Sun, 18 May 2014
LIVE IPL! Bangalore edge past Chennai to keep hopes alive

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Bangalore win by 5 wickets!!!

- Bangalore 142-5 (19.5 ovs) vs Chennai 138-4 | Scorecard

After a long discussion, Dhoni decides to give the final over to Hussey, who has given away 25 runs in his first two overs but also took the key wicket of AB de Villiers.

The gamble backfires as Yuvraj lofts the first ball over long-on for a six. He pulls the next ball to deep midwicket for a couple followed by a single to level scores.

Rana tries to go for the big shot but is caught by McCullum at midwicket, who does well to take a high catch. 1 run needed from two balls for victory.

Abu Nechim slogs the fifth ball over midwicket for a four to take RCB to a five-wicket victory which keeps their hopes alive of making it to the play-offs.

In the end, Dhoni's gamble proved a bit too costly for CSK. Hussey struggled to keep the runs down in his first two overs yet he was given the all-important last over. Mohit is handy in such conditions but he was ignored and so was Ishwar Pandey, who didn't bowl even a single over in the game.
- Bangalore 129-4 (19 ovs) vs Chennai 138-4 | Scorecard

Jadeja to bowl the 19th over with 14 runs needed for victory. Sachin Rana flicks the first ball to deep midwicket for a single before Yuvraj is beaten off the first ball, trying to play it across the line and the LBW appeal is turned down.

Yuvraj then attempts to sweep but is beaten again and off the next ball. He flicks the fifth ball past short fine leg for two runs.

Yuvraj drives the last ball to long-off for a single as four runs come from the over.

Bangalore need 10 runs from the final over for victory.
- Bangalore 125-4 (18 ovs) vs Chennai 138-4 | Scorecard

Part-timer Hussey continues and de Villiers makes CSK pay for the gamble. He lofts the first ball over long-on for a six and then hammers the next ball through midwicket for a four.

He comes down the track to the third ball and flicks it square for a couple before Hussey bowls a leg side wide and also gives away an extra run after Dhoni misses it.

Yuvraj sweeps the first ball to deep square leg for a single to hand the strike back to AB.

Hussey gets revenge from the last ball as de Villiers is caught at deep square leg attempting another big shot.

AB walks back after a quickfire knock of 28 from 14 balls as Jadeja rushes in from the boundary to take a good running catch.

Hussey gave away 15 runs in that over as Bangalore now need 14 runs from two overs for victory.
- Bangalore 110-3 (17 ovs) vs Chennai 138-4 | Scorecard

Ashwin comes back, with just one over in hand. De Villiers pulls the third ball over square leg for a six before Gayle despatches it over long-on for the same result. But Ashwin gets revenge from the last ball as Gayle makes room but misses the ball completely and is bowled after scoring 46 from 50 balls.

Ashwin has gone for 14 runs in his final over but despite that finishes with wonderful figures of two for 16 in four overs, including a maiden.
- Bangalore 96-2 (16 ovs) vs Chennai 138-4 | Scorecard

Part-time off-spinner David Hussey comes into the attack. AB hits the second ball behind square on the leg side for a couple and then gets one to midwicket after Jadeja makes a good stop on the deep midwicket fence.

The last ball is short and AB rocks back to pull it over square leg for a six to get 10 runs from the over.

RCB are 96 for two in 16 overs with 43 needed from four overs for victory.
- Bangalore 86-2 (15 ovs) vs Chennai 138-4 | Scorecard

Jadeja comes back and he strikes with the big wicket of Kohli, who comes down but is beaten as Dhoni completes a sharp stumping to send back the RCB captain for 27 from 29 balls.

AB de Villiers tries to reverse sweep the first ball he faced but misses and survives a stumping chance. He then tries to drive the next through the off-side where Ashwin puts downs a sharp chance.

Gayle then slog sweeps Jadeja over midwicket for a much-needed boundary and then lofts the next ball over long-on for a six.

The left-hander throws his bat at the last ball but this time he misses as RCB reach 86 for two in 15 overs, with 53 needed from five overs for victory.

Gayle holds the key for RCB, he is batting on 38 from 45 balls and has found his footing after a torrid time against the spinners at the start of his innings.
- Bangalore 75-1 (14 ovs) vs Chennai 138-4 | Scorecard

Finally, we will have a pacer as Mohit Sharma comes back for his second spell. Kohli slaps the last ball over midwicket for a couple as Smith stops the ball inches inside the ropes to get five runs from the over.

Raina ends his spell with another tidy over, giving away four runs, to finish with 20 runs from four overs.

Bangalore need to do something about the asking run rate, which is climbing all the time, with 64 needed from six overs for victory.
- Bangalore 66-1 (12 ovs) vs Chennai 138-4 | Scorecard

Jadeja bowling it wide to Gayle, who cuts the second ball through the point region for a four to get some confidence back. Kohli then skips down the pitch and lofts Jadeja over the covers for a six before he tries another one down the ground but can't connect it properly for a single to long-on.

Gayle has a go at the last ball, which is wide and full, but misses.

Raina continues as Dhoni decides to go with the spinners and hold back his pacers. Gayle plays the reverse sweep off the third ball beating the fielder at first slip for a four. Eight runs from the over as RCB continue to build to reach 66 for one in 12 overs.
- Bangalore 45-1 (10 ovs) vs Chennai 138-4 | Scorecard

Left-arm spinner Ravindra Jadeja comes into the attack. Kohli steers the first ball past the short thirdman fielder for a couple and then takes a single on the off-side from the fifth ball as just three runs come from the over.

Kohli is picking the singles but Gayle is struggling big time against spin as he looks all at sea even against part-timer Raina. After two dot balls Gayle plays the sweep but Mohit makes a good diving stop at short fine leg to keep it down to one.

Kohli then jumps down the track and lofts it over midwicket for a four as RCB reach 45 for one in 10 overs, with 94 runs needed from 60 balls for victory.

Kohli is batting on 13 from 19 balls, while Gayle has made 15 from 27 balls.
- Bangalore 36-1 (8 ovs) vs Chennai 138-4 | Scorecard

Gayle breaks the shackles as he slog sweeps Badree over long-on for a six to release some pressure. A few balls later Kohli tries to sweep but the ball hits his pads and goes fine on the leg side for four leg byes as 16 runs come from the over.

Part-timer Suresh Raina comes into the attack and starts with a tidy over, by conceding just three singles in his first over.
- Bangalore 17-1 (6 ovs) vs Chennai 138-4 | Scorecard

Gayle looks to sweep Badree but can't beat the fielder at short fine leg and then comes down the track to the next ball but is forced to defend. He then tries a wild swing on the leg side but gets a single after getting an inside edge.

Kohli can only defend the rest of the over as he is unable to find the gap on the off-side as Badree concedes just one run in that over.

Ashwin continues and he is bowling from round the wicket to left-hander Gayle. The first ball is a yorker on the off-side which Gayle and is then beaten by one that turns big leaving the left-hander amused. He tries everything in that over but can't get even a single as Ashwin bowls a maiden.

Ashwin's figures read 3-1-3-1.

Bangalore are struggling on 17 for one after the first six overs of Powerplay.
- Bangalore 16-1 (4 ovs) vs Chennai 138-4 | Scorecard

Parthiv looking all at sea as Ashwin continues to turn the ball big, going past the edge of the bat. The left-hander then tries to sweep but misses and lobs a simple catch off the back of the bat to Raina at first slip to be dismissed for 10.

Captain Virat Kohli gets off the mark with a single before Gayle is beaten as he goes for a big drive on the off-side.

Bangalore in early trouble at 16 for one after four overs on a pitch offering a lot of assistance for the spinners.
- Bangalore 14-0 (3 ovs) vs Chennai 138-4 | Scorecard

Mohit Sharma to open the bowling for Chennai and opener Chris Gayle hits him on the leg side for a single from the first ball. Parthiv Patel drives the third ball down the ground for a boundary before he flicks the fifth ball through square leg for the same result as nine runs come from the first over.

Spin is introduced early as R Ashwin comes in to bowl the second over. Patel is beaten all ends up as Ashwin gets one to grip and turn before he tries to reverse but misses as just a single comes from that over.

Leg-spinner Samuel Badree comes into the attack as Dhoni decides to go in with spin after watching Ashwin getting some assistance in his first over. He gives away four singles in his first over as RCB reach 14 for no loss in three overs.
- Chennai 138-4 (20 ovs) vs Bangalore | Scorecard

Chennai have been unable to get the boundaries in the final overs. Nechim gives away eight runs in his final over to finish with wonderful figures of one for 18 in four overs.

Starc to bowl the final over. Jadeja slices the second ball over short thirdman but gets just two runs before he picks up another couple from the next ball.

Raina is beaten as he tries to cut a short wide delivery over point and he is unable to get the last ball away as Starc bowls a perfect yorker and is not pleased that the LBW appeal is turned down.

No boundaries in the last four overs as Chennai are restricted to 138 for four in their 20 overs with Raina finishing unbeaten on 62 from 48 balls and Jadeja scoring 10 from nine balls.

Bangalore's bowlers were excellent in the death with Chennai managing just 31 runs from the last five overs.

Nechim was the standout performer with the ball, taking one for 18, while Muralitharan claimed one for 29 and Aaron took two for 29.
- Chennai 123-4 (18 ovs) vs Bangalore | Scorecard

Nechim comes back as Raina takes a single to bring up his fifty from just 35 balls.

But CSK are dealt a big blow off the next ball as Dhoni (7) hits it straight to Gayle at point, who does well to hold on to the catch. Ravindra Jadeja is beaten off the first ball as he throws his bat at a wide one.

Just three runs from that over as Nechim continues to do a good job with the ball, taking one for 10 in three overs.

Starc continues to dry up the boundaries, giving away just six runs as CSK reach 123 for four in 18 overs.
- Chennai 114-3 (16 ovs) vs Bangalore | Scorecard

Muralitharan gets a wicket in his final over as Hussey is caught at deep midwicket by Starc attempting to pull a short ball.

Hussey is dismissed after scoring 25 from 29 balls as CSK are reduced to 107 for three in 15 overs.

Chahal to bowl his fourth and final over. Dhoni sweeps the third ball fine on the leg side for a boundary before he takes one to long-off.

Raina comes down the track but is beaten in the flight as he gets an inside edge on the pads before he steers the next ball to thirdman for one.

Chahal finishes with 27 runs from his four overs, with 22 runs coming from his last two.

- Chennai 101-2 (14 ovs) vs Bangalore | Scorecard

Hussey gets into the act as he lofts Chahal back over his head for his first six before he takes a single.

Raina then looks to loft it down but fails to make proper connection and gets one to long-off. But two balls later the left-hander gets it off the middle and slams it over long-on for the second six of the over.

Chahal goes for 15 runs in that over as CSK reach 92 for two in 13 overs.

Raina has done well to accelerate in the last few overs to score 39 from 25 balls, while Hussey has recovered after a slow start to make 22 from 25 balls.

RCB take a gamble by introducing part-time medium pacer Sachin Rana into the attack against two well set batsmen out in the middle.

He does a good job giving away five runs from the first five deliveries before poor fielding from Muralitharan gifts CSK a boundary from the last ball, who reach 101 for two in 14 overs.
- Chennai 77-2 (12 ovs) vs Bangalore | Scorecard

Aaron keeping it short to Raina, trying to target his body and cramp him for room and force him to play the pull shot.

He pulls the third ball square on the leg side for a four before he again steers it fine on the off-side for the same result to race to 24 from 18 balls.

Raina looking to break the shackles now as he drives Muralitharan through the covers where the fielder misfields to give away a couple. He then pulls the next ball behind square on the leg side for a four followed by a single.

Hussey then gives Muralitharan the charge and lofts him over midwicket but gets just a single.

Muralitharan then gets one to turn as Raina trying to flick it on the off-side gets an outside edge for a single on the off-side.

10 runs from the over take CSK to 77 for two in 12 overs.
- Chennai 55-2 (10 ovs) vs Bangalore | Scorecard

Leg-spinner Yuzvendra Chahal comes into the attack. Hussey takes a single from the first ball before Raina is beaten as he tries to steer it fine followed by two singles from the last two deliveries.

Nechim continues RCB's good work with the ball in the recent few overs. He gives just four runs in his second over for a tally of seven runs in two overs. RCB's bowlers have managed to dry up the runs and build some pressure with just 13 runs coming from the last three overs.

Hussey is struck on the pads as he fails to read the googly from Chahal but the LBW appeal is turned down. Just three runs from Chahal's second run as CSK reach 55 for two in 10 overs.

Raina is batting on 13 from as many balls, while Hussey is 11 from 18 balls.
- Chennai 45-2 (7 ovs) vs Bangalore | Scorecard

Starc is back and he starts with a full toss which Raina flicks through midwicket to get off the mark with a boundary from the very first delivery. He steers the next ball fine using the wrists to good effect and gets it wide of the fielder at thirdman for another boundary as 10 runs come from that over.

Muralitharan comes back, to bowl his second over. Hussey looks to drive through the off-side but gets an inside edge which goes through the wicketkeeper for a four as CSK reach 45 for two in seven overs.
- Chennai 29-2 (5 ovs) vs Bangalore | Scorecard

McCullum looks to attack Aaron as he comes down the track and lofts him over midwicket for a four. But he perishes off the very next delivery attempting the same shot but this time miscues it and Starc completes a good catch at deep midwicket.

McCullum walks back after scoring 19 from 13 balls.

And two balls later, Smith also perishes to Aaron. The right-hander top edges the pull shot and is caught on the off-side to be dismissed for nine.

David Hussey playing his first match on IPL 7 walks out with his side in early trouble.

Chennai in a spot of bother as they are reduced to 29 for two in five overs.
- Chennai 25-0 (4 ovs) vs Bangalore | Scorecard

Pacer Varun Aaron comes into the attack after just one over from Murali. Smith looking in ominous touch as he drives a full delivery with minimum of effort past mid-on for a four. McCullum tries to pull the last ball but gets a top edge which flies over the fine leg fence for a six as 13 runs come from the over.

Bangalore continue to rotate their bowlers as Abu Nechim comes in to bowl the fourth over. And he does a good job in his opening over, giving away just four runs as CSK reach 25 for no loss in four overs.
- Chennai 8-0 (2 ovs) vs Bangalore | Scorecard

Veteran Muttiah Muralitharan to open the bowling and he will have his task cut out against the two rampaging Chennai openers -- Dwayne Smith and Brendon McCullum.

Smith gets off the mark with a single before McCullum slams the fourth ball straight down the ground for a huge six as seven runs come from the first over.

Left-arm pacer Mitchell Starc to bowl the second over. Smith is beaten off the first ball as he tries a big drive through the off-side to a ball slanting across him and he plays and misses the next two deliveries as well. He then digs out a yorker for a single before McCullum is unable to get a run from the last two balls as just a single comes from that over.
CSK captain Dhoni says the wicket is expected to get slower as the match progresses and hence he decided to elect to bat first.

Kohli points out that even he was looking to bat first keeping the wicket in hand which he claims would get slower in the second half of the game and batting won't be that easy.

Chennai have an advantage with three top spinners in their line-up including R Ashwin, Ravindra Jadeja and Samuel Badree, while Suresh Raina can also be useful with the ball in the middle overs.

Bangalore have two specialist spinners in the young and impressive Yuzvendra Chahal and veteran Muttiah Muralitharan, while part-timer Yuvraj has been doing a good job with his left-arm spin.

Chennai Super Kings: Mahendra Singh Dhoni (captain), Dwayne Smith, Brendon McCullum, Suresh Raina, David Hussey, Ravindra Jadeja, Mithun Manhas, Ravichandran Ashwin, Mohit Sharma, Ishwar Pandey, Samuel Badree.

Royal Challengers Bangalore: Virat Kohli (captain), Chris Gayle, AB de Villiers, Yuvraj Singh, Parthiv Patel, Sachin Rana, Mitchell Starc, Abu Nechim, Varun Aaron, Muttiah Muralitharan, Yuzvendra Chahal.
Chennai Super Kings captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni has won the toss and elected to bat against Royal Challengers Bangalore, in Ranchi on Sunday.

Australian David Hussey makes his debut for CSK as he comes in for Faf du Plessis, who has been rested. Veteran batsman Mithun Manhas replaces pacer Vijay Shankar.

RCB also made a change to their team as they strengthened their bowling attack, with fast bowler Varun Aaron coming in for Vijay Zol.
15:12   LIVE IPL! RCB battle for survival against Chennai Super Kings
Royal Challengers Bangalore would try to stay afloat with a victory against Chennai Super Kings when the two sides clash in the 42nd match of the Indian Premier League, in Ranchi, on Sunday.

Chennai, the 2010 and 2011 winners, are currently second on the points table with eight wins from 10 matches, while Bangalore are third from bottom after managing just four wins in their 10 games.

CSK were disappointed when their home matches were shifted to Ranchi following the Tamil Nadu Cricket Association's failure to get government clearances for conducting the games at their home stadium in Chennai.

Bangalore managed to outclass struggling Delhi Daredevils in their previous match to register their first victory in four games following three successive losses.

The Virat Kohli-led side was boosted by Yuvraj Singh's return to form. His 29-ball 69 against Delhi put an end to RCB's woes as the maverick all-rounder also answered back his critics, who were gunning for him.

Chris Gayle too showed glimpses of the destructive batting he is famed for but more would be expected of Kohli and AB de Villiers against the formidable CSK.

On the bowling front, pacer Mitchell Starc and veteran spinner Muttiah Muralitharan have been delivering the goods and would be expected to continue the good form.