Guptill dismissed for 27, NZ lose 2nd wicket
June 06, 2017  20:46

NZ 63-2 (14 ovs) vs England 310 | Scorecard

Liam Plunkett comes into the attack, replacing Ball, who bowled a good first spell of one for 20 in five overs.

His first over is tidy as NZ get four runs from it with Guptill benefitting from an overthrow which gets him the second.

Another bowling change as Ben Stokes replaces Wood and he keeps up the pressure with three singles from his first over.

Williamson turns Plunkett for two runs three deliveries in succession before Guptill looks to pull the bouncer but misses and is struck on the shoulder for four byes as 11 come from the over.

Guptill looks to break free as he slams Stokes for a four down the ground before the pacer gets revenge to dismiss the opener for 27. He gets a thick outside edge as he flashes at a wide delivery which moves away and Root does well to take the catch at the wide slip.
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