Wed, 15 April 2015
LIVE IPL: Yuvraj, Agarwal help Delhi Daredevils end losing run

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23:30   Yuvraj, Agarwal help Delhi Daredevils end losing run

Delhi 169-5 (19.5 ovs) vs Punjab 165-7 | Scorecard

Left-arm spinner Patel to bowl the final over with three needed for victory. Jadhav drives the first ball on the leg side for one and Mathews hits it to long-off for a single to level scores.

Jadhav has an ugly swipe but gets a top edge and is caught on the off-side for three. A poor shot under the circumstances from the right-hander as Punjab refuse to give up.

Mathews drives the fourth ball to long-on and sends back Manoj Tiwary who sets for a run. But he slaps the next ball down the ground past mid-on for a four to take Delhi Daredevils to their first victory in IPL 8.

Delhi win by five wickets with one delivery to spare to end their losing run. This is their first victory in 12 games stretching back to last year and would definitely be a big confidence booster for the rest of the tournament.
23:24   Yuvraj and Agarwal perish but Delhi in control
 Delhi 163-4 (19 ovs) vs Punjab 165-7 | Scorecard

Yuvraj trying to bully Dhawan as he stands way outside the off-stump but the young pacer bowls a big wide. The left-hander smashes the next ball through the covers but gets a single to the sweeper.

The last ball is wide as Agarwal slashes it over the off-side as Anureet makes a diving attempt on the ropes but is unable to stop the boundary.

Yuvraj looks to end it in style as he plays an uppish flick but is caught at deep midwicket by Sharma to end a wonderful innings of 55 from 39 balls.

Anureet strikes another blow off the very next delivery. Agarwal is done in by the yorker and is bowled after a wonderful knock of 68 from 48 balls.

Anureet on a hat-trick and facing him is Kedar Jadhav with Angelo Mathews at the other end.

Jadhav digs out a yorker on the leg side and blocks the next one on the pitch as Mathews calls him for a single.

Anureet oversteps to give a no-ball which Mathews hit to sweeper cover for a single.

The free hit delivery is another good yorker which is hit to point for one. Delhi need three runs from the last over for victory. Surely they can't mess this one!
23:10   Yuvraj, Agarwal hit 50s as Delhi close in on victory
 Delhi 149-2 (17 ovs) vs Punjab 165-7 | Scorecard

No stopping Yuvraj now as the left-hander flicks Anureet over midwicket for a six to race to his fifty, from 33 balls. The pacer had stepped the bowling crease by a long way but the umpire missed it denying Delhi a free hit.

Delhi look in a hurry as Agarwal pulls a slower short ball to deep square leg for a four.

Anureet goes for 14 runs in that over as Delhi close in on victory with 17 needed from the remaining three overs.

 Delhi 135-2 (16 ovs) vs Punjab 165-7 | Scorecard

Yuvraj in complete control out in the middle. A full delivery from Patel is sent soaring over the stands at long-on for a six and the last ball also meets the same fate as the left-hander plays a powerful shot.

15 runs from the over makes the equation simpler for Punjab, who need 31 from four overs for victory.

Yuvraj has raced to 46 from 32 balls, while Agarwal has 56 from 40 balls with both batsmen hitting five fours and two sixes each. Their partnership has so far put on 82 runs from 52 balls to put Delhi in complete control.
22:57   Agarwal blasts half-century, Delhi in control
 Delhi 120-2 (15 ovs) vs Punjab 165-7 | Scorecard

Pacer Dhawan comes back, to replace Johnson, who has bowled three overs for 25 runs.

Yuvraj keen to continue his positive approach as he lofts the first ball over mid-off for a four. He is beaten off the next ball before getting two runs from the fourth ball as Vijay makes a terrific stop at sweeper cover running to his left and putting in the dive at the last moment. Two more singles make it eight runs from the 13th over.

Left-arm spinner Patel comes back, replacing Maxwell, who bowled just one over. Patel does a good job, giving away just five runs to keep up the pressure from his end.

Johnson will bowl out as Punjab look for a wicket to check Delhi's good progress in the last few overs.

The first ball is short and wide as Agarwal steers it past point for a four. The right-hander throws his bat at the next one as Sharma comes in from the deep on the off-side and dives forward to take the catch but fails to hold on as he falls over.

Johnson attempts a short ball which Yuvraj pulls to fine leg for one before Agarwal throws his bat at a wide one but gets an edge which goes fine on the off-side for a four.

Johnson is clearly struggling to find his rhythm. He bowls a leg side wide and then attempts a short one which Agarwal pulls behind square for a six to bring up his fifty, in grand style from 37 balls.

A single from the last ball makes it 18 from the over as Johnson finishes with disappointing figures of 43 runs from four overs.

Delhi are 120 for two in 15 overs, needing 46 from the last five overs for victory.
22:45   Agarwal, Yuvraj put Delhi Daredevils back on track
 Delhi 89-2 (12 ovs) vs Punjab 165-7 | Scorecard

Johnson bowls a wide half-volley which Yuvraj punches down the ground past mid-off for a four. Three balls later, Johnson again drifts on the pads as the left-hander nudges it fine for another four and defends the last two balls to take his score to 21 from 17 balls, having hit four fours so far.

Glenn Maxwell comes into the attack for his first bowl in IPL 8. Agarwal steers the first ball to short thirdman for one and Yuvraj does the same.

Maxwell drops short as Agarwal gets down on one knee and pulls it over midwicket for a six.
22:37   Agarwal, Yuvraj steady Delhi after early wickets
 Delhi 69-2 (10 ovs) vs Punjab 165-7 | Scorecard

Yuvraj Singh is batting at No. 4 as Delhi resort to a sensible batting line-up in this match, getting their best players in early.

Johnson comes back and he bowls a loose delivery to new batsman Yuvraj, who helps one on his pads fine for a four. The Australian pacer tests Yuvraj with a quick bouncer as he somehow manages to get out of the way and wicketkeeper Saha has to leap high to stop that. The last ball is full as the left-hander looks to play a drive but gets an edge which goes through the vacant gully region for a single to thirdman.

Sandeep, who bowled three overs in his first spell, comes back to finish his spell. He starts with three dot balls to Yuvraj, who then rocks back and pulls a short ball through midwicket for a four. A single from the last ball helps Yuvraj retain strike as Sandeep ends a good spell, taking one for 30 in four overs.

Delhi are 69 for two in 10 overs, needing 97 from 60 balls for victory.

Agarwal has settled down well after a not so convincing start to score 26 from 24 balls, while Yuvraj looks good on 12 from as many balls.
22:23   Captain Duminy run out for 21, Delhi in trouble
 Delhi 56-2 (8 ovs) vs Punjab 165-7 | Scorecard

Australia fast bowler Mitchell Johnson comes into the attack. The first ball is full and on the pads as Duminy flicks it through midwicket and the timing is good enough to take it to the fence for a boundary. Three more singles from the rest of the over make it seven from Johnson's first over.

A double bowling change for Punjab as pacer Rishi Dhawan comes on from the other end.

Dhawan keeps it tight as he gives away just five runs in his first over as Punjab look to keep it tidy and build the pressure.

Just one over for Johnson as left-arm spinner Axar Patel comes in to replace him.

A huge appeal for LBW against Duminy as he tries to play the sweep but misses and gets a leg bye.

Duminy is run out off the next ball in unfortunate circumstances off the next delivery. Agarwal hit one straight back to the bowler, who did well to dive across and flick the ball back on to the stumps but clashed with Duminy, who had backed up a bit too far and was unable to make his ground.

The third umpire took his time to give that out as Delhi found themselves in trouble at 56 for two in eight overs.

 Delhi 40-1 (5 ovs) vs Punjab 165-7 | Scorecard

Captain JP Duminy has a huge task on hand as he walks out to bat at No. 3. He is beaten outside the off-stump as Anureet goes one to move away but he gets off the mark in some style, pulling a short ball over midwicket for a four.

Agarwal mishits the pulls off the last ball for two runs as seven come from the over.

Duminy is having a few close moments as Sandeep beats him in the next over in the channel outside the off-stump. He gets an edge off the fourth ball which flies through the vacant slip region for a four. The left-hander smashes the next through the covers where the fielder half stops it to give away two runs as Delhi reach 40 for one in five overs.
22:06   Sharma strikes, Delhi Daredevils lose early wicket
 Delhi 24-1 (3 ovs) vs Punjab 165-7 | Scorecard

Iyer is yet to face a ball in two overs and he is kept waiting as Sharma starts the third over with two successive wides.

He leaves the first ball before flicking the next through midwicket in some style for a four.

However, Sharma makes the breakthrough with the wicket of Iyer, who looks to leave a short ball but it strikes his bat as he finds himself in an awkward position. The ball sails straight to Anureet at thirdman as Delhi are reduced to 24 for one in three overs.
 Delhi 15-0 (2 ovs) vs Punjab 165-7 | Scorecard

The young duo of Karnataka's Mayank Agarwal and Mumbai's Shreyas Iyer walk out to open the batting for Delhi, while Sandeep Sharma has the new ball in hand for Kings XI Punjab.

The first ball is right on the mark as Agarwal is hit on the pads trying to play it across the line. There is a huge appeal for LBW but the umpire is not interested.

Two balls later, Agarwal confidently lofts it over mid-on for a four to get Delhi off the mark.

He steers the next delivery past point for two runs and retains strike with a single from the last ball.

Anureet Singh to bowl the second over. Agarwal looks to turn it on the leg side but is too early into the shot as he gets a leading edge which sails over Mitchell Johnson at mid-on and goes for a four.

He steers the next ball past point as Rishi Dhawan on the thirdman fence runs across but slides too far and gives away a four as eight runs come fro it.
21:29   Tahir's double strike restricts Kings XI Punjab to 165
 Punjab 165-7 (20 ovs) vs Delhi | Scorecard

Tahir, who has gone for 34 runs in two overs, will continue after taking the big wicket of Maxwell in his previous over.

Tahir makes a good comeback as he concedes just six runs in his third over and also manages to stop the flow of boundaries.

Mishra to bowl the 19th over. Axar Patel slog sweeps the first ball over midwicket for a six before George Bailey comes down and lofts it over long-on for another six.

Bailey paddle sweeps the last ball fine for a four as Mishra goes for 19 runs in his final over to finish with one for 34 in four overs.

Tahir to bowl the final over of the innings. He keeps it tight as just four runs come from the first four deliveries before Bailey holes out a simple catch to Shreyas Iyer at deep midwicket for 19.

Patel has a wild swing at the last ball but is caught on the edge of the rope at long-on by Mathews who does well to hold on.

A good final over from Tahir as he concedes just three runs while picking up two wickets from the last two deliveries of the over to finish with three for 43 in four overs.

Punjab finish on a healthy 165 for seven in their 20 overs on a wicket which looks quite good for batting.
21:17   Bowlers lead Delhi's fightback, Punjab lose 5th wicket
 Punjab 137-5 (17 ovs) vs Delhi | Scorecard

Duminy, who picked up the key wicket of Sehwag in his previous over, will continue.

And he strikes again in his second over. Miller also fails with the bat as he is bowled for five, attempting to slog it through midwicket.

For the third over in succession, Punjab have a lost a wicket off the last delivery of the over. Infact, Punjab have lost four wickets for 33 runs in the space of 19 deliveries to be reduced to 137 for five in 17 overs.
21:10   Maxwell dismissed for 15 as Punjab lose 4th wicket
 Punjab 131-4 (16 ovs) vs Delhi | Scorecard

Two new batsmen out in the middle for Punjab as Delhi decide to bring back Tahir, who went for 18 runs in his first over.

Maxwell plays a cheeky shot first up, walking across and helping the first ball past the keeper fine on the leg side for two runs to get off the mark.

He swings the next ball over midwicket for a six to signal his intentions. Three balls later, Maxwell pulls one over the same region for another six as Tahir continues to suffer.

However, Tahir gets revenge as Maxwell is caught on the off-side attempting another another big hit. Maxwell looked to loft it over the off-side but got a thick outside edge and is caught on the off-side after hitting 15 from five balls.

21:03   Sehwag falls for 47 as Delhi check Punjab's charge
 Punjab 115-3 (15 ovs) vs Delhi | Scorecard

Captain JP Duminy comes into the attack to bowl his part-time off-spin. He makes a tidy start to his first over, conceding four runs from his first four balls before Sehwag gets into the act. He spoils the over by slogging the fifth ball over midwicket for a six.

But Duminy has the last laugh as Sehwag attempts another big shot but ends up slicing a simple catch to Coulter-Nile at deep cover.

Sehwag walks back after a good innings of 47 from 41 balls, having hit four fours and two sixes.

Two wickets in the space of eight balls as Punjab are reduced to 115 for three in 15 overs.
20:58   Saha out for 39, Kings XI Punjab lose 2nd wicket
 Punjab 105-2 (14 ovs) vs Delhi | Scorecard

Coulter-Nile comes back and he continues to trouble Sehwag as the Punjab opener again tries to flay it through the off-side but is beaten.

However, Saha looks in control as he plays the inside out lofted shot to perfection for a six over the covers.

Sehwag is beaten again off the last ball as he attempts the upper cut but misses out.

Leg-spinner Mishra is back as Delhi continue to ring in the changes. He gives away four singles in his first four balls before Saha plays all over a straight delivery only to miss it and is bowled.

Saha did his job to perfection as he hit 39 from 28 balls, adding 71 runs from 53 balls for the second wicket with Saha to give Punjab a good foundation.

Glenn Maxwell is held back as David Miller comes in at No. 4 and he takes a single from the last ball to get off the mark.
20:52   Sehwag, Saha boost Punjab in middle overs
 Punjab 92-1 (12 ovs) vs Delhi | Scorecard

Mathews comes back as Saha plays the pull shot but mishits it and yet it carries all the way square on the leg side for a six. A single from the last ball raises the 50-run stand for the second wicket between Sehwag and Saha.

Punjab are progressing quite well as 10 runs come from the 11th over  bowled by Mathews.

Delhi are desperate to break this stand as they introduce part-timer Yuvraj Singh.

Saha gets an edge off the first ball which goes through the vacant slip region but he gets only two runs. He steers the next ball through the off-side for two more runs and then sweeps the next for one.

Sehwag gives Yuvraj the charge as the left-armer adjusts his length quite well to give away just a single to long-on. Without a boundary being hit, Punjab are able to collect nine runs from Yuvraj's first over.

 Punjab 73-1 (10 ovs) vs Delhi | Scorecard

Time for spin as experienced leg-spinner Amit Mishra comes into the attack. Sehwag takes a single from the first ball to complete 4000 runs in T20 cricket, the seventh Indian to complete the landmark.

Mishra manages to keep the two batsmen quiet, giving away just ones and twos for just seven runs from his first over.

Leg-spinner from both ends as South African Imran Tahir comes from the other end. Saha paddle sweeps the first ball fine on the leg side for two runs and then gets a single.

Sehwag has been quite watchful till now, scoring 16 from 20 balls. But he decides it's time to cut loose as he lofts Tahir over long-off for a six and then cuts the next ball past point for a four.

The fifth ball is again a bit short as Sehwag opens the face of the bat and steers it between point and short thirdman for another four.

He takes a single from the last ball to retain strike as Tahir goes for 18 runs from his first over.

Mishra manages to check the flow of runs as he concedes just three runs in his second over as Punjab reach 73 for one in 10 overs with Sehwag on 33 from 27 balls and Saha on 16 from 15 balls.
20:29   Kings XI Punjab recover after early wicket vs Delhi
 Punjab 45-1 (7 ovs) vs Delhi | Scorecard

Wriddhiman Saha gets a promotion as he comes in to bat at No. 3. He defends the first three deliveries from Joseph before he takes a risky single to get off the mark. Infact, Sehwag was struggling and a better return from Duminy at mid-off could have been cost him his wicket.

Saha swings the last ball square on the leg side and it goes all the way for a six.

Sehwag is beaten outside the off-stump as he throws his bat at a wide one from Mathews. He survives a run out chance off the next ball as he clashes with Saha trying to take a quick run to mid-on with Duminy missing the direct hit again.

A good over from Mathews, giving away just four runs as Punjab reach 45 for one in seven overs.
20:19   Vijay out for 19, Punjab lose first wicket
 Punjab 33-1 (5 ovs) vs Delhi | Scorecard

Vijay makes room and looks to loft Domnic over the off-side but fails to make proper connection to get two runs.

A single each to the two batsmen before Vijay again makes room but is beaten by a yorker which strikes his pads and goes behind past the wicketkeeper for two leg byes. Two more singles to end the over which goes for eight.

Angelo Mathews comes into the attack in place of Coulter-Nile, who bowled a tidy opening spell of six runs in two overs.

He starts with a loosener, short and wide which Sehwag hammers over the point region for a four. Three balls later, Vijay repeats the shot for another boundary before the bowler gets revenge from the last ball.

Vijay (19) mishit the attempted pull and is brilliantly caught by Delhi captain JP Duminy running to his right from mid-off.
 Punjab 16-0 (3 ovs) vs Delhi | Scorecard

Domnic Joseph to bowl the second over. The Maharashtra all-rounder has a lot of experience of playing at the MCA International stadium in Pune, having featured in Ranji Trophy for the last few seasons.

Vijay decides to go after the pacer early on as he comes down and lofts the second ball over long-on for a four.

He ends the over in same style but this time the ball goes a long way over the long-fence for a six to make it 10 runs from the over.

Coulter-Nile starts with a short of good length delivery to Sehwag, who defends it. The next ball is full as Sehwag has a go at it without any footwork but misses and then ducks under a quick bouncer which goes high over him and is called a wide.

Sehwag struggling to get going as he is beaten yet again, trying to hit one through the off-side.

However, the last ball is slashed over the point region as Sehwag gets off the mark with a four.
 Punjab 1-0 (1 ov) vs Delhi | Scorecard

Murali Vijay to open the innings with Virender Sehwag for Kings XI Punjab, while Australian Nathan-Coulter Nile will bowl the first over for Delhi Daredevils.

Vijay on strike as the first ball moves away and goes off the face of the bat as the right-hander decides after initially looking to poke at it. It goes on the bounce to Yuvraj Singh at first slip, who suffers a blow on his fingers as he stops it awkwardly. The next ball is fuller and closer to the stumps as Vijay is beaten all ends up as he again pokes at it.  He gets off the mark with a single to the thirdman region for a single.

Sehwag plays away from his body but is beaten off the last ball and is lucky not to have edged that. An excellent opening over from Coulter-Nile as Delhi were fortunate not to lose a wicket or two.
19:29   Kings XI Punjab win toss, elect to bat against Delhi
Kings XI Punjab captain George Bailey has won the toss and elected to bat against Delhi Daredevils in the 10th match of IPL 8.

Still no signs of Zaheer Khan and Mohammed Shami playing as hosts Delhi make one change, bringing in Domnic Joseph in place of Jaidev Unadkat.

Meanwhile, Punjab have retained the same team which beat Mumbai Indians in their last match.
19:19   Delhi Daredevils hope to end losing run against Punjab
Welcome to the coverage of the 10th match of the Indian Premier League between Delhi Daredevils and Kings XI Punjab at Pune, on Wednesday.

Delhi are desperate for a victory after two straight losses, while Punjab bounced back after their opening loss with a convincing win against Mumbai Indians.

After losing their opening encounter to Chennai Super Kings by a mere run off the last ball, Delhi was again undone off the last delivery by Rajasthan Royals by three wickets in their backyard at the Feroz Shah Kotla and its winless run was stretched to 11 games for over two seasons in the cash-rich league.