England lose Morgan
June 06, 2017  17:24

England 166-3 (30 ovs)  vs New Zealand Scorecard

Neesham comes back into the attack.

Again two dots balls to begin the over and Stokes is ok with that .

This could be out! Root backs up a little too much. Stokes punches the ball down the pitch, Anderson gets a hand to it and the ball knocks the stumps, thank goodness Root made it back to the crease on time.

Stokes now comes down the track and just clobbers the ball behind the bowler for a boundary. 

Two dot balls again to end the over and that is the drinks break.

Anderson continues and flicks the ball to the leg side for a quick couple down to square. 

He repeats the process and it's an identical shot off the next ball. 

Root gets another run to square.

Stokes plays out two dot balls, good defensive shots for nought.

Stokes gets a single down to deep mid-on off the last ball of the over.

Boult continues and plays out two dot balls.

Nicely bowled but Stokes gets to the pitch of the ball and gets a boundary straight down the ground.

Another two dot balls and then Stokes ends the over with a couple down the leg side.
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