Wed, 13 May 2015
LIVE IPL: Saha's attack helps Punjab post 105 in rain-hit match

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RCB 16-0 (2 ovs), Target: 107 in 10 overs | Scorecard

Left-arm pacer Beuran Hendricks to bowl the second over. The first ball slants across Kohli, who is beaten as he pokes his bat at one moving away from him.

The next ball is full as Kohli smashes it straight but can't beat the fielder at mid-off.

Hendricks attempts the slower ball which Kohli turns on the leg side for a single.

Gayle flicks the fourth ball behind square on the leg side for two runs and gets one from the next ball.

Kohli throws his bat at the last ball as he gets it over the off-side for two runs as Hendricks makes a good start, giving away just two runs.

RCB 10-0 (1 ov), Target: 107 in 10 overs | Scorecard

The mighty Chris Gayle walks out to open the batting for RCB along with his captain Virat Kohli.

The young Sandeep Sharma to bowl the first over.

Two dot balls before Gayle lofts it straight down the ground for a six to get off the mark in grand style.

The fifth ball is short as Gayle pulls it past short fine leg for a four before he is struck on the pads by a yorker off the last ball.

Sandeep has a huge appeal for LBW turned down as the umpires refer it to the third umpire. The initial shout was for LBW before Maxwell who caught the ball appealed for the catch which forced the umpires to have a relook but the replays show that the ball missed the bat while looking to slide down the leg side.

Gayle survives as RCB get 10 runs from the first over.
23:38   Saha's attack helps Punjab post 105 in rain-hit match
Punjab 106-6 (10 ovs) vs RCB | Scorecard

Starc to bowl the final over of the innings. Two singles from the first two balls before Starc gets the wicket of Gurkeerat, who is caught behind by wicketkeeper Dinesh Karthik for two.

New batsman Rishi Dhawan makes room but gets one off the bottom of the bat for a single to thirdman.

Patel has another wild swing but gets an inside edge to fine leg for two runs.

A single from the last ball to Patel as Punjab finish on a healthy 106 for six in their 10 overs.

Just six runs from the final over as Punjab lose their way towards the end, scoring just 21 from the last three overs.

With the likes of Chris Gayle, Virat Kohli and AB de Villiers in their batting line-up, RCB would definitely be fancying their chances of chasing down this total.
23:30   Bailey falls for 13 as Punjab lose 5th wicket
Punjab 100-5 (9 ovs) vs RCB | Scorecard

Axar decides to take on Chahal as he slog sweeps the first ball over midwicket for a six and gets a leg bye from the next.

Bailey comes down but gets one on the leg side before Patel looks to loft it straight but gets just a single to long-off.

Bailey attempts the paddle sweep as he shuffles across but misses and is bowled for 13.

A single from the last ball to Gurkeerat Singh as Chahal finishes with one for 25 in two overs.

Punjab are 100 for five in nine overs.
Punjab 90-4 (8 ovs) vs RCB | Scorecard

Harshal, who picked up two wickets in his first over, comes back. And he does well to restrict the batsmen to just three singles from his first five deliveries. Bailey looks to make up for it as he swats the last ball over the leg side but fails to beat the fielder at deep midwicket for two runs.

Superb bowling from Harshal as he finishes with two for 12 in two overs.
Punjab 85-4 (7 ovs) vs RCB | Scorecard

Wiese comes back as Axar Patel gets an edge which goes past the wicketkeeper for a four before he takes one.

Bailey comes down the track and plays the inside out loft over the covers for his first boundary.

He pulls the last ball as AB makes a good sliding stop at deep square leg to keep it down to two runs.

13 runs from the over as Wiese finishes with good figures one for 17 in his two overs.
23:19   Miller dismissed for 14, Punjab lose 4th wicket
Punjab 72-4 (6 ovs) vs RCB | Scorecard

Leg-spinner Yuzvendra Chahal comes into the attack. Miller comes down the track and lofts the first ball down the ground over long-on for a huge six. He attempts the shot off the next ball as the ball just about evades Kohli at long-on for another maximum.

Chahal drops short as Miller slaps it on the off-side for one and Bailey takes one to bring his partner back on strike.

Chahal gets revenge with the wicket of Miller. The left-hander comes down the track again but is beaten this time by a wide delivery outside the off-stump and is stumped for 14.

Despite the wicket, Punjab continue to maintain the momentum as Chahal goes for 16 runs in his first with the hosts reach 72 for four in six overs.
23:11   Harshal's double strike leaves Punjab in trouble
Punjab 56-3 (5 ovs) vs RCB | Scorecard

Harshal Patel comes into the attack and he strikes with his second delivery. Vohra looks for another big hit down the ground but ends up chipping it straight to Mandeep at long-off to fall for 11.

Maxwell goes back and pulls a short ball through midwicket for a six. But the bowler gets revenge from the next delivery as Maxwell lofts it over midwicket but is caught by AB de Villiers at deep midwicket right on the edge of the fence to be dismissed for 10.

Captain George Bailey gets off the mark with a single to short fine leg and David Miller takes one from the last ball.

A superb start from Harshal as he takes two wickets in his opening over while giving away two wickets.
Punjab 49-1 (4 ovs) vs RCB | Scorecard

Aravind continues as he beats Maxwell with a well disguised slower ball before the Australian takes a single from the next.

Vohra lofts the third ball straight back over the bowler's head for a six followed by a single.

Maxwell flicks the fifth ball to deep square for two runs and takes a single from the last ball as Aravind sends down another expensive over to finish with 31 runs from his two overs.
23:01   Kings XI Punjab lose Saha after a quickfire start
 Punjab 38-1 (3 ovs) vs RCB | Scorecard

David Wiese comes into the attack and he strikes with his very first delivery with the key wicket of Saha.

Saha looks for another big shot but mishits to offer Mandeep Singh a high catch on the leg side to be dismissed after a quickfire innings of 31 from 12 balls.

Vohra lofts the third ball over the off-side but the ball struggles to move on the damp outfield as Punjab get three runs.

New batsman Glenn Maxwell attempts the reverse sweep but is beaten before he takes a single from the last ball.

A good start from Wiese, making the breakthrough while giving away just four runs in his first over.
22:57   Saha's attack gives Kings XI Punjab a flying start
 Punjab 34-0 (2 ovs) vs RCB | Scorecard

Left-armer Aravind Sreenath to bowl the second over. The first ball is short as Saha swings it through square leg for a boundary and inside edges the next ball which misses the stumps and goes behind the wicket for another four.

Two balls later Saha lofts it down the ground for a six over long-on. He smashes the next one straight as the bowler Aravind is unable to hold on to a powerful return shot on his follow through. The ball goes straight down the ground for a four and Aravind has suffered an injury courtesy of that blow as the physio comes out to attend. He has gone for 18 runs in his first five balls.

Aravind bowls a wide down the leg side as Saha misses the fine flick. A single from the last ball makes it 20 runs from the over as Punjab race to 34 for no loss in two overs.

Saha has smashed his way to 31 from 11 balls to give his team a flying start.
 Punjab 14-0 (1 ov) vs RCB | Scorecard

Fast bowler Mitchell Starc to open the bowling for RCB, while Punjab have a new opening pair in Manan Vohra and Wriddhiman Saha.

Saha drives the first ball past point for two runs to get off the mark before Starc bowls a wide down the leg side.

A single each to the two batsmen before Saha nudges a full toss fine on the leg side for a four and lofts the next square on the leg side for another boundary.

A single from the last ball helps Saha retain strike as Starc goes for 14 runs in the first over.
22:37   RCB elect to bowl vs Punjab in rain-hit match
Royal Challengers Bangalore captain Virat Kohli has won the toss and elected to bowl in the rain-hit match.

RCB are unchanged, while hosts Kings XI Punjab have made one change with pacer Rishi Dhawan coming in for opener Murali Vijay.

As per the revised playing conditions, there will only be 10 overs per side with three overs of Powerplay, while each bowler can bowl a maximum of two overs.
22:32   Kings XI vs RCB match to start at 2245 IST, 10 overs per side
The toss will take place at 2230 IST with the match scheduled to start 15 minutes later.

It will be 10 overs per side match!
22:14   Umpires to conduct another inspection at 2230 IST
The wait continues as the umpires are still not satisfied with some parts of the outfield, especially the wet patches outside the 30-yard circle.

They will conduct a third inspection at 2230 IST before taking a decision on when play will start.

Remember, the toss has not taken place yet.
21:50   Umpires to conduct another inspection at 2205 IST
The umpires are still not satisfied with the conditions are some parts of the outfield are a bit damp with the groundstaff still working on them.

After a meeting with the two captains and the groundstaff, the umpires decide to conduct another inspection at 2205 IST.
20:57   Umpires to inspect conditions at 2130 IST
The rain has finally and the groundstaff have started to take off the covers. The latest from Mohali is that the umpires will conduct an inspection at 2130 IST before taking a call on when the match will start!
The steady drizzle continues in Mohali which means the wait continues.

The umpires will wait for the rain to stop before making a decision on when the toss would take place.

The ground is under covers at the moment and the signs are not encouraging either as far as the weather is concerned.

Stay tuned for further updates!
We have some update from the ground despite the persistent rain in Mohali.

"There is a delay in toss due to inclement weather. Umpires to inspect the field at 7:40 PM IST," IPL tweeted.
19:38   Rain delays start of Kings XI Punjab vs RCB match
We have bad news from Mohali where rain has delayed the start of the match.

The ground is under cover and things don't look good as of now!

The toss has been delayed by 30 minutes but looks like the delay will be longer as it continues to rain in Mohali.

It remains to be seen if we will have any play at all today.
19:30   RCB start favourites against depleted Kings XI Punjab
It's match No. 50 of the eighth edition of the Indian Premier League!

Interestingly, we still don't have any teams, who have qualified for the play-offs, setting up a thrilling battle in the next few days to decide to the top  four teams of the T20 league.

The in-form Royal Challengers Bangalore would be looking to continue their form and register a victory against Kings XI Punjab to boost their play-off hopes.

Royals Challengers Bangalore will start as overwhelming favourites against bottom-placed Kings XI Punjab in Mohali on Wednesday.

RCB would settle for nothing less than a win which will not only enable them get past fourth-placed Rajasthan Royals but also give a boost to their chances of progressing to the play-off stage.

RCB is presently lying at the fifth spot with 13 points from 11 games, while Kings XI are out of play-off reckoning with just four points 12 matches.

Having thrashed Kings XI by a huge 138-run margin in their previous meeting in Bangalore, Royals Challengers Bangalore would definitely fancy their chances against the struggling hosts.