Thu, 20 April 2017
IPL updates: Mumbai power to 8-wicket win over Punjab

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23:12   Rana finishes off in style

Mumbai Indians 199-2 (15.3 overs) vs Kings XI Punjab 198-4 (20 overs)  Scorecard

Nitish Rana (62 off 34 balls) finishes the innings in style. He gets Mumbai Indians the win by hooking the ball for a maximum, the victory coming with more than four overs to spare.

Mumbai continue to motor on and Punjab have another loss to their names.
23:05   Inch closer to win

Mumbai Indians 191-2 (15 overs) vs Kings XI Punjab 198-4 (20 overs)  Scorecard

Rana completes another half-century and earns himself the 'Orange Cap'.

He gets a lucky six off the top-edge off his bat to get a 50.

Pandya continues the onslaught, hammers the slower delivery for a maximum over long-on.

He follows that up with another four -- miscued but effective.

Pandya slaps the ball straight down the ground for another boundary. Mumbai inching closer here.
23:00   Mumbai in cruise control

Mumbai Indians 170-2 (14 overs) vs Kings XI Punjab 198-4 (20 overs)  Scorecard

Mohit bowling the slower deliveries well here. 

Hardik Pandya comes in to bat.

Buttler is finally scalped. He mistimes a slower delivery by Mohit Sharma and is caught by Maxwell. 

Buttler goes for 77 off 37! What a phenomenal effort! 

Sandeep Sharma bowls a wide yorker and Buttler slaps it for a flat six over long off .

Buttler follows that with another maximum! 

16 runs off that over.
22:48   Rana, Buttler going great guns

Mumbai Indians 150-1 (12 overs) vs Kings XI Punjab 198-4 (20 overs)  Scorecard

Rana goes on his knee and dispatches Swapnil Singh to the stands.

Rana clobbers Swapnil for another maximum. A short ball and Rana sends that for a six over mid-wicket.

16 off the over and Mumbai in cruise control.

Nitish Rana goes after Ishant Sharma. Hoicks the ball for a massive six down the ground.

Two runs taken and the fifty partnership comes up. 

11 runs leaked in that over and Mumbai look good to get to the target.

22:39   Buttler scores a half-century

Mumbai Indians 123-1 (10 overs) vs Kings XI Punjab 198-4 (20 overs)  Scorecard

Mumbai need 75 off the last 10 overs. 

Buttler and Rana making the chase look like a simple task. 

Nitish Rana and Jos Buttler keep getting the fours and sixes to keep the run-rate in check.

Both batsmen making a mockery of the total.

Sixes and fours coming every over for Mumbai. 
22:22   Parthiv is out for 37

Mumbai Indians 82-1 (6 overs) vs Kings XI Punjab 198-4 (20 overs)  Scorecard

Stoinis gets the breakthrough. 

A slower delivery and Parthiv gives an easy catch to Maxwell. He is gone for 37.

Nitish Rana gets off the mark with a single.

Marcus Stoinis is introduced into the attack and Parthiv goes after him from ball one.

A short ball and Parthiv sends it flying for a six on the on side.

He follows that up with a boundary.

The batsmen are going after the bowling.

Mohit Sharma gets clobbered all over the park in his opening over.

He gives away 17 runs.
22:12   Mumbai get to their 50 in super fast time

Mumbai Indians 51-0 (4 overs) vs Kings XI Punjab 198-4 (20 overs)  Scorecard

Parthiv goes big against Ishant and gets a huge six through fine leg.

Buttler continues his assault and creams the ball through the covers. Milner misses the ball completely only for the ball to race to the boundary.

Parthiv whips the ball through fine leg for a another boundary. Uses his wrists and times it to perfection.

Ishant bleeds 17 runs in that over. Runs coming thick and fast for Mumbai Indians now.

Buttler slaps Sandeep Sharma for a flat six after hitting a four early in the over. 

13 runs off that over.

22:00   Punjab set Mumbai 199 for victory

Mumbai Indians 21-0 (2 over) vs Kings XI Punjab 198-4 (20 overs)  Scorecard

Buttler gets a crisp boundary through point. 

Patel then times the ball to perfection, driving the ball through to the covers.

Ishant Sharma getting knocked around the park here.  
21:57   Buttler goes big

Mumbai Indians 10-0 (1 over) vs Kings XI Punjab 198-4 (20 overs)  Scorecard

Sandeep Sharma opening the bowling for Kings XI Punjab.

Mumbai openers Parthiv Patel and Jos Buttler are happy to deal in singles now.

But the last ball of the over and Buttler goes big. He strikes a six to deep mid-wicket for a huge six!
21:39   Amla gets first T20 ton

Kings XI Punjab 198-4 (20 overs) vs Mumbai Indians Scorecard

Amla finishes the innings at 104 not out off 60 deliveries. What a breathtaking show of all-round batting.

Malinga given last over.

He begins with a wide but the second ball is whacked for a six behind the keeper. 

Amla gets a century as he sends the next ball also for a massive six to fine leg. 

It's his first T20 and IPL ton.

The players are happy to take a two and a single that brings Amla back on strike.

A single is what they'll get and they won't the 200 mark.

But a superb innings from Amla!

Bumrah has given 10 runs in the penultimate over. 

Bowling a no-ball off the 2nd ball of the over means Amla can pick four good runs.

He also bowls a wide. 
21:25   Maxwell gone for 40

Kings XI Punjab 170-4 (18 overs) vs Mumbai Indians Scorecard

McClenaghan makes another breakthrough. 

Marcus Stoinis goes after the bowler, only to be caught by Pollard at long-on.

Stoinis out for 1.

The double strike has put the breaks on Punjab's scoring. 

Amla and Axar Patel will look to go all out in the last two overs. 

Bumrah comes back into the attack and immediately makes impact.

A slower delivery and Maxwell is foxed. Bumrah cleans him all ends up to end the 'Big Show's'  quickfire innings of 40 (18 deliveries).

Stoinis comes to the crease.
21:16   Malinga not spared

Kings XI Punjab 161-2 (16 overs) vs Mumbai Indians Scorecard

Malinga given the ball in hope of stemming the flow of runs.

Slow ball and Amla swings his arms to send the ball 97 mts back! Whoa! What a six that! 

Wide bowled by Malinga. 

Malinga bowls full and wide and Amla gives it the treatment! A six comes square off the wicket.

The next ball, Amla picks the ball beautifully and sends the ball for a boundary straight down the ground.

Nice comeback by Malinga. That ball nearly missed the off stump.

Last ball of the over dispatched for a boundary on the leg side. Amla uses the pace of the ball to flick the ball to the leg side boundary.

22 off the over!
21:08   Takes 28 runs off McClanaghan

Kings XI Punjab 139-2 (15 overs) vs Mumbai Indians Scorecard

Maxwell smokes McClanaghan for two massive sixes behind his head.

Follows that up with a  couple of boundaries.

Pressure on McClanaghan, he bowls a no-ball. A free-hit for Maxwell and boy does he make the bowler pay!

Maxwell sends a full toss to the leg-side boundary for a six!

Phew! 28 runs off that over and with 5 overs to go just hold on to your seats to see what more Maxwell has in store.

Maxwell pummels Bumrah for two boundaries -- one a top-edge over the keeper's head and then cuts the ball behind square. 

The 'Big Show' coming good after a sedate start to that Bumrah over.
20:55   100 up for Punjab

Kings XI Punjab 100-2 (13 overs) vs Mumbai Indians Scorecard

Amla cuts Krunal Pandya for a superb four through backward point.

Pandya then bowls a wide down the leg side.

Maxwell and Amla happy to rotate the strike after that one boundary in the over.
20:52   Krunal Pandya gets his first wicket

Kings XI Punjab 91-2 (12 overs) vs Mumbai Indians Scorecard

Malinga comes back into the attack and is sent for a nicely timed boundary behind point.

Punjab captain Glenn Maxwell replaces Saha. 

Amla digs out the yorker and punches Malinga straight down the ground for a boundary.

A single off the next ball and a fifty for Amla!

11 off that over!

20:48   Krunal Pandya gets his first wicket

Kings XI Punjab 80-2 (11 overs) vs Mumbai Indians Scorecard

Amla gets to the pitch of the ball and dispatches Krunal Pandya for a six over the long on boundary.

Saha gets the ball at the toe end of the bat, falls in no man's land.

The Punjab batsmen going behind the bowling but the pressure gets to Saha who swings his arms only to see the ball crash into his stumps.

Pressure, pressure, pressure!

Amla and Saha happy to just rotate the strike and get the runs now.

Jasprit Bumrah comes in to bowl.

Nice fielding at the boundary by McClanaghan to stop a certain boundary, but the batsmen steal a couple.

Saha chips Bumrah to the leg side for a couple. The ball balloons in the air but falls away from Bhajji at mid-wicket.

Bumrah starts neatlty, giving just 6 runs in the over.
20:35   Marsh gone for 26

Kings XI Punjab 58-1 (8 over) vs Mumbai Indians Scorecard

Harbhajan keeps Punjab quite, gives only six runs in that uneventful over.

Umpires call for a strategic timeout. 

Amla and Saha will now have to bat well to help give Punjab a good platform and ensure no wickets fall so they can go hammer and tongs at the death.

We will have to wait and see how Mumbai also do to restrict the opposition.

Saha comes in at No 3 for Punjab.

Krunal Pandya gets the first feel of the ball.

He does well to give only 6 six runs in the over.

McClenaghan brought back into the attack.

Good fielding by 

Short delivery and Marsh pulls that for a crisp boundary.

Marsh goes for 26.

Full delivery, Marsh caught double-minded and then hands Pollard a simple catch at mid-wicket.

20:23   Malinga gets knocked for a six!

Kings XI Punjab 39-0 (5 over) vs Mumbai Indians Scorecard

Another change and 'Slinga' Malinga comes to bowl.

Amla sends Malinga for a massive six over long-on. That is the first six of the evening.

He follows that up with a yorker! Amla steals a run.

Marsh cuts the ball, nicely timed but finds the fielder at point.

Sharma makes a bowling change, Harbhajan given the ball.

After two dot balls, Marsh gives Bhajji the treatment. He hits the ball square off the wicket, middle of the bat for a boundary.

6 runs off that over!

20:15   He is on a roll

Kings XI Punjab 26-0 (3 over) vs Mumbai Indians Scorecard

3rd over, Pandya continues. Marsh gets a run off backward square leg 

Amla gets hit on the pad, ball runs down the leg side and a good stop by Parthiv Patel behind the stumps.

Marsh then cuts the wide delivery for a boundary through point and follows that up with a boundary off a similar shot. He then takes a single. Impeccable batting by Marsh.

Good over for Punjab! 12 off it

Mitchell McClenaghan bowls the 2nd over that was spiced with a run-out chance, a streaky, lucky boundary for Amla and a caught behind appeal.
20:07   Amla, Marsh open the innings

Kings XI Punjab 8-0 (1 over) vs Mumbai Indians Scorecard

Hardik Pandya opens the bowling for Mumbai Indians.

Hashim Amla gets a single off the first ball.

Shaun Marsh clobbers the short and wide delivery for a boundary through the off side.

Good ground fielding by Krunal Pandya to stop the ball from going to the boundary.

Amla gets 2 runs off the last ball of the first over.

19:42   In-form Mumbai Indians face a lacklustre Punjab

Mumbai Indians captain Rohit Sharma has won the toss and has put the opposition in to bat. 

Two-time champions Mumbai Indians have been on a roll in the Indian Premier League this season and would look to continue the winning streak against Kings XI Punjab in Indore tonight.

This is Punjab's last home match in Indore and they will look to make amends for their dismal show so far.

Having won four out of the five matches thus far, Mumbai Indians are placed second with eight points and start as favourites against Punjab, who have managed to win just two of their five games.

Mumbai will look to their batsmen to shine again and dominate the opponents.

Kings XI Punjab, on the other hand, will have their task cut out against a strong Mumbai outfit.

Despite starting their campaign with back-to-back victories, Kings XI slipped in the next three games and would now be desperate to get back to winning ways.

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Kings XI Punjab Playing XI: Hashim, Amla, Shaun Marsh, Glenn Maxwell, Marcus Stoinis, Wriddhiman Saha, Axar Patel, Gurkeerat Mann Singh, Swapnil Singh, Mohit Sharma, Sandeep Sharma, Ishant Sharma

Mumbai Indians Playing XI: Parthiv Patel, Joss Buttler, Nitish Rana, Rohit Sharma, Kieron Pollard, Hardik Pandya, Krunal Pandya, Harbhajan Singh, Mitchell McClenaghan, Lasith Malinga, Jasprit Bumrah