England rolling along
June 06, 2017  16:02

England 64-1 (13 ovs)  vs New ZealandScorecard

Anderson continues from around the wicket.

Root whips the ball through his pads down to the leg side for a single.

Hales then pulls the ball behind square for a single.

Another single for Root and England look happy to just roll here.

Hales gets a single with a whip through the leg side.

Spin is in and Mitchell Santner comes on to bowl.

A dot ball to begin with.

Hales hares down the pitch to complete a quick single and bring Root on strike.

That is a dot ball. The next ball Root gets a single with a drive down the ground.

Hales then cracks the ball square for another run.

Root ends the over with a run down to mid-on.

Four runs come off the over.

Corey Anderson gets the ball and Root comes across and gets a run on the leg side. 

A leading edge and Hales is lucky as it doesn't carry to cover, he runs a quick single.

Hales pulls it down to fine leg and Milne completes a good collection at the boundary for the batsmen to hare down for just 2 runs.

Hales ends the over with a run down to deep square leg.

Milne continues, it's a widesh delivery and Root punches it through the covers and pinches a quick run.

A shorter delivery and Hales pulls it down to deep mid-wicket for 3 runs.

Root gets a run with a short down to third man. 

Oooh! Milne makes Hales drive and it's a play and a miss.

Next ball is another dot, ball defended into the off side.

Hales whips the ball through his hips for a four.
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