SL lose early wicket after being set 410 for victory
December 05, 2017  16:01

SL 14-1 (6 ovs); Target to win: 410 | Scorecard

The light has faded considerably and it won't be long before the umpires bring out the light meters.

Sadeera plays back to Ishant but is beaten by the pace and hit on the pads but the impact is too high.

He punches the last ball past mid-off for a couple of runs as Jadeja does well.

Shami bowls a good testing over to Karunaratne, who does well to play it out.

Samarawickrama looking to be positive as he pulls a short ball from Ishant on the leg side for one before Karunarante flicks the next through midwicket for two runs.

Ashwin is slow to get down at midwicket and gifts Sadeera Samarawickrama a single before Karunaratne takes a risky single off the next on the off-side.

Shami bowls a quick bouncer to Sadeera and nearly takes his head off as the right-hander does well to sway out of the way.

The next ball is again on the body and Sadeera again tries to avoid as the ball goes off his arm and is caught in the slips.

The umpire rules it out but Sri Lanka take the DRS review and the Ultra Edge shows that the ball had kissed the gloves on the way to Rahane at gully.

Top class fast bowling from Shami. He softened Sadeera with a quick bouncer, who merely attempted to fend the next ball in his attempt to save himself.

It seems Shami is also struggling as he is also seen throwing up on the field but he is fit to continue.
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