Sun, 23 April 2017
IPL updates: Punjab beat Gujarat by 26 runs

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19:31   Good death bowling stifles Lions

Gujarat 162-7 (20 overs) vs Punjab 188-7 (20 ovs) Scorecard

Thampi gets a streaky boundary off the final over by Sandeep Sharma.

Good fielding by Harris on the boundary to keep the run down to one.

Sandeep bowls a good over eventually to give 9 runs in the over and complete a 26 run win.

Mohit Sharma on from the other end. 

Bowls a 'wide' off his first delivery, A harsh call by the umpire.

After two dot balls he bowls wide again and Karthik hits it through the covers for a couple.

The batsmen then run a single.

Thampi cannot connect to Sharma's slower delivery but they steal a run.

Karthik on strike, no run. ONLY 5 runs come off the 19th over.
19:21   Karthik their only hope

Gujarat 148-7 (18 overs) vs Punjab 188-7 (20 ovs) Scorecard

Natarajan has done well to keep the runs down in the 18th over.

He has bowled one wide and the batsmen have run five singles.

This over could prove to be the turning point for Punjab.
19:14   Gujarat Lions staring down the barrel

Gujarat 142-7 (17 overs) vs Punjab 188-7 (20 ovs) Scorecard

Sandeep Sharma is welcomed back into the attack with a four by Dinesh Karthik.

He whips the ball to the square leg boundary. 

Now, Tye gets a lucky boundary behind the 'keeper. 

Sandeep Sharma comes back well to clean up Tye all ends up.

Lions lose Tye but Sandeep leaks 14 in the over and Karthik gets to his half-century with a boundary to backward point.

19:06   Cariappa strikes twice!

Gujarat 128-6 (16 overs) vs Punjab 188-7 (20 ovs) Scorecard

Mohit Sharma comes back into the attack.

He gives away two runs in the first two balls. He almost gets Tye but the batsman moves across the wickets, gets the bottom edge of the bat that saves him. 

Mohit does well to keep the runs down to just seven off the over.

Lions need 61 off 24 deliveries and that is the strategic timeout.
19:01   Lions in trouble

Gujarat 121-6 (15 overs) vs Punjab 188-7 (20 ovs) Scorecard

Lions take 15 runs off Axar Patel. 

Andrew Tye gets going. 

Cariappa strikes again! 

He gets Akshdeep Nath trapped leg before for a duck. 

Nath plays across, gets rapped on the pads and the umpire raises his finger. 

Nath dismissed and Lions lose their 6th wicket.

Dwayne Smith goes back to the dug out as soon as he comes out. 

He sweeps Axar Patel for a four and is caught in the deep by Stoinis. 

Lions in trouble now.
18:58   Lions in trouble

Gujarat 106-6 (14 overs) vs Punjab 188-7 (20 ovs) Scorecard

Cariappa strikes again! 

He gets Akshdeep Nath trapped leg before for a duck. 

Nath plays across, gets rapped on the pads and the umpire raises his finger. 

Nath dismissed and Lions lose their 6th wicket.

Dwayne Smith goes back to the dug out as soon as he comes out. 

He sweeps Axar Patel for a four and is caught in the deep by Stoinis. 

Lions in trouble now.
18:50   Cariappa gets the wicket

Gujarat 95-4 (12 overs) vs Punjab 188-7 (20 ovs) Scorecard

Cariappa comes into the attack. He has bowled excellently to give no boundaries so far.

He then has Jadeja caught and bowled. Nice low, diving catch to dismiss the dangerous batsman.

The run-rate is now creeping up but a boundary or two can help Lions get closer to the target.

Patel bowls a short ball and Jadeja cuts it through point for a boundary. 

The batsmen are content to mix it up. Sevem runs off the over.
18:41   Karthik moving on nicely

Gujarat 82-3 (10 overs) vs Punjab 188-7 (20 ovs) Scorecard

Stoinis comes into the attack.

Karthik pulls Stoinis for a boundary.

Slower ball, short of length and dispatched for a four. 

12 runs off the over.

18:37   Gets his 50th IPL wicket

Gujarat 70-3 (9 overs) vs Punjab 188-7 (20 ovs) Scorecard

Patel gets the breakthrough.

Raina pulls the ball and a well-timed catch by Glenn Maxwell at the boundary sees the back of the Lions captain. 

Raina plays a good hand (32 off 24) and Axar Patel gets his 50th IPL wicket.

Axar Patel comes into the attack, a poor short delivery and is immediately pulled for a boundary by Dinesh Karthik.

Raina and Karthik happy to run the singles.
18:29   Raina doing well

Gujarat 63-2 (8 overs) vs Punjab 188-7 (20 ovs) Scorecard

Karthik and Raina seeing off Cariappa and Natarajan well here.

Strategic timeout called out.

Dinesh Karthik replaces Finch and off the mark with a boundary down to short fine leg.

Mohit Sharma comes back into the attack and gets the wicket of Finch.

Stoinis takes a low catch at cover. The on field umpires go up to the 3rd umpire to check the validity of the catch, 

The third umpire signals it out. 

Cariappa comes to the attack and is sent for a huge six by Raina off the last ball of his over.
18:09   Lions lose McCullum early

Gujarat 36-1 (4 overs) vs Punjab 188-7 (20 ovs) Scorecard

Finch launches into Natarajan and that is the first six for Gujarat Lions.

T Natarajan comes into the attack.

Raina gets a four through mid on off the bowling of Sandeep Sharma.

Run out chance in vain, had the ball hit the stumps  Raina would have been on his way back. Not to be. 

Finch gets one run to hand the strike to Raina.

Wristy Raina send the ball for a boundary through point.

9 runs off the over!

Gujarat 14-1 (2 overs) vs Punjab 188-7 (20 ovs) Scorecard

Aaron Finch miscues the shot. Marsh fails to get to the ball in time.

Finch logs two easy runs. 

Number 3 bat Raina gets a boundary down to fine leg. 

Good fielding to keep that to just 1 run. Raina cut the ball that was racing to the fence.

14 off the over.
17:54   Punjab set Lions 189 for victory

Gujarat 6-1 (1 over) vs Punjab 188-7 (20 ovs) Scorecard

Sandeep Sharma opens the bowling and Brendon McCullum welcomes him with a boundary through backward point.

He gets another couple of runs.

Sandeep comes back strongly to trap McCullum leg before. 

McCullum misses the full toss and gets hit on the back pad. Umpire raises the finger and Gujarat lose first wicket.

17:37   Patel props scoring late in the innings

Punjab 188-7 (20 ovs) vs Gujarat | Scorecard

Thampi bowling the final over. Saha and Mohit Sharma now batting for Punjab.

The batsmen can't penetrate the fielding here in the last over. 

Thampi is also bowling a good line and length. 

The batsmen scamper for two. Saha then clears the leg side boundary.

Thampi follows it with a yorker. Ball goes to Thampi who runs out Saha at the non-striker's end.
17:25   18 runs off the over

Punjab 176-6 (19 ovs) vs Gujarat | Scorecard

Dwayne Smith given the ball and gets tonked for 10 runs off his first two balls.

Axar Patel slaps a six and a four off him. 

Another slower delivery, Patel spots it and swings his arm for another six over long on.

Finch takes a good running catch on the boundary to get rid of Patel.

Smith bowls short, Patel slogs and looks for another maximum but is caught out for 34 off 17.

18 runs and a wicket come off that over.
17:19   Tye gets another breakthrough

Punjab 158-5 (18 ovs) vs Gujarat | Scorecard

Tye gets another breakthrough!

A crucial wicket at a crucial time. 

Stoinis foxed by the slower delivery. Looks to go big but holes out right into the palms of Brendon McCullum at long off.

Saha comes to the crease.
17:13   Patel, Stoinis motoring on

Punjab 152-4 (17 ovs) vs Gujarat | Scorecard

And a good way to end the over! Patel goes big and straight to log a boundary, the first after the fall of the wickets of Amla and Maxwell.

Tye comes back into the attack. 

Axar Patel and Marcus Stoinis are the new players at the crease for Punjab. 

They are rotating the strike well here but they need to find the big runs soon, with just four overs remaining.
17:02   Amla and Maxwell dismissed

Punjab 135-4 (15 ovs) vs Gujarat | Scorecard

Seven come off that Jadeja over but another breakthrough for the Lions.

Jadeja gets the much needed wicket of Maxwell.

Maxwell goes leg before wicket. 

Maxwell gets well under the ball and powers the ball for a huge six over the bowler's head.

He plays another biggie on the on side. 

And there is a wicket here against the run of play.

Amla gives bowler Agarwal a simple caught and bowled chance and his first IPL wicket. 

Amla dismissed for 65.
16:52   Marsh dismissed!

Punjab 114-2 (13 ovs) vs Gujarat | Scorecard

Jadeja gives 10 runs in the over as Punjab motor on.

Strategic timeout called.

Maxwell pulls Thampi for a maximum through deep mid-wicket.

He gets a run off the next ball. It is whacked through mid-on. 

A rare misfield by Brendon McCullum gifts a boundary to Amla straight down the ground.

The batsmen are content to rotate the strike.

Glenn Maxwell pulls Agarwal to sweeper cover, good fielding at the boundary by Jadeja to save a certain four. 

Maxwell content with a single.Three runs come in that over.
16:41   Tye gets the breakthrough

Punjab 88-2 (10 ovs) vs Gujarat | Scorecard

Amla gets a half-century with a four down to fine leg.

Both batsmen in the middle of the pitch, it would have been a run-out.

Andrew Tye brought back into the attack and gets the dismissal!

Marsh deceived through the air, he can't spot the slower ball. He is caught out by Raina for 30.
16:36   Gujarat bowlers struggling

Punjab 80-1 (9 ovs) vs Gujarat | Scorecard

Jadeja continues, After starting well in the over, Jadeja flights the ball and Amla takes full advantage to hammer the ball for a six.

Amla follows that up with a four to fine leg and a single off the next delivery.

Jadeja hammered for 13 runs in that over and timeout is signalled.
16:32   Punjab bring up their 50

Punjab 67-1 (8 ovs) vs Gujarat | Scorecard

Shubham Agarwal getting hammered by Marsh.

He hits a six through long off and then follows that with four through sweeper cover.

Agarwal leaks 14 runs in his opening over!
16:28   Amla, Marsh roll on

Punjab 53-1 (7 ovs) vs Gujarat | Scorecard

Ravindra Jadeja comes into the attack.

Begins with a dot ball. 

Marsh gets a run through mid-wicket. 

Amla takes a run. Marsh misses the ball. 

Just three runs coming off that over. 
16:25   Amla, Marsh roll on

Punjab 50-1 (6 ovs) vs Gujarat | Scorecard

Andrew Tye welcomed to the attack with a boundary straight down the ground. 

Mistimed shot by Amla but gets the desired result.

Two balls later Amla gets a well-timed boundary through the covers.

Amla gets the first six of the innings. He slaps the ball over the long-on boundary to bring up Punjab's 50. 

16:21   Punjab lose opener Vohra

Punjab 36-1 (5 ovs) vs Gujarat | Scorecard

Basil Thampi comes into the attack. 

Amla takes a single. 

Second ball goes for a four.

Marsh is lucky to get a boundary through deep square leg.

The batsmen keep the scoreboard ticking -- take two singles.

Marsh finishes the over with a boundary -- cuts the ball through point.

Nathu Singh continues from the other end. 

Three runs given in that over.

Suresh Raina brings himself into the attack and gives away just 5 runs.

Shaun Marsh comes to the crease and starts with a four! Good start here for the number 3 batsman.

16:14   Gujarat win toss, put Punjab in to bat

Punjab 22-1 (3 ovs) vs Gujarat | Scorecard

Kings XI Punjab lose an early wicket. 

Opener Manan Vohra is dismissed caught behind off the bowling of Nathu Singh. 

Last match's centurion Hashim Amla starts with 2 fours in the first over. 

Earlier, Gujarat Lions skipper Suresh Raina opted to bowl in their seventh round IPL encounter against Kings XI Punjab in Rajkot.

Both teams made a wholesale changes with Gujarat Lions dropping four players.

For Gujarat, Ishan Kishan has been replaced by batsman Akshdeep Nath, leg-spinner Subham Agarwal comes in place of Dhawal Kulkarni, James Faulkner made way for Andrew Tye. Nathu Singh was the fourth replacement in place of Praveen Kumar.

For Punjab, Ishant Sharma has been dropped and in comes Thangarasu Natarajan, KC Cariappa replaces left-arm spinner Swapnil Singh. Fit-again opener Manan Vohra is back in place of Gurkeerat Singh Mann.


Gujarat Lions: Suresh Raina (captain), Aaron Finch, Brendon McCullum, Dinesh Karthik (wk), Dwayne Smith, Ravindra Jadeja, Akshdeep Nath, Subham Agarwal, Andrew Tye, Basil Thampi, Nathu Singh

Kings XI Punjab: Glenn Maxwell (captain) Manan Vohra, Hashim Amla, Wriddhiman Saha (wk), Shaun Marsh, Marcus Stoinis, Axar Patel, KC Cariappa, Thangarasu Natarajan, Mohit Sharma, Sandeep Sharma.