Axar's rear guard takes Punjab past 100
May 05, 2017  21:29

Punjab 119-7 (19 ovs) vs Bangalore | Scorecard

A wicket-maiden bowled by Aniket Choudhary.

Mohit Sharma is caught behind off the bowling of Aniket and it's the first ball of the 19th over.

Punjab in a rut as Varun Aaron comes in to bat.

Aniket continues to bowl a great line and length and giving no chance to the batsmen to go big.

He is mixing the deliveries well here.

Watson comes back and Saha gets an inside edge down to deep fine leg. A misfield by Aniket gifts him 2 runs.

Watson then comes back with a peach. Saha is bowled and that is the end of a blossoming partnership.

Watson to Mohit Sharma, he sends the ball to third man for a single.

Axar happy to take a single and give the strike to Mohit.

He takes a swipe and hits the ball fine to beat the third man fielder for a boundary.

One run taken off the last ball.

Pacer Chaudhary comes back into the attack as Kohli looks to finish off the proceedings soon.

Saha starts off with a single. Axar then scampers through for a couple.

The ball bounces and Axar takes a swipe and the ball goes down to backward square leg and a single taken.

Saha then spots the slower delivery and places it to the boundary at backward point.

Ball drifts on the pads and Axar takes two runs. 

11 off the over and Punjab slowly building a partnership here.

Chahal continues. 

Saha takes big swipe, gets a leading edge and thankfully the ball falls in no man's land.

Chahal bowls a wide down the leg side.

Two balls later, another wide is bowled.

Axar connects and connects well. He swings his arms and the ball goes for a six over long on.

A deft touch and a four down to third man. Patel follows that up with a couple, he hits the ball down to deep mid-wicket and runs the two with ease. 

15 come off that over.

Badree comes back into the attack and bowls a tidy over, giving only 5 runs.

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