Sat, 27 August 2016
1st T20I: India lose a thriller against WI despite Rahul's century

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23:28   India lose a thriller against WI despite Rahul's century


India 244-4 (20 ovs) vs WI 245-6 | Scorecard

KL Rahul slammed a quickfire century, hitting an unbeaten 110 from 51 balls but captain MS Dhoni was dismissed off the last ball as India lost by one run against West Indies in the first T20I in Florida.

Chasing a record target of 246 runs, India needed two runs off the last ball but Dhoni failed to finish off the match and was caught at short thirdman for 43, from 25 balls.

Rahul finished unbeaten on a wonderful innings of 110 from 51 balls, hitting 12 fours and five sixes.

Dwayne Bravo held his cool in the final over despite Dhoni being dropped off the first ball of the final over and didn't concede a single boundary off it.

What a superb outcome, as a total of 489 runs were scored in 40 overs as India were beaten off the last ball of the match.
23:10   India lose a thriller against WI despite Rahul's century

India 244-4 (20 ovs) vs WI 245-6 | Scorecard

Bravo to bowl the final over. Dhoni throws his bat at the first ball but gets a thick outside edge but Marlon Samuels at short thirdman drops the easiest of catches.

A single makes it seven needed from five balls for victory and Bravo is really fuming at Samuels' poor effort.

Rahul makes room but can't beat the fielder at deep point for a single. 6 needed from 4 balls.

Dhoni has a swing on the leg side but can't get it away and picks a leg bye. 5 needed from 3 balls.

Bravo bowls a low full toss as Rahul drives it to long-on for just a single.

The last ball is a yorker which Dhoni gets over the bowler on the bounce for two runs to make it two needed from the last ball for victory.

Dhoni can't finish off the match as he is caught off the last ball of the match at short thirdman as India lose by 1 run.
23:00   Rahul slams 46-ball ton, India need 8 from last over for victory

India 238-3 (19 ovs) vs WI 245-6 | Scorecard

Russell to bowl the 19th over despite going for 20 runs in his previous over. Dhoni hits the first ball to deep midwicket for a single before Rahul avoids a bouncer... 23 needed from 10 balls for victory.

The youngster slashes a short ball over thirdman region for a six to complete his century in grand style, from just 46 balls, having hit 11 fours and five sixes.

He lofts the next ball over the off-side but it falls short of the ropes for a boundary.

What a superb knock under pressure from the Karnataka right-hander.

The gamble to continue with Russell backfires for West Indies as Russell bowls a leg side to gift another extra run. 12 needed from eight balls.

Rahul lofts the last ball over the off-side for a couple and turns the last ball on the leg side for another couple.
22:55   India need 24 runs from 2 overs for victory

India 222-3 (18 ovs) vs WI 245-6 | Scorecard

Bravo, who is the death overs specialist in T20 cricket, comes back. He starts with a full toss on leg stump which Dhoni flicks past short fine leg for a four.

The next ball is overpitched but Dhoni can't beat the fielder in the covers. The India captain turns the third ball to midwicket for two runs before picking up a single.

Rahul chips down the track but is beaten by the yorker and is again struck on the toe. Bravo has a huge appeal for LBW turned down with the impact outside the leg-stump while the batsmen also took a few steps down the pitch.

Dhoni keeps strike with a single from the last ball, to leave it 24 needed from 2 overs for victory.
22:49   India need 33 runs from 3 overs for victory

India 213-3 (17 ovs) vs WI 245-6 | Scorecard

Russell to bowl the 17th over. He starts with a dot ball before bowling a wide and Dhoni then smashes the second ball straight down the ground over long-on for a six.

Another dot ball before Dhoni heaves Russell high into the stands over long-on for the second six of the over.

Those two big blows bring the equation down to 40 needed from 20 balls.

Rahul ends the over in style as he clubs the last ball for a six to race into the 90s... 94 from just 44 balls.

India are 213 for three in 17 overs, with another 33 runs needed from 18 balls for victory.
22:42   Rahul blasts quickfire fifty to keep India in the hunt

India 193-3 (16 ovs) vs WI 245-6 | Scorecard

Brathwaite comes back into the attack. Rahul goes after the first delivery of the over as he slashes a short ball over the thirdman region for a six and then picks a single.

Rahul is struck on the toe as he looks to paddle the pacer but misses and seems to be in some pain as the physio is called.

He is back to his best immediately as he plays a cracking drive off the covers for a four off the last delivery of the over.

India are 182 for three in 15 overs, with another 64 needed from five overs for victory.

The experienced Pollard comes back. He starts with a slower ball which Dhoni pulls past short fine leg and Rahul pushes him to come back for the third run despite getting hit on the toe in the last over.

Two singles off the next two balls before Rahul cuts a short ball through thirdman for a four to take his score to 87 from 41 balls.

India are doing well as they reach 193 for three in 16 overs, needing 53 runs from 24 balls for victory.
22:30   Rahul blasts quickfire fifty to keep India in the hunt

India 168-3 (14 ovs) vs WI 245-6 | Scorecard

Brathwaite bowls a short ball and new batsman Mahendra Singh Dhoni pulls it behind square on the leg side for a four.

He punches the next ball through the covers as Bravo at long-off does well to keep it inside the ropes to give away just two runs.

The India captain hits the fifth ball through the leg side for two runs before smashing the last ball back over the bowler's head but again the fielder does well to keep it inside the ropes and give away just two runs as India reach 150 for three in 13 overs.

Narine comes back and Rahul immediately decides to go after him again. He chips down the track and plays the inside out lofted shot to perfection for a six. Two balls later, he reverse sweeps it fine for a four before turning the next through the leg side for a couple.

Narine bowls a leg side wide before gifting Rahul a full toss who smashes it to long-off where Pollard does well but is unable to save the boundary.

He keeps strike with a single from the last ball as Narine concedes 18 runs in the 14th over, for a total of 50 runs from his three overs.

India are still in the hunt as they reach 168 for three in 14 overs, with another 78 runs needed from six overs for victory at an asking rate of 13.

Rahul has been instrumental in driving India forward, having smashed 69 from 34 balls, while Dhoni is on 12 from six balls.
22:19   Rohit dismissed for 28-ball 62, India lose 3rd wicket

India 138-3 (12 ovs) vs WI 245-6 | Scorecard

Bravo comes back for his second spell, replacing Brathwaite, who bowled two overs for 21 runs.

Rahul hits the first ball, a full toss, through midwicket for a four followed by three singles off the next three balls.

Lewis then lets one go through at point to gift India two more runs before Rohit swings a full toss over midwicket for a six.

Rahul comes down the track before slashing a short ball from Pollard over point for a four to complete his fifty from just 26 balls. He has scored runs in every format in international cricket in the last 12 months!

West Indies feeling the pressure a wee bit as India's batsmen continue to hit the boundaries at regular intervals and keep in touch with the asking rate.

Pollard breaks the partnership with the wicket of Rohit, who mistimes the slower ball and is caught at deep midwicket after a superb innings of 62 from 28 balls.

Rohit brought India back into the contest as he put on 89 runs from 43 balls for the third wicket with Rahul.

A superb over from Pollard, giving away just seven, while getting the vital wicket of Rohit.

India are 138 for three in 12 overs, with another 108 runs needed from eight overs for victory.
22:08   Rohit blasts 22-ball fifty to rally India after early wickets

India 116-2 (10 ovs) vs WI 245-6 | Scorecard

A single to Rohit brings up the 50-run stand for the third wicket from just 22 balls. Brathwaite slips the next ball down the leg side as Rahul tickles it fine for a four to bring up India's 100, in the ninth over.

Two balls later, Rahul (36) gets a lifeline as Russell puts down an easy catch running in from long-off and also ends up giving away away two runs.

The experienced Pollard comes into the attack. The first ball is drive to long-on for one but two fielders gives two more runs via overthrows as Rohit benefits by getting three runs from the first ball when he should have only got a single.

Rohit continues his aggressive approach as he chips down the track and lofts a full delivery from Pollard and just about manages to get it over Russell over long-on for a six to bring up his fifty, from just 22 balls.

India have managed to stay in the hunt as they reach 116 for two in 10 overs, needing another 130 runs from the remaining 10 overs for victory.

Rohit has smashed his way to 53 from 23 balls, while Rahul has hit 40 from 21 balls.
21:59   Rohit, Rahul rally India after early wickets

India 96-2 (8 ovs) vs WI 245-6 | Scorecard

Captain Carlos Brathwaite brings himself into the attack, to bowl the seventh over.

Three singles from the first three balls before Rahul carves it over short thirdman for two runs.

Brathwaite offers some width as Rahul plays another stylish shot through point for a four before driving the next through the covers for another boundary.

Intelligent batting from Rohit as he taps Narine to the vacant midwicket region and rushes back for the second.

He then takes on the mystery spinner, hitting him for back to back sixes through long-on and midwicket respectively to keep India's run rate on track in this huge chase.

Narine has suffered, going for 32 runs in two overs, with India recovering to 96 for two in eight overs.

Rahul is off the blocks in smashing fashion, hitting his way to 31 from just 13 balls, hitting four fours and a six, while Rohit has smashed 42 from 19 balls.
21:52   Rahane and Kohli perish cheaply, WI on top

Ind 67-2 (6 ovs) vs WI 245-6 | Scorecard

Mystery spinner Sunil Narine comes into the attack. Rahul immediately goes after him as he shuffles across and sweeps him over fine leg region for a four.

He comes down the track to the next ball and lofts it over the off-side for a six to make his intentions clear right at the start of his innings.

Rahul plays the fourth ball on the leg side with soft hands and rushes back for the second run. He gives Narine the charge again and drives it handsomely through the off-side for a four as the spinner goes for 16 runs in his first over.

India are 67 for two in six overs, needing another 179 runs from 14 overs for victory at an asking rate of 12.78
21:47   Kohli dismissed for 16, India in trouble

Ind 51-2 (5 ovs) vs WI 245-6 | Scorecard

India's run machine Virat Kohli gets off the mark with a four, cutting a short wide delivery through the gap on the off-side.

He chips the fourth ball on the leg side for two runs before pulling a short ball straight back over the bowler's head for a four and keeps strike from the last ball.

Dwayne Bravo comes into the attack to replace Russell, who bowled a good first spell of one for 17 in two overs.

Kohli plays a delightful late cut off the first ball, beating the fielder at short thirdman for a four off the first ball of the over.

But Bravo gets revenge a few deliveries later. A short ball down the leg side accounts for Kohli as he goes for the pull shot but ends up getting a glove and is caught down the leg side.

Kohli, who made 16 from nine balls, was beaten by some extra bounce and could not make connection with the bat.

India in trouble on 48 for two in the fifth over with around 200 more runs needed for victory.

KL Rahul gets off the mark with two runs to deep square leg to bring up India's 50, in the fifth over.
21:39   Rahane out for 7, India lose early wicket

Ind 31-1 (3 ovs) vs WI 245-6 | Scorecard

Russell drifts on the pads as Rahane helps it fine on the leg side for a four. He is struck on the side of the helmet as he looks to pull a short ball but is beaten for pace. The physio comes out to attend him before he is cleared to continue his innings.

Another one down the leg side from Russell and this time Rohit nudges it fine for another boundary.

Rahane looks to play the ramp shot as Russell bowls another short ball but Dwayne Bravo on the thirdman comes up with an unbelievable low catch to send back the India opener.

Bravo did well to run around his left before timing his dive well to complete a superb catch and give West Indies an early breakthrough.
21:30   India off to a good start after Windies post 245

Ind 19-0 (2 ovs) vs WI 245-6 | Scorecard

A surprise move from the Indians as Ajinkya Rahane is sent out to open the batting with Rohit Sharma.

Andre Russell makes a tidy start with the ball, conceding just five runs from the first over of the innings.

Leg-spinner Samuel Badree to bowl the second over. Rohit targets the spinner immediately as he hits him for three fours in his first over. The second ball is a bit short and cut over point before the India opener plays the inside out lofted shot over the off-side twice in the over for two more boundaries as India race to 19 for no loss from two overs.

21:18   Lewis blasts 49-ball 100 to power WI to 245-6

WI 245-6 (20 ovs) vs India | Scorecard

West Indies opener Evin Lewis smashed a quickfire century to power his team to a massive 245 for six against India in the first T20I in Florida.

After being put into bat, West Indies make a fiery start with opener Johnson Charles slamming 79 from 33 balls, putting on a blazing opening partnership of 126 from just 57 balls.

After Charles was bowled by Shami, it was Lewis who took on the mantle of attacking the Indian bowlers.

He smashed Stuart Binny for five consecutive sixes, in the 11th over of the innings, which went for 32 runs.

Jadeja's double strike in the 16th over including the wicket of Lewis helped India pull back things slightly and keep the total under the 250-run mark.

West Indies lost their way at the end, losing five wickets for 46 runs in the final five overs as compared to 199 runs in the first 15 overs.
21:10   Pollard dismissed for 22, WI lose 4th wicket

WI 244-5 (20 ovs) vs India | Scorecard

Bhuvneshwar also resorts to bowl the yorkers as West Indies are unable to get them away for big hits.

Just two singles from the first three balls before Bhuvi bowls a wide as he misses the slower ball. Pollard then swings the next ball over the leg side for a six, to register the 20th six of the West Indian innings.

Bhuvneshwar mixing it quite well as he beats Brathwaite with a slower ball who has a go at the full toss but ends up missing it completely.

Bumrah to bowl the final over. He starts with a no-ball as he oversteps again but manages to get the run out of Brathwaite who backs a far away and the bowler shows good presence of mind to stop it on his follow through and hit the stumps at the non-striker end.

The free hit ball is a slower bouncer which bounces much more than expected but Pollard manages to still pull it down the ground for a six.

The yorker does the trick for Bumrah as Pollard walks across his stumps and looks to paddle it fine but misses and is bowled for 22.

Bumrah accounts for another of his Mumbai Indian team mate as Lendl Simmons is done in by another yorker and is bowled for a first ball duck.

WI 225-3 (18 ovs) vs India | Scorecard

Shami will finish off here, bowling his fourth and final over. Two singles from the first two balls before WI captain Carlos Brathwaite clobbers a short ball over the leg side for a six.

Shami bowls a good yorker, wide and out of reach of the batsman before he gets one through the off-side and Pollard also picks one from the last ball.

Bumrah does not do his or his team's cause any good as he oversteps to give away a no-ball. The free hit delivery is full as Brathwaite cuts it over point for a four.

But he makes a good comeback with good yorkers on the stumps from round the wicket. Pollard is beaten by one before he attempts to paddle it fine but misses it again and is lucky not to have been bowled.

Another good yorker as Brathwaite can't get it away to end a good over from Bumrah.
20:49   Jadeja's double strike checks West Indies's charge

WI 205-3 (16 ovs) vs India | Scorecard

Shami comes back as Dhoni continues to juggle his bowlers around. He bowls a good yorker to Lewis, who gets just a single.

Russell in the attack mode now as he carts a full delivery over midwicket for a six.

Lewis happy to collect singles and ease his way to a century before Shami bowls two good deliveries to keep Russell quiet.

It was a good over from Shami but yet he went for 10 runs with Windies reaching 199 for one in 15 overs.

Jadeja back into the attack. Lewis picks a single from the first ball, to race to his century from just 48 balls, with West Indies also bringing up their 200, from just 15.1 overs.

Russell smashes Jadeja through the covers for a four before the left-armer gets revenge. A quick full delivery catches Russell right in front of the stumps to trap him leg before wicket for a quickfire 22 from 12 balls.

But that only brings another more dangerous batsman out to the middle in the form of the experienced Kieron Pollard.

Lewis survives a close call for run out off the next delivery as Pollard gets off the mark with a quick single.

Jadeja gets him off the next ball as Lewis holes out on the off-side after an entertaining innings of 100 from 49 balls, having hit five fours and nine sixes.

A super over from Jadeja, taking two wickets, while conceding two wickets to reduce West Indies to 205 for three in 16 overs.
20:35   Lewis blasts quickfire half-century, WI set for huge total

WI 188-1 (14 ovs) vs India | Scorecard

Ashwin comes back, with India desperate for a wicket or two to halt West Indies's charge.

Lewis hits the first ball square as the point fielder half stops it to concede just two runs before Ashwin bowls two dot balls in a row, a rarity today.

A superb over under the circumstances from the off-spinner as he concedes just four runs in the 12th over.

Bhuvneshwar comes back as Lewis throws his bat at a wide full delivery, hitting it through point for a four.

Andre Russell has decided to join the party. He clobbers a length delivery from Bhuvi over midwicket for a six as 13 runs come from the 13th over, taking the total to 181 for one in 13 overs.

Ashwin in the middle of a good spell as he beats Lewis before the left-hander sweeps the off-spinner over square leg for a six to move to 96, just a hit away from his hundred.

Eight runs from the over as Ashwin finishes a good spell, giving away just 36 runs in his four overs.
20:26   Lewis blasts quickfire half-century, WI set for huge total

WI 164-1 (11 ovs) vs India | Scorecard

Medium pacer Stuart Binny is called into the attack. It remains to be seen how effective he will be against the rampaging West Indies batsmen who are looking to attack every delivery.

Binny's slow medium pace is proving to be easy fodder for Lewis, who welcomes him by smashing the first two balls for sixes.

Lewis welcomes him by smashing the first ball over midwicket for a six and then crashes the next ball straight down the ground for another maximum.

Binny under pressure as he bowls a big wide outside the off-stump and gives away an extra run.

Binny bowls a full toss as Lewis lofts it over mid-off for another maximum to make it a hat-trick of sixes.

Lewis slaps a short ball over the off-side for another six, this time over the covers before he pulls it fine on the leg side to make it five sixes in a row.

Lewis in sight of an unique milestone but he fails to make proper connection off the last ball, getting just a single, to miss six sixes in the over.

A nightmare for Binny as he is smashed for 32 runs in his first over with West Indies blazing their way to 164 for one in 11 overs.

Lewis has smashed his way to 82 from 32 balls, hitting four fours and eight sixes.
20:18   Charles dismissed for 33-ball 79, WI lose 1st wicket

WI 132-1 (10 ovs) vs India | Scorecard

Charles on fire, proving to be unstoppable at the moment. He again slogs a length ball from Jadeja over midwicket for a four and picks the next one off his pads and this time it carries over the fence for a six.

India's bowlers are running for cover at the moment as it rains sixes and fours in Florida.

Charles cuts a short ball from Jadeja but it falls short of Bhuvneshwar at point who sends in a wild throw to concede another extra run.

Charles ends the over in style as he lofts another one down the ground for a six with Jadeja going for 33 runs in his two overs, while Ashwin has given 24 in his two overs.

Shami is called back into the attack. Lewis throws his bat at a wide delivery but gets a thick edge past Dhoni for a four before he takes one.

Shami brings India relief with the wicket of Charles, who is bowled after a cracking innings of 79 from 33 balls.

Charles, who hit six fours and seven sixes, looked to paddle Shami but missed a yorker and was bowled.

But he has given West Indies a solid foundation, putting on 126 runs for the opening wicket from just 57 balls.

West Indies are keen to continue the onslaught as the dangerous Andre Russell is promoted to No. 3 and he gets off the mark with a single.

Lewis steers the fifth ball past point for a four to race to his fifty, from just 25 balls. A single from the last ball as Shami concedes 11 runs despite picking up the wicket.

West Indies are comfortably placed on 132 for one in 10 overs, and will be looking to continue their momentum for the second half of their innings and end up somewhere close to the 250-run mark, or maybe even more!
20:08   Charles slams 20-ball 50, Windies off to a flying start

WI 101-0 (8 ovs) vs India | Scorecard

Spin from both ends as left-arm spinner Ravindra Jadeja comes into the attack. Left-hander Lewis immediately targets him as he welcomes him with back to back sixes off the first two deliveries of the over.

Jadeja adjusts his pace, as he bowls it flat and full and concedes just one run from the remaining four deliveries.

Charles not slowing down at all. He gets his front foot out of the way and crashes him down the ground, over long-on for a six.

He looks to cut the next ball but is beaten before he gets it past point for two runs to take his team past the 100-run mark, in the eighth over.
20:02   Charles slams 20-ball 50, Windies off to a flying start

WI 78-0 (6 ovs) vs India | Scorecard

Lewis joins the party as he lofts the first ball of Bumrah's second over straight over long-off for a six as West Indies race to 50, from just 4.1 overs.

Another length ball from the young pacer is carted over the off-side by Lewis for a four.

Bumrah tries the slower ball as Lewis makes room and steers it to thirdman for a single.

He bowls a good yorker as Charles can't beat the fielder at midwicket but he swings a slower ball over midwicket for a six to continue the assault.

Charles tries to paddle the last ball but can't make proper connection and still manages to steal a single.

This has been an amazing exhibition of power hitting as West Indies smash 64 from the first five overs, scoring at over 12 per over.

A desperate Dhoni brings his best bowler off-spinner Ravichandran Ashwin into the attack.

He starts with a surprise leg-spin delivery which Charles defends before he takes a single and Lewis also picks one.

Ashwin continues to bowl leg-spinners as Charles lofts it straight down the ground for a six. He carts the next ball over long-on for another six as the left-hander races to 51 from just 20 balls, having hit five fours and four sixes already.

Ashwin goes back to his conventional off-spin as Charles has another go but fails to make proper connection.

West Indies have been brutal, smashing 78 from six overs, making most of the Powerplay overs.

Charles has slammed 51 from 21 balls, while Lewis has hit 26 from 15 balls.
19:52   Openers Charles, Lewis give West Indies a quickfire start

WI 46-0 (4 ovs) vs India | Scorecard

Shami is taken off after being hit for 17 runs in his first over as he makes way for Jasprit Bumrah.

Lewis defends the first ball as Bumrah starts with a short one before he pulls the next, but mishits it over the mid-on for two runs. He gets the next ball off the middle, pulling it square through the leg side for a four and then steers it past point for another couple.

Bumrah tries a full delivery which Lewis smashes powerfully but Rahul at mid-off makes a good stop, to concede just one despite not stopping it cleanly.

Charles has a big swing off the last ball, trying to despatch it over midwicket but fails to make connection.

Bhuvneshwar beats Lewis for pace as the left-hander looks to pull but is too late into the shot before he attempts the same shot off the next and again mishits but manages to clear short fine leg for two runs followed by a single.

Charles continues his attacking approach, as he sweeps it past short fine leg for a four. The fielder is moved back as Charles swats it ugly fashion but manages to get it fine enough for another boundary. He pulls the last ball which falls safely in the vacant space in the fine leg region for two runs.

Charles has smashed his way to 31 from 13 balls with West Indies racing to 46 for no loss in four overs.
19:42   Charles gives West Indies a flying start

WI 24-0 (2 ovs) vs India | Scorecard

Bhuvneshwar Kumar to bowl the second over and he will look to pull things back after a big first over for the Windies.

He starts with a gentle outswinger to Lewis who is content to watch it through to the keeper before he cuts the next to thirdman for a single.

Charles has another wild swing but Bhuvi gets some extra bounce as the right-hander top edges it over the slip fielder for a four. He comes down the track and attempts another heave over the leg side but fails to make connection.

He slaps the last ball square on the off-side for two runs as WI race to 24 for no loss in two overs with Charles smashing 21 from nine balls.
19:37   India elect to bowl vs WI, KL Rahul replaces Dhawan

WI 17-0 (1 ov) vs India | Scorecard

Pacer Mohammad Shami to open the bowling and facing him is Johnson Charles with Evin Lewis at the other end.

He starts with a wide down the leg side before he gets one to pitch perfectly just outside the off-stump to beat the right-hander.

Charles makes his intentions as he clubs a length delivery high over long-on for a six to get off the mark in some style. He swats the next ball across the line but gets enough power to get is past midwicket for a four followed by a single to thirdman.

Left-hander Lewis takes a quick single on the off-side for his first run of the match.

Charles looking in a rush as he pulls a short ball through midwicket to get 17 runs from the first over.
19:13   India elect to bowl vs WI, KL Rahul replaces Dhawan
The big news is that West Indies's dashing opener Chris Gayle misses out because of injury and so will fast bowler Jason Holder.

India also have made quite an important change as KL Rahul, who had a superb run in IPL this year, comes into the side in place of the experienced Shikhar Dhawan.

India are playing three fast bowlers in Mohammad Shami, Bhuvneshwar Kumar, Jasprit Bumrah, while all-rounder Stuart Binny also gets a game.

They will also bank on their two spinners, Ravichandran Ashwin and Ravindra Jadeja, to contribute with the bat.

19:04   India win toss, elect to bowl vs West Indies
India captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni has won the toss and elected to bowl in the first Twenty20 International in Lauderhill, Florida.

Former West Indies fast bowler Ian Bishop reckons it is a high scoring ground as was witnessed in a few games of the CPL earlier this year.

"170 is the average score batting first. The ball should come on to the bat quite nicely," he said.
18:18   India, West Indies stars look to put on super show in US
Welcome to the coverage of first Twenty20 International between West Indies and India at the Central Broward Regional Park, in Florida, the only purpose-built cricket stadium in the United States.

The two Twenty20 Internationals, to be played over the weekend, will be the first instance of India being involved in a competitive match in the USA.

Days after India cruised to victory in the four-match Test series for their third successive triumph on the Caribbean soil, the team's seasoned campaigner Mahendra Singh Dhoni will return to lead the side in the two T20I games.

The 14-member Indian team will see the return of as many as 11 regular players who were rested from the tour to Zimbabwe in May, earlier this year.

Dhoni, who retired from the longest format of the game in December 2014, is scheduled to play just seven more matches in 2016 -- two T20Is against the West Indies in USA and five ODIs against New Zealand in India.

Dhoni's last assignment was against Zimbabwe, where he led a young Indian team to victory in both the ODIs and T20I series in Harare in June.

The two-match series is going to be the first of what will develop into an annual event in the USA, as part of efforts to reach out to new markets and audiences.
18:17   India's ranking will drop if it loses 0-2 to Windies in T20Is
Two-time World Twenty20 champions West Indies can leapfrog second-ranked India in the MRF Tyres ICC T20I Team Rankings when they go head-to-head in the two-match series in Lauderhill, on August 27 and 28.

India is currently on 128 points, four behind table leaders New Zealand, while third-ranked West Indies is on 122.

Led by new captain Carlos Brathwaite, who smashed four consecutive sixes to clinch this years ICC World Twenty20 final against England in Kolkata, the West Indies will move to second on 127 points with a 2-0 victory and relegate India  to third place on 124 points.

However, a 2-0 win will enable India join number-one ranked New Zealand on 132 points, but Mahendra Singh Dhonis team will be ranked second when the ratings are calculated beyond the decimal point.

In this scenario, the West Indies will slip to fourth with 118 points, one point behind South Africa.

A 1-1 series draw will keep India ahead on 128 points, with the West Indies on 123.