Mon, 17 April 2017
IPL updates: Bhuvneshwar bowls Sunrisers to victory vs Punjab

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23:36   Bhuvneshwar bowls Sunrisers to victory vs Punjab

Punjab 154-all out (19.4 ovs) vs Hyderabad 159-6 | Scorecard

Punjab pacer Siddharth Kaul to bowl the final over. Sandeep scoops the first ball over the short fine leg fielder for two runs before he bowls a wide outside the off-stump.

Sandeep takes a single before Kaul bowls another wide down the leg side to Ishant. The next ball is a full toss but Ishant gently defends it back to the bowler.

Kaul finishes off the match as he bowls Ishant with a superb yorker which crashes into the base of the off-stump.

Punjab are bowled out for 154 in 19.4 overs to lose by a narrow margin of five runs in a thrilling contest in Hyderabad.

It was a superb run chase as Vohra single-handedly threatened to steer Punjab to victory with a magnificent innings of 95 from 50 balls. But the experience of Bhuvneshwar proved crucial especially in the death overs as he claimed two wickets in the penultimate over, including Vohra, to finish with five for 19 and steer his team to victory.
23:29   Bhuvneshwar dismisses Vohra for 95, Sunrisers on top

Punjab 148-9 (19 ovs) vs Hyderabad 159-6 | Scorecard

Lack of common sense from Cariappa as instead of taking a single and getting Vohra back on strike he comes down the track and looks to swing Bhuvneshwar but misses and is bowled.

The experienced Ishant taps the next ball on the off-side for a single to get Vohra back on strike.

Bhuvneshwar gets the big wicket of Vohra with a low full toss which the right-hander looks to swing on the leg side but misses and is struck right in front of the stumps.

The Punjab opener walks back disappointed after a sensational innings of 95 from 50 balls, having hit nine fours and five sixes.

Bhuvi oversteps and gives away a free hit but Ishant can't connect as he is foxed by the slower ball.

Bhuvneshwar finishes with career-best figures of five for 19 in four overs to put Sunrisers firmly in control with the visitors needing 11 to win from the last over with just one wicket in hand.
23:22   Vohra's attack keeps Punjab in the hunt

Punjab 144-7 (18 ovs) vs Hyderabad 159-6 | Scorecard

Bhuvneshwar comes back and checks Punjab's progress with the wicket of Mohit, who is caught at sweeper cover for 10.

Vohra slaps the next ball square on the off-side for a four before he hits the next in the same region but this time uppishly. The ball goes straight to Dhawan, who is unable to hold on as he takes a tumble.

How costly will that dropped catch prove for Sunrisers?

It is already started hurting the hosts as Vohra hits Kaul for a six over long-on which also takes him to the 90s. The next ball is a yorker but Vohra manages to flick it past short fine leg for two runs and then swings the next ball through midwicket for another couple to bring the equation down to 18 from 15 balls.

Cariappa has another big swing but is beaten before he finally connects off the last ball and gets just a single.

Punjab are 144 for seven in 18 overs with 16 needed from two overs for victory.
23:14   Vohra's attack keeps Punjab in the hunt

Punjab 125-6 (16 ovs) vs Hyderabad 159-6 | Scorecard

Left-arm pacer Sran comes back. Mohit Sharma crashes the first ball he faces over the off-side for a six to get off the mark in positive fashion.

Vohra smashes the third ball over long-on for another six to bring up his half-century in some style, from just 53 balls. He flicks the next ball through midwicket as Hooda lets it go through his legs at midwicket to give away a four.

Vohra is playing a magnificent innings with the bat to single-handedly keep Punjab in the contest.

Rashid drops short as Vohra pulls him for a four and then repeats the shot two balls later for a six. He then lofts the fifth ball down the ground over long-on for another six before he pulls the last ball behind square for a four.

Rashid goes for 21 runs in his final over with Punjab hitting 41 runs from the last two overs to take their score to 125 for six in 16 overs, with 35 needed from four overs for victory.

All will depend on Vohra, who is playing a spectacular innings on 79 from 43 balls, having hit eight fours and four sixes.
23:03   Afghanistan's Rashid, Nabi leave Punjab in tatters

Punjab 84-6 (14 ovs) vs Hyderabad 159-6 | Scorecard

Nabi nearly gets another one as Vohra is beaten and struck on the pads as he plays across the line but the umpire turns down the huge appeal for LBW.

Axar Patel gets a lifeline off the last ball as Nabi puts down a sharp return catch on his follow through.

The two Afghanistan spinners, bowling in tandem, having taken three wickets for six runs in three overs.

Rashid bowls another good probing over as Punjab can only get four runs from it.

Vohra keeps Punjab's hopes alive with successive fours through midwicket off Nabi.

However, it has been a good outing by the debutant off-spinner as he finishes with good figures of one for 28 in four overs in his first ever match in the IPL.

Henriques comes back as Rashid's final over is kept for the latter stages. Axar has a go but can only find the fielder in the deep as he perishes for seven.

Vohra looks to ramp Henriques over short thirdman but doesn't get it high enough as Nabi does well to leap high and attempt the one-handed catch but gets only his fingers and saves the boundary.
22:48   Rashid's double strike leaves Punjab reeling

Punjab 62-5 (10 ovs) vs Hyderabad 159-6 | Scorecard

After an expensive first over in which he conceded 16 runs, Rashid makes a strong comeback with two wickets in his second over.

Miller looks to cut Rashid but he gets one to slide in quick as it beats the left-hander and crashes into the stumps.

Two balls later, Rashid produces a beauty which beats Wriddhiman Saha's tentative push and spins past the edge of the bat to crash into the off-stump.

Three wickets in two overs by the two Afghanistan spinners leave Punjab reeling on 62 for five in 10 overs. They need another 98 runs from 10 overs for victory.
22:40   Morgan bowled for 13, Punjab in trouble

Punjab 61-3 (9 ovs) vs Hyderabad 159-6 | Scorecard

Kaul builds some pressure with a tight over, giving away just four runs.

Debutant Nabi gets a wicket in his second over as Morgan is beaten by one which goes straight through and is bowled for 13.

David Miller gets off the mark with a single before Vohra steers one fine on the off-side for three runs as Yuvraj makes a good diving stop near the ropes to save the boundary.
22:29   Vohra's attack rallies Punjab after early wickets

Punjab 53-2 (7 ovs) vs Hyderabad 159-6 | Scorecard

Pacer Siddharth Kaul comes into the attack. He starts with a wide to Vohra but ends up bowling a tight over giving away just five runs.

Debutant Mohammad Nabi comes into the attack early. Morgan welcomes him by slamming the first ball over mid-on for a six and then picks a single. Vohra steers the fourth past point for two runs and keep strike with a single from the last ball.

We will have Afghanistan spinners from both ends, who would have thought that just a few months back.

Rashid Khan, who has struck in the first match in every match he has played so far, comes into the attack. But Vohra targets him immediately as he lofts the fourth ball over mid-off for a four before he pulls a short ball over midwicket for a six.

The last ball is overpitches as Vohra drives it beautifully through the covers for a four as Rashid goes wicketless in his first over but also ends up giving away 19 runs.

Punjab have bounced back after the two early wickets to reach 51 for two in six overs.

Moises Henriques makes a tidy start with the ball, giving away just two singles in his first over.
22:20   Bhuvneshwar strikes again, Maxwell out for 10

Punjab 17-2 (3 ovs) vs Hyderabad 159-6 | Scorecard

Bhuvneshwar strikes again in his next over with the big wicket of Maxwell. He falls into the trap perfectly as he holes out a slower ball from the pacer straight into the hands of Warner, who had pushed himself back to long-off anticipating the big shot.

Maxwell is out for 10 as Punjab are reduced to 17 for two in three overs.
22:03   Bhuvneshwar strikes early, Amla out for a duck

Punjab 15-1 (2 ovs) vs Hyderabad 159-6 | Scorecard

Bhuvneshwar Kumar gives Sunrisers a dream start as he strikes with the very first delivery of the innings, trapping Hashim Amla leg before wicket for a duck. The ball was full and came in slightly as Amla shuffled across and tried to turn it on the leg side but missed and was caught right in front of the stumps.

The next ball again swings in but slips down the leg side as Glenn Maxwell tickles it fine for a four to get off the mark in positive fashion. He defends the next three balls before taking two runs from the last ball of the over.

Barinder Sran to bowl the second over. The first ball is short and wide as Manan Vohra smashes it over point for a four and then takes a single.

Maxwell throws his bat at a wide delivery but fails to make contact before he smashes a full delivery back over the bowler's head for a four.

He has another go at the last ball but is again beaten.

21:40   Warner's unbeaten 70 lifts Sunrisers to 159

Hyderabad 159-6 (20 ovs) vs Punjab | Scorecard

Axar comes back into the attack, to bowl his fourth and final over. Hooda turns the second ball on the leg side and then two balls later again turns it on the leg side for a couple.

Axar bowls a wide half-volley which Hooda drives in some style through the covers for a four to get 10 runs from the over.

Warner switch hits a full toss from Mohit through the off-side for a four before he takes a single.

Mohit claims the wicket of Hooda, who takes on a short ball but ends up hitting it straight into the hands of Sandeep at deep square leg to fall for 12.

Warner smashes the next ball flat over the bowler's head for a four. He has another big swing off the next but is foxed by the change of pace.

Debutant Mohammad Nabi on strike for the final over to be bowled by Sandeep.

He starts with a slower ball which is short and wide as Nabi has a wild swing but misses. The next ball is again short as Nabi pulls it to deep midwicket to get his first runs in IPL.

The third ball is again short as Nabi has another swing but miscues it on the leg side and is caught by Miller.

Warner smashes Sandeep over the leg side but Eoin Morgan on the midwicket boundary lets it go through his hands to give away a six as Sunrisers go past the 150-run mark.

Rashid Khan pulls the last ball comfortably over the fielder at deep midwicket for another six to propel Sunrisers to 159 for six in their 20 overs.

Warner has carried his bat through, with a gusty innings of 70 from 54 balls, having hit seven fours and two sixes, on a difficult pitch for batting.
21:25   Warner hits half-century to lift Sunrisers

Hyderabad 124-4 (17 ovs) vs Punjab | Scorecard

Cariappa ends Ojha's innings as he eyes another big shot but the leg-spinner beats him in the flight and has him stumped for a handy innings of 34 from 20 balls.

Interestingly, Saha has a hand in all four wickets that have fallen today, two stumpings and two catches.

Warner is unbeaten on 43 from 41 balls at the other with Sunrisers reduced to 110 for four in the 16th over.

Seven runs from the over as Cariappa finishes with one for 38 in four overs.

Warner glances Mohit fine on the leg side for a four to bring up his fifty from 45 balls. This is his 34th fifty in IPL, as he goes past Gautam Gambhir (33) for the most fifties in the IPL. Also, this is his fifth successive half-century against Punjab.

Sunrisers are 124 for four in 17 overs, and they will do well to get 150 from this stage but they still have Warner out in the middle, who has the ability to clear the boundaries in the last couple of overs.
21:10   Warner, Ojha bring Sunrisers back on track

Hyderabad 108-3 (15 ovs) vs Punjab | Scorecard

Sandeep comes back as Ojha swings it on the leg side for two runs and then heaves the next through midwicket for three.

Warner then plays the late cut, steering it fine on the off-side for a four and picks a single from the last ball.

Ojha looking to lift the tempo as he comes down the track to Axar and slams him over midwicket for a six. Ojha has hit his way to 28 from 15 balls and would have done well to release some pressure off Warner.

Ishant comes back as Warner gets an edge past the wicketkeeper for a four to bring up the 50-run stand. Ojha steers a wide delivery past point for three runs before Warner is beaten as he tries to guide past thirdman inside the circle but gets a bye and Ojha picks to long-on.
20:56   Axar's double strike leaves Sunrisers in trouble

Hyderabad 75-3 (12 ovs) vs Punjab | Scorecard

Left-arm spinner Axar Patel comes into the attack. He strikes with his very first delivery with the wicket of Henriques, who is stumped for a struggling innings of nine from 16 balls.

He looks to go after the spinner straightaway after the break but is beaten all ends up as Saha completes an easy stumping.

Axar gets another wicket off the next delivery. This time, it is the key wicket of Yuvraj, who gets a thin edge and is caught behind for a first-ball duck.

Axar nearly gets the hat-trick as Naman Ojha is beaten off the first ball he faces before he takes a single. A good start from the spinner, giving away four runs while picking up two wickets as Sunrisers are reduced to 54 for three in 10 overs.

Ojha sweeps Cariappa in the next over as he gets a top edge which falls short of Mohit at deep square leg who rushes it and dives forward but fails to get to the ball and gives away a four. Two balls later, he bowls it short and on the pads as Warner pulls it behind square for another boundary.

Cariappa has struggled to find his rhythm, giving away 31 runs in his three overs.

Ojha goes after Axar heaving him over midwicket for two runs and then turns the next ball through square leg for another couple.

The next ball slips down the leg side as Ojha gets it fine for a four as Sunrisers reach 75 for three in 12 overs.
20:42   Dhawan out early as Sunrisers struggle with the bat

Hyderabad 50-1 (9 ovs) vs Punjab | Scorecard

Ishant continues as he bowls his third over with the new ball and he sends down another tidy over, giving away just four runs. The experienced pacer has kept the Sunrisers batsmen in a leash, conceding just 12 runs in his first three overs.

Spin introduced as KC Cariappa comes into the attack. Moises Henriques gets an edge off the third ball for three runs fine on the off-side. Warner reverse sweeps the next ball past short thirdman for his first boundary, from the 18th ball he faces as the spinner goes for 11 runs in his first over.

Mohit follows it with another tight over, conceding just two singles, including four dot balls in a row to Henriques.

Warner breaks the shackles as he reverse sweeps Cariappa over the off-side for a six.

The Australian has struggled to get going, scoring just 20 from 24 balls, with Sunrisers reaching 50 for one in nine overs.
20:25   Dhawan out for 15, Sunrisers lose 1st wicket

Hyderabad 25-1 (5 ovs) vs Punjab | Scorecard

Mohit Sharma comes into the attack, replacing Sandeep, who bowled two overs for 10 runs with the new ball.

The pace bowler strikes in his very first over with the wicket of Dhawan, who looks to pull a short ball but gets a glove and is caught behind for 15.

A good start from Mohit, as he concedes just four runs while making the breakthrough.
20:21   Sunrisers off to a quiet start against Kings XI Punjab

Hyderabad 21-0 (4 ovs) vs Punjab | Scorecard

Sandeep Sharma to open the bowling for Punjab as David Warner defends the first three balls and then turns the fourth ball to deep square leg for one to get off the mark and Dhawan gets a single to thirdman before his partner gets a leg bye from the last ball.

Ishant Sharma starts his spell with a leg side wide to David Warner as wicketkeeper half stops it to give an extra run. Three singles before Ishant bowls another wide and then beats Warner with an absolute which cuts the left-hander into half.

Dhawan gets the first boundary of the game as he pulls a short ball from Sandeep through square leg for a four.

Ishant follows it up with a tight over, giving away just three runs as Sunrisers reach 21 for no loss in four as they struggle to get going on a pitch looking on the slower side.
19:49   Kings XI Punjab elect to bowl vs Sunrisers
Welcome to the coverage of the 19th match of the Indian Premier League between Sunrisers Hyderabad and Kings XI Punjab in Hyderabad on Monday.

Kings XI Punjab captain Glenn Maxwell has won the toss and elected to bowl.

Sunrisers will have two Afghanistan players in their team as Mohammad Nabi makes his debut, brought into the team in place of Ben Cutting. He will play alongside his fellow countryman Rashid Khan, who has already made an impression with the ball in this IPL.

The hosts have rested Ashish Nehra as Siddharth Kaul takes his place, while Barinder Sran replaces Bipul Sharma.

Meanwhile, Punjab have made one change with Ishant Sharma replacing Varun Aaron.

Earlier, Manish Pandey hit an unbeaten 69 from 49 balls to guide his team to a thrilling four-wicket victory against Delhi Daredevils. Needing eight to win from three balls, Pandey hit Amit Mishra for a six and two runs as KKR clinched a narrow win with just one ball to spare.