Sun, 12 February 2017
One-off Test: Bangladesh 103-3 at stumps after being set 459 for win

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16:46   Bangladesh 103-3 at stumps after being set 459 for win


B'desh 103-3 (35 ovs) vs India; Target: 459Scorecard

Bangladesh battle hard to finish on 103 for three at stumps on Day 4 after being set a mammoth 459 for victory.

India were made to work hard for their wickets in the second innings as Ashwin bagged a couple of wickets and Jadeja took one with the pitch starting to play a few tricks late in the day.

Shakib took a few risks before he settled down to be unbeaten on 21 from 42 balls, while Mahmudullah was not out on nine.

Bangladesh would look to play out the first session on Day 5 without much damage which could brighten their hopes of saving the match.

But India will feel confident of snapping up the remaining wickets and finish off with a win on the final day.

B'desh 103-3 (35 ovs) vs India; Target: 459Scorecard

Shakib seems to have shut shop and is looking to play for stumps as he carefully defends Ashwin's 15th over as the off-spinner tempts him with a few well flighted deliveries.

Even Mahmudullah, who looked keen to attack Jadeja in his previous over, is being watchful now and he also sees off a maiden over.

Ashwin to bowl the final over of the day. He tempts Shakib forward with a slow flighted delivery as he drives to the cover fielder, playing well away from his body.

The last ball is the leg-spinner as Shakib is deceived and he offers no stroke to one which comes in but in the end it is far from the stumps.
16:36   Ashwin and Jadeja strike, Bangladesh in trouble

B'desh 103-3 (32 ovs) vs India; Target: 459Scorecard

That wicket forces Kohli to bring spin from both ends as Ashwin comes on from the other end, replacing Yadav, who looked quite flat during his three-over spell.

And the move pays off as Ashwin strikes in the second over of his new spell. The off-spinner gets one to turn and bounce as Haque gets an edge and this time Rahane has an easy catch at first slip.

India would be looking to claim another wicket or two as Bangladesh look to just defend and not give away another more wicket before stumps.

Jadeja gets one to turn and bounce off the rough outside left-hander Shakib's off stump. He comes forward to defend as the ball is caught at short leg and the umpire gives it out but Shakib reviews immediately.

The replays confirm that the ball missed the bat and gloves while the LBW appeal doesn't hold good with the ball bouncing over the stumps.

India's spinners are creating some chances and with the ball doing things on the odd occasion, it is becoming difficult for the batsmen.

In the next over, Ashwin drops short as Shakib rocks back and hammers him through the covers for a four.

In the next over, Shakib heaves across the line on the leg side as he swings Jadeja over midwicket for a four. The Indians won't mind it as Bangladesh are fighting to save the Test and such big hits can only result in a wicket if the batsman errs slightly.

Shakib again goes for the big hit across the line as he lofts it over midwicket for another four and keeps strike with one from the last ball.

Shakib is being quite watchful against Ashwin as he plays out a maiden over, he could be looking to play for stumps with four overs left in the day.

This is strange tactics from Bangladesh as Mahmudullah comes down the track and has a swing this time but mishits it through midwicket for a couple.

Bangladesh have crossed the 100-run mark as they reach 103 for three in 32 overs.
16:05   Sarkar falls for 42, Bangladesh lose 2nd wicket

B'desh 71-2 (22 ovs) vs India; Target: 459Scorecard

Finally Umesh Yadav comes into the attack, to bowl the 17th over as he replaces Ishant, who bowled three overs for 19 runs in his first spell.

Ashwin goes up in appeal for a catch by wicketkeeper Saha as Sarkar is beaten off the inside edge. And as always, Ashwin is keen to go for the DRS and manages to convince Kohli this time but there is no edge and the stumping also fails to stand.

This has been quite a good spell by Ashwin, who has created some chances and kept their batsmen on their toes.

Sarkar has looked quite fluent and done well against both seamers and Ashwin while Haque has also been relatively trouble free so far.

Ashwin's spell of one for 19 in nine overs comes to an end as he makes way for Ravindra Jadeja, to bowl the 20th over of the innings.

Sarkar immediately goes after Jadeja, chipping down the track and smashing it down the ground past mid-on for a four.

The last ball is short as Sarkar cuts it past point for the second four of the over to take Bangladesh to 65 for one in 20 overs.

Bangladesh take a risky single as Haque taps it to Ashwin and takes a quick single, he had to dive at the end to ensure he made his crease.

Jadeja makes the breakthrough with the wicket of Sarkar, who is brilliantly caught by Rahane in the slips, who did well to hold on to a one-handed catch to his right.

Once the Bangladesh top order guilty of not carrying on after getting off to a start. Sarkar looked solid during his innings of 42 before he comes forward to defend and gets the outside edge and Rahane does well to anticipate it and complete a good sharp catch, to make the breakthrough.
15:34   Sarkar, Haque steady Bangladesh after early wicket

B'desh 52-1 (16 ovs) vs India; Target: 459Scorecard

Ishant comes into the attack after a five-over spell from Bhunveshwar with the new ball as India's best bowler in the first innings -- Umesh Yadav is made to wait.

Sarkar plays a nice drive through the covers for three runs and Haque takes a single as four runs come from the over.

Kohli happy not to change things from the other end as Ashwin continues from the other end with Jadeja yet to bowl. The pitch is still not doing as much as the Indian bowlers would like and they are being made to work really hard for every wicket.

Ishant bowls a wide half volley as Sarkar plays a beautiful cover drive for a four before the tall pacer beats the left-hander which moves away slightly. He manages to get the edge off the last ball but this time it flies past the slips for a four.
15:11   Sarkar, Haque steady Bangladesh after early wicket

B'desh 29-1 (10 ovs) vs India; Target: 459Scorecard

Sarkar goes after a wide delivery from Bhuvneshwar, slashing it uppishly through the covers for a four.

The next ball is short and this time Sarkar pulls it square on the leg side for the second successive boundary.

Bhuvneshwar comes back with a fast bouncer which hits Sarkar on the helmet as he takes his eyes off and looks to duck under it. He is hit right on the grill of the helmet as he tries to duck under while ensuring that he keeps his gloves out of the way.

Mominul Haque gets off the mark with a single from Ashwin's last ball, of his fourth over.

India happy with Bhuvneshwar bowling with the new ball while Ishant and Umesh would come in a few overs later and try to get some reverse swing.

Haque goes after a wide short delivery but fails to connect with the cut shot. However, he gets the last ball off the middle, flicking it through midwicket for a four.

He repeats it in the next over, cutting the last ball from Ashwin through point for a four as Bangladesh reach 29 for one in 10 overs.

14:54   Ashwin strikes early, Bangladesh lose Tamim

B'desh 11-1 (6 ovs) vs India; Target: 459Scorecard

Bangladesh face an uphill task of surviving four sessions including three on the fifth and final day when the pitch is expected to get worse for batting, although it has remained quite solid so far.

Bhuvneshwar Kumar to open the bowling as Tamim picks a single from the first ball to fine leg to get off the mark.

Soumya Sarkar edges the next ball which goes on the bounce to Virat Kohli at third slip before he takes a single from the fifth ball.

India waste no time in introducing spin as Ravichandran Ashwin comes in to bowl the second over. He gets the first ball to turn big as Sarkar is beaten before he edges the third ball but it goes between the wicketkeeper and Rahane at first slip and goes away for a four.

Both Tamim and Sarkar are looking to play with caution and not in their trademark aggressive fashion.

Ashwin raps Tamim on the pads, who comes forward to defend but plays down the wrong line and is struck on the pads. The Indians go up in appeal but the umpire turns it down and captain Virat Kohli immediately goes up in appeal.

The DRS confirms that Tamim had got an inside edge which went off his pads and was taken by Kohli close in on the off-side.

That's the early wicket India were looking for as Bangladesh are reduced to 11 for one in six overs.
14:14   India declare on 159-4, set Bangladesh 459 for victory


India 159-4d (29 ovs) & 687-6d vs B'desh 388 | Scorecard

India went for the runs in the post-lunch session as they made 159 for four in 29 overs at the tea break to swell their overall lead to 458 runs.

India were in the attack mode in the session as they smashed 158 runs in 28 overs in the session while losing four wickets.

Pujara led the way with a brisk knock of 54 from 58 balls, while Jadeja was unbeaten on 16.

Meanwhile, India have declared on 159 for four, setting Bangladesh an improbable 459 for victory or bat four sessions to salvage a draw.
14:11   Pujara hits fifty to steer India to 159-4 at tea


India 159-4 (29 ovs) & 687-6d vs B'desh 388 | Scorecard

Shakib firing it full and on the stumps, not giving the batsmen anything to work with as Rahane and Pujara take a single each in his seventh over.

Rahane comes down the track to off-spinner Hasan but is forced to defend as he nearly lobs it back to the bowler. The next ball is short as Rahane carves it over point for a couple.

He again skips down the track but can't get underneath it for a single to long-on and Pujara tries the paddle but fails to connect.

He sweeps the next ball as he gets a top edge which goes over the keeper and gets him two runs.

Rahane perishes in his quest for quick runs as he gives Shakib the charge but is beaten and is bowled for 28. He came down the track and had a wild swing but missed it completely as he gave his wicket away in the team's cause.

Ravindra Jadeja gets a promotion ahead of Ravichandran Ashwin and Wriddhiman Saha. He swings the second ball he faces over midwicket but the fielder in the deep misses a straightforward chance and also ends up giving away a boundary.

He smashes the next ball straight back over Shakib's head for a six and keeps strike with a single from the last ball.

In the next over, Pujara comes down the track and whips Hasan powerfully through midwicket for a four while India ensure to pick single off the next five deliveries to maintain the flow of runs.

Jadeja looks for a big swing but Shakib does well to slow it down and he can only get one.

Meanwhile, Pujara cuts Shakib behind point for a four to race to his fifty from 57 balls, having hit six fours and a six, to register his second half-century in the match. He paddles the next ball for two runs fine on the leg side to end the post lunch session.
13:51   Pujara, Rahane attack Bangladesh as India build lead

India 120-3 (24 ovs) & 687-6d vs B'desh 388 | Scorecard

Ajinkya Rahane (4) gets a lifeline as Shakib puts down an easy chance on his follow through after a full toss was gently hit back straight at him.

While Pujara has gone a bit quiet in the last few overs, Rahane has got into the act straightaway. Shakib drops short as Rahane rocks back and pulls him over midwicket for a four.

At the other end, Mehedi Hasan is bowling a tight spell conceding just 10 runs in his first four overs.

Rahane keeps targetting Shakin as this time he slog sweeps the left-arm spinner over midwicket for a four. In the next over, he chips down the track and heaves Hasan over the same region for a six.

India have reached 120 for three in 24 overs to extend their lead to 419 runs.
13:32   Kohli dismissed for 38, India lose 3rd wicket

India 91-3 (17 ovs) & 687-6d vs B'desh 388 | Scorecard

Kohli comes down the track to Shakib and lofts him over midwicket for a six as India continue their attacking approach in the quest for quick runs.

However, the bowler gets revenge as Kohli attempts to repeat the shot but this time he is caught at midwicket after a brisk 38 from 40 balls.

Bangladesh might be very happy to have dismissed Kohli cheaply, especially considering how good he looked in the first innings when he smashed a double century and was looking set for another big knock here.
13:16   Kohli, Pujara on the attack after openers perish early

India 78-2 (14 ovs) & 687-6d vs B'desh 388 | Scorecard

Kohli again looking in super touch right from the start. He drives Taijul through the covers for a couple and then flicks the next off his pads behind square on the leg side for another two runs.

Taijul bowls one wide as Kohli late cuts it past the slip fielder for a four and then picks a single to midwicket as the India captain races to 22 from 17 balls with India's scoring rate above five with 55 coming from 11 overs.

A long first spell for Taskin as he continues to bowl his sixth over on the trot. He tries a short ball which Kohli pulls powerfully to deep square leg for one. The next ball is in the slot, full and wide, as Pujara drives it gloriously through the covers for a splendid four.

Shakib Al Hasan comes into the attack, replacing Taijul, who bowled six overs for 29 runs in his first spell. He makes a tidy start, giving away just two singles.

India pushing on the scoring here as Taskin continues his spell. Three singles from the first three balls before Kohli smashes it over the covers for a four and then pulls a short ball for one.

The last ball is again short as this time Pujara hooks it high over the fine leg fence for a six.

India are in a hurry as they race to 78 for two in 14 overs, with Kohli on 27 from 28 balls and Pujara on 29 from 25 balls.
12:55   Rahul and Vijay perish as India lose early wickets

India 46-2 (10 ovs) & 687-6d vs B'desh 388 | Scorecard

Taskin strikes again in his next over with the wicket of Rahul, who is caught behind for 10 as India are reduced to 23 for two in six overs.

The pacer has done well to stick to a channel outside the off-stump and bowl to his field. Rahul slashed at the second ball past point for a four but two balls later he perished going for another big shot through the off-side.

Virat Kohli is beaten off the first ball as he also goes for the cut again Taskin but fails to make connection before he defends the last ball.

Despite Taskin taking two wickets, Bangladesh persist with spinner Taijul from the other end, who is merely looking to hold one end up.

Taskin gives Kohli a wake up with a sharp bounce which he tries to pull but is struck on the helmet as it goes over the keeper for a four. Two balls later, he steers it to thirdman for one to get off the mark and Pujara drives the last ball to the same region but this time there is no fielder which helps him get a boundary.

A single each to Kohli and Pujara before the India captain drives Taijul through the covers for a couple and then gets another two runs to midwicket off the fifth delivery.

Kohli keeping himself busy as he turns Taskin on the leg side for two runs and then takes one before Pujara plays a cracking straight drive for a four.

India have lost both their openers early but scored at a good rate to reach 46 for two in 10 overs, stretching their overall lead to 345 runs.
12:31   Vijay out for 7 as India lose early wicket

India 19-1 (5 ovs) & 687-6d vs B'desh 388 | Scorecard

Pacer Taskin Ahmed starts off proceedings after the lunch interval. Vijay drives the fifth ball on the off-side for a single before he gets the first boundary of the innings in the next over, flicking a full delivery from Taijul through midwicket for a four.

Taskin looking to bowl it wide and away from the stumps as Rahul leaves the first two balls before he mishits the third ball through midwicket for three runs.

Vijay throws his bat a wide delivery but gets an edge and is caught behind for seven. He immediately starts to walk before he is asked to wait by the umpires as they check for the front foot. But Taskin has bowled a legitimate delivery with his front foot behind the crease and India lose their first wicket.

Cheteshwar Pujara makes India's intents clear as he steps down the track to the second ball he faces, from Taijul, and drives it in some style through the covers for a four to get off the mark.
11:32   India decide not to enforce the follow-on


India 1-0 (1 ov) & 687-6d vs B'desh 388 | Scorecard

Despite taking a sizeable 299-run lead, India have not enforced the follow-on which means they will walk out to bat in the post-lunch session and look to score some quick runs before putting their opposition in again later in the day.

A good innings from Rahim as he top scored for Bangladesh with a gusty knock of 127, hitting 16 fours and two sixes in his 262-ball knock.

The wickets were shared by the Indians bowlers as Umesh claimed three for 84, while Ashwin and Jadeja picked up two wickets each and Ishant and Bhuvneshwar taking one apiece.

Interestingly, India will bat for an over before lunch is called.

Left-arm spinner Taijil Islam to bowl the only over for Bangladesh before lunch. Vijay defends the first four balls before he takes one on the leg side to get off the mark and Rahul defends the last ball before lunch is called on Day 4.
11:23   Spin King Ashwin breaks another record

Ravichandran Ashwin breaks the record for the fastest bowler to complete 250 wickets in Test cricket. He got to the landmark in just 45 Tests, ahead of Dennis Lillee who achieved the feat in 48 matches, while Dale Steyn took 49 Tests.

11:19   Bangladesh 388 all out, Ashwin completes 250 wkts

B'desh 388-all out (127.5 ovs) vs India 687-6d | Scorecard

Spin from both ends as Jadeja comes on from the other end. He immediately strikes in his first over as Taskin looks to have edged it and is caught behind. However, Bangladesh captain Rahim takes the DRS which show that the noise was created by bat hitting the pads and not the ball.

In Jadeja's next over, Taskin has a big swing but gets a thick outside edge which goes past Rahane in the slips for a four to thirdman. He gets the last ball off the middle, playing a nice drive through the covers for a couple.

Rahim feeling confident to take the singles even off the first ball of the over now. Taskin survives a confident shout for leg before wicket as Ashwin beats him with one which slides on straight. Two balls later, Ashwin has another big appeal turned down by umpire Marais Erasmus, though this time it looks much closer.

Jadeja finally makes the breakthrough with the wicket of Taskin, who is caught at first slip for eight.

Last man Kamrul Islam plays out the remaining three deliveries to end a good over from Jadeja.

Rahim turns down the single off the first ball of Ashwin before he shuffles across and ramps it fine on the leg side for a four. He reverse sweeps the next ball but this time he gets one to thirdman and Kamrul again blocks the rest of the over.

Rahim again takes a single off the second ball off Jadeja before Kamrul does his job of keeping the rest of the over away.

In the next over, Rahim comes down the track and smashes it straight down the ground for a four before the off-spinner gets revenge off the next delivery.
10:54   Captain Rahim hits century to lift Bangladesh

B'desh 368-8 (120 ovs) vs India 687-6d | Scorecard

Ishant tries the short ball to Rahim, who takes on the challenge but gets the top edge which carries over the fine leg fence for a six.

He again looks to pull off the last ball but this time he misses and the Indians go up in appeal as wicketkeeper Saha takes the catch down the leg side. The umpire turns down the appeal forcing the Indians to take the DRS, which goes in Rahim's favour with the ball going off the arm guard.

Still no sign of spin with the pacers creating enough problems for the Bangladesh lower order.

Rahim has continued to offer stiff resistance on a gutsy knock of 95, just five short of his second Test century. He will need good support from the remaining two batsmen as Bangladesh look to bat for as long as possible to keep their hopes alive of saving the match.

Rahim gets his century courtesy of a misfield from Ishant on the fine leg fence, who gives away a boundary as the right-hander pulls a short ball from Umesh.

Bhuvneshwar comes back for a new spell, replacing Ishant. Rahim gets a thick outside edge off to thirdman and he is happy to take a single and Taskin gets an inside edge off the fourth ball for another run.

India introduce spin as Ravichandran Ashwin comes into the attack ahead of Ravindra Jadeja.

Rahim goes on the attack against Ashwin as he steps down the track and drives the fifth ball through the covers for a four. He again chips down the track off the next delivery and heaves it over midwicket for a six.

Bangladesh are 368 for eight in 120 overs, still needing another 119 runs to avoid the follow-on.
10:24   Yadav strikes again, Bangladesh lose 8th wicket

B'desh 339-8 (114 ovs) vs India 687-6d | Scorecard

Taijul pulls a short ball from Umesh behind square on the leg side for a four before the pacer gets revenge two balls later.

A good short ball which Taijul looks to duck under but it kisses the gloves before it is pouched by wicketkeeper Wriddhiman Saha.

So far, it has gone to plan for the Indians with the pacers striking early and they would be hoping to finish off the remaining two wickets and bundle out Bangladesh cheaply.
10:19   Bangladesh lose early wicket on Day 4

B'desh 334-7 (113 ovs) vs India 687-6d | Scorecard

Welcome the coverage of Day 4 of the one-off Test between India and Bangladesh in Hyerabad, on Sunday.

Apologies for the delay which was due to some technical issues.

Pacer Bhuvneshwar Kumar gave India a perfect start on Day 4 with the wicket of Mehedi Hasan Miraz in the first over of the day. He bowled a superb inswinger which came in late and breached through the right-hander's defences to bowl him after a fine innings of 51 from 107 balls, inclusive of 10 fours.

There is a huge appeal off the very next ball against new batsman Taijul Islam, as the umpire turns down the call but India take the DRS. However, it turns out to be a poor review with the ball pitching outside the leg stump and it stays with the umpire's decision.

Captain Mushfiqur Rahim takes a single off the first ball of the next over bowled by Umesh Yadav for the first run of the day before Taijul watchfully plays out the over.