja flicks the third ball through the leg side for a couple before Tambe bowls a quick delivery way down the leg side to give away five wides.

Tambe goes for 13 runs in his final over but still finishes with decent figures one for 17 in four overs.
- Chennai 85-5 (13 ovs) vs Rajasthan | Scorecard

Bhatia continues with his slow medium pacers as both Jadeja and Manhas can only pick singles off him.

He bowls another tight over, giving away just four runs to build up the pressure on CSK.

The Bhatia-Tambe combine has kept the Chennai batsmen in a tight leash, taking one for 10 and one for 14 respectively in their first three overs.
- Chennai 81-5 (12 ovs) vs Rajasthan | Scorecard

The wickets continue to tumble for Chennai. This time Dhoni decides to attack Tambe but only manages to hit it straight down the throat of Faulkner at deep midwicket to be dismissed for five.

Chennai have lost three wickets for 10 runs in the space of 17 deliveries to find themselves in deep trouble at 75 for four in 11.1 overs.

Tambe then drifts down the leg side as Jadeja helps it fine for his first boundary. Mithun Manhas gets off the mark with a couple through the point region as Tambe gives away seven runs in that over.
- Chennai 74-4 (11 ovs) vs Rajasthan | Scorecard

Bhatia's brilliance in the field then makes another crucial breakthrough for Rajasthan. Dhoni drove one uppishly down the pitch as Bhatia dived to his right to take the catch but it hit his fingers and went on to the stumps as non-striker du Plessis was caught out of his crease to be run out for seven.

Chennai in trouble at 71 for four in the 11th over.

Dhoni and new batsman Ravindra Jadeja have their task cut out, to steady the ship in the next few overs before going on the attack in the last few overs.

Another tidy over from Bhatia, giving away just three, he has conceded just six runs in two overs.

Bhatia and Tambe have put a break on the scoring, giving away 11 runs in three overs combined.
- Chennai 71-3 (10 ovs) vs Rajasthan | Scorecard

Tambe to continue as Dhoni drives the first ball down the ground for one. Du Plessis then attempts the paddle sweep but misses and is hit on the face but gets two runs from the next ball.

Five runs from the over as CSK reach 71 for three in 10 overs.
- Chennai 66-3 (9 ovs) vs Rajasthan | Scorecard

Medium pacer Rajat Bhatia strikes in his very first over. Raina (4) goes after a wide short ball but gets an outside edge which is taken by Kulkarni at short thirdman.

Faf du Plessis takes one from the fourth ball and Mahendra Singh Dhoni takes a single from the last ball as Bhatia bowls a superb first over, giving away just three runs.
- Chennai 63-2 (8 ovs) vs Rajasthan | Scorecard

Stuart Binny comes into the attack but Smith continues with his swashbuckling batting. He pulls the first ball over midwicket for a six to bring up his fifty in some style, from 27 balls.

However, the bowler gets revenge from the very next ball as Smith attempts another big shot but holes out to Watson at mid-off after an entertaining innings of 50 from 28 balls that was laced with eight fours and three sixes.

Binny tries a short ball to Raina, who pulls it to fine leg region for one. But two balls later he gets a top edge which falls safely on the leg side for a single.

10 runs from Binny's first over but importantly he claimed the key wicket of the high-flying Smith to check Chennai's charge.
- Chennai 53-1 (7 ovs) vs Rajasthan | Scorecard

Veteran left-arm spinner Pravin Tambe is brought into the attack. New batsman Suresh Raina is beaten by one that turns into him before the left-hander hits it past point for a couple.

But he is unable to get a run from the last two balls as Tambe concedes just two runs from the first over.
- Chennai 51-1 (6 ovs) vs Rajasthan | Scorecard

And Faulkner is back now and he starts with a wide to McCullum before he chips the next ball over the point region where Rahane comes up with a diving save on the ropes to keep it down to two.

McCullum then has a wild swing on the next ball but skies it on the leg side where Smith runs back from midwicket to complete a superb diving catch.

McCullum struggled to get going with the bat and made just six from 10 deliveries.

There is no stopping Smith, who hits the next four deliveries for boundaries.

He pulls the third ball for a four through square leg and then steers the next past short thirdman for the same result. He makes it a hat-trick of boundaries as he slams a full ball past the bowler for a four and then lofts the last ball over mid-off to make it four boundaries in a row.

Smith has raced to 44 from 26 balls, hitting six fours and two sixes, as Chennai race to 51 for one in six overs.
- Chennai 32-0 (5 ovs) vs Rajasthan | Scorecard

Southee also comes back as Royals continue to juggle their bowlers around. Smith keeps the boundaries coming as he lofts the second ball over long-off for another six and then takes a single.

McCullum then charges down the track but is unable to get the ball away as he attempts a quick single and makes his ground despite the direct hit from Steven Smith at mid-on.

Smith drives the last ball of the over through the gap in the covers for a boundary to take CSK to 32 for no loss in five overs.

Smith has done bulk of the scoring, hitting 28 from 22 balls with the help of two fours and two sixes, while McCullum has struggled on four from eight balls.
- Chennai 20-0 (4 ovs) vs Rajasthan | Scorecard

Kulkarni comes back for his second spell. He does a good job of keeping McCullum tied down for the first three balls before he pulls a short ball to deep midwicket for one.

The pacer then beats Smith with a slower bouncer who is early into the pull and is struck on the body.

The opener takes a single from the last ball to retain strike.
- Chennai 18-0 (3 ovs) vs Rajasthan | Scorecard

Left-arm pacer James Faulkner comes into the attack after just one over from Kulkarni. Smith gets a thick outside edge from the first ball which falls just short of Pravin Tambe at thirdman, who decided against attacking the ball and takes it on the bounce for a single.

Smith finally decides to break the shackles as he smashes a length delivery that carries a long way over the long-on boundary for a huge six.

10 runs from Faulkner's first over as CSK reach 18 for no loss in three overs.
- Chennai 8-0 (2 ovs) vs Rajasthan | Scorecard

Kiwi pacer Tim Southee to bowl the second over and he is up against his former team Chennai.

Smith clips the first ball behind square on the leg side for a couple before he is beaten by the outswinger as he throws his bat at a wide one which moves away. The next ball comes in and Smith is beaten again as he gets an inside edge on to his pads.

He takes a single from the fifth ball to get Brendon McCullum on strike. The Kiwi captain immediately gives Southee the charge but gets it off the bottom of the bat and it goes on the bounce to mid-off.
- Chennai 5-0 (1 ov) vs Rajasthan | Scorecard

Dhawal Kulkarni to open the bowling for Royals and he will be up against two dangerous Chennai openers in the form of Brendon McCullum and Dwayne Smith.

Smith gets Chennai off to a smashing start, crashing the first ball of the match through the covers for a boundary.

He defends the rest of the over before taking single from the last ball to retain strike.
19:45   Rajasthan win toss, elect to bowl against Chennai
Rajasthan Royals captain Shane Watson has won the toss and elected to bowl against Chennai Super Kings in the 10th match of IPL 7 in Dubai, on Wednesday.

Rajasthan made one change to their team bringing in New Zealand pacer Tim Southee in place of Kane Richardson.

On the other hand, Chennai Super Kings are unchanged.

18:55   Confident Chennai face battered Rajasthan
Two-time champions Chennai Super Kings would start as the favourites when they clash against Rajasthan Royals, a team seeking to get back to winning ways in the Indian Premier League, on Wednesday.

Chennai Super Kings are high on confidence after inflicting on Delhi Daredevils an embarrassing 93-run defeat on Monday. They needed a morale-booster like that after starting the campaign on a losing note.

On the other hand, Rajasthan Royals, champions in the inaugural edition, tasted success to start with, but failed to prevent Kings XI Punjab from chasing down a 190-plus total in their last match.

Both teams have notched a win and defeat each from their first two outings.

Chennai lead in the head-to-head count with 8-5 win-loss record against Rajasthan Royals. Interestingly, Rajasthan beat Chennai in the final to win the inaugural IPL title in 2008.