Bangalore dented further
May 05, 2017  23:07

Bangalore 98-7 (15 ovs) vs Punjab 138-7 (20 ovs) Scorecard

Varun Aaron continues. 

Negi flashes at the ball and it races over slips for a four,

He comes back with a good ball. Gives no room to Negi.

Aaron then strays down the leg side, Negi gets a bit of a bat to it and with fine leg up that ball races to the boundary. 

Ten runs of the over.

Maxwell continues and he gets another scalp. This time Aravind is caught plumb in front as he goes for a slog sweep.

Bangalore staring down the barrel here as they continue to lose wickets and the runs have dried up with the big shots coming few and far between.

Varun Aaron comes in to bowl. 

He bowls two wides and the next ball Negi dances down the track and hits over extra cover for a boundary.

Aravind runs two and that the call for a strategic timeout.
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