Sri Lanka's bowler keep India in check
December 24, 2017  21:39

India 72-2 (12 ovs) vs SL 135-7 | Scorecard

This is interesting as Sri Lanka bring back Dananjaya with India needing a few big overs to keep the asking rate in check.

Will they take a few risks against the spinner?

Pandey turns the second ball on the leg side before Iyer pulls a short ball and sprints back quickly for a tight second run to deep midwicket.

Iyer taps the fourth ball to point and is called for a quick single by his partner, who is beaten by one which is full and goes straight on.

Pandey calmly drives the last ball to long-off for a single as just five runs come from the over.

Shanaka, who bowled a fantastic first spell, comes back. Pandey takes a single before Iyer drills the next straight down the ground for two and then pulls the third ball square for one.

Pandey hammers one down the ground but picks just one to long-off. Shanaka then bowls a yorker as Iyer digs out to the fielder at point.

Iyer breaks the shackles as he lofts the last ball, which is pitched on length, back over the bowler's head for a six, the first boundary after a long wait of 39 balls.

India are 72 for two in 12 overs, needing another 64 runs in eight overs for victory.
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