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LIVE IPL: Harbhajan slams 24-ball 64 but Mumbai lose to Punjab

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23:38   Harbhajan slams 24-ball 64 but Mumbai lose to Punjab
 Mumbai 159-7 (20 ovs) vs Punjab 177-5 | Scorecard

Anureet, who went for 20 runs in his previous over, will bowl the final over. Suchith can get only a single from the first ball before Harbhajan slices it through the covers for a four.

Anureet then pitches one on the leg stump as Harbhajan slams it over midwicket for a six to raise the 100-run stand for the seventh wicket from just 35 balls with Harbhajan contributing 64 of those.

Harbhajan's entertaining innings of 64 from 24 balls, including five fours and six sixes ends as he is caught on the deep on the off-side. He gets a pat from the bowler as he makes his way back to a standing ovation from the Wankhede crowd.

A great counter-attacking innings from Harbhajan and Suchith (34 not out from 21 balls) as the duo put on 100 from 37 balls to lead a stunning fightback.

Harbhajan also excelled with the ball, claiming two for 20 in fours but in the end it was still not enough for Mumbai Indians.

Mumbai had to pay for the poor batting by their top order as the top five batsmen failed to even cross the 20-run mark and they were reduced to 46 for five in the 12th over.

This is Mumbai's second straight loss in IPL 8, while Punjab would be relieved to get back to winning ways after losing their opening match.
 Mumbai 148-6 (19 ovs) vs Punjab 177-5 | Scorecard

With 47 needed from two overs, Suchith on the attack. He hits the first ball from Axar through the covers for a four and then slog sweeps the next over midwicket for a six.

Suchith comes down the track and again lofts Axar over the covers for another four but they can get only singles from the remaining three deliveries.

17 runs from the over leaves Mumbai with 30 to get from the final over.
23:26   Harbhajan hits 19-ball fifty but Punjab in control
 Mumbai 131-6 (18 ovs) vs Punjab 177-5 | Scorecard

Dhawan to bowl the 18th over. Harbhajan continues to swing but misses the first ball. He edges the next which goes fine but Anureet at thirdman makes a good stop to keep it down to two runs.

Harbhajan then picks a slower ball from Dhawan and smashes it high over midwicket for another maximum. He makes room and chops the last ball over point for a four to race to his fifty, from just 19 balls.

71 runs from the last four overs but Mumbai still have a mountain to climb, with 47 needed from two overs for victory.
 Mumbai 116-6 (17 ovs) vs Punjab 177-5 | Scorecard

Johnson comes back, to bowl his fourth and final over. He makes room and lofts the first ball over the point region beating the fielder in the deep for a six. He plays an awkward pull/swipe off the next but can't get a run before taking a single to long-off.

Suchith makes room and steers Johnson through thirdman for a four before he is beaten by a bouncer as he has a ugly swipe at it.

The next ball is again short as Suchith back away but somehow manages to loft it high over long-on for a six.

Johnson has been hit for 17 in his final over which spoil his figures as he finishes with two for 23 in four overs.

Anureet is back and he starts from round the wicket to Harbhajan. The first ball is a wide before Anureet beats him off the next two deliveries. But Harbhajan continues his attacking approach, slamming a full delivery over long-on for a six.

The next ball is short as Harbhajan pulls it over midwicket for a six to bring up the 50-run stand for the seventh wicket from just 18 balls.

Anureet bowls a low full toss which Harbhajan flicks over square leg to make it a hat-trick of sixes and race to 33 from 13 balls, having hit three fours and four sixes.

Harbhajan has taken Wankhede by storm, helping Mumbai 56 from the last three overs to give their fans something to cheer for.
23:08   Pollard out for 20, Kings XI Punjab in control
 Mumbai 79-6 (15 ovs) vs Punjab 177-5 | Scorecard

Dhawan continues as Suchith gets his first runs in IPL with a single on the off-side before Pollard is foxed by a slower ball from the pacer. However, he gets the last ball right off the middle and slams it over long-on for a huge six.

Punjab keep one over from Johnson for the end as Axar comes back. Pollard makes room and lofts it over the off-side as Maxwell at sweeper cover makes good ground and dives but can't hold on to the catch as it goes for a four. However, he hits the next ball straight into the hands of Miller at long-on to be dismissed for 20.

Harbhajan Singh has come out with a positive intent as he lofts Dhawan over mid-off for a four. The next ball is a wide before Harbhajan gets one over the point region for another four and repeats the shot to make it three fours in a row.

Suchith joins in the party as he slams the last ball over mid-off for the fourth four of the over to get 19 from it.

Mumbai are 79 for six in 15 overs, with another 99 needed from five overs for victory.
22:55   Rayudu falls for 13 as Mumbai Indians sink further
 Mumbai 46-5 (12 ovs) vs Punjab 177-5 | Scorecard

Rishi Dhawan replaces Johnson, who bowled an amazing first spell of one for one in two overs including a maiden.

Rayudu looks to break Punjab's stranglehold as he comes down the track and lofts the second ball, just about managing to get it over Johnson, who leaps high at mid-off but can't get his hands to it.

Nine runs from Dhawan's first over as Mumbai finally look to break free.

Change of ends for Johnson as he comes from the Pavilion End, replacing Axar, who took one for seven in two overs in his first spell.

Rayudu looking totally at sea as he gets an inside edge which misses the stumps and goes behind the wickets for a four. However, Johnson gets his man off the next delivery as Rayudu flashes at one but only manages to get an edge to be caught behind after a struggling innings of 13 from 19 balls.

Debutant Jagadeesha Suchith is lucky to survive as he makes room and tries a wild shot but misses and is fortunate the ball is not on the stumps.

Mumbai in complete tatters on 46 for five in 12 overs with Pollard on nine from 16 balls.
22:44   Mumbai Indians struggle after a horror start
 Mumbai 32-4 (10 ovs) vs Punjab 177-5 | Scorecard

Anderson breaks the shackles as he comes down the track to Sandeep and lofts him over the off-side for a four. He chips down again after two balls but this time Sandeep drops short as Anderson is beaten trying to play the pull shot.

He gets a single from the last ball as Sandeep finishes with wonderful figures one for 12 in four overs including a maiden.

Left-arm spinner Axar Patel comes into the attack. Rayudu nearly throws his wicket as he lofts it casually on the off-side as Miller at long-off makes a diving effort to his left but can't hold on.

The next ball Anderson comes down the track as Saha fumbles but luckily for him the ball pops out of his hand and strikes the stumps.

Anderson is stumped for five as Mumbai stumble to 25 for four in the eighth over.

A dream start for Patel, a wicket and only three runs from his opening over.

Punjab's bowlers have Mumbai's batsmen in a complete spell. Kieron Pollard defends the next over from Johnson as he watchfully plays the first five balls before taking a single from the last ball.

Rayudu survives a stumping as he comes down the track to Axar but is beaten in the flight but wicketkeeper Saha is slow to take off the bails.

Just nine runs from the last three overs as Mumbai Indians struggle to 32 for four in 10 overs. They need another 146 runs from the remaining 10 overs for victory at an asking rate of nearly 15 runs per over.
22:22   Johnson dismisses Finch, Kings XI Punjab in control
 Mumbai 17-3 (6 ovs) vs Punjab 177-5 | Scorecard

Sandeep continues to be tidy with the ball as he sends down a maiden. His figures read one for six in three overs including a maiden as Mumbai struggle against Punjab's new ball attack.

And it will get worse for Mumbai as Mitchell Johnson comes into the attack. He starts off perfectly as a full delivery hits Finch on the pads but the huge appeal for LBW is turned down. That was very close.

But he gets his man off the next delivery as Finch has a wild swing but fails to connect and is bowled after scoring eight.

Johnson bowls a quick short and extracts good bounce as Corey Anderson is forced to defend.

He watchfully defends the rest of the over as Johnson starts with a wicket maiden.

Mumbai are struggling on 17 for three in six overs with both Anderson and Rayudu yet to get off the mark.
22:13   Tare out for 7, Mumbai Indians in trouble
 Mumbai 16-2 (4 ovs) vs Punjab 177-5 | Scorecard

This is proving to be a very good start by Punjab's two young pace bowlers. Sandeep, who bowled an excellent first over, comes up with another excellent over as he concedes just three runs.

The pressure pays off as Tare loses his wicket trying to break free. He comes down the track to Anureet but is unable to get hold of the shot and ends up giving a simple catch Vijay on the off-side.

Anureet bowls a no-ball to new batsman Ambati Rayudu, who is unable to get the free hit away as just three come from the over.

Mumbai in trouble at 16 for two in four overs.
22:01   Rohit out for a duck in first over, Sandeep strikes early
 Mumbai 10-1 (2 ovs) vs Punjab 177-5 | Scorecard

Sandeep Sharma to opening the bowling for Punjab. And the youngster strikes in the very first over with the big wicket of Mumbai captain Rohit Sharma, who is trapped leg before wicket for a duck. That came in sharply and Rohit was caught on the crease and hit right in front of the wickets.

Aditya Tare gets off the mark with a single and Aaron Finch also takes one before the Mumbai batsman gets another single to keep strike as just three runs come from the first over.

Anureet Singh to bowl the second over. Tare gets an inside edge off the first ball for a single before Anureet beats Finch outside the off-stump with one that moves away.

The Australian hits the fourth ball on the off-side for two runs before he ends the over with a cracking boundary through the covers.
21:39   Bailey's 32-ball 61 propels Kings XI Punjab to 177
 Punjab 177-5 (20 ovs) vs Mumbai | Scorecard

Suchith to bowl his fourth and final over. Just two singles from the first four balls before Bailey comes down the track and launches it over long-on for a six and picks a couple from the last ball. Suchith goes for 10 runs in his final over to finish with one for 41 in four overs.

Malinga picks up another wicket in his next over. This time Dhawan hits one straight into the hands of Vinay Kumar at deep square leg to perish for six.

Interestingly, Mitchell Johnson comes out to bat but Wriddhiman Saha is yet to come. Wonder why?

But an excellent over from Malinga, taking a wicket while conceding just three runs, in the 18th over.

Vinay to bowl the 19th over. Bailey drives the first ball to long-on and he sprints back for the second run. Johnson is lucky that bowler Vinay failed to gather the throw from Pollard or else he could have been in trouble.

The next ball is in the slot, full and on the pads as Bailey lofts it over midwicket for a six. He takes a single from the next ball to race to his half-century from 27 balls.

Vinay attempts a very slow bouncer which Bailey swats like a tennis forehand and is lucky that the ball falls safely at deep midwicket as 11 come from the over.

Suyal to bowl the final over of the innings. Four runs from the first four balls before Bailey smashes it down the ground for a four and the left-arm pacer then bowls a wide outside the off-stump. The last ball is a full toss which Bailey crashes through the off-side for another four to get 13 runs from the over.

Punjab finish on a huge 177 for five in their 20 overs with Bailey smashing a quickfire 61 from 32 balls, while Johnson was unbeaten on three.
21:17   Miller falls for 24, Kings XI Punjab lose 4th wicket
 Punjab 140-4 (16 ovs) vs Mumbai | Scorecard

Malinga comes back and he starts his new stint with a horror delivery, a full toss on the pads which is flicked over square leg for a six by captain.

But two deliveries later, he provides Mumbai with the crucial wicket of Miller. The left-hander looks to steer it to thirdman but ends up edging it straight into the hands of wicketkeeper Aditya Tare to be dismissed for 24 from 23 balls.

Rishi Dhawan is the new batsman. Malinga attempts a short ball which goes on the leg side as Dhawan helps it fine on the leg side to get off the mark with a boundary. Despite the wicket, Malinga has gone for 13 runs in his third over.
21:08   Kings XI Punjab set for a big total after good start
 Punjab 127-3 (15 ovs) vs Mumbai | Scorecard

Suchith comes back and seems to have done a good job till Miller spoils the over with a boundary off the final delivery. Infact, the left-hander went for a big hit over midwicket but got an inside edge which went square on the leg side for a four.

Medium pacer Kieron Pollard will have a bowl now. Bailey greets him by smashing the first ball straight down the pitch past mid-off for a four and Miller carts the last ball for a boundary as 11 come from Pollard's first over.

Punjab are 127 for three in 15 overs and would be looking for a total in excess of the 175-run mark.
20:58   Harbhajan claims 2nd wicket as Mumbai fight back
 Punjab 105-3 (13 ovs) vs Mumbai | Scorecard

Harbhajan strikes another big blow with the wicket of Vijay, who looks to swing it on the leg side but ends up lobbing a simple catch to Suchith on the fine leg fence. Vijay walks back after a good innings of 35 from 29 balls, having hit six fours, as Mumbai make a good fightback after Punjab's quickfire start.

Malinga comes back, replacing Suchith, who took one for 20 in two overs in his first spell. Punjab captain George Bailey flicks the first ball fine on the leg side for his first boundary before the Australian and his partner Miller collect four more singles from the rest of the over.

Harbhajan to bowl out as he comes on to bowl his fourth over on the trot. Miller sweeps the first ball fine for a couple to take Punjab past the 100-run mark, in the 13th over. Six runs from the over as Harbhajan ends with good figures of two for 20 in four overs, having claimed the wickets of both Punjab openers.

20:45   Maxwell out for 6, Punjab lose 2nd wicket
 Punjab 87-2 (10 ovs) vs Mumbai | Scorecard

Debutant Jagadeesha Suchith comes into the attack to bowl his left-arm spin. Maxwell looks to attack the youngster early as he sweeps the third ball for a four but falls off the very next delivery attempting another slog on the leg side.

He fails to make proper connection and is caught at deep midwicket by Ambati Rayudu for six.

The young spinner then produces a beauty to beat Vijay courtesy of some extra turn. But the Punjab opener whips the last ball through midwicket for a four to take his score to 24.

David Miller gets off the mark with a cracking boundary through the covers but gets only a single from the last ball as Punjab reach 72 for two in nine overs.

Suchith bowling it flat and quick as Vijay spoils the over, hitting the last ball for a four to get 10 from the over.

Punjab are looking good on 87 for two in 10 overs with Vijay on 35 from 28 balls and Miller on seven from nine balls.
20:31   Harbhajan strikes, Sehwag out for 36
 Punjab 62-1 (7 ovs) vs Mumbai | Scorecard

The experienced Harbhajan Singh comes into the attack after an expensive first spell from Vinay, conceding 35 runs in three overs.

He provides Mumbai with the crucial breakthrough, getting the wicket of his former India team mate Sehwag. The right-hander charged down the wicket but failed to get hold of it and was caught at long-on after a quickfire innings of 36 from 19 balls, hitting six fours and a six.

Glenn Maxwell comes in at No. 3 with Punjab looking to continue the momentum after a flying start.
 Punjab 57-0 (6 ovs) vs Mumbai | Scorecard

Vinay continues to struggle with his length. He drops short to Vijay, who pulls it over midwicket for a four and two balls later makes room and lofts it over the off-side for the same result before he plays out the remaining three deliveries to take Punjab to 46 for no loss in five overs.

Sri Lankan Lasith Malinga comes into the attack with Mumbai desperate for a wicket to stop Delhi's charge. He starts with a wide down the leg side to Sehwag before the veteran opener plays a stylish flick through midwicket for a four to raise Punjab's 50 in the sixth over. The next ball is again on the pads but this time Sehwag gets it fine through the vacant fine leg region for another boundary.

11 runs from Malinga's first over takes Punjab to 57 for no loss in six overs.

20:15   Sehwag on fire, Punjab off to a flying start vs Mumbai
 Punjab 38-0 (4 ovs) vs Mumbai | Scorecard

Vinay is unlucky as Sehwag gets an inside edge which goes past the stumps and to the wicketkeeper's left for a four. However, the next ball is bang off the middle as Sehwag heaves it over midwicket for the first six of the match.

The next ball is short and wide as Sehwag cuts it past point for another four followed by three more singles as Punjab race to 32 for no loss in three overs.

Sehwag attempts to pull a short ball from Suyal but mishits it straight back past the bowler for a four to continue his fiery start.

Suyal again drops short but this time Sehwag is beaten as he tries to play the pull shot before the right-hander gets a single to thirdman.

A single from the last ball to Vijay takes Punjab to 38 for no loss in four overs with Sehwag stroking 26 from 13 balls and Vijay on 11 from as many balls.
 Punjab 15-0 (2 ovs) vs Mumbai | Scorecard

Karnataka's R Vinay Kumar opens the bowling for Mumbai and facing him is Murali Vijay with Virender Sehwag at the non-striker's end.

Vijay gets Punjab off the mark with a thumping pull shot for a boundary through square leg. As expected, Vinay pitches the next one up and Vijay flicks it through midwicket for another four and gets two runs from the last ball to get 10 runs from the first over.

Left-arm Pawan Suyal bowls the second over. The first ball is short of good length as Sehwag defends with a straight bat off the backfoot. He blocks the next one too before smashing the third uppishly over the covers for a four to get off the mark in confident fashion. Suyal attempts a short ball which slants across Sehwag, who is happy to duck under it and picks up a single from the fifth ball as Punjab reach 15 for no loss in two overs.

19:52   Mumbai win toss, elect to bowl against Punjab
Mumbai Indians captain Rohit Sharma has won the toss and elected to bowl against Kings XI Punjab at the Wankhede stadium.

The hosts have made two changes with left-arm pacer Pawan Suyal replacing fast bowler Jasprit Bumrah, while left-arm spinner Jagadeesha Suchith comes in for fellow spinner Pragyan Ojha.

Meanwhile, Punjab have brought in an extra pacer in Rishi Dhawan for leg-spinner Karanveer Singh.
19:25   Rajasthan edge past Delhi in a last-ball finish
Meanwhile, Rajasthan Royals have clinched a thrilling three-wicket victory against Delhi Daredevils off the last ball of the match, in the sixth match of the IPL, at the Feroz Shah Kotla, in Delhi.

With three runs needed from the last ball for victory, Rajasthan's Tim Southee drove Angelo Mathews through the covers for a four to give his team their second straight win.

Delhi leg-spinner Imran Tahir bowled a superb spell, claiming four for 28, but Rajasthan held their nerves in a pressure situation to steal an unlikely win.

This was Delhi's second last-ball loss in the tournament after going to Chennai Super Kings in their first game.

This is Delhi's 11th consecutive loss, starting from last year's IPL.
19:15   Mumbai keen for victory against Punjab after opening loss
Welcome to the coverage of the seventh match of the eighth edition of the Indian Premier League played between Mumbai Indians and Kings XI Punjab at the Wankhede stadium, in Mumbai, on Sunday.

Both teams lost their opening matches of the tournament and would be keen to register a victory.

Mumbai went down to champions Kolkata Knight Riders by seven wickets, while Punjab were beaten by 26 by Rajasthan Royals.

Punjab had beaten Mumbai by six wickets in 2012 at Wankhede, but suffered back-to-back losses in 2013 (four runs) and last year (five wickets), and thus have a chance to come out trumps again on a track which is expected to offer bounce and some turn.