Kohli fails with the bat, India in trouble
August 27, 2017  19:25

India 19-2 (6 ovs) vs SL 217-9 | Scorecard

Fernando slanting the ball across Kohli to try and exploit his weakness outside the off-stump. Kohli defends the first two balls before he plays the drive but is beaten before he sees off the rest of the over as Fernando finishes with a maiden over.

Malinga has a fielder at deep square leg and Rohit flicks the first ball to that fielder to a full delivery on the pads.

Sri Lanka have an extra fielder in the slips for Kohli but he manages to get off strike with a single on the leg side.

Malinga drops short and Rohit slashes it past point for a four to release the pressure and then clips the next ball to deep square leg for one.

Fernando leaves India in a spot of bother with the key wicket of Virat Kohli. The India captain, who made three, flicks it uppishly on the leg side as Chameera does well to charge in and complete a sharp catch diving forward.

India in a spot of bother on 19 for two in the sixth over.

KL Rahul under some pressure as he looks to justify his spot at No. 4. He carefully defends the rest of the over as Fernando bowls his second maiden over on the trot.
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