Pushpakumara, Chandimal gone
August 06, 2017  10:58

SL 241-4 (74 ovs) and 183 (49.4 ovs) India 622-9 decl (158 ovs) Scorecard

Sri Lanka lose another wicket, this time it's Jadeja who gets some turn and makes Chandimal play. Rahane takes a good low catch at slip to send the Lanka captain back to the pavillion. 

Ashwin induces the leading edge from Chandimal and the ball wide of the man at slip. Chandimal off the mark with a couple. 

Sri Lanka lose another wicket.

Pushpakumara is bowled by Ashwin. He plays all around the ball, he tries to play a slog sweep and completely misses the ball.

He is gone for 16.

Jadeja bowling tightly.

Ashwin is testing the batsman here but Pushpakumara is fighting on by defending everything.

Jadeja continues and Pushpakumara gets a four.

Ashwin comes into the attack and gives away 3 runs. 

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